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Real Wedding – Jenny Postle and Hannah Cope’s Vibrant London Wedding At Asylum, Peckham

29 years old Jenny Postle and 33 years old Hannah Cope got married at  Asylum in Peckham,

London followed by a reception at The Chainstore in Trinity Buoy
Wharf on 8th July 2016. She says:


The first thing we decided on was the venue. It gave us
structure to start to plan around. We wanted quite a blank space to
put our own stamp on it; Asylum really packs a punch from the
second you walk through the door and the views at Trinity Buoy
Wharf were perfect.

We achieved our aim to throw a colourful, fun wedding with lots
of balloons, vibrant flowers, painted tablecloths and garlands. We
purposely didn’t have a colour palette to avoid anything too

Ashish created my veil for me from a
sequin-embroidered fabric design from their Spring/Summer 2014
show. As soon as I thought about the veil I’d like, this design
popped into my head. It was custom-made in India, and absolutely

To look for my dress, I went to some bridal shops but found it
hard to find anything that worked with my hourglass figure, so
Belinda at Beyond Burlesque make a bespoke dress that fitted
perfectly. Hannah’s suit was a men’s Missoni suit, which was cut to
her shape by the in-house tailors. She had to fly out for the
fittings but it was totally worth it.

We got married in London but we are
both originally from the Midlands, which inspired our
favours. We gave our guests Thornton’s chocolates (which are made
in Hannah’s Derbyshire village, Swanwick) and Gray’s Herbal Tablets
from my native Black Country.

For our first dance, we ran a lottery. Everyone paid a pound to
suggest a song in of their choice on the promise we would dance to
whatever was pulled out, and all the money was donated to LGBT
charities in Wolverhampton and Derbyshire. Spice Up Your
 was the winner!

My top tip: Use your friends and family! And I
know everyone says it but enjoy yourself. It’s over before you know


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” The Best Wedding Ever ” – Kamani and Jim’s Wondeful Real Wedding


Let’s get to know this pretty wedding.

MART8733MART8745MART8816MART8717 MART8862MART8888 MART8934

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was officiated by a local Scottish pastor dressed in authentic Scottish kilt attire.  It took place on the terrace of a French chateau turned winery and is inspiration to Coco Chanel’s renowned logo.  Perched atop a French mountainside, our 50 guests had sweeping views of the French Riviera.  Guests who traveled from all over the US and UK were spoiled to a weeklong schedule of events that included coastal day trips to Monaco in a champagne laced limo bus and Champagne brunch in a private garden in the famous Villa de Ephrussi de Rothschild.  The event has since been dubbed by our guests as “The Best Wedding Ever”.


The Reception
Our garden cocktail reception featured a live cooking show of foie gras and fresh sushi, paired with local French Rose champagne and a buffet of French cheeses.  Our guests toured the wine cellars and vineyards while being served hors d’oeuvres and overlooking the pink & gold sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.  Our dinner reception in the Salon Antoine Mari was fitting of the ‘Marie Antoinette’ vintage theme and featured local Nicoise infused aperitifs and cuisine.  The vineyard’s recent production of Chateau de Cremat red, white and rose wines decorated the candlelit tables.  The lavender laced wedding cake and French pastries complimented the entire French Riviera wedding experience where I danced in my red bottoms until 3am.

MART0017MART0021MART9856 MART9999MART0023Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Marta SzczesniakMART0136MART0210MART0294MART0345MART9927MART9853

Kamani’s Wedding Dress Search
I traveled to Washington DC with my bridesmaid to attend a trunk show for Hayley Paige.  I tried on 6 different designs and although they were beautiful and within my budget, it just didn’t feel perfect.  Then I made an appointment for a local bridal store in Fort Lauderdale where I tried on 3 Sophia Tolli dresses and was very keen on 1 particular design but I was stuck on Hayley Paige.  So I made another appointment for another bridal store in Boca Raton and tried on 3 more Hayley Paige designs, not completely pleased with any.  There happened to be a rose champagne color dress featured on mannequin that my bridesmaids and I complimented every time we walked past, but it was not the whimsical look I was going for.  It was more of a ball gown and my maid of honor reminded me that I was getting married in a French castle so why shouldn’t I look like a princess.  So I tried on the Romona Keveza Spring 2016 design it felt so much lighter and fit perfectly.  When I came out of the fitting room, it brought my guests to tears and I looked in the mirror and knew at the moment, I found THE dress!  I didn’t choose the dress.  It chose me!  It was waiting for me the whole time and it absolutely made me feel like royalty.

