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Review of the difficult guide to wedding planning

Today I wanted to tackle some of the harder questions recently engaged couples might have to ask themselves when they start to plan their marriage. Some areas can be a bit daunting to tackle, whether of family members or you simply don’t understand you ought to be talking about them. Never fear! That is what we’re here to get you asking these difficult questions and direct you early on to prevent any stressful circumstances or regrets cropping up after! Let’s crack on! Cash is not fun to discuss, especially in English culture, but for a whole lot of you planning your wedding, you will be blessed to be getting a kind contribution from family towards the wedding planning budget. This itself is fantastic and it is so wonderful to have people that want to assist you to have your fantasy wedding, but do have the conversation on if there are any conditions to that money. Are they buying requirements or an opinion in your wedding, if it be guests they would like you to invite, customs they would like you to maintain or any range of items you are not keen about but feel obliged to do since they are paying for some of YOUR moment. Possessing a very honest dialogue and if there are circumstances, think hard on in the event that you are willing to meet those conditions, if not I’d strongly advise turning it down as otherwise it will cause stress and arguments down the road, which nobody desires! It is tough but I guarantee it’s going to be worth it.


Are you pursuing traditions because you want to or feel obliged? This continues on from the first stage, but less centred around money, every civilization has its own customs and many couples want to incorporate these traditions into their daily life, but they are not for everyone! Should you choose against particular traditions that is absolutely fine, there is no strict rule book on what you can and can’t do, if don’t want to get married in a church, that is fine! , you don’t want a first dance or cake, no problem! You can do whatever you enjoy! But do be ready for push from certain people who will be surprised and will try and talk you into them, but if these traditions aren’t for you, stick with your guns and dismiss the peer pressuredo what you want, after all, it’s your special day.
Invite who you want! Says it all , only invite the people you would like to see in your wedding day or wedding weekend. The time goes soo fast, especially the wedding day itself and you want to make the most of that time by celebrating with the people you enjoy, No! Don’t do it! If you don’t find them in your daily life, don’t spend a fortune to have them at your wedding!
Do you have to compromise on something? For many, planning a wedding is a completely new experience, with lots of not understanding what goes into the preparation or how much things cost, particularly if you are thinking about a destination wedding. When we talk to couples we often see a dissonance between what they tell us they are after, their budget and their Pinterest board. It’s then our job to walk through the procedure of aligning these elements into a transparent vision for your own wedding, which can be budget-friendly. If you do not have a planner, you will quickly figure this out after the quotes begin coming back, it’s then a case of sitting down and figuring out what is most important to you, do you want that 5-course meal? Or free-flowing Bollinger? Is that merry-go-round an important part of your day? It’s definitely not an enjoyable task, but the earlier you align what you want with your budget the happier you will be!

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Micro weddings aren’t only a recent phenomenon — they have been around for decades as a more flexible and relaxed alternative for couples who aren’t entirely sold on with a huge wedding. They are for no longer than 20 — 30 individuals and celebrations tend to be shorter in duration than a conventional wedding day. It is entirely down to the couple to choose how long, short, formal, informal or anything else they would like their parties to be. Having an already-growing want by couples to host celebrations with a difference, micro weddings (and their flexibility) might be here to stay.
Rebecca Kobus of Rebecca K. Events has said she has been encouraging all her clients to think about a micro wedding — even after the restrictions have been lifted:”I truly love the idea of a miniature wedding. I have encouraged my customers that if they have chosen to reschedule their wedding day to 2021 and need to continue with a legal ceremony this year, to look at making it a micro celebration! In years to come they will return and love that at the center of each one the strange times we’re living in, they chose to make it particular. At Carlton House Terrace, a space like the music room can have a couple of added candles and blossoms and be transformed into a beautiful elegant setting that will be remembered always.”
There are several practical advantages to having a micro wedding also, and fewer heads to appeal for is one of the greatest. You could put that excess budget into having a much higher quality dinner than you could expect for differently — greater cuts of beef, more exciting dishes, a greater quality of champagne!


Searcys is a London-based catering firm with over 148 decades of experience in catering for weddings. Their Regional Director, Rodney Payne, shared:”It’s natural to want to remember each element of your wedding and the first meal shared with family and friends ought to be one of those highlights. Micro weddings are a exceptional chance to be creative and personal with your menu and presentation. You own a flexibility of having the 3-, 4- or 5-course meal of your dreams because feeding 15 individuals offers far more flexibility than feeding 100. You could choose to select a cuisine that’s special to the two of you, make a menu for visitors to arrange off on the day and even find small ways to treat your guests such as mini champagne bottles each for your first toast. There are countless ways you could put a twist on the traditional wedding breakfast and make it your own.”
While limits on guest numbers will most likely be in place for the near future, micro weddings seem they will be a staple this season. But compared to traditional wedding parties, there’s less of a blueprint for couples who want guidance during the planning process. So, we want to supply our in-house team’s weddings expertise and share some of the key things any couple should think about if they’re arranging a micro wedding. Presently (as I write on 24th August), the maximum amount of allowed guests at a wedding is 30 and if you divide that between a few, it might unexpectedly not feel like quite many! Since that number also has to include your own officiant and witnesses also, our recommendation is to keep those invitations limited to your nearest inner circle. Whether you count that as your parents, grand-parents, siblings, or best friends — think who you couldn’t imagine being without in your big day and prioritise them.
As a compromise for those who unfortunately can not be there in person, think about inviting them ! Some wedding places — including Carlton House Terrace — have the technology abilities to sponsor as many’guests’ as you’d like by permitting them to watch your ceremony via telephone. It’s such a simple way to call everybody you would have wanted there anyway and so we are now providing the service as regular with all reservations.

