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Wedding Rings – How to Choose a Perfect Ring Guide

Selecting a wedding ring isnt is simple as it looks. You are going to wear your ring for the rest of your life, so it ought to be something you wont get tired of in a couple years. You’ll have to look at and try on many diverse rings before you come to a last decision and, being an intelligent consumer, you should understand what your options are.
First, you will have to decide how much you are able to spend. Then, with your budget in mind, select the material you need your ring made from.
Wedding ring substances can be:
14K or 18K yellow gold, classic and very popular for wedding and engagement rings
White gold, that is gaining popularity since it looks stylish and very modern. Also white gold can be worn with silver or platinum jewelry and it moves with most fabrics It’s also very pure: while 18 K gold comprises only 75 percent gold, most platinum jewelry is 95% gold. Platinum rings seem like white gold, are extremely elegant and fashionable, dont scratch and dont loose their appearance with the passing years. Platinum rings are the most expensive but, considering that you will wear your ring for the rest of your life, that doesnt really matter for many couples
Titanium is long lasting, mild and not very expensive, therefore it’s recently became a remarkably common material for wedding rings. Titanium rings are similar in appearance to white gold rings but they are so mild that you may hardly feel one in your finger. Titanium is a particularly popular substance for mens wedding rings

Platinum rings

When deciding upon the material, think of what would work best with your clothing and the other jewelry you generally wear. Is the jewelry box filled with silver or gold? If your favourite pieces are silver, it is a good idea to acquire a white gold, gold or platinum wedding ring. As an alternative, you could purchase two tone ring – typically made from yellow and white gold. This sort of ring will match silver jewelry as well as gold.
Some women also wish to match their wedding rings with their engagement rings. This is definitely something to take into consideration, if you mean to wear both rings to precisely the same hand. Another option is to put on your wedding ring on the left hand along with your engagement ring on your hand – in which case they should still be the exact same colour, but dont have to fit so tightly.
Which wedding ring style to choose?
There are many styles available, so everybody can find a ring to suit their preferences. In regards to style, though, the first thing you need to decide is if you both will wear similar rings or if each will select one that expresses their personality. The most popular styles are:
Traditional plain rings – even though they’re plain, they will always be stylish and fashionable.
These are also best suited to guys who arent accustomed to wearing jewellery
Rings with beaded edges are a Bit More elaborate
Two-tone bands which can be worn with either silver or gold jewelry
Celtic wedding rings are extremely hot how. Covered with ancient knotwork designs, they look really stylish
Solitaire rings with a single precious stone
Solitaries with beams – rings using a large stone and several smaller rocks around it
The Ideal gem stones for wedding rings
Diamonds are excellent favorites for wedding rings and with good reason – not only are diamonds the very beautiful and expensive of all precious stones, but they’re also the hardest. Other hard stones are rubies and sapphires. Gemstones like amethyst or aquamarine are too tender, making them unsuitable to get a wedding ring that you are going to wear every day.
No matter which style and material you picked, you would like a ring that will be comfortable in your finger. For this reason it’s almost always best to go with a ring that’s smooth around the edges.
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How Brides Handled “Hating” Their Engagement Ring

It is recommended that most brides are a dream come true. Your favorite man or woman will kneel down and ask you to spend the rest of your life with you. But when you open the ring box, and you see that you are not excited? It does happen. Here are six brides how to deal with “hating” their engagement rings.

“My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We reconnected online while he was deployed in Afghanistan ten years after we broke up. He had this feeling we would marry some day, so he actually waited for me all that time. (I know – way too romantic!) In high school when we got the feeling we would one day marry, I loved anything to do with hearts. So when he did propose he got me a diamond shaped as a heart. Problem was by then I was completely over the heart phase. But I didn’t care because I was marrying the man of my dreams. We’ve been married a decade. He knows I don’t like the ring but I would never replace it. We just tease each other about it and carry on. Someday, I’ll pass it down to the kids and they can keep the funny story going.” —Beth

“When he gave me the ring my heart sank. I’m insanely in love with the guy and was thrilled to get the proposal. I stressed to him how much I wanted to share my life with him and also how much I appreciated the time and effort he had taken to select the ring. But I said, ‘How would you feel if I was part of the process of ring selection and that way we are starting out making all the decisions mutually?’ He knew me and said, ‘Hon, good thing there’s an exchange policy at the jewelry store. Let’s go shopping!’” —Amy

