Wedding Idea – Branch Photo Frame to Decorate Your Fall Wedding


It’s the second day of fall, which means that we can now talk about all things fall weddings including fun wedding favors! My wedding anniversary falls in October so I’m a huge fan of fall weddings.

And I love it when you add just a slight fall feel to your big day, like with these branch photo frames.

The frames can serve a dual purpose as both a place holder if you’re planning on assigned seats at your reception, and then guests can take the frames with them!

Another fun idea – a photo booth at the reception (it is a party, after all) and then you send a photo home with guests in their fun frame.

Either way, the frames are an inexpensive way to add a touch of fall to your reception.

You’ll find these branch frames here.

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Wedding Idea : Ombre Gold Wedding Cake for Fall Wedding


You know, Fall is coming, so if you are going to get married on Fall, you can take a loot at this wedding cake.

I’m beginning to think that I have gold on my mind. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Lately I’m starting to look for more rustic wedding cakes – I still love the over-the-top elegant cakes, but there’s something to be said for a simple yet gorgeous rustic cake.

Like today’s cake.

The two-tiered cake is just every-so-slightly ombre white and gold which gives it a lovely fall hue. The addition of the gold-painted hydrangeas gives the cake that extra pop of glam without making the cake too “fancy” to be rustic.

This cake would be gorgeous at a fall wedding … in a rustic setting.

You’ll find this cake here.

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Wedding Cake for Fall – Gold and White Cake with Fresh Flowers and Berries


Fall is coming, and will you get married on Fall?

Which means it is time to start thinking about fall-inspired wedding cakes.

I love the idea of rustic cakes for a fall wedding, something with a unique twist.

Like today’s featured cake.

This white and gold confection is elegant with a touch of rustic in the mix too. Look closely at the gold-hued bottom tier. It looks like a gilded tree stump thanks to a wood-grain texturing.

The addition of fresh flowers and berries finishes the rustic vibe.

This golden cake would be ideal at an early fall wedding!

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Special Chocolate Wedding Cake

OSpecial Chocolate Wedding Cakence again we’re talking about chocolate! I can’t help myself – with all the Halloween candy at the stores my brain immediately thinks “chocolate.”

I think chocolate cakes are perfect for fall and winter weddings – they’re dark and decadent and seem to fit in with the colors and themes at this time of the year.

A chocolate cake in the summer would just be too much. But in the fall, when it’s cold and blustery outside, it’s perfect.

And this chocolate cake adorned with sugared fruit would be lovely at your late fall or early winter wedding reception. It would also make a great groom’s cake!

I love that that bottom tier of the cake is round while the others tiers are square – it’s different without being too shocking. And the addition of the laurel leaves is the right amount of “floral” for the cake. Of course if you aren’t a fan of sugared fruit and leaves you could adorn the cake with fall flowers.

Either way, your guests will be wowed by this chocolate confection.

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Fun Wedding Favors – Hot Apple Cider


One of the best things about going to the apple orchard in the fall is sipping on hot apple cider. It is the quintessential fall drink.

So what better way to celebrate your fall wedding than with hot apple cider mix in a personalized bag for all your guests? It’s the perfect fall wedding favor!

To add to the fall fun, you can choose to personalize the gift bags with images including acorns, a turkey (for the Thanksgiving weekend wedding!), pumpkins, or falling leaves.

The bags are natural cotton fiber so they would be perfect at your rustic or shabby chic wedding reception too.

Each bag contains a package of caramels and a package of hot cider mix – and the best part of this favor is that each bag comes fully assembled so you don’t have to do any extra work!

You can find these cute and fun hot cider mix favors here.