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Tell You 4 Wedding-Worthy Movies Hitting Netflix in August

On those rare occasions you find yourself plopped on the couch for a night in or during a summer thunderstorm, check out these sweet rom-coms, available in August, to get you psyched for your wedding. It’s almost August—which means you’re probably relishing in the sunshine at the beach, at the park or on a highrise rooftop somewhere—between planning your guest list and booking your calligrapher, of course.


The Family Man (2000)

Nicolas Cage plays Jack Campbell, a single, high-powered Wall Street exec who falls into an alternate universe where he finds himself married to an old fling, Kate, played by T´a Leoni. This romantic dramedy is a heartfelt reminder that pulling off a multi-billion dollar merger and getting the corner office will never feel quite as gratifying as spending Christmas morning with your loved ones.replicas-shop

Coming August 1


What Women Want (2000)

Advertising hotshot Nick Marshall, played by Mel Gibson, gets a curious wake-up call when he suddenly develops the ability to read the thoughts of women—obviously resulting in absolute hilarity. Suddenly, dealing with his new female boss, his daughter from his previous marriage and rest of the ladies at the office gets a lot more complicated.

Coming August 1


The Wedding Planner (2001)

It’s safe to admit we’re most excited to stream this movie. Jennifer Lopez stars as Mary, wedding planner extraordinaire, who can organize anyone’s wedding to a T, despite the fact that her own love life is non-existent. But when she finds out she’s planning the wedding of the dreamy doctor who saved her from a near collision, her rigid plans to nail the job start to unravel. If only Matthew McConaughey was there to save us every time we got our shoe heel stuck in a grate… we digress.

Coming August 1


Our Last Tango (2015)

If this gorgeous documentary doesn’t get you pumped for your first dance as newlyweds, we don’t know what will. Watch the true story of two tango dancers, now in their 80s, who’ve been dance partners, friends and sweethearts for decades. Before the end credits start rolling, you’ll want to jump off the couch and head straight to those ballroom lessons. So much romance and passion!

Coming August 16