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Beverage Salesman Dustin Meyer

Green commits team for Portland Pro AmWestfield Vancouver mall hosts charity sip and shopA look at dads by the numbersAverage American woman weighs as much as man in 1960sCamas placed third in Class 4A in WIAA Scholastic CupSmelt season to be proposedDeadline on school funding planGrayson named Mountain West Offensive MVPLogin Sign UpWorking in Clark County

Working in Clark County, a brief profile of interesting Clark County business owners or a worker in the public, private, or nonprofit sector.

Dustin Meyer worked a variety of jobs after high school. Since being hired at Corwin Beverage Company he seems to have hit his stride and is doing well as a salesman. "I am friendly and like people.

Age: 26.

Education/professional background: I graduated from Ridgefield High School in 2006. I attended Clark College for more than a year, while at the same time worked at Cold Stone Creamery. Later I worked in landscaping, construction and for a water bottle company. I was hired at Corwin Beverage two years ago as a loader in the warehouse, then worked about a year in merchandising before becoming a salesman.

Awards: In April 2014 I received the Core Value Award from Corwin. The award honors employees who demonstrate the company’s core values each day. It was pretty special getting the company wide award. Everyone throughout the company votes.

Most challenging part of job: I work in pre sales in large stores. My territory is Kelso and Longview. I try to understand each one of the store managers/merchandisers and learn how to best communicate with them. I like to get to know them because we can help each other. I am in the store twice a week, but they are in the store every day and know their stores’ needs better than I do.

Most rewarding part of job: When I need more space in a store for large
cheap ray bans displays, someone who knows me is more willing to give me the space. It is rewarding when then trust me and know they can
cheap ray ban outlet count on me.

discount ray bans philosophy: I think it is all about communication. I always like to keep people up to date, from my managers to co workers.

Something you would like to do over: I like what I am doing now, but I wish I would have gotten my commercial driver’s license and worked in that area of the company before I became a salesman. I think it might have helped know more about the overall aspect of the job.

Best feature of my Vancouver/Clark County community: The people are the best feature. Ridgefield is a small knit community, and the people are strong, friendly. It is like a big neighborhood.

What would
discount ray bans make Ridgefield a better place: It would be great to have a grocery store there.

Favorite restaurant/pub/coffee shop/store: Black Angus Steakhouse and the Main Event, both in downtown Vancouver.

Hobbies: Most things outdoors. I love camping, hunting and fishing.

Volunteer activities: I usually volunteer at Dozer Days.

Favorite travel destination: Camping in Cougar.

One thing you want to do this year: My wife and I have a baby on the way, and I want to learn how to adjust in this new phase of our life.Articles Connexes:

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One slick Mercedes

The word boulevardier is usually used as a mild dismissive for a car that is engineered to be more of a soft riding cruiser than a sportster. I know; I’ve used it myself, especially during my younger days when I preferred cars with a harder edge to them. Older and wiser, not to mention a bit of a boulevardier myself, I have come to think the word can have a positive connotation to it, especially when used to describe the Mercedes SLK350 coupe/roadster.

Actually, the two seat hardtop convertible is more of a sports boulevardier, marrying very stylish sports car looks with strong if not eyeball flattening performance and a comfortable ride that makes one want to contemplate any excuse to ditch work, grab the Ray Bans, drop the top and head out on the open road.

Mercedes’ designers have face lifted the SLK for 2009, tweaking the front bumper and rear apron, penning a new exhaust pipe design, adding larger rear view mirrors, darkening the tail lights and reworking the instrument cluster. It’s all very subtle, but the revisions take a couple of years off the car’s age and keep the competition guessing.

Far less subtle is the tester’s new AMG Sport Package, which bulks up the SLK350 with the muscular body cues and wheels cribbed from the SLK55 AMG.

