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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: 5 Ways to Pull Off the Trend!

It’s always flattering to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but no matter how excited you may be, it’s only natural to immediately think (and worry) about the dress. Whether the bride is your sister, your old college roommate, or your best friend since birth, it’s her day and she’s likely to put you in the dress she wants you to wear. But there’s one thing that brides and ‘maids everywhere are agreeing on these days—we all love the look of mismatched bridesmaid dresses! The mixed and matched trend shows the bride’s unique sense of style and offers each ‘maid the option to wear a dress that is truly flattering to her.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in champagne

Brian Bossany Photography 

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: 5 Ways to Pull Off the Trend!

If you’re shopping for the perfect dresses, the mismatched trend is one that women everywhere are embracing—and for good reason. It’s all about flexibility, versatility, and making your ‘maids look and feel amazing.

The petite ‘maid who’s small on top doesn’t want to wear a strapless gown that’s she’ll have to tug on to keep in place all day. Busty ‘maids don’t want to wear skinny spaghetti straps—they need some support! And all the bridesmaids in between—well, everyone has their own sense of style and their own preference when it comes to cut and silhouette.

Whether you’re having a destination beach wedding, a boho-chic garden party, or a glamorous black-tie event, it’s easy to mix and match bridesmaid dresses if you know what you’re doing. There are a few good ways you can capture the trend without feeling overwhelmed, and we’ve ranked our ideas from easiest to hardest in order to show you how to pair mismatched bridesmaid dresses and still create a chic, cohesive look.

Level One: Same Fabric, Same Color, Same Designer… Different Silhouettes

The easiest way to pair mismatched bridesmaid dresses is to pick one color in one fabric from one designer, then outfit each girl in a different silhouette. Kennedy Blue makes it easy to pull off this look! This designer offers a wide range of styles that can be paired together and also has a convenient and fun at home try-on service that lets you try on sample dresses from the comfort of home! The designs shown below feature similar silhouettes with the same pleated and ruched details—together, they create a cohesive look yet still let each ‘maid feel comfortable in her favorite neckline.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in blush

Laura Ivanova Photography


This strapless chiffon dress features a sweetheart neckline with a ruched bodice and a figure-flattering A-line silhouette.

KennedyBlue-Sydney KennedyBlue-Sydney_back


With a V-neck and V-back, this chiffon design features gently ruched details and a timeless A-line silhouette.

KennedyBlue-Chloe KennedyBlue-Chloe-back


We love this style for its scooped neckline and crisscross pleated bodice. The shirred A-line skirt gives it versatile appeal!

KennedyBlue-Quinn KennedyBlue-Quinn-Back

Level Two: Same Color, Same Designer…Similar Silhouettes

Whether you’re going for all-out glitz or want your ‘maids to look chic and ladylike in lace, many designers offer a variety of gowns with similar components that can be easily paired together. The sequin collection from Bari Jay is a perfect example of this—some ‘maids can wear head-to-toe sequins while others can opt for sequined tops or sequined bottoms. It’s a chic and easy way to give each ‘maid a slightly different look!

lace and chiffon bridesmaid dresses with different necklines

Jeannine Marie Photography 

Bari Jay 1668

With a sequin bodice and an A-line chiffon skirt, this gown is perfect for the woman who wants a subtle touch of sparkle.

BariJay-1668 BariJay-1668-back

Bari Jay 1677

With a chiffon bodice and a sequin skirt, this gown offers timeless glamour without the head-to-toe glitz.

BariJay-1677 BariJay-1677-back

Bari Jay 1624

This one’s for the woman who’s not afraid to sparkle and shine from top to bottom. In a blouson silhouette with a gathered waistband, it pairs perfectly other sequin designs from Bari Jay.

BariJay-1624 BariJay-1624-back

Level Three: Same Fabric, Varied Silhouettes…Different Colors

We’re calling this level of difficulty number three, but it’s still really easy to pull off! The trick to remember here is this: when you’re pairing different colors together, stick to colors that have the same overall vibe and feel. In other words, don’t mix vibrant brights with dusty hues. Your colors don’t have to match, but they should complement one another in terms of tone and mood.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in pink and grey tones

Gina Zeidler Photography

Kennedy Blue Anna

With a simple V-neck bodice and an A-line skirt, this slate blue gown pairs perfectly with shades that are slightly darker and slightly lighter.

KennedyBlue-Anna KennedyBlue-Anna-back

Dessy 2988

In a cloudy blue hue, this gown is easy to pair with similar shades of slate blue, mist, and light grey.