MART8927 MART9706MART9816 MART9465

How She Felt In Her Romona Keveza
Regal, Glamorous and Skinny LOL

MART9679 MART9393

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I looked for a used wedding dress for this design and because it’s from her Spring 2016 collection, I couldn’t find any.  I know someone looking to feel like a skinny princess on her wedding day will appreciate a newly released design that was well altered and enjoyed!  (That and we need to pay off a huge wedding & honeymoon debt!)



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Get Ready For Your Wedding – Experts’ Tricks For Avoiding Those Tantrums

Let’s get to know it.


1. Think easy breezy

‘If you know you’ll have lots of mini guests, consider a venue
where everything’s on one site, so parents aren’t stressed out with
travel time between the ceremony and reception,’ advises wedding
planner Jenna Hewitt ( who plans around 30
nuptials every year. ‘The ideal is outdoor space plus accommodation
(you could even consider tents), so kids can dip easily between
downtime in their rooms and the party zones.’

2. Be crystal clear

If you want to invite children but also ensure they’re kept
under control, you need to inform parents from the get-go, says
Jenna. ‘On your invites, try something like: “Children are welcome
but if you’d prefer to be carefree and let your hair down, leave
your little ones at home”. It will clarify that parents who keep an
eye on their children are welcome, but it’s also a great excuse for
those who want to be child-free for the day.’

3. Get savvy with your selection

‘It’s OK only to invite children of close family – many people
do – just make sure you send the appropriate invite to the right
guests,’ adds Jenna. ‘You don’t have to make allowances for other
parents – it’s your day.’

4. Reveal your running order

When Liz Mossop, 37, married David, 42, last year, 50 of their
200 guests were children aged from six weeks to 16 years. Fifty out
of 200! And nope, the couple weren’t even parents themselves at the
time. ‘We made the running order really clear on our invites, so
that all the parents knew what kind of entertainment we would
provide and the times when we’d be eating, meaning that they could
be prepared with snacks and distractions,’ says Liz.

5. Keep the ceremony sacred

The only tears you want
are the love-struck variety. So how do you lock down tiny howlers?
‘We had a church with a side-room – which many have – and we filled
it with toys and broadcast the service into there,’ says Liz. ‘In
the order of service we specifically asked guests to take their
children there if they couldn’t manage the ceremony, and the vicar
tactfully reiterated this before I walked down the aisle.’ Get your
ushers on board, too. ‘If the parents are part of the ceremony, sit
them at the front, but at the far end of the pew, so they can
evacuate in a hurry,’ says Jenna. ‘Put other families at the

6. Supply tricks and treats

‘Think stickers, puzzles,
crayons and colouring-in books,’ suggests Susie Young from The
Little Top, which offers bespoke wedding childcare
( ‘Ribbon wands will look really cute in the
pictures too.’ And forget blue for boys and pink for girls. ‘Stick
with your colour theme so there’s one less thing to argue about –
plus your wedding photographs will look more sophisticated, too,’
says Jenna.

7. Handle demonic flower girls

Don’t be fooled by her
cuteness; she thinks this is her big day. ‘Keep your flower girls’
involvement really simple to eliminate any stress,’ advises Jenna.
‘Give her a prop like
a basket of rose petals to scatter, or bubbles to blow, and ask
her mum or dad to practise with her at home before your rehearsal.
Also have her parents swoop her into a pew instead of standing to
watch your vows.’

8. Plan cocktail-hour capers

While the grown-up guests
dig into Pimm’s o’clock, wow the kids with a wedding guest
scavenger hunt. ‘Children have a sheet and pen, and have to spot
things like a bow tie, a candle, a blue hat and red lipstick,’
suggests Susie. ‘You could personalise the items to you, and
illustrate the list for children who cannot read.’

9. Know your audience

Younger children love
anything playful – so think about games where they can jump up and
down, and provide a fancy dress box with lots of balloons (then
watch them jump up and down with balloons wearing fancy dress).
Older children love anything that’s competitive: why not set up
your own beach-ball volleyball contest? Ask Snapchat-obsessed
teenagers to live-blog your day, (with flattering camera filters,
obviously). Everyone loves a bouncy castle and croquet – just watch
adults don’t get competitive….

