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Wedding Cake with Apples and Figs

apple and fig cake

If there is one fruit that symbolizes fall it’s the apple.

Living in the Midwest, no fall season is complete without a visit to the apple orchard where you buy a bushel of apples, some apple cider, and maybe an apple pie or two.

And so when I found this wedding cake that uses apples as a decoration I just had to share it!

This is the perfect fall cake with the apples, figs, dark berries, and succulents as the only decorations.

I really love the simplicity of the square tiers and the icing that looks less-than-perfect. It gives the cake a very homemade look and  keeps it from being too fussy.

It would be the ideal centerpiece at your late fall wedding, especially if the wedding had a rustic vibe.

We found this wedding cake here.