Dessy-2988 Dessy-2988-back

Wtoo 203

Shades of grey pair beautifully with pale and dusty blue hues, but make sure you look for cool greys that have subtle blue undertones rather than green undertones. The best way to ensure that you’re mixing and matching the right tones is to view the colors (or color swatches) in natural sunlight.

Wtoo-203 Wtoo-203-back

Level Four: Similar Colors and Similar Silhouettes….in Different Textures and Fabrics

Here’s where mixing and matching starts to get a little bit tricky. But if you know what to look for, it’s not as hard as it seems. Your wedding photos will look amazing and your guests (especially the fashionistas) are sure to be impressed that you managed to pull these looks together!

mismatched blush bridesmaid dresses

Mad Chicken Studio

Here, it’s about combining subtle variations in color with slight variations in texture, subtle distinctions in silhouettes, and the opportunity to select dresses from different designers. There’s no need to commit to one designer if you don’t need your dresses to be the exact same hue. Think about mixing shades of blush pink and champagne with slightly deeper hues of taupe and latte. It’s the subtle and easy color palette to pull together!

Mori Lee 20478

In blush, taupe, or champagne, this gown features a dazzling sequin pattern that offers just the right amount of texture and shine.

MoriLee-20478 MoriLee-20478-back

Adrianna Pappell 091866700

In blush or taupe, this beaded gown is the perfect complement to a contrasting sequin design in a complementary hue. When you’re doing this much mixing and matching, it’s always a smart idea to keep dress lengths the same and silhouettes similar.

AdriannaPapell-091866700 AdriannaPapell-091866700-back

Allure 1514

This shimmer knit offers contrast against beading and sequins, yet adds that subtle metallic element that ties it all together. In dusty rose, it contrasts beautifully against blush pink sequins or champagne-hued beadwork.

Allure-1514 Allure-1514-back

 Level Five: Go Crazy! Mix Colors, Patterns, Textures, Silhouettes, and Prints

We’re about to get really creative. Consider yourself warned—this is not for every bride! It takes a certain level of know-how and an unapologetic sense of style to pull this look together, but with the right ideas in mind, you can do it!

bridesmaids in mismatched blue bridesmaid dresses

One One Photography

Jenny Yoo JY533

In soft chiffon with an allover floral print, this strapless gown is the perfect focal piece for any mixed and matched bridal party look.

JennyYoo-JY533 JennyYoo-JY533-back

Wtoo 192

In a light blue hue that complements our favorite floral print, this lace gown offers rich texture and romantic charm.

Wtoo-192 Wtoo-192-back

Jenny Yoo JY520

Flutter sleeves add ethereal charm to this gorgeous lace gown. The slender tie and bateau neckline offer timeless, feminine appeal.

JennyYoo-JY520 JennyYoo-JY520-back

Jenny Yoo JYT530/JYS529

These Jenny Yoo separates are available in lace and chiffon, so depending on how many ‘maids you have, you can balance out the look as you see fit. If you have three ‘maids, one chiffon print and two lace gowns will look amazing. If you have four ‘maids, one chiffon print, a set of chiffon separates, and two lace gowns will look more balanced.

JennyYoo-JYT530-JYS529 JennyYoo-JYT530-JYS529-back

When it comes to mismatched bridesmaid dresses, there is only one rule you need to remember: your ‘maids should look like they’re going to the same event at the same time and place. It’s more about the feel and vibe than anything else, and the Wedding Shoppe always has stylists and consultants on hand to steer you in the right direction and help you make your final decisions. Get inspired and get creative by shopping hundreds of styles at the Wedding Shoppe now!

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A near naked, the wedding has become the most popular is the London Fashion Week 2017 autumn and winter.

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson shares an Instagram photo of her own style Rockie star wearing Sunday on February 19, it rises rapidly and becomes the label LFW top position, earning more than 28,000 like in five hours.

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The design of the rock star has been made by Beyonce and Pierre Ryan, as well as in many Bollywood movies. This is the second collection of him with fashion boy scouts at London Fashion Week.

The star says he “Vinda” collects about “discovering himself”.

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“It’s the charm of the old world and I’m trying to create my own style that is about a woman who travels frequently,” he told India today.

Speaking ahead of the show Star said that Jackson, who regularly travels between India and England, was the perfect choice to represent his collection and he was sure she was going to “rock the show”.

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Amanda Seyfried Already Wore Her Wedding Dress on the Red Carpet

If there is one thing Amanda Severide does not need, it’s a luxury wedding dress. Just cast actress Fashion Australia talks about upcoming life events and confirms she is ready to give up the spotlight:

“I don’t want to be the center of attention. I get to go to premieres and get dressed up all the time. I went to the Met Gala last year in a wedding gown designed by Riccardo Tisci; I’ve played a bride a billion times.”