10. Free the beasts

‘Children are more likely
to sit still when needed when they’ve had a chance to blow off
steam,’ says Susie. ‘A bouncy castle is ideal, but even inexpensive
items such as footballs can keep school-age kids occupied for
hours.’ Outdoors not an option? ‘Ask the venue in advance for an
extra room to create a family VIP area,’ suggests Jenna. She
advises zoning one end of the room off as a crazy space, with loads
of toys and board games. ‘Then fill another corner with rugs,
cushions, books and Frozen playing on a loop so parents have a calm
and cosy space for feeding, naptime or talking down a

11. The three Ps of catering for

i. Personalise: ‘Giving children a smaller
portion of fancy food could backfire,’
warns Jenna. ‘Ask your venue to hand out a lunchbox and theme
it to your day.’ Try heart-shaped sandwiches and Hula Hoops, so
mini guests get a ring on their finger, too.

ii. Prepare to party: ‘If children eat and then
leave the table, this can upset a seating plan, leaving lone
parents having to shout across the table or missing out on the
adult fun,’ says Susie. ‘Try a separate supervised children’s area
– with a childminder – where they can eat their packed lunch and
play. Activities like Lego challenges will keep them happy.’

iii. Ply with food they can play with: If
you prefer to have children at the meal, make their food double as
entertainment. ‘Give them biscuits to decorate with icing pens and
edible dyes, or set up a fruit kebab-making area,’ suggests

12. Project a speech-saviour

‘We hooked up lots of wireless “silent disco” headphones to a
laptop and then projected a film on to a wall at the back of our
venue for the children to watch,’ says Liz. ‘It meant the adults
could enjoy the meal, plus speeches, undisturbed. We put a
13-year-old in charge of swapping over the DVD when the first
finished. Win, win.’ (Silent disco equipment hire, from £95,

13. Get the party started

No need to worry about getting people on the dancefloor –
children have no qualms about dragging their parents on to it, so
use it to your advantage. Play Tiny Dancer by Elton John to score
some cute points.

14. Alcohol 101

Though kids are basically like squiffy adults – they make
mischief and fall over a lot – a party heaving with tipsy big
people can be overwhelming for kids. ‘Saving the really boozy
drinks, like strong spirits, for when children are in bed will stop
the party peaking too soon,’ says Jenna.

15. Throw a pyjama sleepover

‘We set up sleepover dens with films, popcorn, and story time
for all the little ones so parents can stay late and party with you
guilt-free,’ says Susie. Alternatively, set up a corner with
blankets and cushions at the end of the marquee farthest from the
DJ. Partied-out children curled up together are a sign of the Best.
Wedding. Ever.

… Not inviting children? Here’s how to handle it without
the parents having tantrums

 ‘Traditionally, the
rule is only those whose names are on the invite are invited,’ says
William Hanson, author of The Bluffer’s Guide To Etiquette (£7,
Bluffer’s Guides). Nonetheless, some people assume that their
little darlings are included. ‘Printing “no children” in black and
white sets the wrong tone, while saying “We’re sorry, we can’t
accommodate children” is far more palatable,’ he advises. Even so,
you may receive a few personal requests – every parent thinks their
child is special. How to respond? ‘Try “I’m sorry, please don’t
take it personally, and please don’t put us in a difficult
position”,’ suggests William. ‘Ultimately, your guests need to act
like the grown-ups that they are.’

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Maggie Sottero Real Wedding, Married at the Groom’s House With Only Family and Close Friends

Wedding Photos-0463

These  married couple are planning their wedding celebration.

And what a celebration it was!  Their grand event was held at castle like venue befitting their royal theme. Gold decor, beautiful tables and sumptuous food made it an affair to remember.  It’s no wonder Hind knew her dress the moment she tried it on, her stunning Maggie Sottero Hannah was the perfect choice for this stately event.

Wedding Photos-0017 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-035Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-127Wedding Photos-0091Wedding Photos-0104Wedding Photos-0164Wedding Photos-0168Wedding Photos-0166Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-241Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-478Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-477Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-236

The Reception
It was a formal event with a royal theme, as the venue looked like a gothic castle. There were lots of gold and rustic feels. The wedding was almost entirely DIY and the reception including traditional dancing, sword cutting the cake, farewell wave from balcony and a sparkler exit.

Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-013Maggie Sottero Real Wedding From Haley Richter Photography Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-029    Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-039 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-042Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-518Wedding Photos-0525Wedding Photos-0609Wedding Photos-0604Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-716Wedding Photos-0607Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-894 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-896Wedding Photos-0870Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-898 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-913Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-938 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-940 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-941 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-971Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-974Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-976Wedding Photos-0692Wedding Photos-0882 Wedding Photos-0884 Wedding Photos-0896 Wedding Photos-0898 Wedding Photos-0920 Wedding Photos-0924 Wedding Photos-0933 Wedding Photos-0940 Wedding Photos-0973 Wedding Photos-0987

Hind’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about 10 dresses before I put on my final dress, Which I chose.  I chose my dress because it was the closest dress to what I had originally envisioned. It was not pure white, it was a dramatic A-line/Ball gown, and had gorgeous detailing. All the other  dresses, despite being cheaper than my dress, were all missing at least one of the things I had envisioned. I fell in love with my dress as soon as I put it on.

