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” The Best Wedding Ever ” – Kamani and Jim’s Wondeful Real Wedding


Let’s get to know this pretty wedding.

MART8733MART8745MART8816MART8717 MART8862MART8888 MART8934

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was officiated by a local Scottish pastor dressed in authentic Scottish kilt attire.  It took place on the terrace of a French chateau turned winery and is inspiration to Coco Chanel’s renowned logo.  Perched atop a French mountainside, our 50 guests had sweeping views of the French Riviera.  Guests who traveled from all over the US and UK were spoiled to a weeklong schedule of events that included coastal day trips to Monaco in a champagne laced limo bus and Champagne brunch in a private garden in the famous Villa de Ephrussi de Rothschild.  The event has since been dubbed by our guests as “The Best Wedding Ever”.


The Reception
Our garden cocktail reception featured a live cooking show of foie gras and fresh sushi, paired with local French Rose champagne and a buffet of French cheeses.  Our guests toured the wine cellars and vineyards while being served hors d’oeuvres and overlooking the pink & gold sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.  Our dinner reception in the Salon Antoine Mari was fitting of the ‘Marie Antoinette’ vintage theme and featured local Nicoise infused aperitifs and cuisine.  The vineyard’s recent production of Chateau de Cremat red, white and rose wines decorated the candlelit tables.  The lavender laced wedding cake and French pastries complimented the entire French Riviera wedding experience where I danced in my red bottoms until 3am.

MART0017MART0021MART9856 MART9999MART0023Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Marta SzczesniakMART0136MART0210MART0294MART0345MART9927MART9853

Kamani’s Wedding Dress Search
I traveled to Washington DC with my bridesmaid to attend a trunk show for Hayley Paige.  I tried on 6 different designs and although they were beautiful and within my budget, it just didn’t feel perfect.  Then I made an appointment for a local bridal store in Fort Lauderdale where I tried on 3 Sophia Tolli dresses and was very keen on 1 particular design but I was stuck on Hayley Paige.  So I made another appointment for another bridal store in Boca Raton and tried on 3 more Hayley Paige designs, not completely pleased with any.  There happened to be a rose champagne color dress featured on mannequin that my bridesmaids and I complimented every time we walked past, but it was not the whimsical look I was going for.  It was more of a ball gown and my maid of honor reminded me that I was getting married in a French castle so why shouldn’t I look like a princess.  So I tried on the Romona Keveza Spring 2016 design it felt so much lighter and fit perfectly.  When I came out of the fitting room, it brought my guests to tears and I looked in the mirror and knew at the moment, I found THE dress!  I didn’t choose the dress.  It chose me!  It was waiting for me the whole time and it absolutely made me feel like royalty.

MART8927 MART9706MART9816 MART9465

How She Felt In Her Romona Keveza
Regal, Glamorous and Skinny LOL

MART9679 MART9393

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I looked for a used wedding dress for this design and because it’s from her Spring 2016 collection, I couldn’t find any.  I know someone looking to feel like a skinny princess on her wedding day will appreciate a newly released design that was well altered and enjoyed!  (That and we need to pay off a huge wedding & honeymoon debt!)



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Maggie Sottero Real Wedding, Married at the Groom’s House With Only Family and Close Friends

Wedding Photos-0463

These  married couple are planning their wedding celebration.

And what a celebration it was!  Their grand event was held at castle like venue befitting their royal theme. Gold decor, beautiful tables and sumptuous food made it an affair to remember.  It’s no wonder Hind knew her dress the moment she tried it on, her stunning Maggie Sottero Hannah was the perfect choice for this stately event.

Wedding Photos-0017 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-035Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-127Wedding Photos-0091Wedding Photos-0104Wedding Photos-0164Wedding Photos-0168Wedding Photos-0166Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-241Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-478Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-477Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-236

The Reception
It was a formal event with a royal theme, as the venue looked like a gothic castle. There were lots of gold and rustic feels. The wedding was almost entirely DIY and the reception including traditional dancing, sword cutting the cake, farewell wave from balcony and a sparkler exit.

Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-013Maggie Sottero Real Wedding From Haley Richter Photography Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-029    Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-039 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-042Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-518Wedding Photos-0525Wedding Photos-0609Wedding Photos-0604Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-716Wedding Photos-0607Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-894 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-896Wedding Photos-0870Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-898 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-913Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-938 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-940 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-941 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-971Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-974Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-976Wedding Photos-0692Wedding Photos-0882 Wedding Photos-0884 Wedding Photos-0896 Wedding Photos-0898 Wedding Photos-0920 Wedding Photos-0924 Wedding Photos-0933 Wedding Photos-0940 Wedding Photos-0973 Wedding Photos-0987

Hind’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about 10 dresses before I put on my final dress, Which I chose.  I chose my dress because it was the closest dress to what I had originally envisioned. It was not pure white, it was a dramatic A-line/Ball gown, and had gorgeous detailing. All the other  dresses, despite being cheaper than my dress, were all missing at least one of the things I had envisioned. I fell in love with my dress as soon as I put it on.

Wedding Photos-0268 Wedding Photos-0204Wedding Photos-0151 Wedding Photos-0150

How She Felt In Her Maggie Sottero Gown
Royal, Beautiful, and Elegant

Wedding Photos-0370 Wedding Photos-0208

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I will never wear my wedding dress again. It is amazing and every time I look at it again it takes my breath away. But I will never wear it again. And I spent a lot of money on it. I would like to get some return and let someone else feel and look beautiful as well.

Wedding Photos-0297Wedding Photos-0463


Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero | Photography: Haley Richter Photography  | Venue: Merion Tribute House | Event Planning, Florals + Cake: Bride and family friend

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Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding Photo Gallery and Idea

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.56.13 PM

This is the detail information of Monique Lhuillier wedding.

Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.49.25 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.46.57 PM Monique-Lhuillie-CandaceMonique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.51.12 PM Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.56.13 PM 8-bride-bridesmaids 8-groom-with-groomsmen

The Ceremony

We got married on the Lommel Lawn at Calistoga Ranch. The lawn overlooks their beautiful lake and it is nestled between lush rolling hills. The backdrop couldn’t have been any more stunning. We got married in February so we were worried about rain but we really lucked out. The clouds were moody grey and puffy so it was great for the photos. As we were saying our vows the clouds broke and rays of light shone down on us. It was such a transcendental moment.

13-ceremony-chairs  Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.19.37 PM15-ceremony-florals-barrels 14-ceremony-chairs-parasols  18-groom-waiting-ceremony 19-bride-dad-aisle20-bride-groom-ceremony Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.23.25 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.12.06 PM 23-bride-groom-kiss-ceremony  Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.55.17 PM27-bridal-party-kiss

The Reception

The reception took place in Calistoga Ranch’s wine cave. I wanted our reception to feel intimate and romantic with tons of candles. The cave was perfect-it was glowing. We had two long kings’ tables with candles and perfectly overgrown flowers lining the tables. We had vines cascading from the large iron chandeliers and olive sprigs at each setting. I wanted to make it feel as if you were in the South of France having a lovely dinner party.

Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.17.22 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.27.38 PM32-feasting-table 33-place-settingScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.25.23 PM31-reception-chandelier-greenery 37-reception-florals35-reception-guests  Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.30.21 PM38-bride-groom-first-dance 39-bride-groom-first-dance 40-tiered-cake 41-cake-cuttingScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.30.43 PM

Anne’s Wedding Dress Search

I probably tried on about 30-45 dresses.  I was very specific about what I wanted. It needed to be timeless, romantic, and look as beautiful in person as it did in photos. When I saw my dress for the first time I saw it online and I said “that’s my dress!” I knew it from the instant I saw it. Once I tried it on it was more than what I had imagined. My dress has 4 layers which gives it such incredible depth. There are hand sewn pearls and sequins that give it the drama and romanticism that I wanted. It was the dress of my dreams.

