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Spring Wedding Cake

white cake1

It’s the first day of April and spring is in the air and that’s no joke!

As I look outside I’m spying buds on the trees and tulips popping out of the ground and I’m convinced that the warmer weather is here to stay.

Which means I just had to find a gorgeous wedding cake today with springtime flowers!

This cake is that perfect springtime confection.

I love the square tier mixed with the round tiers. It gives that cake an elegant and glamorous feel. And the simplicity of the floral design is just perfect.

The pink and green flowers with that touch of orange is all the spring is just perfection. A simple cake topper – maybe a single fresh flower that matches the others – would be ideal.

You can find this cake here. It was created by Erica O’Brien Cake Design and photographed by Dyad Photography.

Cake Toppers

Elegant White Cake with Fresh Flowers

cake and flowers

It’s March! So that means spring MUST be just around the corner, right?

Well I’m convinced that the snow has to end soon so I’m showcasing spring wedding cakes today. And this all-white cake with cascading fresh flowers is perfect for a spring wedding!

The wedding cake itself is a classic and elegant three-tier white fondant cake. On its own, the cake would be pretty but boring. But when you add a splash of bright colors with fresh flowers it changes everything!

And while you could use big, bold flowers on this cake I really love the look of the small flowers. It gives the cake an air of elegance that big flowers wouldn’t.

The flowers here are fuchsias and mini orchids but mini roses would be gorgeous too!

You can find this cake here.

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Blue and Green Tropical Wedding Cake

starfish cake

As the East Coast is snowed in today and I’m seeing more winter weather in my local forecast I’m finding myself daydreaming more every day about my summer beach vacation.

And these daydreams of sand and surf made me think about summer beach weddings. Which of course brings us to today’s wedding cake.

I’m in love with this fun and whimsical cake.

The bright white icing is the perfect backdrop for those adorable gumpaste starfish. This cake would be so fun at a beach reception or even a tropical themed wedding.

Don’t you want to daydream about summer now too?

We just love this beach-inspired cake! You can see it here. It was created by Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design in Australia!

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White Wedding Cake with Feathers

all white wedding cake

As I sit here watching the snow fall outside, the fresh white powder outside inspired me to find an all-white wedding cake to feature today.

This cake is so elegant in an understated way and it would be absolutely perfect any time of year.

The smooth white fondant gives the cake a modern vibe and it could have been embellished with just about anything. The addition of white fondant feathers takes the cake to a whole new level.

Feathers aren’t something you expect to see on a wedding cake but they’re a welcome addition to this perfectly lovely cake.

It would be ideal at a winter wedding but imagine the feather with a touch of blush color for spring or summer.

The cake was created by Sweet Bakeshop. You can find this white feather cake here.

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White Wedding Cake with Orchids

all white cake

As I look outside the window today it’s a sea of white. A fresh layer of snow covers the ground which (of course) made me start thinking about the traditional all white wedding cake.

I do love all the non-traditional wedding cakes I feature here – the bright colored cakes, the black fondant cakes, the whimsical cakes. But in the end, nothing beats that all-white wedding cake in all its elegance and charm.

What I love about this wedding cake is that it’s a modern take on tradition. The hexagon gems that adorn the bottom tiers of the cake give it a very modern vibe, and the sleek white icing plays into that.

And there’s no need to worry about the orchids wilting on this cake as they’re made from sugar! Of course if orchids aren’t your cup of tea, you could always choose another type of flower to showcase on the cake.

You can find this modern wedding cake here.

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White Wedding Cake with White Petals

white petals

It might still be the middle of January, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about spring. Because believe it or not, the month of January will eventually end. Really.

So with that in mind – and thoughts of spring sneaking in to these cold winter days – let’s talk about this all-white stunner of a wedding cake.

It has a mod vibe, don’t you think? Like something you might see on the set of Mad Men? Those white flower petals remind me of the 1960s – don’t you agree?

I really love the all-white look of this cake. It’s elegant and not over-the-top at all. And you could totally add a pop of color with a bright bloom as a cake topper. Or you could leave the top of the cake naked and let the white flowers do all the talking. Either way it would be perfect.

You can find this cake here. It was created by LuLu Cake Boutique.

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Snowflake Wedding Cake


There’s a blizzard outside today so I felt inspired to find a wedding cake that was inspired by snow.

I know, it would make more sense to find a beach-y wedding cake, but let’s stick with the snow for today.

In my search for that perfect snowy wedding cake I stopped by Disney’s Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons site and found this stunning cake!

This four-tier cake sparkles like a fresh blanket of snow and is adorned with beautiful white snowflakes in every shape and size – which makes it perfect for your winter wedding! And there’s even a Mickey Mouse-shaped snowflake somewhere on the cake.

Even if you don’t like snow, you have to admit this is one stunner of a cake!

We found this wintry wedding cake over at the Ever After Blog at Disney’s Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons! And the photo is from White Rabbit Photo Boutique.

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Ruffled Wedding Cake

ruffle wedding cake

We’re inching closer and closer to Valentine’s Day and if there’s one time of year when roses take center stage it’s now.

Which is why we’re featuring a lovely wedding cake with fresh rose petals today. This cake is pretty and elegant and is a fun and unique way to showcase fresh flowers on your cake.

At first glance it looks like the cake is decorated with icing ribbons between the tiers, but look closely. Those are rose petals arranged as a ribbon. It’s pure floral genius!

The petals used on this cake are pastels – which would be lovely for a spring or summer wedding. But think about how stunning this would be with deep red roses (or even black magic roses) – especially for a winter wedding.

The icing on this cake is a very light yellow which works perfectly with the pastel petals. A shocking white icing would work best with deep red petals.

We found this lovely cake here.

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Wedding Cake with Roses and Berries

fall wedding cake with roses

Happy December!

As we tread lightly into the winter season, I want to hold on tightly to any remnant of fall even when it comes to fall-inspired wedding cakes.

Today’s cake evokes thoughts of late fall and early winter so it seemed perfect for the first day of December.

This three-tier cake features fluffy white icing and some gorgeous fresh flowers including a white dahlia and blush roses. The golden berries add that little pop of winter sparkle and make the cake perfect for both seasons.

Meanwhile the wintery greenery adds just a little bit of dark color to the cake giving it a true winter feeling. It’s like a lovely snowy cake adorned with wintery flowers and berries.

This cake would be beautiful at a late fall or early winter wedding. You could even personalize it by adding flowers that match your bouquet.

You can find this cake here. It was created by Elise Cakes.

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White Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

zinnia cake

As we trudge headlong into the cold, brutal months of winter it only seemed fitting that I would showcase a cake that made me think of warmer temperatures and bright sunny days.

This lovely white cake with fresh blooms is that cake!

I love the rustic charm of the cake, sitting atop a small tree stump. Of course, if tree stumps as decor aren’t your cup of tea the cake would also look lovely on a more traditional cake stand.

This cake is featured here as a DIY project and while I’m sure you could handle it, I’m guessing your baker could also pull off this cake!

This cake is pretty without being too over-the-top and the addition of fresh flowers and ivy give it a nice spring-like feel. And it’s never too early to start thinking about a spring wedding!