Wedding Photos-0268 Wedding Photos-0204Wedding Photos-0151 Wedding Photos-0150

How She Felt In Her Maggie Sottero Gown
Royal, Beautiful, and Elegant

Wedding Photos-0370 Wedding Photos-0208

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I will never wear my wedding dress again. It is amazing and every time I look at it again it takes my breath away. But I will never wear it again. And I spent a lot of money on it. I would like to get some return and let someone else feel and look beautiful as well.

Wedding Photos-0297Wedding Photos-0463


Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero | Photography: Haley Richter Photography  | Venue: Merion Tribute House | Event Planning, Florals + Cake: Bride and family friend

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10 Hidden Wedding Costs You May Not Notice

1. Wedding Band Equipment

Why It’s Hidden: The cost of the wedding band includes fees for the musicians’ time and the minimum amount of equipment needed. If your reception space is extra-large, additional speakers and microphones could be required to project the best sound quality.

The Cost: Anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

How to Avoid It: Before booking your wedding band or DJ, you need to clearly explain the layout of the space (or have them check it out, if they can) so the pros know exactly what they’re working with. If they want to add in extra equipment, have them explain why it’s necessary before signing a contract or agreeing to pay for anything else.

2. Postage Stamps

Why It’s Hidden: Stationers don’t advertise shipping costs; if they did, you might decide to go with simpler (read: cheaper) invites.

The Cost: Oversize, awkwardly shaped and bulky invitations will most often run you as much as $2 each to mail.

How to Avoid It: Skip the fancy boxed invitations and multilayer cards, which can bulk up quickly and cost a lot more than you bargained for.

3. Wedding Dress Alterations and Steaming

Why It’s Hidden: Most stores don’t include alterations (or steaming) in the price of the wedding dress, and they’re not doing it for free—it can take up to three hours just to alter the bustier!

The Cost: A simple hem can be less than $100, but completely rebuilding a bodice can send the price upward of $500.

How to Avoid It: Ask about what the store charges for every alteration you may need before purchasing the gown.

4. Overtime Costs

Why It’s Hidden: Your band, DJ, wedding photographer and videographer are booked for just a certain amount of time, so if your wedding runs a little longer than you expected, they’ll charge per hour.

The Cost: Starting at $250 per hour.

How to Avoid It: Factor in additional time for getting dressed and taking photos; that way, you can book your pros for a more realistic time frame. Get overtime costs in writing (they shouldn’t be more than 50 percent more per hour than the regular rate), so you’ll know what to expect if you decide to keep the party going.

5. Welcome Bag Delivery

Why It’s Hidden: Most hotels don’t factor in a welcome bag delivery fee when you block rooms. And they may fail to mention the rate unless you ask—they’ll just add it to your final bill. Inquire within; they may even charge you a fee for holding the welcome bags if you drop them off before the guests arrive.

The Cost: Up to $7 per bag.

How to Avoid it: During the booking process, ask about the hotel’s policy on receiving and delivering welcome bags to guests’ rooms. It may be free or cheaper if they hand the bags out at the counter as guests check in. If you don’t want the extra charge, you can distribute them at the rehearsal dinner.

6. Rental Transport

Why It’s Hidden: You’d assume the rental companies would include these extra fees in the per-item costs (do they honestly think you’re going to fit 150 Chiavari chars in your car?), but surprisingly they don’t.

The Cost: From $50 up to more than $500.

How to Avoid It: Ask the rental company what their shipping and packaging fees are up front—if the cost is too high for your budget, shop around a bit. You just might find that you’ll actually save some money by renting items from a more expensive company that includes delivery costs at no extra charge.

7. Taxes and Gratuities

Why It’s Hidden: Even though these aren’t exactly hidden—we all know there are taxes on almost everything—most couples don’t think about how much they’ll end up owing during the planning process.

The Cost: This will depend on the total amount of money you’re spending as well as the location of the event (taxes vary by state).

How to Avoid It: There’s no getting around paying taxes, but paying the entire bill in one lump sum can help lower the overall price. A safe bet: Tack on an extra third of your total costs to your budget for tips and taxes.

8. Cake-Cutting and Corkage Fees

Why It’s Hidden: If you use the cake or liquor provided by your reception site, the charge is typically wrapped into the cost. Going with an outside baker or your own wine can raise the price. Why? Because your venue’s workers are responsible for slicing and serving each piece, then cleaning the dishes—and this means more work for their staff.

The Cost: From $2 to $5 per guest for the cake; from $1.50 to $3 for every bottle the staff opens.

How to Avoid It: Be upfront. Ask about cake-cutting and corkage fees before you decide to go with an outside source for either.

9. Cleanup and Breakdown Costs

Why It’s Hidden: Many couples spend so much time planning the actual day that they forget to budget for what happens when it’s all over.

