Wedding Planning

Enjoy The Relaxed Garden Wedding

We didn’t have a specific theme for the day – all we knew is
that we wanted to host an amazing outdoor party. We live in Abu
Dhabi and so don’t get to see our family and friends that often –
instead of a stuffy, formal event, we created a fun and relaxed
space to hang out with them.

Jacquie Lewis, 28, married Neil Hine, 34, at St Michael’s &
All Angels Church in Worcester followed by a reception at Langhern
Hill Estate on 1st August 2015. She says:

Neil and I also decided pretty early on that we didn’t want a
formal dinner. Instead, we had a family-style sit-down meal with
guests helping themselves. For the main course we had cast-iron
bowls of coq au vin with button mushrooms, baked salmon and Spanish
port meatballs. For dessert there was fresh fruit and citrus tarts,
and chocolate mousse.

Neil was adamant he wouldn’t wear a suit or tie for the wedding.
Instead he opted for a waistcoat, checked shirt with rolled-up
sleeves and a floral bow tie to bring a splash of colour to his

One of the hardest things to source were our vintage champagne
glass favours. In every shop we looked they were so expensive. In
the end we went to charity and thrift stores, and ended up getting
100 glasses for under £200.

My top tip: See if some of your vendors can double up on
services. Our catering firm provided us with linens, cutlery and
servers, while our florist, Passion For Flowers, also sourced props
such as rustic wooden crates.

Photography by Theresa Furey