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Have you ever imagine that what is your wedding day may be? Will you cry?

Bride Adrienne and groom Khalil just celebrated one year since their Louisville, Kentucky nuptials, which prompted their wedding photographer
Elle Danielle to resurface a stunning, emotional photograph from their special day on Instagram. Snapped during the couple’s first look, the photo shows Khalil with his back to the camera embracing Adrienne, who’s facing the camera with eyes closed. But of all the lovely details in the photo—from Khalil’s crisp, dove gray suit to Adrienne’s braided updo and teardrop earrings—what really gets us (read: what we’re borderline obsessed with) are the tears that mark Adrienne’s cheeks and tell a love story all on their own. Take a look at the touching images from the couple’s first look album below (we suggest you grab a few tissues first…).


Bride crying during first look

Bride crying during first look

Bride crying during first look

Honestly, does it get more heartwarming than that? Nope. We love how Adrienne isn’t the slightest bit concerned about her makeup—she’s so serene, so in love and so not worried about it, reminding us all that foundation fades, but true love lasts forever (
sigh). Happy anniversary to these two!


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At My Wedding How Do I Cope With Children?

Brides acting deputy editor Nicola Down  is mum to a
cute, but very noisy, 4-year-old. She says:

Victoria Dawe

Children can bring joy and spontaneity to your wedding day
but they can also scream ‘I need a wee!’ at the
worst moments in the church and be a major tripping hazard at
cocktail hour.


You could compromise by inviting children to the ceremony and
drinks, then ask that they depart before the dinner and dancing.
But if that’s not practical – and it won’t be for many – the secret
is to keep them entertained.

During the ceremony, why not get your ushers to dole out treats
for parents with small kids and seat these families in the back row
so they can make a quick exit if need be?


You could consider having a children’s table with crayons and
washable markers, stickers and board games, but it’s smart to have
some adult supervision.

And don’t forget to ensure there are things for them to eat.
While adults can (almost) wait hours for food, children won’t, so
having kid-friendly munchies on standby could help to prevent
meltdowns – on both sides.


Your other option is to splurge on a sitter. Research and choose
a childminding service then set up a playroom close to your
reception site or, if you have a friend willing, in a nearby (and
child-proofed) home. If you’ve got a bigger budget, there are even
some firms that will organise elaborate kiddie bashes at your venue
– thinks arts and crafts, mini discos and treasure hunts.

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How Do I Find A Photographer That Will Make Me Look Amazing?

She’s looked through thousands, after
brides picture editor Hannah Lamacraft knows how to spot
a good wedding photograph

First and foremost, decide on what style of photography you’re
looking for. If you love a relaxed reportage style, which is more
about capturing the moment than posed pictures, there is no point
meeting up with a photographer with a formal style and expecting
them to try something different on your wedding day.


Like what you see on a photographer’s website? Request that they
send you an example of a complete wedding that they shot from start
to end. The photographer may be able to shoot a pretty bouquet but
can they capture the trickier shots like the first dance or you
walking down the aisle?


Are you getting married in mid-summer or having a Christmas
wedding? Ask for pictures from this time of year. There is real
distinction between photographers who work with natural light for a
soft and pretty feel and those who prefer flash for a more dramatic
edge. If you’re getting married in December, remember the sun isn’t
going to be shining at 5pm so ensure you like their ‘after dark’
shots as much as their blue sky ones.


Lenses and tripods aside, ensure you like and can communicate
with your photographer well and feel totally at ease in their
presence. This is especially important for the ‘getting ready
shots’, which will probably be your first (and only?!) experience
of having a professional photographer in the same room as you.

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A Yoga Sequence To Prep You For The Big Day

On your wedding day, you are eager to be feeling your best, and yoga is the perfect way to cultivate the ultimate version of yourself. And this full-body toning sequence is designed to aid you tone up and wear your special dress with confidence. Beyond the physical benefits, this sequence will calm down a mind busy with important plans for upcoming nuptials as well. Breathe deep, and flow through each of these powerful postures.

A Yoga Sequence To Prep You For The Big Day

A Yoga Sequence To Prep You For The Big Day

A Yoga Sequence To Prep You For The Big Day

A Yoga Sequence To Prep You For The Big Day

A Yoga Sequence To Prep You For The Big Day

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3 Things You Can Learn About Weight Loss From A Bride-to-Be

Deadlines don’t come much bigger than your wedding day. For most women preparing to walk down the aisle, that special day is when you hope to be at your ultimate healthy peak. Whether it’s a more-toned physique, better skin or glossy hair, no one works harder for results than a bride in the lead up to her wedding. In order to certify it we spoke to nutritionist, bride-to-be and founder of and Pip Reed to find out how we can live like a bride-to-be all year round.