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We’re very eager for today’s bridal roundup because we absolutely love long sleeve gowns. Versatility is the name of the game with this style since you’ll observe traditional gowns, boho beauties, and tons of in between gowns. As the majority of us are in the midst of winter, we all know many brides are planning their spring, summer, and fall weddings for 2019 and we are here to help!
In the event that you missed it, we also did a roundup of all 10 Meghan Markle motivated simple gowns, an entire collection of NYBFW looks including these Berta bridal dresses, and bridal makeup and hair inspiration, too! At the base of this post, you are going to see more beautiful long sleeve dresses… CELESTINE GOWN (above) This dress is directly out of our dreams. Having a dash of modern beauty (hello sassy two bit!) Plus a positively enchanting lace design, this dress is the most ideal look for the bride.SONDRIN GOWN (above) Be still our hearts. This sheer bodice, the lace applique, the small champagne tone into the skirt? Each the above combine for a truly romantic, and sexy, wedding gown which is fantastic for a bold and luminous bride. Shop it here. MEDALLION GOWN (above) Hi, beauty! For our more traditional brides-to-be, you might fall in love with this lace lace dress that is heavenly in every way. Love the large lace pattern and the low back!
NOVA DRESS (above) Can we acknowledge something really quickly? This is a style that staff WS has loooooved for so long. And we’re blown away since this apparel is less than $250… are we dreaming? Perhaps. Really like this sheer-sleeved, simple and relaxing dress! LUCCA GOWN (above) Currently this one is for our boho babes! The intricate floral lace, the bell sleeves, and oh so flattering shape is everything with this particular Lucca gown. We imagine this beauty with a proper flowery crown and a groom in a bow tie… AUDREY BY THE LACE ATELIER (previously ) Only reading the description on The Lace Atelier’s website conjures up so much romanticism:”The dress floats and drapes in a cloud of scenic beauty. A stunning floral motif winds romantically across the bodice.” We love this dress for the”floaty” look and the lace tulle overlay, which is love degree 100. CAMILA GOWN BY JURGITA BRIDAL Photos by Branco Prata – Instagram | Website (previously ) This dress is appropriately described as 3D, because well, just look at that applique made of hand cut floral chiffon pieces. Such a romantic silhouette is quite adaptable for your spring garden wedding, a breezy summer manor wedding, or your fall/winter wonderland wedding. So amazing!
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Suitable for every bride who will soon become a bride!

“Main shaadi karungi toh sirf Kareena wala designer lehenga pehan k” rings a bell? Yesif Alia Bhatt can possess such ambitions I am sure, you too could have imagined yourself in an Ramleela lehenga worn by Deepika or Kareena’s lehenga in bole chudiya!
We know that nearly a fortune goes into such Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi attires, but you can surely look equally magnificent if you buy your bridal lehenga from any of these shops that we have handpicked for you.
Asiana Couture, among the most recent lehenga shops in Delhi, Asiana Couture is a go-to place for the enthusiastic shoppers. Can it be custom-designed outfits, budget-friendly lehngas, or a unique piece of art, you’re certain to fall in love with their imagination, they have the very best lehengas in Delhi. Their intricate detailing and stunning designs produce a brilliant output. With the intention to maintain traditional crafts alive, they utilize Indian cloths for creating their goods, promoting eco-friendly fabrics and artisans. The range of Asiana Couture begins from Rs 40,000 and if you’d like to have the most precious one for your own wedding, the price can take up to Rs 80,000 to Rs 5 lakhs!

Manish Malhotra

If you love art, and simplicity is the thing, you must pay a visit to the Heritage Emporium. It has a vast selection of hand bridal lehenga in Delhi along with other attires, which are certain to impress you with its sophisticated style and timeless designs. It delivers an range of cultural attires like sarees, lehengas and salwar suits. You will find bits which are astonishingly vibrant in color and beauty. If you would like to prepare yourself the most happening party in the town, you don’t have to worry yourself by rushing around the markets, then just head here. The cost range here is from 3,000 to Rs 40,000 plus!
Indian attires like lehenga cholis, ghagra and sarees, look best with our Indian curves and portray magnificence in its best. Sahil Fashion Bazar brings you an unmatched collection of sarees and ghagras, and you will be in complete awe of the layouts. Before you think of hitting the markets for a lehenga matching the grandeur of your wedding event, assess other wedding lehenga shops, head . It has the hues and designs of ideal bridal lehenga in Delhi using all the right blend of fabric and embroidery. Sahil Fashion Bazar has an ethereal group of lehengas, suits and more for every occasion — from engagement to the wedding. They believe in making every occasion a unique one with their stunning designs and include designer dresses and other essentials within their own collection.
Another great wedding lehenga store, Libas, is the place you should head if you would like to look and feel as a fashion diva. They have unique creations that you are sure going to collapse for. The prices range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 45,000 and the layouts are worth every cent. Appealing designs and premium quality of stuff is everything that one wants. They have an assortment of bridal lehengas in various ranges to suit every bride. Gear up for any festive period with the large collection of ethnic sets available at Libas.
An ideal place for ethnic wear and for bringing forth your individuality, Sehej Swadeshi has one of the very eye-catching showrooms in Rajouri Garden Market. Their set of bridal lehengas are just the very best and appeals to every bride. If you want to look and feel as a fashion diva, this is the best wedding lehenga store you need to head at, as it’s the most recent trending designs, which you’d have always desired to own.

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Real Wedding Inspiration: Connie Kent’s Minneapolis Wedding

Today on the blog, we are sharing Connie + Kent’s Real Wedding that was featured in The Knot MN!

This beautiful couple said their “I Do’s” at the gorgeous Minneapolis venue, Nicollet Island Pavilion. Connie wore a stunning lace Maggie Sottero wedding dress from The Wedding Shoppe and her girls wore on-trend floral chiffon bridesmaid dresses! Seriously, can it get any cuter? Check out some of our absolute favorite real wedding inspiration from Connie and Kent’s big day!

Real Wedding Inspiration: Connie + Kent | Adam Kennedy Photography | The Wedding Shoppe

The look your best friends make when they see you looking absolutely stunning on your wedding day…


Connie and Kent opted to share a ‘first look’ moment before the official walk down the aisle. The moment was incredibly romantic and intimate and the couple even wrote notes to one another to express their love.


Connie kept her colors vibrant and summery! The floral bouquets had pops of pink, green, and purple, and peach, which perfectly complimented the subtle floral gowns worn by the bridesmaids.

Connie + Kent | Real Wedding Featured in The Knot MN | The Wedding Shoppe


The gorgeous venue, located in downtown Minneapolis, made for a stunning outdoor ceremony and breath-taking indoor reception. From the gold details to the elegant use of succulents, their big day truly was picture-perfect. Now for the little details that made Connie + Kent’s wedding one to remember!