9-bride-bouquet 11-bride-bouquet.jpg

How She Felt In Her Monique Lhuillier Candice
Classic, romantic and joyful

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.53.24 PM

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress

It would make me sad to keep such a beautiful dress tucked away in my closet. I would love to give another bride the opportunity to wear this dress and make her feel as special as I did on my day. This dress was so special to me and I hope it finds a wonderful bride!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.54.34 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.08.47 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.53.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.54.11 PM

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Lazaro Real Wedding of Senani and Nathan From Eva Sica


Let’s look at their gorgeous wedding.

Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-9 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-14 - CopySenani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-32Senani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-34Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-12 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-33 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-60Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-4 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-70 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-80 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-86 (1) - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-74 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-53 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-4-X3Senani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-11 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-2 Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-4Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-11Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-10Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-13Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-15Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-17Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-20Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-38Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-51Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-54Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-58Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-4 (1)Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-7Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-9Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-10Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-25Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-22Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-8Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-2Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-98Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-112Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-102Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-124Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-126 Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-131Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-176Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-204Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-232

Senani’s Wedding Dress Search
As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one! I didn’t want white. I was looking for champagne and found this dress which was such a gorgeous color against my skin tone., I also wanted it to look different and unique, with  a bit of sparkle but not too much, sweetheart strapless neck and trumpet style not mermaid with a full bottom skirt.


How She Felt In Her Lazaro Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Sexy Princess


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I want another bride to feel the same way as I did! The color is so unique and it’s beautiful, elegant and a little sexy all at the same time. I received so many compliments not just from the guests at my wedding but from others that were there on the beach as well as other customers that were at the alterations place.


Wedding Dress: Lazaro | Photography: Eva Sica  | Reception Venue – Villa Celeste in Concha Chinas | Event Planning:  Eva and Michael  | Cake:  Pie In the Sky | Rentals: Puerto Vallarta Wed | Catering: Chef Sandoval

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Karen Willis Holmes Real Wedding From Nick Ray Photography – Louise + Huw

Karen Willis Holmes | Real Wedding

 Their wedding day was a beautiful sunny and filled with joy and warmth.  And Louise’s last minute choice of a Karen Willis Holmes wedding dress fit Piaget Replica
the event and her personal style perfectly.  First tempted to host a beach wedding in Sydney where they live, Louise and Huw decided instead to host a proper English wedding in their native UK to celebrate with all of their family and friends.


The Ceremony
The ceremony was held in St Andrews church in my parents parish in Meonstoke. Father Tony gave the ceremony, he was new to the parish and so our wedding was his first in the area so think he was as nervous as we were which helped calm my nerves one I reached the alter. He gave a really beautiful service. We also had Huw’s sisters and a couple of friends singing the welsh song ‘Calon lan’ which nearly had the whole congregation in tears!


The Reception
Following the church we arrived back at Hill Place which we had hired for the weekend. A beautiful grade II listed Georgian country villa located near the village of Swanmore in Hampshire. It’s a private home you can hire for the weekend with 5 bedrooms for use to put up guests. It is set in beautiful grounds with views across to the Isle of wight.

LousieHuw_0332LousieHuw_0288LousieHuw_0304LousieHuw_0305LousieHuw_0331LousieHuw_0327LousieHuw_0319LousieHuw_0325LousieHuw_0326LousieHuw_0324LousieHuw_0432LousieHuw_0488LousieHuw_0493 LousieHuw_0366 LousieHuw_0369LousieHuw_0374LousieHuw_0368LousieHuw_0575LousieHuw_0577LousieHuw_0625LousieHuw_0626LousieHuw_0629

Louise’s Wedding Dress Search
I had really struggled finding something that suited my style. I knew I like the idea of a skirt and top and something quite simple but found nothing I was completely happy with.  I started getting a bespoke one made by a dressmaker but about 3 weeks before the wedding realised the dress wasn’t turning out the way I wanted so in panic I make appointments at bridal shops in my lunch breaks from work to try and find something I felt good about. I had been to KWH before and tried a few but thought I’d see if there was any I’d missed. First one I tried was the Mabel and fell in love with it straight away! It looked so simple on the hanger but one on I knew it was just for me. I ordered it straight away and somehow they had it in stock and were able to alter it slightly for me in just over a week!


