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Fun Wedding Favors – Evergreen Tree Seedling


Since we just celebrated Earth Day I thought it would be nice to feature a fun wedding favor that was also good for the environment.

Imagine my surprise when I found this fun, fantastic, and totally functional Evergreen Tree Seedling favor!

This is the perfect wedding favor for an outdoor wedding, a “green” wedding, and even a springtime wedding. It would also be great if you’re having a “rustic” themed wedding.

The seedlings are each wrapped in a burlap bag and each seedling also features a personalized tag. The front of the tag can feature your names and wedding date while the bag of the tag includes planting instructions (plant within two weeks in a sunny area).

Your guests will love this green favor and you’ll be helping the environment too. And, it will be fun to see how the trees grow over the years.

You can find these Evergreen Tree Seedling favors here.

Cake Toppers

Fun Wedding Favor – Customized Water Bottles

water bottles

We’ve all been there – at the outdoor summer wedding and it’s hot and we’re thirsty and we realize we forgot our bottle of water at home.

You can help your guests keep cool and hydrated at your outdoor summer wedding (at the beach, in a park, or in your backyard) with these fun personalized water bottle labels!

Each case of 24 bottles of spring water can be personalized with labels that match your wedding’s theme or style. Choose the design you love and personalize it with your names, the date of the wedding, or even a heartfelt message for your guests.

These personalized water bottles would be perfect for a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding, no matter the location. Your guests will appreciate the gesture!

You can find these personalized water bottles here.