Connie + Kent continued celebrating by dancing the night away…


Special thanks to The Knot MN for the feature, Connie + Kent, and all those involved in this wonderful wedding! Cheers!


Planner: Simply Elegant Group

Wedding Dress: Wedding Shoppe, Inc. | Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown

Photography: Adam Kennedy Photography

Blooms: Thristle Floral

Catering: Mintahoe

Venue: Nicollet Island Pavilion

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Black Tie Bridesmaid Dresses by Bill Levkoff

Your big day is quickly approaching and you’re looking for the perfect complementary bridesmaid dresses to suit your black tie affair. The problem is: you want glam…on a budget. Don’t we all! Luckily, we’ve got an easy solution for you! With Bill Levkoff’s flattering silhouettes and elegant designs, you’re sure to find exactly what you’ve been looking for!

So keep reading to learn more about what exactly is considered black tie wedding attire, plus 15 of our favorite black tie bridesmaid dresses from Bill Levkoff…all under $200!

Jessica Renae Photography

Jessica Renae Photography


The rules of black tie bridesmaids attire.

Ah. The age old question. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve encountered an invitation with a dress code and thought to myself, “what the heck does that even mean?” I mean…I once went to an event and the dress code was ‘Snappy Casual’. Really?

So what exactly IS appropriate when it comes to black tie bridesmaid dresses? It’s quite simple really and probably not to all that far off from what you were already planning to outfit your ‘maids in.

Choose dark colors for understated, flattering fashion.

Black tie attire is all about creating a classic, timeless look. That being said, avoid trendy colors when picking out your black tie bridesmaid dresses. Deep hues, such as navy, black, charcoal, or plum, look sophisticated and regal. These options perfectly complement a formal affair, adding to the ambiance rather than detracting.

Pick classic cuts that will never go out of style.

V-necklines and long, a-line silhouettes are timeless designs that combine to create fabulous, formal gowns. Choose a one-shoulder neckline or cap sleeves for a unique style, without losing support.

Luckily, Bill Levkoff dresses were literally made to flatter. From the cut of their waistlines to their use of soft ruching and cummerbunds, these are styles that your girls will feel 100% comfortable and beautiful in. Also, if your ‘maids are are looking to really flatter their mid-section, search for looks with plenty of ruching to highlight what you love and hide what you don’t.

Long gowns are forever chic.

There’s just something so classic and elegant about a floor length bridesmaid dress. Typically, a long gown is preferred for a black tie event, so no matter the silhouette – a-line, sheath, fit-n-flare, etc. – floor length dresses are the most appropriate.

However, a short, chic cocktail dress is totally okay too! Just keep the cleavage to a minimum and just know – when it comes to weddings, there is such a thing as showing too much leg!

15 affordable black tie bridesmaid dresses you’ll love.

A ‘Black Tie Wedding’ may sound spendy, but trust me – it doesn’t have to be! In fact, Bill Levkoff offers elegant, timeless designs that won’t break your bridesmaid’s banks!

The best part about the Bill Levkoff collection? Variety! From the various necklines, fabrics, silhouettes, and more – each bridesmaid can choose a style that works best for her, or you can style each ‘maid in the same dress! Whether you’re looking for strapless, lace, sequins, or straps, you’re sure to find a style you’ll love!

A long chiffon v-neck bridesmaid dress | Bill Levkoff 768 | The Wedding Shoppe

This classic V-neck style is the epitome of a timeless bridesmaid dress. The flowing chiffon fabric of Bill Levkoff 768 is extremely elegant and the ruched waistband creates an extra flattering figure. Available in 40+ colors, you’re sure to find the perfect hue for your black tie event!

A long chiffon bridesmaid dress with a high illusion neckline | Bill LEvkoff 1114 | The Wedding Shoppe

Your ‘maids will adore the sophistication of style 1114. This long chiffon gown has a high, sheer neckline that not only looks completely classic, but offers extra support and comfort for a long day of festivities! Bill Levkoff 1114 has a pleated waistband around the tummy area to hide those imperfections that so many of us are looking to cover up! It’s definitely a style your ‘maids will thank you for!

A lace and chiffon bridesmaid dress that's perfectly romantic | Bill Levkoff 1172 | The Wedding Shoppe

Not to sound cheesy, but Bill Levkoff 1172 is literally what bridesmaid dress dreams are made of! With the lace-top bodice and long chiffon skirt, this gown is the perfect combo of romantic and chic. Not to mention, this gown is available in all of the dreamy deep hues you could possibly want for a black tie affair!

A sophisticated one-shoulder bridesmaid dress for a black tie wedding | Bill Levkoff 1178 | The Wedding Shoppe

Bill Levkoff 1178 isn’t your normal one-shoulder gown. This glamorous sheath style hangs close to the hips and gathers at the waist for that perfect hour-glass shape! Our favorite detail of this gown is the chic cut-out in the one-shoulder neckline.

A long chiffon bridesmaid dress with cap sleeves and an illusion back | Bill Levkoff 1124 | The Wedding Shoppe

Looking for a style to flatter all of your ‘maids? With its high-cut waistline and cap-sleeve straps, Bill Levkoff 1124 is the perfect option to style all of your girls. The back is covered in a sheer chiffon and has a row of buttons that go down the middle – can it get any more chic than that?

A sparkly sequin bridesmaid dress for a black tie wedding | Bill Levkoff 1419 | The Wedding Shoppe

If you’re searching for something unique and sparkly, you’ll adore this sheath style made of a sequin net fabric – perfect for metallic weddings! Bill Levkoff 1419 has elegant cap sleeves and a high, bateau neckline that creates the perfect combination for an elegant event! Available in 8 stunning shades, this gown is picture-perfect!

A long chiffon v-neck bridesmaid dress to impress at a black tie wedding event! | Bill Levkoff 1162 | The Wedding Shoppe

There’s just something about a V-neck bridesmaid dress that every girl loves. And rightfully so! Bill Levkoff 1162 is stunning chiffon, A-line gown that’s available in 40+ colors to outfit your big day. The best part about this dress? The high waistline forms a slight V-shape, which makes it extra slimming and is especially fitting for pregnant bridesmaids!

