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If it is time to choose your engagement ring, then there are many styles to select from. There can be an enormous quantity of anticipation and excitement when ring shopping, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for there may also be a small amount of anxiety. We’ve sourced the very popular styles in the marketplace nowadays to make it somewhat easier on you.

Whenever someone refers to a diamond solitaire, what they are referring to is just any piece of jewellery with one diamond. It is also the hottest within the assortment of engagement rings. This is because the solitaire diamond showcases classic elegance, allowing the focus to be solely on the single stone. Nothing says style quite like the attractiveness of one sparkling diamond in your ring.
You are also readily able to dress the ring up or down, depending upon your style. With the effortless grace of a solitaire ring, then you won’t have to worry whether the wedding ring will match – the unmistakable solitaire has got you covered.
A Cluster Round only signifies a cluster of diamonds shaped into a circle. Dependent the ring, you have the option of having your engagement ring look incredibly modern or as a timeless classic. Our intricate mosaics of diamonds capture the light at each different angle, making for a remarkable piece of jewellery to show your love. The gorgeous circular shape lends itself to all events and makes for a breathtaking engagement ring.


This modern cut will have your spouse weak in the knees. The cluster of diamonds are organize to make an ideal square cut, making the princess ring a sought after choice. This elegant ring is the hottest in the market for those wanting to stay on trend. Each diamond that produces the square adds depth and dimension to the stunning ring.
Aptly named, the Halo Pear generates the creation of a elegant pear shape to sit gracefully on your fiancé’s finger.
Having a Halo ring suggests your center diamond is completely surrounded by smaller gems, to make a significant diamond effect. No matter your budget, a Halo ring provides you a bigger bang for the buck. The teardrop effect created by the Pear cut, makes for an elegant touch.
Though the Halo design of this ring made its introduction in the 1920s inside the Art Deco era, this classic Emerald cut is one of the hottest engagement rings today. The elegance and variety available in such magnificent rings will melt any woman’s heart. This delicate design of a Halo Emerald ring makes the record for its timeless texture and spectacular beauty.

Due to their capacity to be easily customised, these sought after rings result in a piece with character. Having three stone spaces to work together, you can have a number of distinct combinations. Whether you and your partner decide to have a classic three diamond collection, or perhaps one diamond at the centre with your birthday stones on either side.
Friendship, love, and fidelity
The past, present, and future of the connection
Because of the flexibility within the 3 stone, it could be reduced in price. Ensuring that you receive the ring of your dreams, while not having to break the bank.

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How Brides Handled “Hating” Their Engagement Ring

It is recommended that most brides are a dream come true. Your favorite man or woman will kneel down and ask you to spend the rest of your life with you. But when you open the ring box, and you see that you are not excited? It does happen. Here are six brides how to deal with “hating” their engagement rings.

“My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We reconnected online while he was deployed in Afghanistan ten years after we broke up. He had this feeling we would marry some day, so he actually waited for me all that time. (I know – way too romantic!) In high school when we got the feeling we would one day marry, I loved anything to do with hearts. So when he did propose he got me a diamond shaped as a heart. Problem was by then I was completely over the heart phase. But I didn’t care because I was marrying the man of my dreams. We’ve been married a decade. He knows I don’t like the ring but I would never replace it. We just tease each other about it and carry on. Someday, I’ll pass it down to the kids and they can keep the funny story going.” —Beth

“When he gave me the ring my heart sank. I’m insanely in love with the guy and was thrilled to get the proposal. I stressed to him how much I wanted to share my life with him and also how much I appreciated the time and effort he had taken to select the ring. But I said, ‘How would you feel if I was part of the process of ring selection and that way we are starting out making all the decisions mutually?’ He knew me and said, ‘Hon, good thing there’s an exchange policy at the jewelry store. Let’s go shopping!’” —Amy

“Tim is a minimalist so the ring he got was a simple solitaire tiffany style with a good diamond. It wasn’t what I wanted but wearing a ring I wasn’t crazy about seemed a small price to pay to be with the man I adore. Happily, 15 years later I now adore the ring – because of the love and commitment it symbolizes.” —Carla

“I do not like the shape of the diamond, the last thing I want to do is hurt Dave’s feelings so I decided to use you-catch-more-flies-with-honey-than-vinegar theory put forward this topic, I love, love, love the ring, but it feels like diamond setting is not fair.It seems like an emerald cut will be more beautiful.He went shopping with us for different diamonds.” —Tami

“The ring was an heirloom that Tom’s late grandmother had worn. I just didn’t have it in me to protest but after five years of marriage I still don’t like it. Happily I love the wedding band – which I had input in choosing – and that helps a lot!” —Lyn

“I waited a few weeks to hope I did not like the ring would fade.It did not.Therefore I asked my fiance to let him choose this particular ring.He said he had been suffering for hours in the ring choice.When he saw this one I wore a ring for the moment – at our wedding, holding our baby, and he was in bed – flashed before his eyes.He just felt it had to be our ring.It was such a full I love the story of love. —Jill