“Tim is a minimalist so the ring he got was a simple solitaire tiffany style with a good diamond. It wasn’t what I wanted but wearing a ring I wasn’t crazy about seemed a small price to pay to be with the man I adore. Happily, 15 years later I now adore the ring – because of the love and commitment it symbolizes.” —Carla

“I do not like the shape of the diamond, the last thing I want to do is hurt Dave’s feelings so I decided to use you-catch-more-flies-with-honey-than-vinegar theory put forward this topic, I love, love, love the ring, but it feels like diamond setting is not fair.It seems like an emerald cut will be more beautiful.He went shopping with us for different diamonds.” —Tami

“The ring was an heirloom that Tom’s late grandmother had worn. I just didn’t have it in me to protest but after five years of marriage I still don’t like it. Happily I love the wedding band – which I had input in choosing – and that helps a lot!” —Lyn

“I waited a few weeks to hope I did not like the ring would fade.It did not.Therefore I asked my fiance to let him choose this particular ring.He said he had been suffering for hours in the ring choice.When he saw this one I wore a ring for the moment – at our wedding, holding our baby, and he was in bed – flashed before his eyes.He just felt it had to be our ring.It was such a full I love the story of love. —Jill

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Wedding Idea : Inspire Your Wedding day, from Escort Cards to Tablescapes to the Frosting On Your Cake

Everyone want their wedding can be perfect.

The newest neutral is a blend of two tried and true favorites: gray and beige—aka “greige.” It may not look new, but this tan hue with a hint of dove gray is becoming a wedding trend of its own. Depending on the rest of its coordinating color palette, greige can be up to your interpretation, either leaning more toward a light sandy brown or edging on silvery gray. Its versatility makes it perfect for a beach wedding or an industrial loft celebration and seamlessly blends with any style. From escort cards to tablescapes to the frosting on your cake, here are a few of our favorite of-the-moment greige details to inspire your wedding day.

Gray and beige wedding invitations


Rustic escort card display


Greige linen reception napkin with animal place card


Greige and gold reception tablescape


Greige wedding cake with a cascading white blossom

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Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

During I became engaged last year, I knew what wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t want a ‘venue’ with those awful conference centre chairs covered in some white muslin and a lilac organza bow; I had no interest in creating a Pinterest mood board; there would be no baskets of flip-flops, nor overgrown bridesmaids in creepy matching dresses. Moreover, crucially, I wasn’t going near a bridal shop.

My wedding ideas have always been that they’re inescapably naff, and not something I especially aspired to. I’ve watched friends marry, with varying degrees of bridezilla rearing through. However I’d also seen them let down by the supposed ‘magical’ process they’d been willing to sign up to: if you’re over a size 12, trying on dress samples – while the sales assistant wrenches the two sides of the dress together behind you so you can try and imagine what it would look like if your hips weren’t getting in the way – is depressing.

Being directed by a bored jeweller to the small corner of their wedding ring tray featuring the meek-looking diamonds in your budget is unnecessarily patronising. Being quoted over £1,000 for a regional hairdresser to come and blow-dry your hair? That’s just offensive.

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

However you know what I learnt? You don’t have to play their game. The traditional wedding market is an overpriced taste crisis. As that old sage Frank Underwood in House of Cards says, ‘If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table.’ I feel this is particularly applicable when discussing any occasion featuring table ornamentation.

Shopping for a non-bridal wedding dress, however, did not come without its challenges. My mother asked me several times if I was sure I didn’t want a wedding dress, before pleading that ‘it would be pale, wouldn’t it?’. Even though I fell in love with a black tulle Simone Rocha dress, I felt a nagging obligation to choose something softer.

But in a heady winter fashion season, it was tricky to find things that weren’t dark or in heavy damask materials. Plus, wearing a ready-to-wear gown runs the risk of a red-carpet gazumping before ‘your’ day. I tried on an Erdem dress that Kate Middleton was later photographed wearing. Thankfully I didn’t buy it, but it was quite chilling.

If you’re willing to spend £2,000 or upwards, there are many gorgeous choices – the current spring/summer collections from Erdem, Giambattista Valli, Alexander McQueen, Roksanda, Balenciaga and Oscar de la Renta all have exquisite gowns with a modern edge in white or cream. Net-A-Porter even has a dedicated ‘wedding’ section for designers who include bridal-appropriate dresses in their collections.