A long chiffon one-shoulder bridesmaid dress with a sheer neckline and side slit | Bill Levkoff 1203 | The Wedding Shoppe

Is is just me or do one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses just scream class to you? The Bill Levkoff 1203 gown looks like something straight off of a red carpet, making it perfect for your black tie wedding! The sheer one-shoulder is off-set with a sexy, yet totally sophisticated side-slit that your ‘maids will love!

A modern, yet timeless black and white two-piece bridesmaid dress, perfect for a black tie wedding! | Bill Levkoff 7013

Now, I know I said that when it comes to black tie attire, timeless is key, but for those modern brides who want something a bit trendier, Bill Levkoff 7013 is definitely your dress! This two-piece satin gown brings you the best of both worlds and can I just say – I’m loving it in black and white!

A long sequin bridesmaid dress for a formal wedding event | Bill Levkoff 1262 | The Wedding Shoppe

Sequins are the epitome of glamour and feminism so what better than to style your ‘maids in sparkles for your black tie event? Bill Levkoff 1262 is a sheath gown with a high square neckline finished with super delicate spaghetti straps. It’s comfortable, moveable, and available in 4 gorgeous colors for your big day.

A sleek and sophisticated long chiffon bridesmaid | Bill Levkoff 1403 | The Wedding Shoppe

I’m a sucker for a high, illusion neckline so Bill Levkoff 1403 definitely hits the mark for me! This chiffon gown is a flattering style to outfit all of your girls and with the support neckline, there’ll be no need to worry about hiking up your dress all night long!

A long tulle bridesmaid dress with a chic v-neckline and self-tie back | Bill Levkoff 1420 | The Wedding Shoppe

Perfect for warm-weather black tie events, Bill Levkoff 1420 is made of a soft, breathable English net that’s literally picture-perfect. The gorgeous V-neckline is perfectly flattering for any figure and the wrapped straps come together to create a criss-cross detail that ties in the back.

A sleek chiffon bridesmaid dress with a high, halter neckline | Bill Levkoff 7007 | The Wedding Shoppe

Bill Levkoff 7007 is the perfect option if you’re looking for a gown that’s sleek and sophisticated. The flat chiffon bodice and skirt is unlike most bridesmaid gowns on the market that are covered in ruching, pleating, and cummerbunds. This sleek style features a halter, spaghetti strap neckline and is one of the most inexpensive from the collection!

A long chiffon strapless bridesmaid dress with a ruffled slit | Bill Levkoff 1134 | The Wedding Shoppe

Strapless gowns are becoming a rare find these days as straps have really taken over the bridesmaid market. However, if you’re looking for an elegant strapless bridesmaid dress, this long chiffon gown featuring a ruffled slit is the perfect combination of timeless and trendy. Bill Levkoff 1134 is definitely a style your girls will love to wear!

A long chiffon bridesmaid dress with a strappy criss-cross neckline | Bill Levkoff 1405 | The Wedding Shoppe

Bill Levkoff 1405 is a strappy bridesmaid dress that combines unconventional details with timeless fashion. The spaghetti strap, criss-cross neckline is perfectly unique, but flows into an elegant A-line skirt. I can guarantee, this is a style your bridesmaids will be excited about!


Accessorizing bridesmaid dresses for a black tie wedding.

When it comes to accessorizing your bridesmaid dresses for a black tie affair, it totally depends on your wedding style and how glam you plan for the event to be! We all know that less is more, but if you’re going full Hollywood-glam, you might want your girls to complement that as well.

Consider a chic strand of pearls or a sparkly pendant necklace to really jazz up a simple chiffon gown. Personally, I would stray from doing anything overly trendy, such as a chunky necklace or anything that’s too colorful.

For shoes, stick with classic shades such as nude, black, silver, or gold. Besides, those will be the easiest colors for your ‘maids to find! Obviously, shoes are a fun and easy way to incorporate a pop of color, so if you do so, I’d recommend having each girl in the same shoe for a timeless, cohesive look.

Hair and makeup should be kept classic and elegant. Up-do’s and large, glamorous curls are always a great choice and are definitely black-tie appropriate. For makeup, stick to minimal color on the eyes, black eyeliner, bold lashes, and either a neutral or classic red lip.

Finding your perfect bridesmaid dress.

Black tie weddings are forever classic and trust me – they aren’t going anywhere! When searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the big day, be sure to choose a style that not only perfectly flatters each and every one of your girls, but complements YOU as well.

Tell us – would you outfit your ‘maids in any of these gorgeous Bill Levkoff gowns for you wedding day? Leave a comment below letting us know which styles speak to you or if you’re going with something entirely different for your black tie event!

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11 Wedding Dresses for the Daring Bride

Your mother might flash you a disapproving look, your grandmother might wince or raise an eyebrow, and your soon-to-be mother-in-law might scowl, but the truth is, the only person who needs to love your wedding dress is you! If you’re a confident, modern woman with a sexy sense of spirit, you should embrace the style you love every day—including your wedding day! If you’re ready to take your wedding day style by the reigns and blow everyone’s minds with a plunging V-neckline, an open back, or a high slit, check out these 11 wedding dresses for the daring bride who’s not afraid to flaunt her curves or show some skin!

Calla Blanche Jocelyn

11 Wedding Dresses for the Daring Bride

Ladies, let’s get one thing straight: sexy doesn’t mean sleazy. I’m not suggesting that you perform your nuptials in a strapless, skin-tight mini dress (that is, unless you want to). What I am suggesting is that you embrace your personal style and find a wedding dress that makes you feel like the glamorous woman you are. Would it be you to wear an A-line gown with a bateau neckline? Probably not. Would you feel like yourself if you made your way down the aisle in a short sleeve princess ball gown? Highly unlikely. If you prefer a touch of sex appeal to classic, timeless tradition, these 11 wedding dresses are ones you’re sure to love!

1. Go Ahead, Show Some Skin

It’s true, there’s something sexy about leaving something to the imagination. No matter what the occasion is, there’s no need to flaunt skin from head to toe—you should always aim to play up one feature or another. If you have super long legs that you never want to hide, try a mini dress with long sleeves. If you’ve got incredible cleavage, opt for a plunging V-neckline with a long skirt that covers your bottom half. If you’ve spent hundreds of hours working on your six pack abs, consider a two-piece design or a cropped top that calls attention to your best assets. No matter what your favorite body part is, it’s okay to flaunt it and show some skin on your wedding day.

