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Dark Wedding Cake for wedding

While we’re huge fans of traditional wedding cake with flowers and cake toppers and all that jazz, we do love a dramatic, non-traditional cake.

Like today’s dark and dramatic cake with black icing.

This cake, featuring honeycomb design on the dark icing would be perfect for a winter wedding – or even an early spring wedding.

We love the color of the icing – almost a bluish-black tone with just a slight pop of color thanks to some greens and berries.

You’ll need to have a dramatic color scheme in order for this cake to fit your wedding theme. But the unexpected color will be a lovely centerpiece! It would also work as a groom’s cake, minus the greens and berries.

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Naked Cake with Strawberries for you perfect wedding


If there is a fruit, it reminds me of summer it is strawberry.

May be in the winter (like now), if I buy strawberries in the store I feel more hopeful, warm weather is Parker down.

It makes me a wedding cake today. This lovely, simple, single-layer cake is decorated with strawberries.

Considering that it is a naked cake, strawberry addition to it to add popular colors, otherwise it will disappear.

Vanilla cake with white sugar-coated will be quite boring no peek between the red layers of strawberries. Round cake with bright red berries is also perfect.

This cake is lovely spring or summer wedding!

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Naked Wedding Cake Trend : Naked Chocolate with Golden Center Tier Cake


Take a look at this fall-inspired wedding cake.

While the jury is still out on the whole “naked wedding cake” trend (since we do love frosting), this naked chocolate cake with the golden center tier is stunning.

Naked chocolate cakes seem a bit more dramatic than a naked white cake and the addition of a gold-foil embellished center tier adds some glitz and glamour to a rustic-looking cake.

The center tier is fully frosted with just a touch of gold foil – and you really don’t need much else on the cake. The addition of some greens is nice, but you could also add some seasonal blooms instead.

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Wedding Idea : Rustic White Wedding Cake for Fall 2016


This wedding cake is perfect for Fall.

So today, we’re talking about a lovely white wedding cake. Boring? No way.

Check out this beauty.

I love the “rough” look of the icing on this two-tiered cake. It takes it from a standard white (ho-hum) wedding cake to a rustic-yet-elegant white wedding cake.

While the photo doesn’t showcase any sort of embellishment on the cake, I think a dark colored fresh bloom would be ideal on top. Just a slight punch of color.

This cake would be perfect any time of year, but it seems like an ideal fall wedding cake.

You’ll find this cake here. It was created by Debi’s Cake Studio.

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Wedding Idea : Ombre Gold Wedding Cake for Fall Wedding


You know, Fall is coming, so if you are going to get married on Fall, you can take a loot at this wedding cake.

I’m beginning to think that I have gold on my mind. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Lately I’m starting to look for more rustic wedding cakes – I still love the over-the-top elegant cakes, but there’s something to be said for a simple yet gorgeous rustic cake.

Like today’s cake.

The two-tiered cake is just every-so-slightly ombre white and gold which gives it a lovely fall hue. The addition of the gold-painted hydrangeas gives the cake that extra pop of glam without making the cake too “fancy” to be rustic.

This cake would be gorgeous at a fall wedding … in a rustic setting.

You’ll find this cake here.

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Wedding Cake for Fall – Gold and White Cake with Fresh Flowers and Berries


Fall is coming, and will you get married on Fall?

Which means it is time to start thinking about fall-inspired wedding cakes.

I love the idea of rustic cakes for a fall wedding, something with a unique twist.

Like today’s featured cake.

This white and gold confection is elegant with a touch of rustic in the mix too. Look closely at the gold-hued bottom tier. It looks like a gilded tree stump thanks to a wood-grain texturing.

The addition of fresh flowers and berries finishes the rustic vibe.

This golden cake would be ideal at an early fall wedding!

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Wedding Cake Recommended : Black and White Wedding Cake


Here’s a wedding cake recommended.

And if those polka dots look like tiny hearts? Well, that’s even better.

Today’s wedding cake is a study in fun – a stark white, three-tier cake adorned with black fondant hearts instead of black polka dots!

It is nearly wedding cake perfection.

To add just a hint of color the cake is adorned with pink poppies (made from gum paste). The white wafer-paper tulips are gorgeous too!

This cake would be perfect any time of year, and I’d love to see deep red blooms used in place of the poppies – just because I love the red, white, and black color combo.

You’ll find this cake here. It was created by Wild Orchid Baking Co.

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Untraditional Wedding Cake : Black Cake with Fall Flowers, Created by Artistic Bites


Have you seen the black wedding cake with fall flower?

Imagine the surprise when your guests spot this dramatic and gorgeous black wedding cake at your reception!

I love the rustic look of the icing and the the addition of fall foliage including deep red roses, succulents, and even moss!

This cake would be perfect for a late-fall wedding – think late October, right around Halloween! Imagine using orange blooms instead of red. That would be really fun!

I love the concept of wedding cakes that think outside the bakery box and this fall-inspired black wedding cake is that cake!

You’ll find this cake here. It was created by Artistic Bites.

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Wedding Cake Recommended : Ainbow SprinklesMini Wedding Cake

mini sprinkle cake

This wedding cake is gorgeous.

And if you’re going to go with that plan, you should consider having a fun wedding cake – something like today’s featured cake!

I love this one-tier wedding cake with the gorgeous Tiffany-blue icing and whimsical sprinkles on top.

It’s the perfect size if you just want a “couples cake” or if you are thinking about having several types of cakes.

There’s nothing too frilly or serious about this fun confection – and the heart-on-a-stick cake topper is too cute.

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Wedding Cake Recommended : Dark Chocolate Wedding Cake for Fall

chocolate cake with white

Fall is almost here.

And that means it is time to start talking about dark and dramatic – and in today’s case – chocolate wedding cakes!

I love the dramatic look of today’s cake – a tower of dark chocolate icing adorned with a few white flower details.

It’s the perfect cake for a fall wedding.

Of course it’s also perfect if you love chocolate. The icing looks like a thick, fudge icing which is absolutely perfect in my book!

And the white floral details add the perfect touch of elegance to a cake that could be boring without any decoration. I’d love to see this cake with something deep red or maybe even orange.