How She Felt In Her Karen Willis Holmes Wedding Dress
Myself, elegant, beautiful


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’d be much happier with someone else enjoying it as much as i did than it sitting in a wardrobe for the rest of its life


Wedding Dress: Karen Willis Holmes | Photography: Nick Ray Photography | Ceremony:  St Andrews Church Meonstoke | Reception:  Hill Place, Swanmore | Floral Design: Louise Avery Flowers | Catering: Small Piece Catering | Cake Sourced from Bath cheese Company assembled and decorated by Small Piece Catering

Bride Dresses Wedding Dresses

J. Mendel Real Wedding From Kelly Jayne Photography – Finella + Cale

J. Mendel real wedding

Forty-two guests traveled for their intimate nuptials held in midtown Manhattan.  The venue’s amazing views and chic atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for their beautiful event. This travel-loving Australian couple hosted their destination wedding in New York City.

Finella + Cale | April 10, 2016 | New York, New York

KJP_3978 J. Mendel Real Wedding From Kelly Jayne Photography KJP_3923KJP_3929 KJP_3989KJP_3943KJP_3954KJP_4126 KJP_4532

The Ceremony
The ceremony was a lovely intimate affair, and we were married by the grooms brother who was ordained online and then registered as a celebrant with the city of New York. It was a beautiful traditional ceremony with the lovely touch of being married by a family member. Seating was Patek Philippe Complications Replica Watchesallocated and guests received a personalized luggage tag on their seat, custom made as the

KJP_5386KJP_5393 KJP_5409KJP_5419KJP_5443KJP_5469KJP_5501KJP_5512KJP_5510KJP_5640 KJP_5643

The Reception
After the ceremony guests were ushered to the roof top for cocktail hour where they enjoyed breathtaking views of the Hudson river, empire state building and midtown. Signature cocktails were served along with delicious canapes including mac and cheese cupcakes, sirloin sliders and risotto fritters. Guests then came back down into the venue where the space had been transported back into a luxury cocktail lounge. Guests enjoyed a dinner service in phases, danced to the awesome DJ and enjoyed cocktails all night.

KJP_5717 KJP_4915 KJP_5188KJP_5769 KJP_5751KJP_5797KJP_5913KJP_5916KJP_5232KJP_5091 KJP_5106KJP_5880 KJP_6087 KJP_5996

Finella’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on probably around 15 dresses. I only shopped at Kleinfeld’s and Bergdorf Goodman. I ended up on a J. Mendel dress from Bergdorf.

KJP_4742 KJP_4720

How She Felt In Her J. Mendel Gown
Elegant, sophisticated, sexy
KJP_4384 KJP_4416KJP_4457 KJP_4693

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
Its such a beautiful dress I think that someone else should enjoy wearing it. Every time I look at the photos I am amazed that my figure can look so good in a dress!!


Wedding Dress:  J. Mendel Valentine | Photography: Kelly Jayne Photography  | Venue: The Skylark |Floral Design: Designs by Ahn | Cake: Abigail Kirsch

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Vera Wang White Real Wedding From Emily Gualdoni Photography

Vera Wang White | Real Wedding

What strikes us most is the story of the dress.  Erin bought a dress but knew deep down, that it wasn’t  “the one.”  So she made a long distance drive to see a second dress, and instantly knew it was hers.  She wore it, looked and felt amazing, and is now selling it for another bride to love too.  How completely perfect is that? There’s a lot to like about this charming Chicago wedding.

Erin + Mark | September 26, 2015 | Chicago, Illinois

Pre4Pre6Decor5 Decor1Pre2 Pre3 Bridesmaids6Bridesmaids3

The Ceremony
The Catholic ceremony was held at the historic French Gothic-style St. James Chapel surrounded by gorgeous stained glass throughout.

PreBridesmaids5CeremonyCeremony7Ceremony3Ceremony11Ceremony14Ceremony9 Ceremony17Ceremony10Ceremony21Portraits11Portraits14Portraits15

The Reception
The reception was held after at River Roast on LaSalle.  The venue was wonderful, because it provided both an intimate indoor space as well as a scenic balcony overlooking the river for both cocktails and throughout the reception.