However, in this iteration, the SLK can be viewed as a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing, this despite a thorough reworking of the 3.5 litre V6 that imbues it with 300 horsepower, a considerable 32 more ponies than last year’s motor. Torque has also been increased by seven pound feet and now peaks at 265 lb ft at 4,900 rpm, achieved by raising the rev limit to 7,200 rpm, increasing the compression ratio, fitting a new intake manifold and modifying the valvetrain. Oh, the SLK350 scoots, make no mistake zero to 100 kilometres an hour in 5.4 seconds is far from tortoise like, but you really have to want it to. In comfort mode, the seven speed automatic starts out in second gear and shifts early to stretch fuel economy. Punching the sport mode drops startup to first, but one needs to go to manual mode and
cheap ray bans use the steering wheel mounted paddle
replica ray ban sunglasses shifters to get the SLK to dance.

(Manual shifting can be performed using the console shift lever, but Mercedes annoyingly insists on using left/right downshift/upshift activation instead of the more common and intuitive up/down motion.)

The other thing is that it doesn’t deliver on Mercedes’ contention that the fortified V6 "strikes a far more emotive sounding note after being deliberately tuned to deliver resonant sports engine acoustics." In fact,

the tonal quality of the engine is rather flat, not conducive to providing any aural thrill at all. Truly, this was my only disappointment with the car.

On the other hand, the SLK350’s fuel economy proved a major delight, Fed up with the never ending job of putting the house back in order after significant renos, I coerced my wife into playing hooky for the day and taking a top down cruise to the Muskokas. Our 370 km round trip, despite stops for lunch, sweet corn, fudge and bathroom breaks (not necessarily in that order), delivered a parsimonious 7.7 litres per 100 km. The downside is the engine’s appetite for premium unleaded.

Kudos are due the folding hardtop vario roof in Mercedes speak that transforms the SLK from roadster to weatherproof coupe in 22 seconds. It is a mechanical marvel, stowing cleanly and neatly at the touch of a button. A tip of the hat should also be directed at the Mercedes designers who created the second generation SLK’s looks the car looks every bit as stylish with the roof in place as it does down. Fortunately, my timing in picking up the two seater was such that the top was down the entire week except when I parked it overnight.

The SLK’s new direct steer system with variable power assist is an interesting addition, engineered to get the best out of the suspension. The rack’s
cheap ray bans gearing is designed to alter the steering gear ratio as the steering angle changes. On centre, the steering has an indirect ratio for straightline stability. As soon as the steering wheel is turned past an angle of five degrees, the ratio increases and the steering feels far more direct. It’s a little weird at first, but the upside is that tackling the twisty bits requires smaller steering movements. After I figured it out, the SLK proved far more tossable, though still not quite at the level of rival BMW’s Z4.

Topped off with a cabin that feels and looks every bit as driver
replica ray bans oriented and luxurious as its significantly more expensive SL sibling with a few less distracting buttons and switches to play with the SLK is hands down the most elegantly attired roadster I’ve driven for less than $100,000. It’s more stylish than the Porsche Boxster and (especially) the Z4 and quieter and easier to drive than Audi’s lovely TT soft top. If it wasn’t for the TT’s quattro all wheel drivetrain, which extends the car’s usability to year round, the SLK350 would replace it on my very short list of cars to buy once I cash my imaginary 6/49 winnings.

For a world increasingly frenetic and fast paced, the SLK is a panacea a first class boulevardier by which to enjoy the journey rather than the destination.

Engine: 3.5L DOHC V6

Tires: P225/40ZR18 front, P245/35ZR18 rear

Transport Canada fuel economy L/100 km: 11.8 city, 8.1 hwy.

Standard features: Six speed manual transmission, heated sport seats, leather interior, leather wrapped shift knob and multifunction steering wheel, dual zone automatic climate control, cruise control, power windows with one touch express up and down, power mirrors and door locks, MP3 compatible in dash six disc CD changer with AM/FM/weatherband radio, auxiliary input in glove box, Bluetooth connectivity, TeleAid emergency calling system, aluminum trim, first aid kit, dual zone front air bags and head/thorax side air bags, integrated garage door opener.Articles Connexes:

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City Planning Commission

Please direct all e
cheap ray bans mail for Planning Commissioners to , Planning Manager