Ready-to-wear designer is much better value and better crafted than similarly priced bridal dresses, and there’s no reason why a good seamstress can’t alter it if you find you fall between sizes. And, obviously, there’s the keener financial point: you’re more likely to wear it again.

I wasn’t going to spend more than £1,500, which is, bizarrely, a wasteland price bracket with not a huge amount of options. In the end, I found an empire-line gem by Giles, covered in a pinky-chestnut mushroom print, which fanned out dramatically.
“Ready-to-wear offers brilliant alternatives and you don’t need to order months in advance or go to multiple fittings”

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

I tried it on at’s lovely Marylebone private shopping townhouse (open to all). It was about six foot too long, so I had it shortened by the very good Design and Alter. My shoes were pale-pink Prada Mary Janes (which I wear now with everything); plus, my one bridal moment: a veil.

Initially my mother suggested, sweetly, that I could wear hers. She unearthed it and, somewhat ceremoniously, unfolded the strip of 1970s lace from its tissue paper. Our eyes met over the era-appropriate red-wine stains and cigarette burn-holes that punctuated the thing. It wasn’t quite the heirloom piece I’d imagined. I politely declined, and borrowed my best friend’s (pristine) Jenny Packham veil.

For her wedding last summer, PR director Susan Wylie Roberts, 32, wore a beautiful (white) woven silk-jacquard Alexander McQueen gown, purchased – with champagne – at Selfridges’ private shopping. ‘The bridal shops just didn’t offer anything that remotely appealed to me,’ she says. ‘I wanted something modern, and I couldn’t find that. But ready-to-wear offers many brilliant alternatives and you don’t need to order months in advance or go to multiple fittings.’
Susan Wylie Roberts in Alexander McQueen for her wedding to Luke
Susan Wylie Roberts in Alexander McQueen for her wedding to Luke Credit: Bradley Quinn

For second weddings these days, anything seems to go – if you want more of a cocktail dress (à la Jerry Hall), then there are plenty of great options beyond a plain shift dress. Charlie Brear, who creates a fashion-led bridal line (as well as eveningwear), explains, ‘Our client is anywhere from 25 through to mid to late 40s and, while there are no rules, our 35-plus brides are often more body confident and relaxed. Compared to our 20-something brides, they’re less influenced by convention and tend to choose the more fashion-led, directional pieces in the collection.’

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

Nonetheless, a writer friend, Elizabeth Leighton, 49, gave up on ready-to-wear after not finding anything she liked, but still wanted to avoid the bridal circus. ‘At my first wedding, aged 33, I wore an Elspeth Gibson oyster-coloured sequin skirt and a cashmere top, and the ceremony was in a London register office. This time I was 47, had three children and was having an English country wedding,’ she says.
“I think that people would rather spend their money on the party”
Vanessa Spence

‘I was anxious about looking appropriate – it wasn’t even really that it was a second time, more about my age. A friend recommended Joanne Fleming, who makes gowns based on vintage designs. I tried on one that was an off-the-shoulder ’50s/Dior New Look-style with full skirt for around £800. I was still worried about the fabric.

‘At first I was going to have a pale eau de nil. But then I went to another second wedding and the bride had really gone for it – a white floor-length gown and veil. I thought, “If she can wear white, so can I.” I went for ivory and it was a great decision.’

Having something made can be a canny option. My cousin had her wedding dress made for around £1,000 by a local seamstress, following a design from a notable bridal designer. Meanwhile fashion PR, Lucy Hemelryk, 30, commissioned her dress for £2,000 after failing to find a ready-to-wear or bridal option that worked for her.

‘I don’t ordinarily wear dresses. I’m happiest in jeans. I’m very petite and quite particular so it was easier to commission someone than buy from a designer.’ She does, however, add, ‘Although it’s a little cheaper, it is a lot more stressful.’

If you google ‘seamstress’ you’ll find lots, so check for references and ask to see work or speak to previous clients about their experience before committing. Offer clear direction, and have them come with you to choose fabrics, as they will know how things hang.

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

What to do if you want a wedding dress without breaking the bank or affronting reasonable levels of taste? Thankfully the high street has finally fixed its sights on giving bridal a makeover. Monsoon has stocked very pretty bridal options for a while now, and recently Asos and H&M both launched dedicated bridal collections, offering classic and trend-led pieces. Vanessa Spence, design director at Asos, says, ‘I think people would rather spend the money on the party. Our customer is really into fashion, but she just doesn’t want to spend that much.’