Things You Can Learn About Weight Loss From A Bride-to-Be

First Things First, Set Yourself a Target

Aim for a date in two to three months’ time and write a list of what you want to achieve by then. The trick is to be as specific as possible, and break your program down into weekly and fortnightly goals — think drinking two litres of water a day or eating one cup of veggies with every dinner — this will make sticking to your program easier. Pip admits, whether you’re getting married or not, short term goals throughout the duration of your main goal are best due to they will help you reassess how you’re going and keep you on track for the big day.

Things You Can Learn About Weight Loss From A Bride-to-Be

Dedication Is Key

Brides aren’t going to let a silly little thing like Christmas, Easter or a birthday get in the way of their goals. Of course, they perhaps have a couple of wines and a slice of cake but when the end goal is fitting into that beautiful wedding dress they think carefully about when and where they give in to temptation.

Seek Answers When Things Aren’t Working

If your four-day-a-week training regime isn’t producing results, or your Paleo diet isn’t changing your weight there’s simply no time to continue for another two to three weeks to see if anything changes. Brides need results and often take action by seeking professional advice to assure they have everything covered.

Flowers Wedding Planning

By Sola Flowers Canada To Make Your Wedding Memories Everlasting


In order to assure that every detail of your wedding day is perfect, such as your flowers, visit Hamilton’s Sola Flowers Canada to craft your unique arrangements. Imagine not having to worry about which flowers are fresh and in season when you get married, and just pick the styles and colours you like best. There’s no fear that your flowers will wilt or brown before they’re fully enjoyed, because Sola Flowers Canada designs wedding arrangements and bouquets using everlasting sola wood flowers rather than fresh cut.

Sola wood is a soft and malleable material that’s derived from the tapioca tree. The flowers are handcrafted and coloured by artisans, and imported and arranged by the talented craftspeople at Sola Flowers Canada to suit preferences. Unlike fresh or silk flowers, Sola wood flowers can be dyed to perfectly match your particular wedding colours as well.  Submit a colour swatch and have your arrangements made to coordinate your unique wedding colour scheme.

By Sola Flowers Canada To Make Your Wedding Memories EverlastingChoose the blooms you such as best and Sola Flowers Canada will make you beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages that you and your wedding party and family is able to hold onto and cherish for years to come.  Even you can have a personalized wreath made to announce your event!  Display your custom wreath at the entrance to your ceremony or reception, or hang it front-and-centre on your head table for a unique touch to personalize your wedding décor.

Miss the fragrance of real flowers? Aside from customizing the colours, Sola Flowers Canada can add scents to the wood flowers to add to their splendor. Have your bouquet smell as lovely as a spring garden any time of year! Whether you’re married in May or October, your flowers will always look fresh.

Just as with fresh flowers, your Sola Flowers Canada wedding bouquets and arrangements will each be one of a kind. Just as in nature, no two blooms are identical. On your special day you want a bouquet as unique as you are, not a cookie cutter arrangement like you might get with plastic or silk flowers.

If you’re striving to host an eco-friendly wedding, you can rest assured that Sola Flowers Canada’s wood flowers are completely green. Tapioca wood is a renewable resource making these flowers an excellent choice for earth conscious couples. If down the line you do want to say goodbye to them, they are completely bio-degradable, so you won’t be adding to the landfill if you decide to discard them after the wedding.

That said, you can definitely keep them for many years to decorate your home, and to remind you of one of the happiest days of your life.  Sola wood flowers are your “forever flowers” solution, without needing to take extra steps to preserve them.


Would you like to save money?  Here’s the best part: Provide a written quotation from any florist for fresh wedding flowers, and Sola Flowers Canada will insure to beat the estimate by 20 per cent, or more!  Why pay extra for fresh flowers that will eventually wilt and die?  Save your money and keep your cherished flowers always.

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The Real Craziest Things For Mother-in-law To Do At Wedding

The Real Craziest Things For Mother-in-law To Do At Wedding

Consider your mother-in-law is really a monster-in-law? You may deem differently after you read what these real mothers-in-law did to these brides on their wedding days.

“After the wedding, my mother-in-law came up to me — not to tell me I looked beautiful or welcome me to the family — but to tell me how excited she was that my husband’s ex-girlfriend was in attendance. She then asked if she could move her place card and sit next to his ex-girlfriend because she had always been her favorite. I wanted to die. My relationship with her has never been the same.” — Kate

“My mother-in-law wore a white, beaded, full-length gown to my wedding. She then yelled at me when the florist got the flowers wrong. The flowers were wrong for the whole wedding, but the ceremony was starting in an hour — what was I supposed to do? I felt as though she had no respect for me. And, as time went on, her behavior did nothing to dispel that feeling. I’ve been divorced from her son for three years, and I do not miss her. Not one bit.” — Stacey

