Wedding Idea – Branch Photo Frame to Decorate Your Fall Wedding


It’s the second day of fall, which means that we can now talk about all things fall weddings including fun wedding favors! My wedding anniversary falls in October so I’m a huge fan of fall weddings.

And I love it when you add just a slight fall feel to your big day, like with these branch photo frames.

The frames can serve a dual purpose as both a place holder if you’re planning on assigned seats at your reception, and then guests can take the frames with them!

Another fun idea – a photo booth at the reception (it is a party, after all) and then you send a photo home with guests in their fun frame.

Either way, the frames are an inexpensive way to add a touch of fall to your reception.

You’ll find these branch frames here.

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Heart-Themed Whisks – Fun Wedding Favor


I have drawers full of things I don’t need or have used once, but if it looks “fun” and it’s a kitchen utensil that I “might” use, I’m buying it. I am in love with kitchen utensils.

Which is why I’m loving these mini kitchen whisks with the heart inside the whisk.

They are cute and functional! (Really, they are! Small whisks are great for mixing vinaigrettes or other sauces).

These whisks are stainless steel and feature a heart-topped handle plus the heart inside the whisk.

This favor would be ideal for the couple who loves cooking! Plus, they’re not super expensive and that’s always a plus.

You can find this heart-themed whisks here.

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Book Favor Boxes – Fun Wedding Favor

book favors

These Antique Book Favor Boxes are the perfect accessory for book-loving couples or for that couple who wants to celebrate their “fairy tale” wedding. We love a good book just as much as the next person, which is why we love today’s wedding favor so much!

And the best part?

You can fill these boxes with anything you like! Of course candy is our favorite edible favor, so that’s what we’d recommend.

Each box features a book jacket and a velvet ribbon plus a buckle finishes the look. There is some assembly required, but that’s what bridesmaids are for! 😉

You’ll find these fairy tale book boxes here.

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Stemless Champagne Flutes – Fun Wedding Favor

champagne flutes

Of course, sipping on champagne (or sparkling wine of some sort) isn’t too bad either. One of the things I love most at any wedding reception has to be the champagne toast. You just never know what the maid of honor and best many are going to say.

Which is why I love these fun, stemless champagne glasses.

Also: I don’t know about you, but I’m always worried that I’m going to knock over a traditional champagne glass. (I never have. Yet.)

So to avoid the possibility of a spill, why not give your guests these stemless glasses – and then let them keep ’em!

Now that’s a fun wedding favor!

You can personalize the glasses with your names and Breitling Replica Watches
wedding date, monograms, and more. And the more you buy the less expensive they are!

You’ll find these stemless champagne glasses here.

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Personalized Lemonade Packets – Fun Wedding Favor


How fun would it be to have baskets of these lemonade packets at your reception for guests to take with them? It would be super FUN! Nothing says summer like a tall glass of sweet and tart lemonade! So when I saw these personalized lemonade packets I just had to share them!

And really, everyone loves lemonade.

You could even have a “lemonade bar” at the reception where guests could enjoy the perfect summer beverage – and even add something extra to their glass. (It IS a bar, after all). Oh, I think I’m on to something!

You can choose from a variety of personalized packets for this wedding favor.

You’ll find these lemonade packets here.

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Miniature Candy Bars – Fun Wedding Favor

mini candy bars

They’re pretty much the best thing ever – all my favorite chocolate bars but in bite size packages! I’m a sucker for a bag full of miniature candy bars.

So how fun would it be to have a bowl of bite size sweets at every table at your reception? Um, it would be super fun!

These miniature candy bars – Hershey’s of course – would also make a great addition to a “candy bar” if you’re thinking about that as a cake alternative.

A word of caution though: if you’re planning an outdoor reception in the summer it would be best to avoid wedding favors that melt in the sun.

But if you’ll be partying in air conditioning these are absolutely perfect!

And you can choose from a variety of cute wrappers – you’re bound to find something that fits your wedding theme and/or colors.

You’ll find these mini chocolate bars here.

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Anchor Bottle Stopper – Fun Wedding Favor


Personally I love the idea of a nautical-themed reception – and it would be even better ON a boat. Like a big boat. You know, maybe a cruise ship? Since the unofficial start of summer is right around the corner it seems like a good time to talk about fun wedding favors for your summer celebration.

And if you’re going to celebrate at a nautical-themed reception you need a boat-inspired favor.

Like these cute anchor bottle stoppers.

These pewter bottle stoppers are fun and functional and they fit perfectly with your nautical theme! Plus, everyone needs another bottle stopper, right?

You can find these cute anchor stoppers here.

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Plantable Confetti – Fun Wedding Favor

plantable confetti

I love going to the local gardening store and picking out different flowers to plant all around the yard. One of my favorite things about spring – when the weather finally gets warm here in the midwest – is planting flowers!

Which is probably why I love this heart-shaped plantable confetti as a wedding favor idea!

If you love gardening (or just love flowers) or if you’re hosting an eco-friendly reception this confetti made of paper and wildflower seeds would be absolutely perfect.

And, it’s so easy to “plant” – your guests only need to sprinkle the confetti on the ground and soon wildflowers will bloom!

The confetti comes in a variety of colors so you could create colorful bags of heart shaped confetti for your guests. And, it’s also economical!

You’ll find this plantable confetti here.

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Fun Wedding Favor – Miniature Brownies

Fun Wedding Favor – Miniature Brownies

Since tomorrow is Halloween and I have sweets on my mind, it seemed like a good time to showcase one of my favorite ideas for wedding favors.

I give you the brownie pop.

These fun and delicious treats make a great idea for favors – or just for the dessert bar if you’re planning one for the reception. Or you could just have a plate at each table so guests could enjoy one after dinner but before cake.

I love the vintage scroll design on these cake pops – they would be lovely at your fall wedding.

Of course there are many other designs available including pumpkins (perfect for your Halloween-themed reception), snowflakes, bride and groom, or just a simple year-round design.

Each brownie pop is coated in chocolate – which means they’re chocolate dipped in chocolate! Your guests will love this delicious favor.