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Actually Don’t Neglect These 8 Wedding Details

That’s why we pulled together a list of commonly overlooked wedding details you’ll be bummed to forget. True, they’re not serious essentials, like your venue or cake baker, but they’re little extras that can really make a difference and personalize your day. Read on for fun and practical details you’ll be sorry to let fall through the cracks. You’re planning a wedding, which means you get a free pass, or two, when it comes to being forgetful. (It’s called “wedding brain,” and we understand).

1. Essentials for Under Your Dress

Bride getting ready

Your dress may be ready, but you’re not quite done on the fashion front. Accessories are a no-brainer, but you’ll also want to plan what to wear beneath your gown ahead of time—nothing’s worse than running around last minute to find the right bra for that deep, plunging neckline. And don’t forget to bring the undergarments to your final fitting to make sure everything works.

2. Personal Touches That Fit Your Style

Personalized cocktail amenities

Sure, you could absolutely go with classic white napkins that your venue or caterer has on hand, but choosing custom ones is way more fun. An easy way to add a personal touch to your cocktail hour is with customized napkins, cocktail glasses or centerpieces (like block letter signs with a sweet message, or both of your initials). And why not personalize your drinks? Create a signature cocktail in line with your style and all-time favorite flavors.

3. Bride and Bridal Party Getting-Ready Outfits

Matching bridal party robes

While an oversize T-shirt and sweatpants is the perfect getting-ready outfit on any other day, this is no ordinary day. Plus, if you’re planning on taking photos with your bridal party while you prep, you’ll want to look a bit more put together. Getting-ready pics are some of our favorite, full of happy jitters and candid, sentimental moments. The key here is to choose a look that’s cute and comfortable and won’t mess up your hair or makeup when you take it off. Something that can be unbuttoned or stepped in and out of instead of being pulled over your head, like a robe, is a fabulous option.

4. Cute Cake Table Servingware

White textured buttercream wedding cake

Your five-tier buttercream masterpiece with cascading sugar flowers looks absolutely stunning—but you’re not done just yet. Finish off the cake table with a few fresh flowers (you could even repurpose your bridesmaid bouquets), a detailed cake stand and don’t forget the cake cutter and servers. For something extra-special, engrave your wedding date on the cake knife and server. It’s a beautiful, understated keepsake you can use for years to come.

5. Gifts for Your Parents (and Your New Mother- and Father-in-Law)

Bride and Mother of the Bride on Wedding Day

It’s easier than we’d like to admit to take your parents for granted (and even take your wedding stress out on them from time to time). But on your wedding, all will be forgiven and appreciated with a thoughtful and sentimental thank-you gift. Even just a card with a sweet note about how much you love and care for them will go a long way if you’re planning to gift them a wedding album later down the line.

6. A Powder Room Rescue Basket

Wedding reception bathroom amenities basket

Making sure you have enough bathroom stalls per person is a given (typically one bathroom per every 35 guests just in case), but a touch of extra hospitality goes a long way to make your guests feel welcome. Stock a basket full of necessities like mints, extra bobby pins, stain remover and bug spray (if your wedding is outdoors) and everyone will thank you.

7. Flower Girl Accessories

Bride and flower girl in white on wedding day

Now that you’ve got her dress all figured out, don’t forget cute accessories to finish off her look. A sweet flower crown, bracelet or fabulous little shoes can double as a thank-you gift to her for playing such a special role in the ceremony.

8. An Emergency Kit

Bride and mother getting ready

Stuck zippers, a drop of red wine and flyaways that can’t be tamed—these things happen. But trivial as they usually are, these mini bummers can lead to panic on the day of your wedding if you’re not prepared. Make an emergency kit that your maid of honor or mom can keep handy throughout the wedding just in case and you’ll feel more at ease. Keep a needle and thread (to match the color of your dress), stain remover, perfume and any other items you might need on a moment’s notice throughout the event.


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Wedding Planning

7 Steps to Planning a Wedding That’s Totally You Now

Step 1. Gather and Save Inspiration

To get a better idea of what you want (and definitely don’t want), spend some time checking out bridal magazines, books, blogs and real wedding photos. But don’t limit yourself to browsing just the obvious sources—something as unlikely as a wallpaper pattern or a pretty perfume package design can spark an idea. Fabrics, color chips, stationery and trinkets are all great starting points too. Collect your ideas on an inspiration board—it’s one of the best ways to keep everything organized. It will also help you identify common threads and visualize how various elements will look together.

Bonus: Build yours right here on The Knot and easily share them with your wedding pros as you plan.

Step 2. Think Big

The beginning of the process is the dreaming phase—don’t worry about how something will work or how much it will cost. Don’t even consider what your mother will think. Picture your dream wedding.

What do you see? Here are a couple of questions to consider while everything is coming together in your head.

  • Big (everyone you know) or small (close friends and relatives)?
  • Outdoors or indoors?
  • Home (one of your hometowns or your current city) or away (hello, destination wedding!)?
  • Modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic or all-out glam?
  • Fancy, casual or somewhere in between?
  • Spring, summer, winter or fall?

Step 3. Figure Out the Formality

Swiss Replica Watches
How fancy or casual do you want to go? Do you want to see your guests all dressed up at a sit-down dinner? Or will it be more casual with informal seating and stations? The setting of your wedding can also dictate the vision—a beach wedding calls for a more laid-back vibe, while a ballroom may require a more classic and elegant wedding. And don’t forget about your own personal styles and the kind of atmosphere that best speaks to you two as a couple. Do you like hosting intimate dinner parties, getting decked out and partying until dawn, or throwing a low-key poolside picnic? Whatever you decide, you’ll want to carry your chosen formality through every aspect of your wedding, from the stationery to the parting favor.

