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Rainbow Wedding Cake

rainbow cake

I saw a news report this week about a rare quadruple rainbow that was spotted over New York State. As a big fan of rainbows I thought that would be pretty cool to see.

And then I found this rainbow dot wedding cake and my week was made!

I love this wedding cake so very much. It’s fun and whimsical and pretty much screams “spring!” in a refined way, of course.

The rainbow on the cake is formed by “dots” of icing – starting with white at the top and going through all the colors of the rainbow including pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

You’re guaranteed an awesome wedding reception with this cake!

We found this cake here. It was created by Swirls Bakery.

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Ocean Inspired Wedding Cake

ocean cake

As we slowly inch closer and closer to summer it means we’re getting that much closer to beach season too.

And that means beach weddings and wedding cakes the remind us of the beach.

Like today’s wedding cake. It’s a subtle reminder of the things we love most about the beach – the surf and the sand.

The two-tiered cake features fondant icing that was hand-painted with water colors to mimic the blues of the ocean. I’m also loving the basket weave embellishment at the bottom of the cake.

This cake would be lovely at your beach wedding or at your beach themed wedding, if you happen to be having your nuptials nowhere near the water.

We found this cake here. It was created by Faye Cahill Cake Design.

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Spring Green Wedding Cake with Flowers

green cake

The great spring thaw of 2015 is happening right now in the northern half of the country and we’re slowly starting to see hints of green(ish) grass under the melting snow!

Which got me thinking about springtime grass and flowers and everything starting to bloom. Which of course made me think about green wedding cakes with flowers. It’s how my brain works.

Will you just look at this amazing wedding cake? Those are blades of “grass” made with gum paste! And the flowers are sugar flowers. The whole cake just screams spring wedding.

This cake would be so stunning at your springtime or early summer wedding. The light green fondant is gorgeous and the posy of sugar flowers is a beautiful cake toppers.

I’m so excited about spring and this lovely cake!

You can find this cake here. It was created by Just Cake.

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Blue and White Wedding Cake

blue and white cake

Since it seems as though winter is never going to end here in the Midwest, I find myself daydreaming about the beach nearly every day.

Which brings me to today’s cake.

This three-tier creation reminds me of my favorite beach – with white sand and beautiful blue water.

It’s quite lovely.

I love the dramatic navy blue of the bottom tier and how it fades into a seascape inspired second tier of blues and greens, finally ending in the white top tier.

The addition of the white roses on the gold background is the perfect amount of dramatic effect.

This cake would be gorgeous any time of year, but it would be stunning at a beach wedding.

You can find this cake here. It was created by Hey There, Cupcake.

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Beach-Inspired Wedding Cake

beach cake

As winter continues its relentless grip on most of the country I have decided it’s time to dream about summer and beach weddings.

Which brings me to today’s nautical, beach-inspired wedding cake.

Don’t you feel warmer just looking at this cake? I can almost imagine the beach wedding, right on the sand, with the sun shining down.

OK, enough daydreaming. Back to this cake.

I love the simple four layer white cake – it is the perfect base for any sort of design and these blue and gold seashell shapes are perfect. They look like a cross between shells and underwater bubbles.

This cake would be so pretty at your beach wedding – even if you’re just having a beach-themed wedding in the middle of the winter! It’s fun and whimsical while still being elegant and modern.

We found this nautical wedding cake here.

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Blue and Green Tropical Wedding Cake

starfish cake

As the East Coast is snowed in today and I’m seeing more winter weather in my local forecast I’m finding myself daydreaming more every day about my summer beach vacation.

And these daydreams of sand and surf made me think about summer beach weddings. Which of course brings us to today’s wedding cake.

I’m in love with this fun and whimsical cake.

The bright white icing is the perfect backdrop for those adorable gumpaste starfish. This cake would be so fun at a beach reception or even a tropical themed wedding.

Don’t you want to daydream about summer now too?

We just love this beach-inspired cake! You can see it here. It was created by Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design in Australia!