Reception7Decor12Decor10 Decor11 Decor4Reception4 Reception6 Reception10 Reception5Reception14Reception1Reception16Reception20

Erin’s Wedding Dress Search
I probably tried on 15 dresses over the course of finding mine.  I originally bought one but just knew right after that it was not it.  After doing a lot more research online, I couldn’t stop looking at this one.  It was more dress than I ever thought I’d want, but something about it just had me, and I knew that I had to find it.  So, I called around and found out the only two left in my size were in New York and Indiana.  So, the next day I loaded up my dogs (so I’d have company) and made the four-hour Saturday road-trip to Indiana to see it.  It was love at first sight, and thankfully, since I bought it from the same location as the original, they were able to exchange the order.  I took home the floor sample that day and never looked back.

Vera Wang White Real Wedding | Dress2Dress5 Dress4

How She Felt In Her Wedding Dress
Stunning, sensuous, enthralling, captivating, powerful….it’s hard to give just three.  This dress made me feel the best I think I’ve ever felt.  I wish I could wear it regularly! :)

Portraits1 Portraits2 Portraits6

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I originally looked on for my dress knowing I wanted something beautiful without paying too much for something I was only going to be wearing a few hours.  So, when I did end up finding mine in a retail location, I knew that someday I would want someone else to be able to enjoy the dress as much as I had without having to worry about the extra cost.  I’m not going to lie, I love this dress so much that it is actually a little tough to sell it, but if I know another bride will have the most amazing day of her life in it, that makes passing it along very worthwhile.

Portraits7 Portraits9Portraits12

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang White  | Photography:  Emily Gualdoni Photography  | Ceremony:  St. James Chapel | Reception:  River Roast | Floral Design:  Kim Dunlap   | Cake:  West Town Bakery

Bride Dresses Wedding Dresses

Hayley Paige Real Wedding From Nana Kofi Nti | Christal + Tony


Christal’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on 12 different dresses and knew that I wanted a mermaid style dress. The Haley Paige dress was the 2nd dress I tried on and every dress after just didn’t compare.

Christal and Tony’s summer wedding was held at the elegant Scottish Rite Temple over looking Lake Merritt in Oakland.  And Christal’s Hayley Paige 6203 was the absolute  perfect gown choice.  With it’s organza-ruffled mermaid skirt and sheer corset back with crystals, the dress was both dramatic and gorgeous.

2T9A01582T9A01462T9A01552T9A01942T9A0245Hayley Paige Real Wedding From Nana Kofi Nti 2T9A03812T9A03412T9A03632T9A04192T9A04662T9A05062T9A05302T9A06222T9A09602T9A0101 2T9A0126          2T9A0999 2T9A10422T9A1639 2T9A1652 2T9A17052T9A1701


How She Felt in Her Hayley Paige Gown
Glam, Classic, Couture!


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I would love to be able to save it for my daughter, but the reality of it is that she’s probably going to be much taller than   Also, I would love for someone to be able to have it and love it for their special day as much as I did.


Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige 6203 | Photography: Nana Kofi Nti | Venue Scottish Rite Temple |  Cake : Minia’s Bake Shop


Erin + Adam | Carolina Herrera Real Wedding From Donny Pedrino & Laura

Mr & Mrs Guthie Sneak Peeks 096

It’s full of understated elegance and beautiful detail (like amazing florals and a perfectly charming wedding cake).  But what really catches our eye is the couple’s absolute joy.  It radiates in every photo and makes us smile every time we take a look. We adore this California wedding!