Also, she might want more than one option on the day – Asos’s elegant jumpsuit would make a great evening look if you wanted to de-dress (very Solange Knowles). The dresses are delivered in a posher box than usual, and come in petite and ‘curve’ sizes.

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

At a slightly higher price point, Self-Portrait, the London-based brand making occasionwear current with its signature lace cut-out dresses, has also branched out into bridal. Designer Han Chong explains that, ‘I noticed that there aren’t many brands offering cool dresses that aren’t too over-the-top. We want to take the stress out of bridal shopping to the point where brides can skip bridal boutiques altogether. My friends don’t want a typical wedding and find it too stressful to go gown shopping. They want a dress that is fuss-free and versatile.’

Also worth a look is Needle and Thread, which offers chic separates as well as princess-ish long embroidered dresses from £150 to £850 on Net-A-Porter.

Other system-beating ideas: why not try second-hand? At, pre-worn dresses from all the fancy bridal names are on sale for a fraction of the price. One friend got her dress – which had been only worn for two hours at the evening reception of its original owner – for £4,000 less than its original price. She later sold it back to the site. Now that’s a shrewd bridal move.

Non-traditional Wedding Dresses For You

There are also, certainly, sample sales. Interesting fact: most of these dresses are remnants from cancelled weddings. Whether to take on that karma is something every woman must decide for herself.

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Jewelry Store Losed Woman’s Wedding Ring

Brides beware. The wedding ring you thought you’d have forever could disappear from your jewelry store all of a sudden.

It happened to a woman in Commerce City who then contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers for giving a hand.

Megan Storhaug’s husband dropped her wedding ring off at the Zales store inside Park Meadows Mall in early February to have it plated.

Woman’s Wedding Ring

This weekend, Megan Storhaug went to pick up her ring only to be handed a ring that wasn’t hers.

“I looked down and I shrieked. No joke. It was literally, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is not my ring,’” she said.

The store had lost her ring. Storhaug said a salesman told her the store sends its rings to a third-party contractor for repairs and it vanished. Storhaug left the store with no guarantee she’d ever see hers again.

The Problem Solvers called the store to make an attempt at learning what was being done to find the lost wedding ring. We were referred to the store’s website by a company spokeswoman, but Zales refused to answer questions regarding any kind of lost jewelry policy.

Nonetheless, the store told Storhaug it would replace it if it couldn’t be found.

The store called Storhaug  to let her know the ring had been located. The catch? She was told she can’t pick it up but was given no explanation why.

Woman’s Wedding Ring

“When it happened, the assistant manager didn’t even apologize or acknowledge that they were going to try and help. It was more or less, ‘Oh, you recognize this?’ Like I was the inconvenience,” she said.

In spite of being assured the ring has been found, Storhaug isn’t breathing a sigh of relief just yet.

“Absolutely not. All trust is out the door,” she said.

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Wearing Sustainably Made Wedding Jewelry

As we all know, at wedding ceremonies, couples pledge their love for each other with wedding bands fashioned from unending circles of gold or silver. At present, they are able to pledge their shared values around sustainability, too, through exchanging “ethical jewelry” at the altar.

“Ethical jewelry” combines social and humanitarian concerns with environmental awareness. Chaya Caron, for instance, a South Portland jeweler, uses only recycled metals, Fair Trade Gems stones, and conflict-free and “re-purposed” diamonds in her work.

 Wedding Jewelry

“Gold mining is extremely destructive to the planet,” Caron said. “It often uses these heavy metals and products like cyanide to extract the ore from the ground. Then those chemicals leach into ecosystems.”

The gems that go into her custom wedding rings are all Fair Trade Gem stones cut in Washington state by Columbia Gem House, which is the force behind Fair Trade Gems. Columbia Gem House sells gems at four different “Fair Trade levels.”

“I buy everything at Fair Trade level one,” Caron said. “The stones have either been mined completely here in America – so fair wages and work conditions, and then they’re cut here – or they’ve actually visited the mine and seen the working conditions and whole sustainability approach to the mining effort.”

Many of Caron’s customers are nature lovers, and she does her best to incorporate nature into their wedding rings, depicting trees and leaves in different colors of gold or using real twigs or bits of birch bark from a couple’s property. For the latter, she prepares the organic material in a process similar to wax casting, then bakes the rings in a kiln.