While some ladies may see their wedding as an opportunity, the sun shines, Amanda’s there, doing so. She wore a gorgeous dress not only met the party, but she played a bride in the “Mamma Mia” musical, grand wedding, miserable world. In other words, we all know that she can take off a luxury, she is so.

Before we select Amanda’s number of her special day, take a look at her latest editorial and view the marvelous wedding dresses that she has been lucky to sneak in – before the camera, to remind you.









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Personalized Wine Cork Stopper For Destination Wedding


Which is why I was drawn to this week’s fun wedding favor – personalized wine cork stoppers.

I love these for a few reasons. First, they’re made from cork and wood, not some plastic rubbery version that has no style.

Second, they can be personalized! And finally, they’re economical – perfect for those couples on a budget!

These would be the perfect favors for couples who love wine, or if you’re having your reception at a winery or vineyard.

I’d love to see baskets of these cork stoppers sitting near the bar or smaller baskets of them at each table. If you’re having a destination wedding – at a winery – you could add them to the welcome bag with a bottle of local vino.

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Choose The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists is Perfect for You, Five Reason Here

1  1


They are true experts
An Association member will clean your gown to standard museum-quality practices.  They’ll also give you a free consultation on your gown and advice on cleaning both visible and invisible stains.

They’re industry recognized
More than 70 different designers sew Association of Wedding Gown Specialists care instructions into their wedding gowns.  See the full list of designer who recommend the Association here.

They’ve been awarded in blind testing
National Bridal Service did blind testing of four national preservation companies and proved that the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists preservation was the cleanest, provided the safest packaging, and offered the most comprehensive guarantee. See the full results here.

They’re eco-friendly
Through a donation to, the Association offsets all carbon emissions resulting from cleaning and preserving your gown.  (Even including your travel to the Specialist near you!)

They offer a written guarantee
Each member of the Association honors the written guarantee of other members. So you can bring your wedding gown preservation to any member to have your gown inspected and pressed at no charge.

And, as if you needed any more reasons, The Association is currently offering users a $35 discount on all cleaning, alteration and pressing services.  Register for the discount here.  And feel confident that your gown is in expert hands!



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Lazaro Real Wedding of Senani and Nathan From Eva Sica


Let’s look at their gorgeous wedding.

Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-9 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-14 - CopySenani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-32Senani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-34Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-12 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-33 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-60Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-4 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-70 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-80 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-86 (1) - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-74 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-53 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-4-X3Senani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-11 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-2 Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-4Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-11Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-10Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-13Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-15Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-17Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-20Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-38Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-51Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-54Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-58Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-4 (1)Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-7Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-9Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-10Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-25Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-22Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-8Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-2Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-98Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-112Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-102Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-124Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-126 Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-131Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-176Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-204Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-232

Senani’s Wedding Dress Search
As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one! I didn’t want white. I was looking for champagne and found this dress which was such a gorgeous color against my skin tone., I also wanted it to look different and unique, with  a bit of sparkle but not too much, sweetheart strapless neck and trumpet style not mermaid with a full bottom skirt.


How She Felt In Her Lazaro Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Sexy Princess


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I want another bride to feel the same way as I did! The color is so unique and it’s beautiful, elegant and a little sexy all at the same time. I received so many compliments not just from the guests at my wedding but from others that were there on the beach as well as other customers that were at the alterations place.


Wedding Dress: Lazaro | Photography: Eva Sica  | Reception Venue – Villa Celeste in Concha Chinas | Event Planning:  Eva and Michael  | Cake:  Pie In the Sky | Rentals: Puerto Vallarta Wed | Catering: Chef Sandoval

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Have you ever imagine that what is your wedding day may be? Will you cry?

Bride Adrienne and groom Khalil just celebrated one year since their Louisville, Kentucky nuptials, which prompted their wedding photographer
Elle Danielle to resurface a stunning, emotional photograph from their special day on Instagram. Snapped during the couple’s first look, the photo shows Khalil with his back to the camera embracing Adrienne, who’s facing the camera with eyes closed. But of all the lovely details in the photo—from Khalil’s crisp, dove gray suit to Adrienne’s braided updo and teardrop earrings—what really gets us (read: what we’re borderline obsessed with) are the tears that mark Adrienne’s cheeks and tell a love story all on their own. Take a look at the touching images from the couple’s first look album below (we suggest you grab a few tissues first…).


Bride crying during first look

Bride crying during first look

Bride crying during first look

Honestly, does it get more heartwarming than that? Nope. We love how Adrienne isn’t the slightest bit concerned about her makeup—she’s so serene, so in love and so not worried about it, reminding us all that foundation fades, but true love lasts forever (
sigh). Happy anniversary to these two!