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Share 12 Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas With You

Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas

You can’t imagine your wedding ceremony aisle or reception décor without thinking the flowers. A perfect decoration is what wow your guests and you need to find some innovative ways to make your day the most memorable one. Create a buzz in your guests by the most stunning flower arrangements they wouldn’t have seen on any other wedding.

We present you 12 prettiest and unexpected wedding flower ideas to get you started:

1. A cascade bouquet : Yes, just like Princess Diana’s bouquet in 1981, it’s a classic, loosely gathered floral arrangement. The greens, flowing ribbons and vines gather together to the less organized look to give the bouquet it’s cascade.

2. Lush Monograms : In these days, there are many things we can get personalized. To go personal, ask your florist to make a floral decoration of your monogram and decorate the entrance door of your ceremony or just mantle it at your wedding reception venue.

3. Hanging Flower Pomanders : Floral pomanders with varying sizes and colors dress up a bare tree for an outdoor affair. Whether for an outdoor ceremony or in a banquet hall, Pomanders surely give a colorful touch. Just be careful when hanging them. Pomanders made of real flowers are heavier so use extra support to hang them.

4. Boutonnieres : Offer your male guests a make-your-own boutonniere bar and share the flower love with them. It would be an easy fun activity that will engage your male guests just before the wedding ceremony and look dapper and dashing all night long.

5. Sweet and Simple Floral Clusters : If it’s an outdoor wedding ceremony, you actually don’t need to decorate a lot. Just to add a pop of color to every alternate inner-aisle chair, attach a cluster of large flowers like dahlias, hydrangeas, roses to make the sweet spring floral arrangements.

6. Flowery Table Runners : This is going to make a big and bold statement on the long tables. These beautiful cascading floral arrangements definitely swap the traditional fabric table runners. Make sure they are arranged low enough that the guests do not get disturbed in their conversations with these flowers. You can choose any one flower type and a monochromatic scheme.

Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas

7. Rock on with a mini floral crown : It’s rocking to dress up your wedding hairstyle with a traditional headpiece with some fresh flower crown. It is one of the easiest accessories that goes good with your wedding dress.

8. Ribbon-tied Mason Jars : Fresh blooms like peonies go well in homemade, ribbon tied mason jar floral arrangements. The big headed flowers give the most bang as they cover a large space with a single stem. If you go to the ‘Do It Yourself’ way, for your wedding arrangements, tie them tightly and ask someone to help for setup.

9. Floral Chandeliers : Replace the traditional crystal chandeliers to the hanging arrangements of flowers that looks just like a light fixture. Try to add long hanging strings of flowers and cover the tops with some greenery and berries to give up a garden fresh feel.

10. Ombré Centerpieces : This trend is not going away anytime soon. It is a remarkable wedding element found on almost every wedding chose from invitations, cakes, dresses and decorations. It looks the best on the long tables as you can see little variations of each shade. To really let the colors pop, stick on to one type of flower, like Roses or Hydrangeas.

11. Reversible Garden : A ceiling covered with the hanging flowers and crystal chandeliers in the center finishing up the glamorous look of the lush inverted floral garden will surely wow you and your guests. A similar idea is a floral wall which is perfect for the photo shoots or background walls for your cake table. You can also use this concept over the head table, dance floor or ceremony site.

Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas

12. All White Formal Theme : It is a lovely feeling when you enter the aisle surrounded by beautiful fresh white blooms. Using height, texture and lights in your centerpieces will help you create a deep look and let the flowers stand out. Really, there’s something eternal about a crisp and clean all-white wedding theme.