“If it’s done well, then that organic matter just completely disintegrates. It turns to ash, like in your fireplace, and then it falls out. So you have this hollow replica of this material that was once in there, and you fill that with metal.”

Wedding Jewelry

Caron, who has a studio at 22 Cottage Road, said it generally takes eight to 12 weeks to create a set of wedding rings. She wishes each ring becomes a conversation piece as well as a symbol of lasting love.

“I like my work to be subtle,” she said. “I call it a bit of Japanese minimalism, where I don’t want it to tell the entire story, but I want to tell enough of it that it will draw someone in to ask a question. So if the wearer wants to talk more about the making of the ring or what it means to them, they can.”

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Celebrity Wedding Rings Probably You’ll Go After

 Celebrity Wedding Rings Probably You'll Go After

Take one look at these stars’ ring fingers, and it’s easy to see why they opted for matrimonial bliss.

When some of these women selected simple bands, such as Lisa Loeb, others blinged out, a la Kim Kardashian. But whatever style they chose, it’s a safe bet that these pieces are reflections of their personalities.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Probably You'll Go After

It’s worth noting that by now, some of these stars have since split up with the original beau who gave them the ring. However we can still appreciate the hardware.

What’s more, take a look at the gallery above for some of our favorite celebrity wedding rings.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Probably You'll Go After

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Why We Wear Wedding Rings On The Fourth Finger Of The Left Hand?

Why We Wear Wedding Rings On The Fourth Finger Of The Left Hand?

Everybody knows that in the UK, alongside most countries from all the world, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. However have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we do this? Or where this tradition came from?

Certainly, it all really started before medical science first discovered how the circulatory system truly functioned.

Before the discovery of the circulation system, first discovered and researched in Tudor times, people believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand, all the way to the heart.

On account of the left hand/heart connection, the descriptive name ‘vena amoris’, Latin for the vein of love, was chosen for this particular vein.

Why We Wear Wedding Rings On The Fourth Finger Of The Left Hand?

According to this name, ‘experts’ in the field of matrimonial etiquette wrote that it would only make sense for the wedding ring to be worn on this particular finger.

For a married couple, this would ultimately declare their eternal love for one another.

Romantic, huh?

Do you know why we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand?

That said, this is not the case for many other countries and culture, as many choose to wear the ring on the fourth finger of the right hand. And there are many reasons for this:

Freedom of choice

There is no law that says you must wear a wedding ring on the left hand. If you simply prefer your right hand to the left hand, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear the ring as you please.

A difference in culture

Apparently every culture has it’s own tradition. According to Wedding Details, people in lots of central and northern European couples wear wedding rings on their right ring fingers.

Countries including Austria, Denmark Poland and Germany are just a few to name that follow this tradition. In Germany, couples place a gold band on the left hand before the wedding. After they’re married, they move it to the right hand as a symbol of unity.

Why We Wear Wedding Rings On The Fourth Finger Of The Left Hand?

Health considerations

Health considerations can make left hand ring wearing difficult for some people, hence alternatively they wear it on the right.

Rheumatoid arthritis and other joint diseases can cause swelling of the knuckles on one hand, and it can become difficult to put on or take off a ring. To avoid pain or causing other problems to the hand, the ring is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.

Surprisingly… if you’re left handed!

Wearing a wedding ring on the right hand can simply mean that person is left-handed and doesn’t their ring to be subjected to the wear and tear from their dominant hand. It’s a simple enough way to make sure it stays safe. You go left hand-ers.

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A Diamond For His Diva!

There have been six proposals between them, five ending in heartache.

But the ring gifted by Australian billionaire James Packer to his pop diva darling Mariah Carey has well and truly gone above and beyond the past bling both gifted and received between them each.

Designed exclusively for the businessman by Mariah’s close friend Wilfredo Rosado, the 35-carat blinder has an estimated worth of $7.5 million.


Scroll down for video

As Australia’s fourth-richest man, James, 48, has been married twice to swimwear model Jodhi Meares and singer Erica Baxter, while his two-year engagement to actress Kate Fischer, ended without a trip down the aisle.

A Diamond For His Diva!

Mariah, 45, meanwhile was married to Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, separating after four years, and shares two children with her more recent ex-husband Nick Cannon.