Calla Blanche Harper

An open, cut out back, sheer illusion accents, and a plunging V-neckline make this embroidered lace gown the perfect choice for any daring bride. A sheer skirt with sparkling beadwork lets you show your legs as well, making it much-loved by women who want to take their wedding day style to the next level.

CallaBlanche-Harper CallaBlanche-Harper-back

Allure 9409

Sure, the front has a pretty sweetheart neckline that plunges a bit lower than most, but the real highlight of this dress is the racy open back. In a sheath silhouette made from lace and English net, this gown strikes the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated, making it ideal for the modern bride who wants a classic look with a modern twist.

Allure-9409-back Allure-9409

Calla Blanche Jocelyn

Offering a gorgeous look in lace and tulle, this trumpet gown features a deep V-neckline, a low V-back, and a high front slit that lets you show off your legs (and a great pair of bridal shoes!)

CallaBlanche-Jocelyn CallaBlanche-Jocelyn-back

2. Forget Short and Sweet—Opt for Short and Sexy

Opting for a short hemline is perhaps the easiest way to pull of a sexy look for your wedding day. Whether you’re having a casual affair or a somewhat traditional celebration, the Wedding Shoppe offers a variety of short wedding dresses for the daring bride who wants to show her legs!

 Encore by Watters Iris

This lace sheath is perfect for the fuss-free bride who wants to exude confidence and show off her amazing legs. In lace with a short scalloped hemline, this dress boasts a V-neckline and a cut out back that makes it look incredible from every angle.

Encore-Iris Encore-Iris-back

Casablanca 2169S

With a scalloped off the shoulder neckline and long sleeves, this dress offers undeniable sex appeal in a fitted sheath silhouette. The sculpted sweetheart bodice adds feminine charm, while the short hem lets you show off those legs!

Casablanca-2169S Casablanca-2169S-back

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Lyra

Can’t decide whether you want a short dress or a long gown? This two-piece design offers the best of both worlds in a strapless sweetheart silhouette with a detachable sheer A-line skirt. It’s a perfect choice for the bride who wants one look for her ceremony and a completely different style for her reception.

DavidTutera-Lyra DavidTutera-Lyra with skirt

3. Take the Plunge In Front, Back, or Both

Whether you prefer a dress that plunges in the front, dips low in the back, or lets you show skin from every angle, plunging necklines are much-loved by brides who want to flaunt their best assets. From fit and flare silhouettes to sleek sheath designs, plunging necklines and low plunge backs can turn the simplest of silhouettes into eye-catching designs.

Ashley and Justin 10471

Stunning in a combination of lace and chiffon, this fit and flare gown features a plunging V-neckline and a deep V-back, making it look simply gorgeous from every angle. A short sweeping train maintains a sense of timeless elegance, while the plunging bodice and back let you show just the right amount of skin.

Ashley & Justin-10471 Ashley & Justin-10471-back

Casablanca B055

In an elegant sheath silhouette crafted from silky smooth charmeuse, this gown offers Hollywood-inspired glamour for the modern bride with a love for vintage-inspired style. A draped cowl neckline and a draped back make it look undeniably elegant from every angle.

Casablanca-B055-back Casablanca-B055

Tara Keely TK2450

Proving that you don’t have to bare it all to pull off a sexy look, this fit and flare gown wows in an elegant combination of crepe and lace. The smooth figure-flaunting skirt lets you show your curves while the long sleeve lace bodice and plunging V-neckline let you show more than your fair share of skin.

TaraKeely-TK2450 TaraKeely-TK2450-back

4. Two Pieces May Be Better Than One

While you don’t always have to show skin to show your sexy sense of style, the right two-piece design will let you do exactly that. From two-piece gowns that are made to go together to separate pieces that can be mixed and matched with different tops and bottoms, the two-piece silhouette is perfect for the bride who just can’t resist a crop top.

Sottero and Midgley Alliett Skirt & Jude Top

Pairing the Alliett skirt and the Jude top is a surefire way to exude elegance, confidence, and sex appeal on your wedding day. The satin Alliett skirt features a chic sheath silhouette with a chapel train and a ruched back, while the cropped and beaded Jude top lets you show hints of skin and bare your midriff. Combined, they create a truly modern silhouette that bucks tradition and offers incredibly sexy style.

Sottero&Midgley-Jude top-Alliett skirt Sottero&Midgley-Jude top-Alliett skirt-back

Sottero and Midgley Fiona

Long sleeves offer elegance, while a cropped fit lets you show plenty of skin, making this two-piece gown an ideal choice for the daring modern bride. You may not immediately think that a satin and lace gown with a bateau neckline would look sexy, but when the top is cropped and the lace includes illusion accents, well, there’s almost nothing sexier than that.

Sottero&Midgley-Fiona Sottero&Midgley-Fiona-back (1)

If you’re searching for wedding dresses for the daring bride, the Wedding Shoppe has these looks (and dozens more!) to suit your sense of style and reflect your personal aesthetic. Shop these looks and other similar designs now to find the sexy wedding dress of your dreams!

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Modern Wedding Etiquette: A Complete Guide

This ain’t your mama’s wedding. It’s 2017, and times have changed dramatically since the days of your folks’ traditional celebration, thanks to new trends and modern technology.

While many of the old rules of wedding etiquette remain unchanged – wearing white to a wedding remains a major no-no, and it’s still not OK to ask for a plus one – the modern era has dictated quite a few new ones. Read on for all you need to know about our changing times, and the new rules of wedding etiquette for both the couple and their guests.

bride and groom holding hands

Brian Bossany Photography

Modern Wedding Etiquette: A Complete Guide

For the Couple:

Think Before You Tweet

You’re newly engaged, completely drunk in love, and so happy, you want to shout it from the rooftops – or more likely, from your social media accounts. As tempting as it may be to share the news in an instant with anyone and everyone, it’s just not the same for those closest to you to read about your big news in a social post, and older family members without social media access may miss the memo altogether. Share the news of your engagement privately with family and close friends before hitting Instagram with those shiny new ring pics to show your nearest and dearest know how important they are to you.

bride and groom announcing engagement

One One Photography

Rethink the Registry

Back in the day, most couples were likely to marry young, leaving them to create a life together after tying to the knot, hence the gift registry. But since couples are now marrying older and older, they’re likely to have already built a life for themselves – and that includes the stuff. Receiving kitchen appliances and linens isn’t necessary for the couple that has already set up home together, which is why asking for monetary gifts has become de rigeur. Just be sure to let guests know what it’s being put toward – for example, a honeymoon or a home upgrade – so they can be sure their money will be handled with care.

