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Fun Wedding Favors – Evergreen Tree Seedling


Since we just celebrated Earth Day I thought it would be nice to feature a fun wedding favor that was also good for the environment.

Imagine my surprise when I found this fun, fantastic, and totally functional Evergreen Tree Seedling favor!

This is the perfect wedding favor for an outdoor wedding, a “green” wedding, and even a springtime wedding. It would also be great if you’re having a “rustic” themed wedding.

The seedlings are each wrapped in a burlap bag and each seedling also features a personalized tag. The front of the tag can feature your names and wedding date while the bag of the tag includes planting instructions (plant within two weeks in a sunny area).

Your guests will love this green favor and you’ll be helping the environment too. And, it will be fun to see how the trees grow over the years.

You can find these Evergreen Tree Seedling favors here.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Personalized State Love Cookies

state cookies

We all know that I’m a huge fan of edible wedding favors.

I think it’s a great idea to send your guests home with a sweet treat, instead of a piece of wedding cake.

And these personalized cookies are a new favorite.

I give you the personalized state love cookie!

These handcrafted cookies are available in your home state shape – and if you’re both from different states you can do that too!

Each cookie features the names of the couple in a font of your choice. And the state cookies also feature a red heart to symbolize your love of each other (and your state).

The cookies come individually wrapped so it’s super easy for your guests to take them home.

You can find these personalized state love cookies here.


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Fun Wedding Favors – Custom Macarons


I’m a big fan of edible wedding favors because it’s an easy way to make everyone happy. No one is going to pass up cookies or candy.

So imagine how happy I was to find these customized macarons!

These elegant cookies are available in 12 different colors and you can choose from five different border options plus four different designs.

Basically the sky is the limit when it comes to giving your guests a delicious favor!

The macarons can be personalized with your initials, a three-letter monogram, or even the cute “eat, drink, and be married” wording.

A word of caution – these favors aren’t cheap and they have a shelf life of about one week so you’ll need to order them JUST before the big day.

You can find the macarons here.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Personalized Wine Glasses

wine glasses

I think I just found my new favorite wedding favor – a personalized wine glass!

I have a thing about beverage glasses – I really love them. I love to collect different styles and have a unique and fun collection for when guests visit.

And these personalized wine glasses are so much fun! You can choose from almost 20 different images for the glasses and some of them are so much fun.

I love the “Best Day Ever” image but there’s also an “Eat, Drink, & Be Married” option along with some holiday choices.

The best part? The glasses are reasonably priced and won’t break your budget! They start at less than $3 per glass! Fun and economical, and functional – your guests can enjoy wine at dinner in their glasses and then take them home!

We found these personalized wedding wine glasses here.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Personalized Sunglasses

sunglass favors

The future’s so bright, your guests gotta wear shades.

Or something like that.

We’re still daydreaming about sunshine and warmer temperatures around here – which means summertime, beach weddings!

And if you’re having a wedding on the beach – or at any outdoor location – this spring or summer it’s going to be sunny. Which means everyone is going to need sunglasses.

So let’s make it fun and give your guests personalized sunglasses that they can wear during your ceremony. This is gonna be fun!

These white sunglasses have 400UV protection and you can personalize them in several colors with your names, date, or any other wording. Make it fun!

You could even have the glasses in festive baskets – or beach pails – where guests can snag a pair before the ceremony.

You can find these super fun wedding sunglasses here.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Mini Cookie Jars

mini cookie jars

When it comes to wedding favors I say the more whimsical the better. It’s a party favor so why not have fun with it?

Take for example these mini cookie jars. They’re fun and functional. And they would be perfect for your fun wedding reception.

The mini cookie jars can be filled with anything you want – miniature cookies, brownie bites, candy, or even coffee beans.

And, you can also get the jars personalized with three different options! You can choose a leaf motif (perfect for a fall wedding!), a colored label that you can pick to match your wedding colors, or my personal favorite – the “state love” option.

This personalization option feature your home state with a heart in the middle and the names of you and your betrothed. So cute!

You can find these cookie jars here.