The Real Craziest Things For Mother-in-law To Do At Wedding

“I wore an eggshell wedding gown, and my bridesmaids were dressed in silvery-grey knee length dresses. I spoke with my soon to be mother-in-law, well in advance of the wedding about our color scheme, and I requested that she wear blue. I even went to her favorite department store and picked out the shade of blue and style of dress that I wanted her to wear for the wedding. It was well within her budget, and well ahead of time. To my horror, on my wedding day, my mother-in-law was standing in the front pew of the church decked out from head-to-toe in silver sequins! I didn’t take any photos with her. I felt so disrespected and angry.” — Sheridan

“My mother-in-law came up to me in the middle of our wedding, and said she was taking her friends and family to the after-party at her hotel. I said, ‘But the party isn’t over yet’, because we still had about another hour-and-a-half left at our reception. She said she understood if I couldn’t leave now, but she was leaving and taking her friends with her. I was pretty shocked and still somewhat hurt since she hasn’t apologized for it.” — Ivonn

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8 mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

It’s a great idea to keep a safety kit handy with some basics so your wedding day runs like clockwork. Pop a few safety pins in and a need and thread, plasters for sore tootsies and wet wipes are great just incase someone marks your dress.

8  mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

1: Personal touches. Not everything has to be brand new or unfamiliar. Look in your current jewellery box. A family heirloom can provide comfort and confidence, too.

2: Get ahead.Headwear, similarly, must suit your dress and theme. Remember Carrie’s OTT feather fascinator in the first Sex and the City film? Even the most ardent fashionista had reserves about that one. Tiaras can also be overkill if they are too weighty. Look into the other options – a jewelled headband, combs, pins, flowers…

8  mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

3: Don’t forget the groom.While jewellery shopping is lots of fun, don’t forget your fiancé – we sell cufflinks in our range that are ideal for the groom, or as gifts for the groomsmen.

4: Celebrity style. Don’t ignore celebrity styling just because you are on a budget. Look at red carpet events as well as A-list weddings then hunt out affordable alternatives.

5: Stick to what you know.It pays not to deviate too much from your usual look or style on your wedding day. Again, your jewellery box should help inspire you.

6: Whatever the weather.Don’t forget essential weather-proof accessories! If it’s a winter wedding, a fur shrug; even in summer, don’t forget an umbrella! We have a bridal range to make it special and umbrellas are a great accessory to play with in photos.

7:Bag it up.Don’t forget a bridal handbag! Of course, your bridesmaids will be on hand to help but you should have your own ‘kit’ too, so you can top up a little foundation or eyeliner, plus make-up wipes incase you shed a few tears of happiness!

8  mistakes NOT to make with your wedding accessories in 2015

8: Bling it up? Are you a sparkling bride or more quirky? It pays to choose the dream dress before shopping for your wedding accessories as this will set the tone for the whole look. One common mistake is too much bling. If your dress has a sparkly bodice, a large diamanté necklace with matching drop earrings may be overkill. Similarly, if your dress features pearls, avoid the sparkle and go for a subtle jewellery to enhance, not overshadow, your dress.


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5 watches for every member of your bridal party

It’s incredibly easy to lose track of time on your wedding day. It’s a whirlwind day that is guaranteed to fly by! Not only is a watch a great way to stay on schedule, but they make the perfect accessory for the entire bridal party.

Help the gents look impeccably smart and sophisticated, and add a touch of glamour to the ladies of your party with these favourites that are perfect for your wedding day…

For the bride: Reef Tiger is a Swis watch brand is the perfect piece for your special .Its design is made of superb technology carefully. The brand spirit of Reef Tiger fits for those fashionable people who are creatitive and pursue high grade. Most importantly,it is the ideal complement to your wedding dress.You can wear this watch again and again, and it will always remind you of your special day.

5 watches for every member of your bridal party

For the groom:Hugo Boss Men’s Heritage Watch:A stylish and sophisticated watch is an excellent piece to complete a groom’s smart wedding suit. This sleek watch from Hugo Boss is a great example, with a black leather strap, black dial and slim stainless steel case. Undeniably smart, the Hugo Boss Men’s Heritage Watch is the perfect timepiece for the big day.

For the father of the bride:Tissot Le Locre Automatic Steel Bracelet Watch:For something a little more traditional for the father of the bride, this Tissot timepiece is absolutely perfect. Its classic and sleek design is the perfect accompaniment to a refined and sharp suit.

5 watches for every member of your bridal party

For the mother of the bride:Gucci Ladies Guccissima Watch. The Gucci Guccissma Watch is the epitome of elegance and class, as well as the perfect accessory for the stylish mother of the bride. It features a beautiful stainless steel bracelet and iconic Gucci ‘G’ case surrounding the stunning mother of pearl dial.

5 watches for every member of your bridal party

For the best man:Daniel Wellington Men’s Classic Sheffield Watch:Keeping on schedule is one of the best man’s biggest tasks on the big day, so make sure he’ll always keep things on time with this classic and understated wristwatch from Daniel Wellington. With a sharp and minimal dial, silver case and plain black leather strap – it’s the ideal and smart choice for any best man.

5 watches for every member of your bridal party