Stick to Paper

Traditional paper is still the gold standard as far as wedding invitations go, even in the age of digital everything. In a time when email has become our go-to form of communication, a physical invitation to your wedding celebration offers a special touch, letting it stand out amongst the hundred of digital communications your guests wade through each day. That said, digital invites are just fine for all of the pre- and post-wedding festivities, including the rehearsal dinner and morning-after brunch. Some couples may also opt to collect RSVPs through email or a dedicated website, rather than by paper return cards.

wedding stationary

Rene Tate Photography

Share the Wealth

Once upon a time, it was common practice for the bride’s family to absorb the entire cost of the wedding, no questions asked. But weddings today can be quite pricey. So while it’s perfectly fine for the bride’s family to accept the responsibility, but it’s no longer a must. Instead, many couples are opting to let the bride’s family foot the bill for just a portion of the wedding festivities, or have the groom’s family chip in if they so choose. Alternately, some couples opt to forgo the inevitable family drama entirely, instead paying for the whole shebang themselves.

Boys vs. Girls

Gone are the days of bridesmaids and groomsmen, divided strictly by gender on either side of the altar. Couples everywhere are embracing co-ed wedding parties with open arms, inviting their bridesmen and groomsmaids to share their special day right beside them as they recite their vows. After all, it’s about sharing the moment with those closest to you, regardless of gender.

mixed gender wedding party

Steena Anne Photography 

Dress Outside the Box

Did you know that wedding gowns weren’t always traditionally white? Until Queen Victoria walked down the aisle in a white dress in 1840, brides wore gowns of all shades, with red being a particularly popular choice. In the modern age, it’s easy to kick it really old school, what with the variety of colorful and printed bridal options available. Have a little bit of fun in a lavender frock, like the Ashley & Justin 10466, or rock a bold floral print like the David Tutera for Mon Cheri Orabelle to really wow the crowd!

Ashley & Justin10466 David Tutera Orabelle


Let’s face it – we’re in the golden age of the hashtag. It’s all but guaranteed that guests will get to posting from the start of the festivities right through the last dance, so why not give ‘em an easy way to contribute their snapshots to one cohesive feed? Create a wedding hashtag, and share it early and often for a one-click way to capture memories of the big day.

wedding hashtag

Amy E Photography

For the Guests:

Keep it Private

As excited as you may be for your newly betrothed pals, it’s never a good idea to scoop the couple. Rather than taking to Facebook, congratulate the couple privately, and be sure to wait until they’ve announced their engagement news publicly to post anything to your social media feeds. They may be holding their posts for any number of reasons, like sharing the news with family first, so beating them to the punch is a major faux pas.

Instant Gratification

You’ve received your wedding invitation in the mail. You’re excited. You instinctively reach for your cell phone to shoot your pals an “I’ll be there!” email or text, reply card be damned. Why make the couple wait forever for your response when they can have it in an instant? But hold your horses – they’ve enclosed that reply card for a reason. Collecting responses from hundreds of invited guests is a carefully cultivated art, and you’re throwing a big ol’ wrench right into it. Send your reply in whatever form it’s requested, whether it’s by snail mail or otherwise, to help your pals collect replies all in one place.

Back in Black

Wearing black to a wedding used to be a no-no, as wearing the mournful hue to an affair that’s intended to be joyous was once considered taboo. But the rules of dressing have become a bit more lax, so unless the couple has specifically requested that guests leave the black duds at home, feel free to rock ‘em. Just stay away from anything funeral, and be sure to wear a style that’s appropriate for the specific occasion. Still not sure if your all-black ensemble is kosher? Just liven it up with a brightly hued shoe or a bold piece of jewelry for a playful pop of color!

black bridesmaid dresses with jewel-toned shoes

Tandem Tree Photography 

To Post or Not to Post?

As we’ve already covered, many couples today embrace the wedding hashtag as a quick and easy way to aggregate dozens of photos, and encourage their guests to snap away. That said, not every couple welcomes social media on their big day. Perhaps they prefer to be the first to post wedding news, or it could be that they simply want their guests to remain engaged. Either way, respect the couple’s wishes regarding photos and social posts, and if you’re not sure, just ask the couple or a close family member.

Be in the Moment

Unplugged wedding or not, the couple has invited you to share their special day with them, not to tap away on your phone all day. Posting a few pics here and there is fine (with permission from the couple, of course), but for the most part, you should be ditching the devices and enjoying the celebration that the couple has planned. Odds are, you’ve been seated with guests with whom the couple thought you might click, so keep your phone in your purse or pocket and start socializing!

Jeannine Marie (1)

Jeannine Marie Photography

When in Doubt, Don’t

You’re channeling your inner Gisele, but the bride looks like she’s holding in a sneeze. No matter how much you love a certain photo, don’t post an unflattering pic of the couple or any of their guests. The newlyweds want to remember every picture-perfect moment. As much as you may be feeling your look in that one snap, keep it to yourself if you think they may not be into it.

Stay Out of the Way

Even if the couple welcomes your amateur photography skills with open arms, don’t forget that they’ve likely hired a professional as well. So be mindful of him or her, and for god’s sake, stay out of the way! Is there anything worse than a sea of cell phones ruining the beautiful professional shots of the big day?

Sure, weddings today can be far more relaxed, but there are still rules that apply. Just follow our advice, and you’ll be fine!

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8 Reasons to Fall in Love With a Ball Gown

Look.  I get it.  Maybe you weren’t actually looking for ball gown wedding dresses when you walked into the bridal salon.  Maybe you were thinking more in a sheath or A-line direction.

But then you saw that dress, and now you’re trying to talk yourself out of …A sweeping skirt.  A classic bodice.  A jaw-dropping silhouette.  A stunning ball gown that has the nerve to be totally dreamy.

