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Review of the difficult guide to wedding planning

Today I wanted to tackle some of the harder questions recently engaged couples might have to ask themselves when they start to plan their marriage. Some areas can be a bit daunting to tackle, whether of family members or you simply don’t understand you ought to be talking about them. Never fear! That is what we’re here to get you asking these difficult questions and direct you early on to prevent any stressful circumstances or regrets cropping up after! Let’s crack on! Cash is not fun to discuss, especially in English culture, but for a whole lot of you planning your wedding, you will be blessed to be getting a kind contribution from family towards the wedding planning budget. This itself is fantastic and it is so wonderful to have people that want to assist you to have your fantasy wedding, but do have the conversation on if there are any conditions to that money. Are they buying requirements or an opinion in your wedding, if it be guests they would like you to invite, customs they would like you to maintain or any range of items you are not keen about but feel obliged to do since they are paying for some of YOUR moment. Possessing a very honest dialogue and if there are circumstances, think hard on in the event that you are willing to meet those conditions, if not I’d strongly advise turning it down as otherwise it will cause stress and arguments down the road, which nobody desires! It is tough but I guarantee it’s going to be worth it.


Are you pursuing traditions because you want to or feel obliged? This continues on from the first stage, but less centred around money, every civilization has its own customs and many couples want to incorporate these traditions into their daily life, but they are not for everyone! Should you choose against particular traditions that is absolutely fine, there is no strict rule book on what you can and can’t do, if don’t want to get married in a church, that is fine! , you don’t want a first dance or cake, no problem! You can do whatever you enjoy! But do be ready for push from certain people who will be surprised and will try and talk you into them, but if these traditions aren’t for you, stick with your guns and dismiss the peer pressuredo what you want, after all, it’s your special day.
Invite who you want! Says it all , only invite the people you would like to see in your wedding day or wedding weekend. The time goes soo fast, especially the wedding day itself and you want to make the most of that time by celebrating with the people you enjoy, No! Don’t do it! If you don’t find them in your daily life, don’t spend a fortune to have them at your wedding!
Do you have to compromise on something? For many, planning a wedding is a completely new experience, with lots of not understanding what goes into the preparation or how much things cost, particularly if you are thinking about a destination wedding. When we talk to couples we often see a dissonance between what they tell us they are after, their budget and their Pinterest board. It’s then our job to walk through the procedure of aligning these elements into a transparent vision for your own wedding, which can be budget-friendly. If you do not have a planner, you will quickly figure this out after the quotes begin coming back, it’s then a case of sitting down and figuring out what is most important to you, do you want that 5-course meal? Or free-flowing Bollinger? Is that merry-go-round an important part of your day? It’s definitely not an enjoyable task, but the earlier you align what you want with your budget the happier you will be!

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Personalized Wine Cork Stopper For Destination Wedding


Which is why I was drawn to this week’s fun wedding favor – personalized wine cork stoppers.

I love these for a few reasons. First, they’re made from cork and wood, not some plastic rubbery version that has no style.

Second, they can be personalized! And finally, they’re economical – perfect for those couples on a budget!

These would be the perfect favors for couples who love wine, or if you’re having your reception at a winery or vineyard.

I’d love to see baskets of these cork stoppers sitting near the bar or smaller baskets of them at each table. If you’re having a destination wedding – at a winery – you could add them to the welcome bag with a bottle of local vino.


Destination Wedding : 8 Airbnb Properties Make it Perfect for You

Take a look at some Destination weddings recommended.

Dairsie Castle in Fife, Scotland

An hour outside Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh, this historic estate has the architecture, sprawling lawns and majestic atmosphere for anyone dreaming of a classic castle wedding.

Delenia Villa in Styra, Evia, Greece

What’s that you say? You’re all about a poolside event overlooking the pristine Aegean Sea? This villa will feel less like a villa and more like a mini, luxe village to host your wedding and loved ones all weekend long.

Villa in Rethymno, Crete, Greece

A little further south, on Greece’s largest island of Crete, you’ll find the perfect combo of seclusion and accessibility at this beautiful Grecian home. We can just see it now—your cocktail hour on the patio overlooking the sleek, asymmetrical pool.

