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Gray Wedding Cake

dark gray wedding cake

OK so maybe you haven’t given much thought to a gray wedding cake – after all gray is usually synonymous with dreary things.

But it can actually be a stunning color on your cake when it’s done the right way.

This three-tier cake isn’t drab or depressing – the charcoal gray icing is dark and elegant and set off by colorful fruit, succulents, and gold leaves.

As much as I’m a fan of traditional wedding cakes when I see cakes that showcase ‘thinking outside the cake box’ design it’s exciting. And this charcoal gray cake is a new favorite.

Of course a cake this color might not work in the middle of the summer when everyone is expecting bright and cheery colors, but for a fall or winter wedding it would be ideal. Imagine how stunning this cake would be if bright red apples were used as accents in the fall!

Would you ever consider a charcoal colored wedding cake?

We found this cake here. It was created by Frost It Cupcakery.

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White Wedding Cake with Pastel Flowers

purple flowers cake

It’s been a while since we featured a wedding cake from Disney’s Fairytale Weddings and Honeymoons, so when I saw this cake I just had to share it!

My favorite aspect of this cake – the purple flowers. Sure there are also some pastel pink flowers in there but I am in love with the lilac roses!

I love wedding cakes with fresh flowers and when those flowers are roses I love it more. But when they’re purple (and pink) roses? It’s all over. I think this could be my new favorite wedding cake.

But let’s look past the beautiful roses in between the layers and let’s talk about the cakes. See those delicate “polka dots”? Well, look closer. Disney fans will recognize that the polka dots are actually tiny hidden Mickeys.

And each tier is accented by very sparkly rings around the bottom of the tiers. Add in that super sparkly monogram cake topper and you have the perfect cake for any season.

You could change the rose color to deep reds for winter, but I’m still a fan of the pastel hues. They could work in any season.

We found this gorgeous cake here.

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White One-Tier Wedding Cake

one tier cake

There’s something to be said for an elegant, one-tier wedding cake.

With a smaller cake there’s no muss, no fuss but the cake can still steal the show.

While I’m a fan of big, elegant and fancy wedding cakes I also like the smaller cakes.

Whether you’re hosting a small, intimate reception and you don’t need a big cake, or you’re planning on serving other desserts (cupcakes, a dessert bar, or maybe a cheese wedding cake) – a one-tier cake can be perfect for so many reasons.

I really like this one-tier cake. First, it’s an almost ‘naked’ cake with minimal frosting. Because as much as I like frosting, you don’t want to drown a one-tier cake in too much buttercream.

And second, it’s just pretty. The fresh white roses and greens give the cake an elegant vibe, while the thin layer of icing allows the dark hue of the cake to peek through. It’s picture perfect.

This is an ideal cake for your small, elegant reception.

We found this lovely cake here. It was created by Earth and Sugar.

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Blue Wedding Cake

blue wedding cake

I heard on the news yesterday that all 50 states had a below freezing temperature this week, so it seems like winter is early and here to stay.

Which got me thinking – maybe it’s time to feature a winter-themed wedding cake.

And I found this beauty – all square tiers, and icy blue frosting. It seems like a perfect winter cake – and it could be inspired by Queen Elsa from Frozen, since that movie is never going away!

I love cakes with square tiers – they just seem a bit more elegant than a round cake. And the icy blue frosting is so cool and would be so pretty at a winter wedding. It’s like an ice castle.

The pine cones add a nice rustic touch to the cake – especially with their white tips.

I found this cake here. It was created by Gateaux Inc.

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White Wedding Cake with Purple Ruffles

purple ruffle cake

As much as I love all things purple, one would think that I would feature more purple cakes around here. But truth be told, I don’t often find purple wedding cakes that wow me.

Until today.

I love this cake. I love it a lot.

This three-tier wedding cake is elegant and beautiful and I’d love to see it at a winter wedding.

I absolutely love the simplicity of the smooth white icing combined with the ombre purple gumpaste ribbons on the side of each tier.

The color combination is modern and not at all fussy or over-the-top. The purple shades are delicate and not garish in any way.

You don’t even need to be a big fan of purple to love this cake. It’s just that perfect.

The pearls add that perfect amount of old-world glamour to the cake.

I found this cake here. It was created by the Sofie Bifield Cake Company in Canada.

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Black and White Ribbon Wedding Cake

black and white ribbon cake

There’s just something about a black and white wedding cake that (subtly) screams glamour and elegance.

I’m a fan of the traditional white wedding cake – even though I do love cakes with pops of color too – but when the only color added is black it takes the cake to a whole new level of awesome.

I love this wedding cake. The tiers are iced to resemble lace – perhaps just like the lace in your wedding dress. And then each tier is embellished with a gorgeous and modern black and white fondant ribbon.

And if that wasn’t enough old school glamour, the fondant ribbons are accented with sparkly brooches. And yes, you can eat everything on the cake except the brooches.

This cake would be perfect at a formal reception any time of year.

We found this cake here. It was created by Classic Cakes and Cheesecakes.

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Snowflake Wedding Cake


There’s a blizzard outside today so I felt inspired to find a wedding cake that was inspired by snow.

I know, it would make more sense to find a beach-y wedding cake, but let’s stick with the snow for today.

In my search for that perfect snowy wedding cake I stopped by Disney’s Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons site and found this stunning cake!

This four-tier cake sparkles like a fresh blanket of snow and is adorned with beautiful white snowflakes in every shape and size – which makes it perfect for your winter wedding! And there’s even a Mickey Mouse-shaped snowflake somewhere on the cake.

Even if you don’t like snow, you have to admit this is one stunner of a cake!

We found this wintry wedding cake over at the Ever After Blog at Disney’s Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons! And the photo is from White Rabbit Photo Boutique.

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Wedding Cake with Roses and Berries

fall wedding cake with roses

Happy December!

As we tread lightly into the winter season, I want to hold on tightly to any remnant of fall even when it comes to fall-inspired wedding cakes.

Today’s cake evokes thoughts of late fall and early winter so it seemed perfect for the first day of December.

This three-tier cake features fluffy white icing and some gorgeous fresh flowers including a white dahlia and blush roses. The golden berries add that little pop of winter sparkle and make the cake perfect for both seasons.

Meanwhile the wintery greenery adds just a little bit of dark color to the cake giving it a true winter feeling. It’s like a lovely snowy cake adorned with wintery flowers and berries.

This cake would be beautiful at a late fall or early winter wedding. You could even personalize it by adding flowers that match your bouquet.

You can find this cake here. It was created by Elise Cakes.