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6 Apps to Tap While Planning a Bachelorette Party

The good news is technology has come to the rescue. With a few clicks on your gadget of choice, you can download apps that’ll have you planning the party like the girl boss you are.

While the bride-to-be is busy planning the wedding of her dreams, it’s up to you and the bridal party to create a bachelorette party she won’t forget. It might sound as simple as heading out for a night of dancing and drinking or packing up for a destination spa weekend, but there’s actually quite a bit more to consider.

1. Plan Like a Professional: Pro Party Planner

Skip hiring an event planner and use this party app that turns you into the pro. Invite and manage guests, keeping all the girls in the loop on updates and requests. Dole out duties to the ladies, so everyone knows who’s in charge of what, and build shopping lists and reminder notices so that nothing gets overlooked.

Download for iOS: Pro Party Planner, $4.99 (not available for Android)


2. Send the Perfect Invites: Paperless Post

Invite the ladies in style without any possessing any graphic design skills. Paperless Post offers a large selection of electronic invitations just right for gathering the girls, while also easily managing RSVPs.

Download for iOS: Paperless Post (not available for Android)


3. Make It a Getaway: ComboTrip

For a change in scenery—or a spot for long distance friends to meet up—a destination bachelorette party is the way to go. However, if you get overwhelmed booking solo trips, try ComboTrip to make the group planning dynamic much easier. In one location, you and the rest of the squad can come together to easily work out itineraries and access deals on flights, trip packages, hotels and excursions.

Download for iOS: ComboTrip

Download for Android: Coming soon; visit for more details.


4. Say Cheers: Minibar Delivery

Skip the liquor store and have the bar delivered right to your door. Wine, alcohol, brews and mixers are just a click away with free delivery in many metropolitan areas throughout the US. Need to restock mid-party? Grab your smartphone to make an order the same way you would a pizza, allowing you to not miss a moment of the party action.

Download for iOS: Minibar Delivery

Download for Android: Minibar Delivery


5. Split Expenses: Tilt

Ditch the stress that comes from collecting cash and automate the money gathering to keep funds protected. With Tilt, groups can pool their resources quickly, easily and safely. The app allows you to remind all party-goers to chip in and keeps track of who’s paid and who still needs to ante up. When you’re ready to get the party started, simply withdraw the funds and pay away.

Download for iOS: Tilt

Download for Android: Tilt


6. Cherish the Memories: Eversnap

Instead of each guest later texting their pics to one another or sharing via social media (where ALL can see!), the Eversnap app creates one shared, private album for guests instead. So if all of your photos turned out blurry, it’s likely someone else captured the fun in crystal-clear format for you to still enjoy.

Download for iOS: Eversnap

Download for Android: Eversnap