The City Planning Commission is appointed by the Charlottesville City Council pursuant to provisions in the Code of Virginia. The Planning Commission is charged with the responsibility for preparing and recommending the Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the territory within the City of Charlottesville. The Planning Commission is responsible for the careful and comprehensive survey and study of existing conditions and trends of growth and of the probable future requirements of the City and its inhabitants. The Plan is to be made with the purpose of guiding and accomplishing the coordinated and harmonious development of the territory which will
cheap ray ban outlet in accordance with present and probable future needs and resources best promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of the citizens. The Plan
cheap ray bans should be general in nature and shall contain maps, plats, charts and descriptions showing the Commission’s long range recommendations for the general development of the City. The Plan can include things such as: designation of areas for various types of public and private development, designation of a system of transportation facilities, designation of a system of community facility services, and designation of historical areas and areas for urban renewal. The Planning Commission is also responsible for developing and recommending a zoning ordinance and map to the City Council pursuant to the Comprehensive Plan that has been adopted. in the City Council Chambers. At that meeting, it considers rezoning applications, special permit applications, site plans, subdivisions and other matters pertaining to the development of the community. The Planning Commission also conducts a regular review and update of the adopted Comprehensive Plan and from time to time, performs special studies
discount ray bans of planning matters that are of interest to the community. 605 E. Main St., Charlottesville, VA 22902.Articles Connexes:

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Dangers Of Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

Djarum Black
replica ray bans clove cigarettes, or kreteks, pose the same dangers as, if not more than, regular cigarettes

Photo Credit sign. no smoking image by L. Kreteks are made from a mixture of tobacco, ground cloves, clove oil and other additives. The addition of cloves to tobacco masks the harshness of regular cigarette smoke and stimulates the respiratory system for deeper inhalation during smoking. Regular kretek smokers are also 20 times more likely to have abnormal lung function than non smokers. This means that clove cigarette smokers are at least at the same
discount ray bans risk of developing cancer as other smokers. A report from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids states that clove cigarettes contain three additional cancer causing agents: eugenol from clove oil,
cheap ray bans coumarin and anethole, a sweetener.

associated with smoking tobacco include cancers of the cervix, lungs, esophagus, mouth, throat, uterus, bladder, pancreas and kidneys. Acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of blood forming cells, is also linked to tobacco smoking.

Heart and Circulatory System Dangers

Tobacco smoke from any type of cigarette causes coronary artery disease, or CAD, which leads to
cheap ray ban outlet angina pectoris and myocardial infarctions, or heart attacks. According to the CDC, smoking tobacco can cause narrowing of the arteries with reduced circulation and an increased risk of peripheral vascular disease that causes pain and gangrene. The risk of stroke is increased two to four times in tobacco smokers. Abdominal aortic aneurysm, a condition that results in the ballooning and possible rupture of the aorta in the abdomen, is also linked to tobacco smoke.

Dangers to Women

Women of child bearing age who smoke are at increased risk of infertility. Pregnant women exposed to cigarette smoke from any source are at risk of premature deliveries, miscarriages and low birth weight babies. Babies exposed to cigarette smoke are in danger of sudden infant death syndrome. Menopausal women who smoke tobacco are at increased risk of osteoporosis and hip fractures.

Other Dangers of Clove Cigarettes

Nicotine, which according to the CDC, is delivered in higher quantities in clove cigarettes, is a drug of addiction like heroin and cocaine. Thus, clove cigarette smokers are soon addicted and find it difficult to stop smoking. According to the American Cancer Society, or ACS, young tobacco smokers, the main target of clove cigarette marketers, are more prone to alcohol and other illegal drug use. Cigarette smokers are also more at risk for getting into fights, carrying weapons, high risk sexual behavior leading to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, depression and suicide.Articles Connexes:

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day GO train is an integral part of Ontario budget

Brampton, ON, April 17, 2015 Two way all day GO rail service linking Toronto to Brampton Guelph Kitchener Waterloo is an integral component of the 2015 Ontario budget and 10 year capital plan, say the mayors of these communities.

Today’s Provincial announcement of its increased investment to improve GO Transit service along all corridors is a significant step to connect people and improve the economy.

Canada’s Innovation Supercluster linking Toronto to Brampton Guelph Kitchener Waterloo is comparable to the world’s largest innovation centre in California’s Silicon Valley. There is strong support for this initiative from significant private sector innovators along the Toronto to Kitchener rail corridor. Opportunities along the corridor will help both the Province and these key Ontario communities better compete for global talent and innovative companies.