Calla Blanche Carrie

8 Reasons to Fall in Love With a Ball Gown

If you’re a bride-to-be who is at all insecure or nervous (or whose relatives have a lot of opinions about the gown for the big day), you’re likely to second-guess yourself about the dress.  So much expectation and socialization is wrapped up in the main part of your wedding ensemble, and you’re likely to find you have some expectations around that – expectations you weren’t even aware of until you started narrowing down your dress options.

Plus, it’s a shopping experience, and while shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the biggest pleasures of wedding planning, it’s normal for some stress to creep in.  You’re making a big decision that will be immortalized in photos.  No matter what your body type, you might be feeling some pressure to drape it just right (and since ball gowns look great on every shape, they’re likely to be the style that tempts you!)

Gowns that are in any way attention-getting or over-the-top can bring out those common bridal worries, making it more difficult to feel decisive when you’re choosing the dress.  And there’s nothing more charismatic than a ball gown wedding dress.

Allure Women W393 Allure 9425

And I’m here to tell you: Just get the ball gown.

“But I’ll look like a meringue!” you cry, having watched Four Weddings and a Funeral all too recently.  “Or like I’m trying to be a princess, a bridezilla!  My look will overpower that of my soon-to-be-spouse!  I’ll have to dress my bridesmaids in something that will make them curse my name!  Surely I must consider these things before I choose, of all the wedding dresses, a ball gown!”

Let us give you that nudge toward following your heart on this … with eight reasons to fall in love with a ball gown already.

Reason #1: You deserve it.

You have a list of reasons you can’t splurge or go beyond the understated when you pick your wedding dress.  Maybe you’ve spent lots of time working your legs and you feel guilty about hiding them.  Maybe you’re invested in people thinking of you as low-maintenance and super-practical, and you worry a fantasy bridal look might contrast with that image.  Maybe all the pictures you marked in the magazine were tea-length A-lines, and you’ve already kind of hinted that’s what you’re looking for.

Now take a deep breath and let those reasons go. It’s your wedding. If you love that ball gown, you deserve to wear that ball gown, and everyone will think you look fantastic in it.

Reason #2: Ball gowns aren’t that over-the-top, anyway.

Yes, yes, all the jokes comparing stuck-up brides to French pastries or decadent aristocracy assume a fluffy ball gown wedding dress.  But it’s not the dress that makes it so!  The cheap laughs come because ball gowns are instantly recognizable as wedding dresses.  There are other occasions you might wear a white sheath, but a full-on gown?  That says “bride” very clearly, so it’s a simple shorthand in wedding-themed comedies.

In reality, ball gowns can be crisp and clean-lined, too, like Calla Blanche’s plunging vintage-modern Paulette.

Calla Blanche Paulette Calla Blanche Paulette-back

Look for shantung, dupioni, or Mikado silks to get this look, as they often have that evening-ready polish.

But if you’re all about romance, embroidered tulle and organza will fit the bill – and you are not going to look like a dessert.  Trust.

Reason #3: There’s so much style variation.

Want a romantic, straight-out-of-a-Victorian-novel wedding aesthetic?  There’s a ball gown for you.  (Casablanca 2194 has my attention for that look.)

Maybe you prefer the exact opposite: something modern and theatrical, very much you, and a little unexpected.  There’s a ball gown that suits that look, too.  (Dharma by Sottero and Midgley?  Be still, my heart – and it’s a two-piece!)

Casablanca 2194 Sottero & Midgley Dharma

Reason #4: You really could dance all night.

If you’re planning a rocking club dance party, you might want to pick something shorter for the reception, but if you’re taking waltz lessons with your honey, a ball gown is just the thing to show it off.

Imagine your skirt sweeping along the floor, swirling around you in the perfect turn.  Well, it takes a traditionally structured dress to get that kind of drama, and ball gowns are just the ticket.

Reason #5: They’re unbelievably flattering on just about everyone.

What’s your body type?  Never mind – there’s a ball gown that brings it out just right.

Curvier women often find they’ve never looked better than when they don the grace and gravitas of a ball gown (with a full skirt and fitted bodice to emphasize the waist and bust).

Taller girls get an angelic, statuesque effect when they accentuate their height with a wide, floor-skimming hemline.

And petite frames get all-eyes-on-me scale from a ball gown – just pick a curve-enhancing neckline so the dress doesn’t overwhelm a smaller lady.

And if you’ve discovered you love yourself in layers of tulle, but can’t let go of a sexy figure-hugging fit, there are always dropped-waist ball gowns with elongated, sculpted bodices – like the drama-rich Allure Couture C405.

Allure-Couture-C405 Allure-Couture-C405-back

Reason #6: Two words: Full coverage.

Maybe you’re just more comfortable covered up.  Maybe conservative family members in the front row of the groom’s side, or the priest who has performed all your sacraments and intends to do this one, are lovingly cramping your style.  Maybe your dream venue had a great booking deal … in mid-January.

There are many reasons to look for a modest cut that still feels glamorous and special, and ball gowns are where you’ll find that winning combo!  (But if you also want to look sexy at the reception … even the skimpiest ball gown bodice looks great with a jacket or crop top layered over it.)

Reason #7: It actually gives you more options for bridesmaids’ dresses.

The rule of thumb for wedding parties is that your bridesmaids should wear a slightly less formal silhouette than the bride (unless you’re going with the same cut in a different color, but hardly anyone does that in the twenty-first century).  Some brides balk from ball gowns because their ‘maids have requested a simpler style they can wear again, and they fear that understated bridesmaids won’t look right with a ball-gowned bride.

However, a ball gown for the bride can actually expand the options for bridesmaids.  Suddenly a floor-length gown (which everyone can cut to their preferred length after the big day) makes a great tableau on either side of your bold, ballooning skirts.  Or if you want a short bridesmaid frock, why not go retro and pick out swingy 1950s-inspired dresses?  A ball gown can certainly hold its own with a flock of petticoated charmers in the wedding party!  And cool accessories won’t compete with a glamorous old-world silhouette for attention at the altar.

Maggie Sottero Meryl Allure Romance 3006

Reason #8: When will you get another chance?

It’s overwhelmingly likely that you’ll only wear your wedding dress once, and you might as well make it count!  How often in your adult life are you going to get to wear a skirt that grand?  Carpe diem!

