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What No One Tells You About Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Here’s the thing: From a vast canyon cliff to your childhood backyard, your outdoor spot of choice won’t accommodate your nuptials without some true-grit legwork, organization and—sometimes—a few little sacrifices. So even though your alfresco affair will turn out to be absolutely amazing (we promise!), you could face a few trying decisions and minor dilemmas to get there. Recognize any of these struggles?

If we find something more gorgeous than an impeccably put-together outdoor wedding, we’ll let you know. But for now, open-air “I dos” set against a stunning natural backdrop will always be one of our favorite wedding moments.

When you try to wrap your mind around what type of tent you should rent (yes, there are severalbest replica watches


When your favorite flowers happen to be most susceptible to wilting in the heat and humidity.



When you can’t reconcile your need for ornate, ballroom-worthy centerpieces with your plans for a minimalist garden wedding.


When your soon-to-be sister in law mentions her severe outdoor allergies (and how inconsiderate you are) at every possible moment.


When you learn you’ll need linen clips for the tables in case your hillside reception gets too windy.


When you find out how much luxury, portable restroom trailers cost.


When you watch the weather radar and it calls for rain storms the entire week of your wedding…


…and you need to secure a second indoor venue as backup.



When you’ve always dreamed of a buttercream cake, but it absolutely won’t hold up at a summer beach wedding (so, fondant it is).



When it’s a week before your woodland wedding and you totally forgot about the whole bug situation.


When you wake up the morning of to incredible, biblical gusts of wind (that were not in the forecast).



When somehow, miraculously, everything comes together more beautifully than you could have ever imagined…



…and in the blink of an eye, you actually did it—you’re married!