Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings – How to Choose a Perfect Ring Guide

Selecting a wedding ring isnt is simple as it looks. You are going to wear your ring for the rest of your life, so it ought to be something you wont get tired of in a couple years. You’ll have to look at and try on many diverse rings before you come to a last decision and, being an intelligent consumer, you should understand what your options are.
First, you will have to decide how much you are able to spend. Then, with your budget in mind, select the material you need your ring made from.
Wedding ring substances can be:
14K or 18K yellow gold, classic and very popular for wedding and engagement rings
White gold, that is gaining popularity since it looks stylish and very modern. Also white gold can be worn with silver or platinum jewelry and it moves with most fabrics It’s also very pure: while 18 K gold comprises only 75 percent gold, most platinum jewelry is 95% gold. Platinum rings seem like white gold, are extremely elegant and fashionable, dont scratch and dont loose their appearance with the passing years. Platinum rings are the most expensive but, considering that you will wear your ring for the rest of your life, that doesnt really matter for many couples
Titanium is long lasting, mild and not very expensive, therefore it’s recently became a remarkably common material for wedding rings. Titanium rings are similar in appearance to white gold rings but they are so mild that you may hardly feel one in your finger. Titanium is a particularly popular substance for mens wedding rings

Platinum rings

When deciding upon the material, think of what would work best with your clothing and the other jewelry you generally wear. Is the jewelry box filled with silver or gold? If your favourite pieces are silver, it is a good idea to acquire a white gold, gold or platinum wedding ring. As an alternative, you could purchase two tone ring – typically made from yellow and white gold. This sort of ring will match silver jewelry as well as gold.
Some women also wish to match their wedding rings with their engagement rings. This is definitely something to take into consideration, if you mean to wear both rings to precisely the same hand. Another option is to put on your wedding ring on the left hand along with your engagement ring on your hand – in which case they should still be the exact same colour, but dont have to fit so tightly.
Which wedding ring style to choose?
There are many styles available, so everybody can find a ring to suit their preferences. In regards to style, though, the first thing you need to decide is if you both will wear similar rings or if each will select one that expresses their personality. The most popular styles are:
Traditional plain rings – even though they’re plain, they will always be stylish and fashionable.
These are also best suited to guys who arent accustomed to wearing jewellery
Rings with beaded edges are a Bit More elaborate
Two-tone bands which can be worn with either silver or gold jewelry
Celtic wedding rings are extremely hot how. Covered with ancient knotwork designs, they look really stylish
Solitaire rings with a single precious stone
Solitaries with beams – rings using a large stone and several smaller rocks around it
The Ideal gem stones for wedding rings
Diamonds are excellent favorites for wedding rings and with good reason – not only are diamonds the very beautiful and expensive of all precious stones, but they’re also the hardest. Other hard stones are rubies and sapphires. Gemstones like amethyst or aquamarine are too tender, making them unsuitable to get a wedding ring that you are going to wear every day.
No matter which style and material you picked, you would like a ring that will be comfortable in your finger. For this reason it’s almost always best to go with a ring that’s smooth around the edges.
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