If what you really want is a sexy blush mermaid gown that will make Aunt Prudence gasp, you should find a way to make it work, right?  If what you really want is an artsy couture dress with daring asymmetry, your wedding is the time to get what you truly desire.

And if what you truly desire is a ball gown, well … I think I’ve made it pretty clear you’ve got me on your side!

Do you have a Pinterest board full of ball gowns, or are you lukewarm about the lavish style?  How do you think a ball gown wedding dress can be best accessorized?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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7 Reasons Marriage is Pretty Awesome

Whether you’re hoping for an upcoming proposal, beaming at your ring because you recently got engaged, or stressing out because you’re getting hitched this weekend, a lot of women think that their wedding day is the thing most worth looking forward to about marriage. Of course your wedding day will be a momentous and memorable occasion, but the best days are those that come in the weeks, months, and years that follow. Aside from having the wedding of your dreams, here are seven other reasons marriage is pretty awesome (and believe me, there are more!)

bride and groom

Laura Ivanova Photography

7 Reasons Marriage is Pretty Awesome

1. You Know Someone Loves You as Much as You Love Them

You know that giddy feeling you had when you first got engaged? Remember how you spent every waking minute staring at your ring, watching it glisten, holding your hand up to the light to see it sparkle from every angle? And then, after a few days, it became a part of you, almost like something you’d owned forever. It will always be special because it’s the physical symbol of your love…the reminder of that OMG moment when you originally said yes. Well that feeling you had when you first got engaged doesn’t even hold a candle to the feeling you’ll have when you look your love in the eyes and say “husband” or “wife” for the first time.

As a hopeless romantic, I have to believe that most people get married for love. Sure, some people make the commitment for other reasons (money, practicality, children, pressure from family, friends, and society), but most of us get married for love. No matter how long you’ve been together, once you say those vows, everything changes. You look at each other in a new light. You call each other husband or wife. You can’t believe that you are lucky enough to have found someone who loves you as much as you love them. It’s a pretty awesome feeling!

groom kissing bride on forehead

Mad Chicken Studio

2. You Get to Spend Every Day with Your Best Friend

Often, the strongest marriages are those that are based as much on friendship as they are on love. My husband and I lived together for seven years before making it official, and as our love and respect for one another grew, so did our friendship. Friendship takes time to cultivate and grow, and the more time you spend with someone you enjoy, the more likely you are to let down your guard.

It becomes okay to cry uncontrollably when you hear a certain song. There’s no shame in acting silly when the situation calls for it. Then there are the little things like sharing inside jokes that only the two of you think are funny, quoting unknown movie lines to one another that no one else understands, or feeling the need to dance and sing out loud to that favorite old song every time you hear it.

bride and groom laughing

Maison Meredith Photography 

Getting to spend endless hours and days with your best friend is one of the most amazing things about being married. Knowing that you have someone beside you who is always willing to indulge in pancakes on a Sunday morning, who will always take your side (even when you both know you’re wrong), who will always let you taste whatever they ordered for dinner, who will let you warm your toes beneath them in bed on a cold, snowy night—those are the best feelings of all. It’s the little things that make time spent with your best friend so amazing. When you’re married, those little moments all of a sudden seem to take on so much more importance than they did when you were just dating.

3. Support That Comes Without Question

I knew my husband was the one when, on a whim, I walked away from a successful and lucrative corporate career to become a freelance writer. I’ll never forget that day when I called him and told him that I had quit my job, planned to live on my savings for a while, and intended to embark on a brand new career (with no guarantee of money, security, or success). He looked at me like I was crazy, but he took my hand and said “I’ll support you no matter what you want to do.” And he meant it. He believed in me, possibly more than I believed in myself, and his support meant everything at that moment and for the months that followed.

To this day, he encourages and supports me no matter what spur-of-the-moment decisions I make and no matter how hasty I may sometimes be. I encourage and support him as well, and I always will. It’s this type of uncompromised devotion and belief in one another that makes marriage (and true love) so awesome!

groom holding bride

Tandem Tree Photography

4. Getting to Build an Honest, Real Relationship

There is something undeniably exciting about meeting a new love interest for the first time. You take that extra time to primp and prep for a first (or second, or third) date, you feel those butterflies in your stomach when you enjoy that first kiss, and you try to suppress that little smile that comes across your lips every time you get his phone call or text message.

But no matter how exciting those initial feelings can be, there is almost nothing as exciting as getting those texts or planning those dates with your husband or wife. If you know how to keep things fresh—and you must!—then you’ll never miss that first date excitement or first kiss bliss. You’ll get to experience it each and every day as you build an honest, meaningful relationship that continues to grow with time.

bride and groom about to kiss

Laura Lee Photography

5. The Sex is Amazing

I won’t go into graphic detail here about where, when, or how my husband and I do it, but I will say this—having sex with your spouse is perhaps the greatest thing of all. Sharing yourself in that way with someone who already holds a dear place in your heart and mind is one the most beautiful expressions of love one can experience. We had a great sex life for years before we were even engaged, but since we’ve gotten married, it’s just that much better!

6. Your Family Instantly Grows

If you like your in-laws (and thankfully, I do!) then the joining of your two families can be an amazing and joyous thing. Family is perhaps the most important thing of all, and it’s a beautiful feeling knowing that you now have that many more people on your side to be there for both the good times and bad.

7. Knowing Someone Will Be There When You’re Old and Sick

Aging is a fact of life. The smartest among us have yet to figure out how to avoid the inevitable, and it’s likely that no one ever will. But when you’re married, you instantly feel that you have someone by your side who will be there with you no matter what. Whether you’re old and gray or young and ailing, knowing that someone has made the commitment to endure the span of time with you, well, there’s almost nothing more romantic than that.

bride and groom in a medow

One One Photography

Marriage is pretty amazing! Whether you’re anticipating a proposal or planning your wedding day at this very moment, getting married really does change your life. As a newlywed, I’m still living with that blissful, dreamy feeling of disbelief mixed with romance and surprise, but I believe that if you truly find your soulmate in this life, then marriage can feel that way forever. Feeling that special bond and commitment to another person, expressing yourself in every way possible without critique or judgement, and knowing that your best friend will always be by your side—these are just a few reasons marriage is pretty awesome (and believe me, there are more!)

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