The Innovation Supercluster mayors recently met with Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure; and Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation to discuss their partnership and its benefits to Ontario.

A business case and supporting video were presented at these meetings, to show how connecting their regional economies by a streamlined, efficient transit mode supports key Provincial priorities of economic prosperity, quality of life, and environmental stewardship.

Ontario’s 2015 budget will be released on April 23, 2015.

There are 30,000 local tech workers in Waterloo Region. 34 per cent commute from Toronto/GTA.

Building communities: $4 B in construction potential

Leverages recent $1.2 B investment in Union Pearson Express

Intensifying development activity at all three of Brampton’s GO rail mobility hubs is expected to
discount ray bans attract 37,900 new jobs and 105,400 new residents by 2041

Opportunity to connect 13,000 companies and attract 3,000 innovation start ups

Potential for 40,000 new jobs in the innovation sector

$344 M saved in commuter and environmental costs

Video: Moving People Matters

Business Case: Innovative Regional Economies and Strategic Infrastructure: the business case for Two Way Urban Commuter Rail on the CN North Mainline (NOTE: an updated version is undergoing final review; available next week)

January 13, 2015 Media Release: Commitment by new mayors remains
fake ray bans strong for two way all day GO trains

April 16, 2015 Ontario Government announcement"I am encouraged by the Province’s recognition of the importance of two way all day GO rail service to the economic growth of the GTHA municipalities on this line. When communities work together we can achieve great things. Brampton looks forward to continued commitment in transit infrastructure by the federal and provincial governments." Linda Jeffrey, Mayor "Efficient, affordable and reliable transportation options gives employers greater access to talented employees, gives individuals more choices of where to work, and provides families with improved work life balance; all of which generates greater economic activity and healthier communities. A 2014 report by the cities of Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo indicates that a technology ecosystem of
discount ray bans 12,800 companies with over 205,000 employees could be created simply connecting Union Station, Pearson Airport, Brampton, Guelph and Kitchener."

Jaipaul Massey Singh, Chair Brampton Board of Trade

"I’m pleased that the Province has recognized the strong business case for two way all day GO train service and has taken positive steps to make it a reality. It’s my hope that the Province will signal its full commitment as part of the 2015 Ontario budget."

Cam Guthrie, Mayor City of Guelph

"Infrastructure that connects people to jobs is critical to the economic future of this province. Now is the time to purposefully build a system that enables companies to grow and enable innovation to thrive. With two way all day GO rail service, an integrated regional economy that spans from Toronto to Brampton Guelph Kitchener through Waterloo will create a globally competitive tech environment that is comparable to Silicon Valley, connecting 13,000 companies, attracting 3,000 startups and creating over 40,000 new jobs."

Kithio Mwanzia, President CEO Guelph Chamber of Commerce

"It’s great to see the government continuing to move forward on improvements to urban commuter rail across Ontario. We’ve heard loud and clear on this from Kitchener and Waterloo’s business leaders we need the west bound morning GO Train up and running by 2016. Every day, more than 10,000 workers are commuting from Toronto and the GTA into our community and companies are chartering private busses to address this. But this is not a sustainable model and the future prosperity of the entire corridor depends on two way
replica ray ban sunglasses urban commuter rail." Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor City of Kitchener

"The City of Waterloo is delighted that Metrolinx will be consulting with municipalities outside the GTA about the potential to expand its mandate beyond the GTA."

Dave Jaworsky, Mayor City of Waterloo

"Fast, efficient two way all day GO rail service is critical to employers’ ability to attract and retain knowledge workers and ability to grow and expand operations. Moving people matters. Improved GO service is essential to our ability to compete globally."Articles Connexes:

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gina Jimdo de themasterzone

Nike dunks is used all over the world by internationally acclaimed sports personalities. This brand was flaunted by the well known star of
cheap ray bans basketball Michael Jordan in the introductory period of this

brand into the market in 1985. In order to give a sportier look, Nike dunks were combined with multi purpose designs and stitched sole. inches (So plainly comprehended has been the particular basic principle regarding divorce regarding cathedral and also express then though the treaty approved The legislature without the

argument about in which term, and also Chief executive David Adams agreed upon that simultaneously, without the dread which it may well risk his / her political upcoming. )

