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Glowing your Skin in Winter, According To Kylie Jenner

This is no secret, winter skin color is dry. From drying your skin, flakes weaken your natural light and is usually a rough time on your skin. Kelly Jenner’s glowing winter skin technique, however, is to help ensure that your skin is always glowing even in the harshest winter. While you might wonder why Jenna – the real queen of the matte copper seems to be giving advice to getting glowing, remember that any makeup needs good skincare, shiny skin is healthy.

In addition, Jenner discussed her skincare fans in the past. Keeping up with the Kardashian star never shy of her love make-up, a makeup addict knows that you can not have a great look without a great foundation, but also from skin care products. In fact, before Jenner uploads to her website about her best beauty tips, they include always using the staple of eye cream, completely removing makeup, and always wearing sunscreen. Sounds like someone who knows their stuff?

Now, she lets fans know how to keep the skin moist and glowing in the winter. From the Moisturizing Cream Mask, this is Jenner’s recommendation to use this cold weather season on the face.

1. Clay Mask


Who doesn’t want bright skin in winter?

2. Eye Cream


Never neglect your under-eye area.

3. Oil Cleanser


An oil cleanser is a great idea for cleaning your skin as it doesn’t over-dry your skin.