Erin + Adam | October 17, 2015 | Santa Monica, California

Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0076Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0072Mr & Mrs Guthie Sneak Peeks 009Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0112Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0130Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0171 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0175Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0088 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0181

The Ceremony
Our ceremony took place under a grove of Sycamore trees just outside of the mansion. Our 5 groomsmen wore black tuxedos with gold accents, and the 5 bridesmaids each chose their own unique long gown in the palette of gold and blush. The groom wore a dark navy tuxedo.  The ceremony featured a beautiful piano and cello recording of “A Thousand Years” by the Piano Guys, and the bride walked out to a violin quartet of “Pachebel’s Canon”. A family friend and minister performed the ceremony.The overall palette of the ceremony was blush, gold and ivory with black accents, and the florals, bouquets, and programs reflected these themes.

Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0282Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0293Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0285Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0446Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0462Mr & Mrs Guthie Sneak Peeks 093Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0517Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0548Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0564Mr & Mrs Guthie Sneak Peeks 099Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0569Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0780Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0745

The Reception
The reception took place in the formal dining room of the Victorian, which extended onto a large porch covered in white drapes and white lights. Guests enjoyed steak, fresh salmon and agnolotti, followed by a dessert of vanilla cake with coconut frosting. The bride and groom cut the custom-designed cake under a sycamore tree draped with lights, toasted champagne, and then headed up with their guests up the stairs to dance the night away!

Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0943Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0358Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0309Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0301Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0306Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0357 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0321 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0331 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0334 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0341Erin&AdamMarriedProofs1022 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0353 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0355Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0354 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs1058 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs1077 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs1069

Erin’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about 7 or 8 dresses. It was my very first day trying on dresses, and I had only planned to go to look at different shapes. Initially, I had envisioned myself in a more traditional A-line, but the bridal consultant pulled this gorgeous Carolina Herrera fit-and-flare style. As soon as I put it on I knew it was the one – it was incredibly flattering, giving me a defined waistline and adding all the feminine detail of the lace and tulle. I loved it! I decided that minute that it was time to stop looking and called my mom to tell her the news. She told me if I love it, go for it – so I did!

Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0866 Erin&AdamMarriedProofs0901

How She Felt in Her Carolina Herrera Gown
Glamorous, radiant, and beautiful


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I loved the dress and the style and can’t wait for someone else to enjoy a designer dress at a lower cost. Also, both my mother and I each have our own unique tastes and big personalities – I can only imagine that my future daughter will one day be similar and want to pick her own dress!

Mr & Mrs Guthie Sneak Peeks 186

Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera Alexis | Photography – Laura and Donny Pedrino  |  Venue – The Victorian | Event Planning:  Samantha Hall Events  | Floral Design: Flowers by Dana | Cake: Susiecakes

Wedding Ideas

Jenna + Logan | Galia Lahav Real Wedding From Gulnara Studio

Bridal Party 2

Jenna + Logan |  October 24, 2015 | New York, New York

Galia Lahav’s Madison  exudes drama and sensuality and is perfect for a black tie wedding. The gown’s bodice is created with glittering fabric under embroidered lace and the low back is accented lace appliques and crystals.  Madison features a long train designed with tulle and vintage lace which makes a grand statement.  The dress is as glamorous as it sounds.  Just take a peek at Jenna and Logan’s wedding to see how truly beautiful it is.

IMG_6282JennaLogan0040 JennaLogan0048Bridal Party 1Bridal Party 2Galia Lahav Real Wedding From Gulnara StudioJennaLogan0309Ceremony 2IMG_6278JennaLogan0357JennaLogan0508Ceremony3IMG_6283JennaLogan0556JennaLogan0595JennaLogan0379JennaLogan0540JennaLogan0581IMG_6291IMG_6287IMG_6292IMG_6288IMG_6289JennaLogan0900JennaLogan0606

Jenna’s Dress Search
I tried on approximately 30+ dresses at 4 different shops. I chose the one I chose because it had several elements that I loved: an open back, a flattering silhouette, and more!


How She Felt In Her Wedding Gown
confident, sexy, strong


Why She’s Selling Her Galia Lahav Madison
I’m selling my wedding dress mainly because I live in Manhattan and I am learning how I need to let things go and not hold on to things.  It is so beautiful but it would be even more beautiful if it were to be worn again and not sit in a box!  I won’t wear it again.


Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav Madison| Photography: Gulnara Studio  | Venue The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers | Floral Design: Atlas Florals