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10 Bridal Cover-Ups for Winter Weddings

If you are a winter bride, You need some perfect wedding accessories to dress up. it is worth looking for you to cover the perfect In your big day, you are lucky! Here we have ten cool classic, hoping to help you become the most beautiful bride in winter.

The cold weather is coming (or if you’re in London, here it is thorough). While this means warm cocktails, evergreen decorations, rich candlelight, romantic wedding photos of the winter wedding, which also means a blue dress when the bride will be taken.

So today we will round you up with our favorite coats and cover-ups so you feel warm, or at least reduce exposure to your big day.

If you choose the truth of a wedding cover-ups, there are many ways to go depending on your style.

You can keep it classic with an artificial fur coat or wool package. Cardis light and sweaters allow pre-cover-ups, while still keeping the beauty, shawls and cap crowns add a touch of glamor, or pure and shiny light fittings that will not change your bride look too much.

If you choose a coat, channel the Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama or Jackie O chic and formal coat.
Of course, you can choose. Many wedding designers (Ivy & Aster Horton New York, Otaduy and Savannah Miller, etc.) have created coats and jackets to match their aesthetics.

Similarly, you can take off the bride’s full mark, see your favorite shops and designer kimonos, leather or canvas jackets, gold or silk bombers or cool tuxedo pioneers and tailored jackets.

Long dress looks great with short casual jackets, so do not be afraid to confuse your look.
Still stuck? Scroll down to view our collection of 10 gorgeous bridal veils, and shop for more favorite last pages.

1. Go For Faux

Faux Fur Jacket by Helen Moore for BHLDN

2. Brides of a Feather

Feather Cover-up by Serenity Kate Couture on Etsy

3. The First Lady

White Wool & Cashmere Coat by Reiss

4. Caped Crusader

Chiffon Cape Train by Gibson Bespoke on Etsy

5. Blushing Bomber

Embroidered Bomber Jacket by Stella McCartney

6. Prima Ballerina

Wrap Cardigan by Ivy & Aster for BHLDN

7. Little White Riding Hood

White Faux Fur Hood by Pits by Triin Isak on Etsy

8. Cute Cardi

Knitted Cover-up by ASOS

9. Biker Bride

Limited Edition Leather Jacket by Houghton NYC

10. All That Glitters

Beaded Wrap by Carol Hannah for BHLDN

Some really chic options, right? I love the look of a leather jacket with a formal gown, but the faux fur coats are hard to resist for a glamorous winter wedding look, don’t you think?
Get more ideas for bridal coats and cover-ups below, and don’t forget to check out more of our shoppable posts (they make shopping for your wedding so much smoother!).

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Most fashionable wedding accessories in 2016

Wedding accessories is also an important factor in marriage, from the statement earrings glittering headdress, feather clutch and gemstones to decorate high heels, these 10 fashion wedding accessories fascinated us.
Just because they show a drop, does not mean the Duchess of the designers, Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig, did not spend the feeling. Romantic wedding with long, show shoulder-dusting flower earrings and flower helmet reread half the hairstyle.

Statement Earrings at Sachin & Babi

Sachin & Persian believers also have a girl with shoulder-herding earrings. Here, the earrings are decorated with flowers and tassels. Note 2017 Bride, exquisite earrings is the thing of the past, this season is about hair, shoulders, you can find the largest earrings.

Modern Tiaras

We were totally blown away by Rime Arodaky’s debut bridal collection, not to mention the metallic glowing beauty look and the icicle inspired accessories. Modern hair jewelry, including pins and tiaras, were fit for a modern, very cool Princess Elsa.
Another designer taking cues from our favorite Frozen princess (and inspiration to winter brides everywhere!) was Alon Livne, who showed gowns with tiaras and vintage-inspired headpieces fit for a queen, very Never Ending Story.

Diamond Wreaths at Pronovias

Winter bride, put down the crown of flowers. It is time to consider wearing a sparkling diamond garland, the gorgeous bride in Pronovias.

Audrey Hepburn Veils at Lela Rose

Sweet bird cage veil over looked at Laila Rose is the perfect inspiration Audrey Hepburn lovers and retro bride looking for an easy way to the atmosphere of the 1950s.
Naeem Khan’s collaboration with Christian Louboutin served up mod-perfect over-the-knee boots that coordinate perfectly with the floral accessories on the duster earrings and veil attachments.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Evergreen Tree Seedling


Since we just celebrated Earth Day I thought it would be nice to feature a fun wedding favor that was also good for the environment.

Imagine my surprise when I found this fun, fantastic, and totally functional Evergreen Tree Seedling favor!

This is the perfect wedding favor for an outdoor wedding, a “green” wedding, and even a springtime wedding. It would also be great if you’re having a “rustic” themed wedding.

The seedlings are each wrapped in a burlap bag and each seedling also features a personalized tag. The front of the tag can feature your names and wedding date while the bag of the tag includes planting instructions (plant within two weeks in a sunny area).