Villa in Bucine, Tuscany, Italy

Feed your inner Diane Lane and host your wedding under the Tuscan sun. House up to 16 guests and enjoy cooking classes and, of course, the gorgeous Tuscan countryside as far as the eye can see.

Borgia Castle in Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Umbria, Italy

So, say you want the castle and the whole too-good-to-be-true setting of Tuscany. Borgia Castle has you covered. Its devoted staff will treat you like royalty, and there are tons of additional accommodations close by for the rest of your traveling guests who can’t quite fit in the castle (if that’s even possible).

Butley Priory Estate in Suffolk, England

Paging Mr. Darcy! Two hours from London by train, Butley Priory is the quintessential English estate for a classic, romantic wedding. Think: vaulted ceilings with exposed brick, bright and airy décor, and lush gardens to set the scene.

Villa Bossona in Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy

Oh, Tuscany, we’re not finished with you yet. Villa Bossona and its dedicated owners and staff love to host a good party—it’s all about family and activities. Don’t forget to meander through Montepulciano, just one mile from the property, to see those classic, fortified walls, cobblestone streets and taste the local fare.

Villa in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Okay, let’s talk exotic. This newly built villa in Bali is bright, open and chic as can be, mixing sleek, modern lines with traditional Balinese architecture. With so many places to relax and entertain (two pools and a sweet home theater) you might have trouble saying good-bye after the farewell brunch.

La Selva Giardino del Belvedere Villa in Montevarchi, Tuscany, Italy

Spend your first evening at this stately stone farmhouse eating in-home chef Maria’s handmade pasta. Still not convinced? La Selva has a dramatic amphitheater on the grounds that’s absolutely perfect for a unique outdoor ceremony.

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Lazaro Real Wedding of Senani and Nathan From Eva Sica


Let’s look at their gorgeous wedding.

Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-9 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-14 - CopySenani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-32Senani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-34Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-12 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-33 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-60Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-4 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-70 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-80 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-86 (1) - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-74 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-53 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-4-X3Senani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-11 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-2 Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-4Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-11Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-10Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-13Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-15Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-17Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-20Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-38Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-51Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-54Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-58Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-4 (1)Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-7Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-9Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-10Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-25Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-22Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-8Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-2Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-98Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-112Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-102Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-124Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-126 Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-131Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-176Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-204Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-232

Senani’s Wedding Dress Search
As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one! I didn’t want white. I was looking for champagne and found this dress which was such a gorgeous color against my skin tone., I also wanted it to look different and unique, with  a bit of sparkle but not too much, sweetheart strapless neck and trumpet style not mermaid with a full bottom skirt.


How She Felt In Her Lazaro Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Sexy Princess


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I want another bride to feel the same way as I did! The color is so unique and it’s beautiful, elegant and a little sexy all at the same time. I received so many compliments not just from the guests at my wedding but from others that were there on the beach as well as other customers that were at the alterations place.


Wedding Dress: Lazaro | Photography: Eva Sica  | Reception Venue – Villa Celeste in Concha Chinas | Event Planning:  Eva and Michael  | Cake:  Pie In the Sky | Rentals: Puerto Vallarta Wed | Catering: Chef Sandoval

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Real Couples Are Choosing to Marry Away

Although it’s probably no surprising that destination weddings are on the rise—who can resist a faraway fete?—the definition of a destination wedding is undergoing an interesting shift. Considering a destination wedding? You’re not alone (seriously).

Here’s the most recent destination wedding breakdown, based on our 2015 Real Weddings study:

  • There are over 350,000 destination weddings each year
  • 77 percent of them take place in the continental US
  • 23 percent of them take place in international locations (like the Caribbean and Mexico)

Forty-nine percent of couples chose to say “I do” 200 miles or more from where they lived at the time they were married. That’s a lot of traveling fiancés!

As for the 21 percent of couples who actually consider their wedding a “destination wedding,” about one in five of them throw another bash when they get home. How else would they get to celebrate with anyone who couldn’t make it to the ceremony? So now we know: The destination wedding and second party back home trend is on the up-and-up!