The Cost: While a full-service venue won’t charge for these things, if you’re paying a flat fee to rent only the space, anticipate additional charges for garbage removal (up to $250) and cleaning (up to $500). And even most full-service venues require same-day setup and cleanup. So if you’re getting married on a weekend, expect to pay time and a half for labor, and if your party goes into the wee hours of the morning, you may face extra charges for late-night pickup and cleanup.

How to Avoid It: Read your contract carefully—the setup and breakdown costs should be included in the labor charge.

10. Non-Approved Professionals

Why It’s Hidden: Some venues require you to use caterers or florists from their preferred pros list—and tack on a fee if you don’t.

The Cost: Usually an extra 20 percent or more.

How to Avoid It: Stick to the list, or choose a venue without one.

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6 Step to Create A Perfect Father of the Bride Speech

Every father will give the bride speech during their daughter’s wedding.

1. Share childhood stories

Stories from the past alway go down a treat in a father of the
bride speech – after all, you’re one of only two people who have
known her for her whole life. Funny moments of tantrums past and
snippets of her character forming at a young age make a great ice
breaker – and guarantee smiles all round. Move on to talk about her
teenage years, her achievements and things that you are proud of
now that your little girl is a fully-fledged (and now married)

2. Talk about your son-in-law

The second essential of a father of the bride speech is to talk
about your new son-in-law. Perhaps mention what happened when he
met the family (a great opportunity for a funny story to delight
your guests and make him squirm) or an experience you both shared
that made you realise that he was the one for her.

3. Share stories about love from your own

Take a stance as one of the more experienced men in the room,
and add your own words of wisdom about relationships, love and

4. Add in funny moments…

Funny anecdotes, especially at the beginning of your speech,
will warm up your audience. Crucially, a few laughs is a great
confidence boost if you’re feeling nervous.


5. …But don’t forget some serious ones

When it comes to the jokes, it’s all things in moderation. Don’t
push too hard for endless gags: your audience – an of course your
daughter – will really appreciate the heart-felt moments.

6. Finish with a toast

Follow tradition and round up your speech by asking everyone to
stand and toast the bride and groom. Then smile, breath, and clap –
you’ve done it!

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A Real Wedding at the Chicago History Museum, Inspired By Champagne

Kelly Goldston and DeBonis married at the Chicago

History Museum in Chicago, in the USA, on 20th June 2015.


The inspiration behind
our wedding? Champagne! It symbolised everything
I wanted the day to be: sweet and bubbly – plus, it always gets a
party started. Fizz also served as the basis for our palette, full
of golds, blush pink and fuchsia.

It can be difficult for
plus-size brides to find the right dress, but I actually only tried
on four or five gowns. My final choice had so many elements I
loved; satin ruching and vintage-inspired lace and sparkle, while
the pearly ivory kept me from looking washed out. I’d assumed, like
many fuller-busted ladies, I wouldn’t be able to go without a bra
and do strapless, but the bodice was so supportive.

The most memorable
element of the day was the champagne sabering before the ceremony,
where we used
a sabre to chop the cork off a bottle of Bollinger. The best part
was seeing how excited it made my nephew – now he thinks I have a
real sword, I’m his hero!

Our biggest extravagance
was all the stationery. We really went to town. We had customised
letterpress invites with gold foil-stamped envelopes, a matching
order of service, menus, and bespoke labels for the mini champagne
bottles, which acted as our escort cards. Those small touches made
such a huge impact.

My top tip: Don’t plan on doing anything
yourself on the day – it will be such an emotional whirlwind that
even the most obvious ‘to dos’ will escape you.


Real Weddings

Wedding Tips : Not To Include These 10 Things In A Father Bride Speech

Read our advice and make a perfect speech.


1. Do not use profanity

There will no doubt be small (and sensitive) ears in the
audience, so be sure to avoid excessive and extreme bad language.
2. Do not recall drunken nights together

Unless there’s a very good story involved, endless
tales of inebriated antics get boring pretty quickly.

3. Do not include any sexual anecdotes

We find the ‘Grandma Rule’ particularly helpful here: if you
wouldn’t be happy for your grandmother to hear that particular
story about you, then back to the speech-writing drawing board you
must go.

4. Avoid name-calling or any derogatory

If you’re a father-of-the-bride, childhood terms of endearment
are totally fine. The same applies for best men who remember silly
school nicknames. Aliases acquired from misdemeaners with partners
past? Not so much.

5. Do not speak ill of the family

An obvious one that needs little explanation.

6. Avoid racist remarks and jokes

Again: need we say more?