Step 4. Narrow in on Your Style

The more specific you get with your vision, the easier it will be for you to choose your details and convey your ideas to your pros—the tighter your theme, the better. Instead of stopping at “glam,” decide whether you want art-deco glam or old-Hollywood glam. Your theme can be anything from a favorite era, hobby or place to your heritage or culture. To help shape the style, think of interesting hobbies you and your fiancé have in common. Maybe you both love golf or share an appreciation of art. Or perhaps there’s a place you two hold dear, like the mountaintop where you got engaged or the vacation locale where you fell in love.

A word of caution: Don’t load up on too many ideas. It’s great if you love Broadway musicals and your spouse-to-be is into drag racing, but trying to combine both on your wedding day will likely lead to a weird, disjointed affair. Do your best to compromise on one concept and stick to it.

Step 5. Pick Your Colors

Color is a unifying factor among all your wedding elements, from the invitations to your bridesmaid dresses. Take a look at a color wheel to determine which shades you’re drawn to. The easiest way to make all of your wedding elements come together is to stick with one main color and an accent color, or two equally prominent complementary colors (colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, like green and pink or yellow and purple) for a bright contrast. But don’t feel limited to just two colors—adding neutral or metallic accents will make your palette robust. You could also choose an analogous scheme—putting together three colors that fall side by side on the color wheel, like blue, periwinkle and violet, to bring out the subtle nuances of one color family.

Step 6. Master the Motif

A motif is the last flourish that can tie together the overall look of your wedding—it can show up anywhere from the invitation to the cake. It’s typically a pattern, shape or insignia that conveys your style (think: monogram, family crest, toile pattern or leaf icon). Whatever you choose should reinforce the mood you’re trying to create. Use your motif sparingly—three or four places max. Any more than that will feel forced or look too matchy-matchy.

Step 7. Don’t Forget the Vibe

As you’re planning, remember that the theme obviously affects the look of your wedding, but it can also set the tone. An evening wedding in a gilded ballroom meant to conjure the Roaring ’20s will ramp the chic quotient up a notch, while a clambake on the beach will have guests kicking off their shoes and enjoying a beer right out of the bottle. Either is great, as long as it feels right to you. You want your personalities and passions to shine through, which is what ultimately makes your wedding stand out and feel special.

Wedding Ideas

Phrases Engaged Couples Should Never Say—Plus Tips for the Taking

We’re assuming you want to be on speaking terms when you meet at the end of the aisle. If that’s true, never, ever utter the following phrases to your about-to-be-spouse.
1. “I don’t care about the flowers ,cake music or food. The fact is, some people are just more interested in certain parts of planning a wedding than others, whether it be choosing flowers, tasting the menu and cake, putting together a music playlist for the band or DJ, buying or making favors, or narrowing down the guest list (who are we kidding, everyone seriously hates that last one!). But instead of effectively saying, “This is your problem not mine, so why don’t you just deal with it yourself,” explain to your soon-to-be-spouse that you’d love to choose something else off the to-do list and you trust them to handle the reception centerpieces and bouquets. Then, offer your opinion when asked, even though it’s “their” task.

Phrases Engaged Couples Should Never Say—Plus Tips for the Taking
2. “Don’t you think it would be better if we just eloped instead? Everyone says this at least once or twice during planning, but you don’t really mean it. You’re probably uttering this in frustration, so explain that to your significant other—chances are they aren’t exactly feeling super-relaxed about the whole situation either. Then plan a date night where you don’t talk about the wedding to remember how you got to this (amazing) place: You love each other!
3. “My mom says you have to serve cake at a wedding. If you want to serve cake, go ahead and make your case. But suggesting something that sounds like an ultimatum based on nothing more than someone outside the inner circle’s opinion (the inner circle being you two) should be avoided. If your parents are contributing, that means they have a say—but not absolute veto power.

Phrases Engaged Couples Should Never Say—Plus Tips for the Taking

4. “I have to invite every single person from my office and book club. This is just crazy talk. You can’t commandeer the guest list any more than your partner can—it’s a compromise. So instead, decide how many people you want to invite (possibly dictated by venue space and definitely impacted by budget) and then divide it fairly among everyone who is contributing to the cost (for instance, if your parents are helping, they should get a share of the invites). If you have to prioritize inviting key people from your office (or a sports team or other group), do what you have to do—but don’t expect your soon-to-be spouse to just invite their immediate family because you have an itchy invite finger.


5. “Your mom called me again. Can you please call her back? Families are all crazy—it’s a legitimate fact. And that natural craziness is exponentially exacerbated by planning a wedding. So if your future mother-in-law has your number on speed dial during this time, rest assured it’s a temporary situation. But call her back yourself—you’re almost family now.

6. “Can we sell your car or open a new credit card to pay for the wedding?”Stop the insanity! At best, your future partner will look at you like you’ve temporarily lost your mind (which you may have—planning can do that to a person). At worst, they’ll say “yes” and then you’ve just gotten permission to spend more on your wedding than you can afford. There are so many great ways to save on every aspect of your wedding that you should never put your credit on the line (literally) for one (amazing, important, memorable) day.

Phrases Engaged Couples Should Never Say—Plus Tips for the Taking

7. “Can you please lose 20 pounds before we walk down the aisle?” In short, this is so not okay to say. The fact that you’re having a wedding is clearly not a surprise to the person you’re about to marry. And they definitely understand there will be a lot of people there, including a photographer, and that all eyes will be on the two of you. This rude request will only lead to hurt feelings. If you want to make healthy eating and exercise a part of your prewedding regime, that’s great—your soon-to-be-spouse will probably join in. But if you try to force them to shed serious weight, things will be anything but picture-perfect by your wedding day.


Phrases Engaged Couples Should Never Say—Plus Tips for the Taking