In light of the recent happy news, Daily Mail Australia looks back on James and Mariah’s past engagement rings which look modest to say the least, when compared to this latest dazzler.

Australian television actress Kate Fischer and James were together for five years, and ended their two-year engagement in 1998.

Getting down on one knee, the casino mogul proposed with a simple square-cut diamond in a platinum setting created by Nic Cerrone.

A Diamond For His Diva!

It is believed the ring, which she sold after their split, was valued at about $250,000.

Kate was rumoured to have been left with a $10 million settlement when the couple eventually parted ways.
Dazzling: James’ first wife Jodhi Meares was given an understated engagement ring with a large glittering diamond, which she later paired with an equally sparkling wedding ring.

Calling it quits: The couple announced their separation after nearly three years of marriage in 2002

Jodie Meares, who later changed the spelling of her name to Jodhi, was James’ first wife, tying the knot with the billionaire in 1999.

A then 27-year-old Jodhi married James in a lavish celebration that was reported to have cost $10 million at the mogul’s father Kerry’s family compound in Bellevue Hill, Sydney.

Dubbed ‘the wedding of the decade’ by Kerry’s wife Ros, Elton John was brought in to serenade the 750 guests.

But almost three years later in June 2002, news broke of the pair’s split, following months of rumours that their relationship was on the rocks.

A statement issued at the time by Publishing And Broadcasting Ltd, of which James was chairman until it ceased operations in 2007, read: ‘The Packers, who were married in Sydney in 1999, remain the best of friends.’

More recently, Jodhi became engaged to former Dead Daisies rocker Jon Stevens, who proposed to her with a unique, diamond-encrusted skull-shaped ring, but the couple split in 2015 after an explosive row.

A Diamond For His Diva!

Jon was arrested at the couple’s Sydney home and charged with assault in February after an alleged argument.

Police issued an interim AVO that was later dropped along with all charges against the musician.

Jodhi is believed to have recently married photographer Nick Finn, 28.

Big spender: The couple were married on the French Riviera in a lavish ceremony costing upwards of $6 million

James married singer and model Erica Baxter in 2007 after dating on and off for four years.

The ring the businessman employed to pop the question with was an emerald cut dazzler, reportedly purchased for around $250,000 from LK Jewellery at Crown Casino.

The sparkler featured a pair of pear side stones, and is significantly larger than the one he gave Jodhi, with James reportedly popping the question on Christmas Day.

A Diamond For His Diva!

The couple were married in yet another lavish ceremony, this time taking place on the French Riviera, with the total cost of the celebrations believed to have been up to $6 million.

Erica’s gown, a haute couture frock by Christian Dior under John Galliano’s leadership, was believed to have cost $100,000 and involving hundreds of hours of work.

After welcoming three children into the world – Indigo, seven, Jackson Lloyd, five, and Emmanuelle Sheelagh, three, the couple announced their separation in 2013.

It is believed Erica received upwards of $100 million in the divorce settlement.

Mariah said ‘I do’ to Sony Head Tommy Mottola in 1993, becoming his second wife.

The engagement ring he had given her was a simple, square-cut diamond in a platinum setting, and the couple splashed out lavishly on the ceremony.

A Diamond For His Diva!

The music executive reportedly dropped upwards of $500,000 on the event, which was modelled on Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding, including a gown with a long train.

The couple called it quits after four years, and Tommy went on to marry Mexican telenovela star Thalía, in 2000.

They wed in front of a guest list that included Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Marc Anthony, Julio Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Comedian Nick Cannon met Mariah while shooting her music video for her song Bye Bye on an island off the coast of Antigua.

He popped the question with an astonishing 17-carat, $2.5 million sparkler from Jacob & Co, with an enormous emerald-cut diamond surrounded with 58 pink diamonds.

They were wed in the Bahamas in April 2008 and share four-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

The coupe filed for divorce in December 2014, sharing custody of their kids.

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New Bride Expects For Help Finding Missing Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings“I was just crying all day, crying and crying, until like five minutes ago, I’m still crying,” said Marcela Sepesi.

What calls for special attention is that a new bride is hoping someone are able to give her a hand to find her missing wedding rings.

She got married two weeks ago, thus she went to the social security office in Palos Hills and the DMV in Orland Park to change her name and get a new driver’s license.

Wedding Rings

She believes her wedding band and engagement band fell off at one of those stops.

And she’s offering a reward and says there will be no questions asked if anyone brings the rings back to either office.