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Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

Useful, edible or just plain cute, wedding favors are a small thank you to guests who attended your big day. Moreover, if you’re looking for the perfect favor idea, consider it a chance to make a statement about who you are as a couple. Did you meet for coffee on your first date? Beans might be the ideal favor. Love to cook? Gift olive oil. Is your wedding destination known for a particular sweet treat such as rock candy, taffy or fudge? That could be a memorable reminder. Whatever you choose, let the idea come from the heart and your guests will love it.

Spice things up
Serving BBQ at the wedding or have a go-to sauce you simply must share with your guests? Send them home with minature bottles of BBQ sauce, hot sauce or rubs for a wonderful weekend treat.

Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

Nuts about you
Boiled peanuts, roasted almonds, coconut coated cashews…the options are endless for these edible wedding favors that will have your guests going (dare we say it)…nuts!

Personalized bottle stopper
Every kitchen needs at least one stopper for using in bottles from olive oil to wine. These are subtle, classy and useful!

Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

For a unique unisex toiletry option, try this hop soap. Especially convenient for casual brewery weddings or couples who like to make their own beer.

Double duty
Escort cards that double as favours — such as these Ferrero Rocher chocolates — are always a pleasant treat.

Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

Miniature baking
Tiny loaves of banana or zucchini bread make a great next morning treat for destination weddings. Include the recipe for a handmade touch.

Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

Olive oil
Every guest will appreciate a good bottle of olive oil in their kitchen. Customize it by adding a favorite herb, or including a recipe for a pasta dish that you enjoy making together.

Tiny terrariums
Airplants, succulents and other terrarium-friendly plants make great favors due to their sturdy nature and are great for even brown thumbs due to their hardiness. Particularly wonderful if they serve as wedding table decor before you have guests take them home.

Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

Dainty nibbles
This one’s all in the packaging. These tiny bell jars and cake stands are the perfect presentation for a single macaron, a truffle (or two) or a piece of chocolate-dipped fruit.

Love in a jar
If you enjoy making your own fruit spreads, jams or jellies, this can be the perfect seasonal favor for a summer or fall wedding.

Wedding Favors Probably Your Guests Will Love

Coffee beans
Not only does your favorite coffee blend make a lovely wedding favor, think of the puns and the pretty packaging you can customize! Photo: Details on Demand

Can’t go wrong with caffeine. Again, it’s all in the packaging. A single cup serving of hot mocha is a gorgeous and thoughtful edible wedding favor for winter weddings…and is a really simple project, it turns out. Photo and DIY instructions: Something Turquoise

Take-home sweets bar
Make your favor interactive and allow guests to create their own sweet package to bring home. Candy is a favorite, but buffet spreads of cookies, handpies or doughnuts alongside tiny glassine or cellophane bags and twist ties are perfect.

Popcorn boxes
Freshly popped and perfect for snacking on post-wedding, a popcorn stand would be a lovely favor for guests. Or go the candied route and have a selection to choose from in pretty glass jars.

Midnight snack boxes
Indulge guests at smaller destination weddings with a substantial midnight snack box. Mix savoury with sweet and include a little bottle of wine for your guests to enjoy later that night or the next day.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Personalized State Love Cookies

state cookies

We all know that I’m a huge fan of edible wedding favors.

I think it’s a great idea to send your guests home with a sweet treat, instead of a piece of wedding cake.

And these personalized cookies are a new favorite.

I give you the personalized state love cookie!

These handcrafted cookies are available in your home state shape – and if you’re both from different states you can do that too!

Each cookie features the names of the couple in a font of your choice. And the state cookies also feature a red heart to symbolize your love of each other (and your state).

The cookies come individually wrapped so it’s super easy for your guests to take them home.

You can find these personalized state love cookies here.


Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Custom Macarons


I’m a big fan of edible wedding favors because it’s an easy way to make everyone happy. No one is going to pass up cookies or candy.

So imagine how happy I was to find these customized macarons!

These elegant cookies are available in 12 different colors and you can choose from five different border options plus four different designs.

Basically the sky is the limit when it comes to giving your guests a delicious favor!

The macarons can be personalized with your initials, a three-letter monogram, or even the cute “eat, drink, and be married” wording.

A word of caution – these favors aren’t cheap and they have a shelf life of about one week so you’ll need to order them JUST before the big day.

You can find the macarons here.

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Fun Wedding Favor – Tea Drops

tea drops

Due to the never-ending winter here in the Midwest I have recently become a fan of hot tea.

There’s nothing quite as soothing as a cuppa steaming hot tea on a cold winter day.

And given this new-found love of tea I just had to share these incredible tea drop wedding favors I found!

These “tea drops” are condensed from organic tea and raw sugar and formed into bundles of tea.

And, each flavor is represented by a different shape. Sweet peppermint is heart-shaped, citrus ginger is star-shaped, and rose earl grey is also star-shaped.

The tea drops come individually wrapped so they would make the perfect favors for your guests! You could even place a bowl of tea drops at each table and let the guests choose their flavor.

The tea drops can be purchased as all one flavor or in a combination box.

You can find these flavored tea drops here.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Personalized Wine Glasses

wine glasses

I think I just found my new favorite wedding favor – a personalized wine glass!

I have a thing about beverage glasses – I really love them. I love to collect different styles and have a unique and fun collection for when guests visit.

And these personalized wine glasses are so much fun! You can choose from almost 20 different images for the glasses and some of them are so much fun.

I love the “Best Day Ever” image but there’s also an “Eat, Drink, & Be Married” option along with some holiday choices.

The best part? The glasses are reasonably priced and won’t break your budget! They start at less than $3 per glass! Fun and economical, and functional – your guests can enjoy wine at dinner in their glasses and then take them home!

We found these personalized wedding wine glasses here.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Winter Hat and Mitten Cookies

hat cookies

As I’m writing today’s blog post it is currently 25 below zero outside thanks to the windchill. On days like this you need to bundle up with hats, mittens, scarves, and quadruple layers of everything.

Which brings me to today’s fun wedding favor that is just perfect for a winter wedding – personalized hat and mitten cookies!

These cookies are so cute and they would be a fun addition to a dessert table at your wedding or as a parting gift for your guests. You could even pair them with some hot cocoa packets for a wonderful favor.

The cookies come in two sizes – large or small – and you can choose red or blue icing for the hats and the mittens. It would be fun to mix and match the cookies and put a hat and a mitten together. You can also choose to add any kind of personalization including names and dates.

Everyone loves cookies so this is one of those perfect edible wedding favors!

You can find the cookies here.

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Fun Wedding Favor – Oreo Pops

oreo pops

If I had to choose just one cookie to eat for the rest of eternity, it would be Oreos.

They are the best cookie on the planet, in my humble cookie eating opinion.

So when I see cute and fun wedding favors made out of Oreos I just have to share them with you!

And when we’re talking chocolate covered Oreos, well there really isn’t anything better than that.

These chocolate covered Oreo pops are so cute and your guests will love them! The “bride” Oreos are dipped in white chocolate and feature a “pearl” necklace while the “groom” cookies are dipped in white chocolate and iced with black icing in a tuxedo design.

Each cookie is individually wrapped so you can set them out for guests to take or add them to a sweet treat bag for guests to take home at the end of the reception.

You can’t go wrong with Oreos!

You can find these favors here.

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DIY Wedding Favors – Bride and Groom Cookie Balls

oreo cookie balls

It’s not often that I find a wedding favor that happens to be a DIY project but as I was browsing holiday recipes this week I found this fun little gem and had to share.

I give you Bride and Groom OREO Cookie Balls.

Are they not super cute? And since they’re made out of OREO cookies they are bound to be delicious too!

Now I’m sure you thinking “what bride has time to make her own favors?” Well, none probably. But brides have a gaggle of bridesmaids and aunts and maybe even uncles who love to cook. And these are a no-bake cookie so they can’t be that difficult.

The recipe makes 48 cookie balls (so 24 brides and 24 grooms) which means it’ll have to be doubled, tripled, quadrupled (or more) for bigger weddings. These would be ideal for a couple who is hosting a smaller reception or if you’re trying to stick within a tight budget and you don’t want to order favors.

Plus, everyone loves OREO cookies.

You can find this super easy and super fun recipe here. It even gives directions on how to create a bridal veil out of white chocolate!