Your guests will love this green favor and you’ll be helping the environment too. And, it will be fun to see how the trees grow over the years.

You can find these Evergreen Tree Seedling favors here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favor – Nautical Cookies

nautical cookies

I’ve been daydreaming about the beach a lot lately, which is only normal after a very long and cold winter.

And it’s just about time for all those summer beach weddings to happen, so it seems like a good time to feature a fun and nautical wedding favor.

So, I present to you – the nautical personalized wedding cookie.

Looks good enough to eat, right?

We all know how much I love cookies as wedding favors – after all it’s always nice to send your guests home with a sweet treat they can enjoy later.

And these personalized cookies are perfect for your summer wedding – whether it’s happening on the beach, or if it has a beach theme, or if you’re just a fan of all things nautical.

The cookies feature an anchor and the icing is available in so many colors so you can make the cookies match your color scheme. And you can have them personalized with names and dates.

And since the cookies come wrapped in cellophane bags with your choice of ribbon there is no assembly required.

You can find these cookies here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Miniature Glass Bell Jars

bell jar

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I absolutely love miniature wedding favors!

And these mini glass bell jars are my new favorite item.

First of all, they’re miniature so that’s an instant win. And, you can fill them with so many different treats including Jordan almonds, truffles, or mini cupcakes. They also have a beautiful fluted stand which I love.

And they’re elegant and lovely and would be ideal in so many different settings from outdoor weddings to a fancy country club reception.

Imagine how gorgeous the guest tables will look with one of these at each place setting filled with some equally lovely and delicious sweet treat.

It’s perfection. Pure wedding favor perfection.

You can find these mini glass bell jars here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Personalized State Love Cookies

state cookies

We all know that I’m a huge fan of edible wedding favors.

I think it’s a great idea to send your guests home with a sweet treat, instead of a piece of wedding cake.

And these personalized cookies are a new favorite.

I give you the personalized state love cookie!

These handcrafted cookies are available in your home state shape – and if you’re both from different states you can do that too!

Each cookie features the names of the couple in a font of your choice. And the state cookies also feature a red heart to symbolize your love of each other (and your state).

The cookies come individually wrapped so it’s super easy for your guests to take them home.

You can find these personalized state love cookies here.


Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favor – Customized Water Bottles

water bottles

We’ve all been there – at the outdoor summer wedding and it’s hot and we’re thirsty and we realize we forgot our bottle of water at home.

You can help your guests keep cool and hydrated at your outdoor summer wedding (at the beach, in a park, or in your backyard) with these fun personalized water bottle labels!

Each case of 24 bottles of spring water can be personalized with labels that match your wedding’s theme or style. Choose the design you love and personalize it with your names, the date of the wedding, or even a heartfelt message for your guests.

These personalized water bottles would be perfect for a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding, no matter the location. Your guests will appreciate the gesture!

You can find these personalized water bottles here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favor – Love Keyboard Magnet

love magnet

I’m a sucker for magnets. I buy at least one new magnet on every family vacation and you can barely see the front (or sides) of my refrigerator because it’s covered in magnets.

So when I saw these “love” keyboard magnets I just had to share them with you!

Because not only do I love magnets, but I love keyboards – so this is really a win-win wedding favor.

Your guests will love this whimsical favor and it’s something they can add to their fridge or message board and it will always remind them of your wedding day and how much fun they had!

Each magnet is packaged in a clear case so you could easily place one at each table setting at the reception! They’re also not too expensive so you won’t break the bank for a fun wedding favor.

You can find these love keyboard magnets here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Vintage Typewriter Key Magnets


I’m a huge fan of magnets (seriously, you should see my refrigerator!) and I also love vintage typewriters, so today’s fun wedding favor is a new personal favorite.

Love is the word of the day at a wedding – so why not send your guests home with a great wedding favor that they can display on their fridge or other magnetic surface?

These vintage typewriter key magnets that spell out “L-O-V-E” are practically perfect in every way!

First, they’re “vintage” which is such a fun theme to use a wedding. Secondly, they’re a practical wedding favor – something your guests can use over and over again.

These wedding favors won’t break the bank either, and that’s always a plus in our book.

You can find these vintage typewriter key magnets here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favors – Custom Macarons


I’m a big fan of edible wedding favors because it’s an easy way to make everyone happy. No one is going to pass up cookies or candy.

So imagine how happy I was to find these customized macarons!

These elegant cookies are available in 12 different colors and you can choose from five different border options plus four different designs.

Basically the sky is the limit when it comes to giving your guests a delicious favor!

The macarons can be personalized with your initials, a three-letter monogram, or even the cute “eat, drink, and be married” wording.

A word of caution – these favors aren’t cheap and they have a shelf life of about one week so you’ll need to order them JUST before the big day.

You can find the macarons here.