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Give You Tips for Having a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding

A cigar bar is the perfect fun and sophisticated amenity they’ll definitely enjoy. We got the scoop from Michael Herklots, vice president of retail and brand development at Nat Sherman International, on having a cigar bar at your reception—from the cigar bar itself to wine and cocktail pairings, and everything in between. Here’s some need-to-know info to help you pull it off and impress your guests. Looking for a unique reception activity your guests will love?

Perks and Pleasures

Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast or a total novice, a cigar bar is a great way to add some flair to your reception. “It offers many guests a chance to try something new and get outside of their comfort zone,” Herklots says. “And, for those folks who’ve enjoyed cigars in the past, it’s an even more attractive addition.”

If the Cigar Fits

In terms of picking the right cigar, remember not to overcommit. Herklots suggests that you keep the length below six inches and the ring gauge between 46 and 52. “This keeps the smoking time short, which is important so your guests remember to come back inside and enjoy the party,” Herklots says.

Location Is Key

You may want to place your cigar bar in a somewhat secluded or private space, so guests who don’t want to participate can abstain without feeling uncomfortable or smell the smoke. “Find a discreet spot positioned away from patio doors or kid-friendly areas,” Herklots say.

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Perfect Pair

And now for the fun part—drink pairings! We all know from classic flicks that nothing is more suitable for a cigar than a well-aged glass of scotch, but Herklots offers a few other options. Enjoy a dark spirit, or dark-spirit-based cocktail, like a Manhattan, with bolder, richer cigars. Conversely, sip on lighter, more brightly flavored cocktails, like wine and beer, to complement mellower cigars. You can also hire a tobacconist to guide your guests through their cigar and drink experience—how cool is that?

Bang for Your Buck

Premium cigars cost anywhere from $5 to $25 and up. And if you’re looking for a cigar bar that’s a little more cost-effective, Herklots recommends a DIY option, which includes buying the cigars, then printing out your own tasting cards that describe each one’s distinctive qualities.