7. Refrain from long-winded stories that have no

A beginning with a few quick anecdotes, a middle with one
brilliant story, and a meaningful ending is enough. Also, if you do
one thing, be sure to avoid the wedding speech horror-of-horrors:
the open mike night.

8. Keep focus and aim not to blabber

Finding the perfect length for your wedding speech is one of the
trickiest aspects to nail down. If you get bored writing it, or
even reading it back, it’s time to cut, cut, cut. Stick to a
handful of brilliantly-chosen stories rather than rambling on
This Is Your Life-style.

9. Never mention any anecdotes of the couple

Talk about putting a dampner on a couple’s wedding

10. Try not to include incredibly embarrassing

A few well-chosen squirm-inducing stories are, of course,
encouraged, but anything truly defamatory should stay with you till
the grave.

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Bridesmaid Tips : 7 Easy Solutions to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Bridesmaid always is your childhood friend, best friend from high school, college roommate, sorority sister, real sister, or sister-in-law to be.

As a sign of respect for that oh-so-important relationship and the role that you want her to play in your wedding day festivities, she deserves to stand out from the crowd of other friends and relatives in your bridal party.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your Maid of Honor stand out from the rest of your wedding party, we’ve got seven great ideas on how to make her shine, how to make her feel special, and how to make your guests realize that she’s one of the most important people in your wedding day celebration.

From putting her in a different dress to giving her a special gift, it’s easy to make your MOH feel like one of the most cherished participants in your wedding celebration!

bridesmaids in mint and maid of honor in pink

How to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out:

1. A unique bridesmaid dress.

Whether you’re embracing the mixed-and-matched trend or outfitting all of your bridesmaids in the same look, putting your Maid of Honor in a different dress is the easiest way to make her stand out from the crowd. We’re big believers in creating a cohesive bridal party, but with so many coordinating dress variations available from the same designers, it’s easy to choose a slightly different look for your MOH.

There are quite a few different directions you could go…

Fabric: I love this technique. For instance, if your ‘maids will be donning chiffon gowns, style your MOH in sequins! That’s one way to make her (literally) shine. You could also dress her in lace or satin. Mixed-fabric gowns are also on-trend, so your ‘maids could wear a combo of lace and chiffon, and your MOH could wear an all-chiffon or –lace design, perhaps?

bridesmaids is mismatched dresses

Pattern: Floral print bridesmaid dresses are still floating down the runways. I’m obsessed, really. Style your bridal party in a mix of solid colors, and your #1 girl in a pattern featuring all of them. The result would be stunning!

Neckline: A super easy solution! Your leading lady can don sleeves or a strapless neckline while your wedding party wears the opposite.

bridesmaids wearing sequin dresses

Silhouette: Be careful with this one…I’m not a huge fan of mismatched lengths, but it can be pulled off with care. Another way to take it on would be giving your MOH a train or extra-voluminous skirt.

All of our favorite designers offer a variety of cohesive silhouettes and variations that make it easy to choose a slightly different look for your MOH.

If you want to make her feel even more special, present her with a few bride-approved options and allow her to make the final decision of what silhouette she wants to wear!

2. Make her bouquet bigger and better than the rest.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish your Maid of Honor from the rest of your bridesmaids is to give her a floral bouquet that’s bigger and better than all the rest. While the Maid of Honor’s bouquet should never rival that of the bride, it’s easy to create a larger arrangement, incorporate more color, or decorate her bouquet with different accents or a distinctive sash that gives her a unique look. She’ll appreciate the thought, and when your bridesmaids pose for photos with their bouquets, hers will stand out for its unique, distinctive look.

3. Opt for a unique hairstyle.

It may be a subtle distinction, but if all of your ‘maids are wearing up-dos, allow your MOH the option to wear her hair down, or to the side, or half up and half down. The subtle differentiation between hairstyles will undoubtedly make her stand out and take center stage in a bridal party photo. If you are trying to figure out how to make your Maid of Honor stand out, a different hairstyle will certainly make your wedding guests take notice.

4. Bigger, bolder accessories.

A statement necklace, a glitzy hair accessory, or a rhinestone encrusted sash may be all you need to distinguish your MOH from the rest of your bridal party. If you’re trying to figure out how to make your Maid of Honor feel special, a unique accessory may be all you need to make the distinction.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses in navy

5. Let her walk down the aisle alone.

When all of your ‘maids are walking the aisle with a groomsman, it’s easy to make your Maid of Honor stand out by letting her walk the aisle alone. Everyone knows that the last ‘maid to walk the aisle before the bride is the MOH, but it can make even more of an impact when you give her a moment to shine and walk solo—you could even play a unique song!

6. Give her a special reception entrance.

When it comes time to introduce your bridal party at the reception, there’s no reason why your Maid of Honor (and your best man, for that matter) shouldn’t make an entrance to a unique song.