Will it be sensible for being shady of overall vocation because of a several awful pears? You will discover at the very least a couple significant dissimilarities, seems like to my opinion. Primary,

not a soul issues of which
discount ray bans scientific discipline really works, whatsoever incorrectly recognized in addition to bogus maintain may perhaps on occasion possibly be made available. Although no matter

if you will discover almost any "miraculous" programs by faith healing, further than the male body’s unique chance to heal per se, can be quite considerably on difficulty. Subsequently, this expose’

connected with sham in addition to malfunction with scientific discipline manufactured pretty much only by means of scientific discipline. Even so the subjection connected with sham in addition to

malfunction with faith healing is sort of never ever performed by means of different faith healers. You’d

like we realize this aspect, we could modify apparel to conceal scars, and produce our spirit look.
fake ray bans As you can imagine, in your down jacket fashion globe, you will find no second company which could completely overcome Monclerit is now another to

none down jacket brand.

Make sure that when you go out this season
cheap ray bans you put on a vest that will make your contours come out perfectly. To be a confident and beautiful angel with moncler is the best choice for us to enjoy our

happy days. Season down jacket showing a chic new attitude. Lengthened stand collar design to show the soft image is full of innocence, double favorability. Texture of the jacket is a good man every

fashion must have item. For leisure, dynamic and charm of the jacket is quite a sport this season’s design focus, it reflects a man’s masculinity, so that the men in winter filled with vigor andMoncler will be the renowned high end outerwear model which established a quilted jacket trend with the style earth. With their practical however price reduction moncler jackets creations which are

quickly recognizable, forget the egg nog latte women, like a Moncler coat may be the legitimate ultimate winter hotter. I am lusting following this show stopping shiny nylon jacket which will come

with a belt permitting you to retain your curves despite the fact that holding divan moncler doudoune on line.

The particular the main almost always which experts claim learn offers you said accessorizing with towel street bike clothing have the ability to much reducing the amount most typically associated

with strains. The exact thickness with the shirt depends on type of protective cover this task licenses around the cyclist. Much of the on the contrary those with the off road bike towel cover can be

the moderately cut down much more keeping the exact manually wind it finally out while the riders sways prematurely, and thus articulated or else pre curved masturbator sleeves.

Different match with moncler jackets, as soon as you go out, your friend and fellows are certainly going to be in awe of you for your surpass dressing sense. Its of no doubt that some of your friends

would go for buying these stylish fabrics, once they notice the change in your personality because of this elegant wear. So make sure that you confirm the authenticity of the website before making

any transaction, so as to save yourself from any kind of fraudulent behavior. In the frozen winter, you won’t perform anxiously about the frozen any more.Articles Connexes:

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Yvonne finds love again

Alas, it didn’t work. Yvonne and Ronan have been broken up since last October (they could never reconcile things after his dalliance with
replica ray bans a dancer), but they chose to wait until March of this year to announce it to the world through these pages.

I am thrilled to report that Yvonne has found love again. If anyone is entitled to it, she is.

My Deep Throat tells me Yvonne is serious about her new man (who is separated and has kids), but having just come out of a long marriage, she is in no rush to get heavily involved, not least because she is devoted to her kids.

They have been friends for some time. In February, however, that friendship developed into something more. Last week’s sojourn in Killarney told the story. Yvonne and her new man enjoyed a good meal in the Smoke House in Killarney on Wednesday night. They kissed and held hands at the table. Indeed they held hands and kissed on the street too before they went in for their meal. She looked happy and full of the joys of a new relationship. They impressed the whole restaurant as a couple in the first bloom of love. Yvonne looked stunning in grey tweed parachute pants and
cheap ray bans a cream cashmere jumper and black and white Ray Ban glasses. Her beau (I know the human beings, as opposed to the media studies species among my readers like these details) sported a black beard, a black jacket
fake ray bans and black Ray Bans. They were both wearing Converse runners. In fact, the joke at
fake ray bans the table, so my Deep Throat in The Smoke House told me, was that they were wearing His and Hers Converse runners.Articles Connexes: