As a Bridesmaid, You Must Take These Photos While Your Friend Get Married

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If you are about to be a bridesmaid of your friends, then here are the must-have photos.

Be sure to ask your photographer to capture some special moments with your most special girlfriends. They’re likely to be among your most favorite wedding pictures and memories of the day.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Celebrate With Champagne
Gotta catch that incredible action shot of popping the bubbly!

Sharing A Toast
Clinking flutes while wearing matching robes makes for a perfectly pretty moment in time.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

First Look
Moments with your husband-to-be or dad are gorgeous captured in a photo, but how about when your bridesmaids see you for the first time? Unforgettable excitement!

Buttoning Up
Getting ready shots are always a good option, from the buttons or belt…

Adjusting Your Veil
…to the airy veil sitting just right.

Final Fussing
A bird’s eye shot from above as the finishing touches are applied is stunning.

Checking Out The Bling
Reaction shots are priceless, from first looks to a peek at the wedding jewelry.

Slipping On Shoes
The ladies helping with accessories such as necklaces or shoes get a sense of getting ready.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Moment Of Reflection
Capture a quiet prayer, blessing or thank you together.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Can’t miss the selfie moment!

A View From Behind
Get the 360-degree view of your outfits with a different perspective.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Being Helped
Having your train or veil held as you move across the venue is an elegant action shot.

Bouquet Shot
Floral beauty captured pre- or post-ceremony.

Matching Shoe Shot
It’s all about the accessories … right down to your toes.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Capture a moment full of love and grace as you all get tender together during a group hug.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Romance in motion as you strut with your squad across the field to the ceremony.

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Playful Props
Pretty pink letters, balloons or signage can help create a perfect photo.

Tiny Dancer
Don’t forget the littlest member of your bridal party!

Must-Have Bridesmaid Pics |

Glittery confetti post-ceremony makes a gorgeous celebratory (and sparkly) shot!