I love the idea of welcoming and announcing the entire bridal to one special song, but when it comes times to introduce your MOH, why not let her walk in to a song that has a special meaning to the two of you? You know, that tune you used to rock out to in the car all the time? Or maybe the song she’s constantly getting stuck in your head. Something personal.

Whether she makes her entrance alone or with the best man, I love idea of a special song that brings to mind a special memory, even if it’s one that only the bride, or groom, will understand the significance of.

7. A special gift—just for her.

It’s common practice to give the members of your bridal party a gift for taking part in your big day, and I love the idea of making your Maid of Honor feel even more appreciated by giving her an extra-special surprise.

If you’re gifting all of the girls with earrings to wear on your wedding day, I suggest giving your MOH those same earrings, plus a special bracelet or a necklace that she can wear time and time again as a joyful memory of your wedding day.

If you’re having a destination wedding and your bridal party is paying for their own flights and hotel rooms, I suggest gifting her (and the best man) with an all-expenses paid trip if you can find room in your budget to do so. Not only will it show her just how important she is to your special day, but it can alleviate the financial burden that so many of us feel when our dearest friends get married hundreds of miles away.

bridesmaids wearing charcoal lace dresses

Make your MOH shine—she’ll thank you for it.

Does the Maid of Honor have a different dress in every bridal party? The short answer is no, but the bride usually pays special attention to making her feel special in some way.

There are a multitude of ways of how to make your Maid of Honor stand out from the rest of the bridal party, and the modern bride can make her Maid of Honor feel special in a variety of different, unique, and unexpected ways.

Keep your relationship in mind. Think of all the ways that she’s been there for you over the years, and honor her with the special treatment that she deserves. Simply naming someone as your Maid of Honor is a meaningful distinction all its own, but to honor her with a special gift, a unique dress, or an unexpected moment will inevitably make her feel even more important on your most important day.

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Wedding Idea : Top 10 Wedding Color Schemes For Winter

Listed below are the top 10 Winter Wedding Color Schemes.

1. Icy Cool

Cool tones are the name of the game when it comes to winter weddings, which is why ice blue is the ideal anchor shade for your vows. Mix the frosty tone with a muted jade, which evokes images of frost-covered greenery, and snowy ivory.

The Bridal Party: Not only does ice blue flatter nearly all skin tones, but it’s also versatile enough for your ‘maids to wear again. Since the color scheme is fresh and modern, an updated cut like the one-shouldered After Six 6728 bridesmaid dress in cloudy works best.

The Rest: Weave in soft, dusty jade throughout your space, like pale green garlands and soft blue-and-white floral arrangements dotted with fresh leafy sprigs. Throw in a few silvery accents, like spray-painted pinecones or wintery silver branches, for added glam.


2. Cozy in Cashmere

If you spend the cold winter months bundled up with your honey beneath warm cashmere throws, consider drawing your inspiration from your favorite cozy knits. Blend camel, gray and cream for a look that’s all about wintertime comfort.

The Bridal Party: Like the warm knits themselves, choose a style that reflects casual comfort, like the billowy chiffon Alfred Sung D691. Mimic the relaxed feel with a mix-and-match party, combining shades of gray and beige, like quarry and oyster.

The Rest: Use the cozy covers as inspiration throughout the space: outfit a corner nook with sofas and sumptuous throws; wrap small vases in customized knits, and weave table numbers in hefty yarn for a handcrafted touch.

3. Sugar and Spice

If candy-coated colors are more your speed, there’s no need to shy away during the colder months. Make ‘em appropriate for the season by using deep, dark burgundy as your main shade, with accents of darker rose, lighter pale pink and champagne.

The Bridal Party: With this deeply saturated wine hue, your best bet is to choose a gown for your ladies that’s simple and classic, letting the bold shade do all the talking. The After Six 6628 bridesmaid dress in burgundy is a supremely elegant choice.

The Rest: Mixing these shades in your bouquets and floral arrangements is a no-brainer. To really flaunt your creative streak, embrace unexpected accents in the rich merlot, like decadent red velvet cupcakes or a signature pomegranate-infused cocktail.


4. A Black-and-White Affair

As a nod to Truman Capote’s party of the century, throw your very own black and white ball! Put a fresh spin on the traditional scheme with gold accents as a reflection of the festive holiday season.

 The Bridal Party: Since the color palette is the height of modern elegance, choose a classic silhouette in delicate lace, like the Dessy Collection 2952 bridesmaid dress in black. It’s simple, but with stunningly gorgeous details in a traditional shade that’s easy to wear again.

The Rest: Fill gold vases with white florals and sprinkle in a few super-dark blooms, like black dahlias or calla lilies. Jazz up black-and-white table settings with golden dishware and utensils, and trick out your cake with a bit of gold leaf. Just a few metallic touches here and there are more than enough.


5. Valentine’s Day Amoré

If you and your sweetheart are celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day, there’s plenty of color inspiration to be drawn from the most romantic day of the year. Keep it classy by accenting an otherwise stark palette of black and white with pops of fiery red.

The Bridal Party: Dress your ‘maids in romantic rouge, of course! A flowing frock like the Social 8159 bridesmaid dress in flame majorly ups the drama with its effortless layers and sexy front slits, plus a graceful sweetheart (see what we did there?) neckline.

The Rest: To avoid going overboard in the cheese department, weave in subtle Valentine’s Day nods, like Cupid’s arrows on invitations and escort cards, signature pink cocktails garnished with heart-shaped strawberry slices or colorful red velvet cake for dessert. Treat guests to tiny monogrammed heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to enjoy long after the festivities have come to a close.

6. Visions of Sugarplums

A winter wedding doesn’t have to mean eschewing lighter, brighter shades altogether. When blended sparingly within a neutral palette of slate, ivory, and silver, delicate lavender can add just the right amount of vivid color to an otherwise cool color scheme.

The Bridal Party: Lavender can look a bit too springtime-esque if splashed across your bridal party, so stick with slate, adding subtle lavender accents like a delicate flower in the hair or a sprinkling of purple buds in the bouquet. Try the Dessy Collection 2925 bridesmaid dress, which boasts a shimmering silver sequined bodice that pairs perfectly with the theme.

The Rest: Again, tablescapes should contain mostly neutral ivory, slate, and silver, with hints of lavender sprinkled throughout. Lavender sachets tied in colorful ribbon deliver a calming aroma amidst the chaos, and lavender macarons end the festivities on a delicious note.


7. Precious Metals

Each of the precious metals represents a milestone anniversary (copper for seven years, silver for 25 and gold for 50), so why not build your wedding around this classic symbol of your everlasting love?

The Bridal Party: A metallic color scheme calls for super-sparkly sequins, of course! Outfit your ‘maids in eye-catching frocks like the Dessy Collection 2966 bridesmaid dress in oyster, a classically elegant silver stunner that’ll flatter nearly every shape and size.

The Rest: The options here are endless! Gold vases with silver dip-dyed white roses; copper calligraphy on place cards and menus; silver-dusted desserts; and the list goes on. And don’t forget to keep the gold-hued bubbly flowing; garnish glasses with a single golden raspberry for added impact.

8. Bohemian Glam

For the bohemian bride, a palette of muted sage and darker moss green can be cooled for the winter season by incorporating silver and black.

The Bridal Party: Embrace the boho feel of this color scheme with a layered style with relaxed details in a soft jade hue, like the Dessy Collection 2844 bridesmaid dress in celadon, which gives out major flower child vibes.

The Rest: Swap bridesmaid bouquets for gorgeous green succulents wrapped in black satin for an offbeat feel, and opt for other unconventional blooms throughout the space, like stunning black-and-white anemones. For a dash of wintry elegance, be sure to decorate tablescapes with plenty of silver accents, like vases and candlesticks.

9. Time-Honored Tradition

The combination of blue and gray is an oldie but a goodie, and with good reason – it’s beloved by girls and guys alike, and it never goes out of style. Make it modern with accents of festive silver.

The Bridal Party: Try a fresh spin on a timeless silhouette with the Alfred Sung D697 in midnight, a navy A-line cocktail dress with a slight high-low hem. Add some navy ties to your gray-suited gents for a coordinating look across the aisle!

The Rest: To brighten up the muted gray hues, add a bit of shiny silver throughout your space, like shimmering details on a white cake, escort cards written in metallic cursive or icy spray-painted branches added to white floral centerpieces.


10. Royal Elegance

Wintertime and jewel tones go hand-in-hand, so opt for a rich, deep plum as your main hue. Evoke images of royalty by adding extravagant accents of gold for an elegant combination that’s sure to please.

The Bridal Party: Lucky for you, purple is a consummate favorite for bridesmaids everywhere, as the shade flatters nearly all skin tones. Opt for a standout style like the After Six 6739 bridesmaid dress in aubergine, which serves up a healthy dose of leg thanks to a peekaboo overskirt.

The Rest: Just like royals across the globe, go big or go home with this regal color scheme. Let the deep hue saturate the space, from plum-covered tables with golden accents to deep violet invites with gold calligraphy to an all-gold wedding cake topped with beautiful purple blooms.


The weather outside may be frightful, but with one of these gorgeous winter wedding color schemes, your big day will be absolutely delightful。