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If it is time to choose your engagement ring, then there are many styles to select from. There can be an enormous quantity of anticipation and excitement when ring shopping, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for there may also be a small amount of anxiety. We’ve sourced the very popular styles in the marketplace nowadays to make it somewhat easier on you.

Whenever someone refers to a diamond solitaire, what they are referring to is just any piece of jewellery with one diamond. It is also the hottest within the assortment of engagement rings. This is because the solitaire diamond showcases classic elegance, allowing the focus to be solely on the single stone. Nothing says style quite like the attractiveness of one sparkling diamond in your ring.
You are also readily able to dress the ring up or down, depending upon your style. With the effortless grace of a solitaire ring, then you won’t have to worry whether the wedding ring will match – the unmistakable solitaire has got you covered.
A Cluster Round only signifies a cluster of diamonds shaped into a circle. Dependent the ring, you have the option of having your engagement ring look incredibly modern or as a timeless classic. Our intricate mosaics of diamonds capture the light at each different angle, making for a remarkable piece of jewellery to show your love. The gorgeous circular shape lends itself to all events and makes for a breathtaking engagement ring.


This modern cut will have your spouse weak in the knees. The cluster of diamonds are organize to make an ideal square cut, making the princess ring a sought after choice. This elegant ring is the hottest in the market for those wanting to stay on trend. Each diamond that produces the square adds depth and dimension to the stunning ring.
Aptly named, the Halo Pear generates the creation of a elegant pear shape to sit gracefully on your fiancé’s finger.
Having a Halo ring suggests your center diamond is completely surrounded by smaller gems, to make a significant diamond effect. No matter your budget, a Halo ring provides you a bigger bang for the buck. The teardrop effect created by the Pear cut, makes for an elegant touch.
Though the Halo design of this ring made its introduction in the 1920s inside the Art Deco era, this classic Emerald cut is one of the hottest engagement rings today. The elegance and variety available in such magnificent rings will melt any woman’s heart. This delicate design of a Halo Emerald ring makes the record for its timeless texture and spectacular beauty.

Due to their capacity to be easily customised, these sought after rings result in a piece with character. Having three stone spaces to work together, you can have a number of distinct combinations. Whether you and your partner decide to have a classic three diamond collection, or perhaps one diamond at the centre with your birthday stones on either side.
Friendship, love, and fidelity
The past, present, and future of the connection
Because of the flexibility within the 3 stone, it could be reduced in price. Ensuring that you receive the ring of your dreams, while not having to break the bank.

Engagement Rings Wedding Jewelry

What hight quality Kind of Engagement Ring Should I Buy

Narrow your diamond engagement ring options by celebrating your prospective bride’s fashion — and exactly what jewellery strikes her fancy whenever she window-shops.


Donation ring buying is the best illustration of the paradox of choice. On one hand, it is reassuring that there is the ideal ring for each and every girl. However, the flip side, the absolute number of choices you will face as a ring purchaser could be overpowering. A diamond is forever, as a long time of advertisements have educated us, which adds a great deal of strain to your pick.
What options does your prospective spouse make when she wears jewellery now — straightforward basics or daring, vibrant pieces which match her outfits
When setting out to discover the perfect engagement ring, then pay attention to your bride-to-be first — break down your options step by step.
Step 1 showcases her personal style
You may not have spent a great deal of time considering your own fiancée-to-be’s personality — you know she is amazing, but what exactly are her tastes and character Spend time observing her style choices. (But do not be overly obvious — she will undoubtedly know what is up if you suddenly begin staring at her all the time!) .
By Way of Example, does she gravitate toward
Vintage fashions T-shirts and jeans, easy sheath dresses, tweed coats, fundamental skirts and slacks
Edgy or retro designs classic garments, steampunk or rockabilly seems, and funky sneakers
Bold, vibrant styles bright, patterned tunics, stage or high-heeled shoes
Obviously, many girls combine and match these various styles. What’s her favorite Appearance
Along with the way she sees, think about her lifestyle. By way of instance, somebody who is athletic may prefer a engagement ring with smaller stones instead of a massive diamond solitaire ring; although somebody who wants to appear well-heeled for her occupation may want to have an engagement ring that is costly and striking.
Your bride-to-be may already have a great deal of fine jewellery or maybe she wears style jewelry for pleasure.
Can she gravitate toward yellow or white metals
Can she often wear easy basics — lace pearl or bead earrings, lockets or bracelets — or even entertaining pieces that suit whatever she is wearing
Can she frequently make a statement along with her jewellery, picking vibrant, bold, and unforgettable bits that other people see and comment on
Can she often prefer a particular gemstone or colour as an Example, does she put on a Great Deal of jewelry along with her own birthstone or possess a touch shade
Can she have some heirloom pieces of jewelry given down through her family she wears and loathed frequently
Step 3 Request for input
If you are trying to maintain your proposal a surprise, then you clearly can not immediately ask your fiancée-to-be exactly what she desires in an engagement ring. However there may be covert approaches to learn. On your way into a movie theatre or restaurant, then you are probably going to pass with a jewelry shop. Slow down as you pass from the chimney, and listen to what she oohs and aaahs over because you can.
There is a lot to find out about Someone on social sites such as Facebook or even Pinterest. Use this to your benefit and log to find out what she is interested in recently. If it’s possible to navigate her Pinterest planks, she might have some committed to fashion, home style, actions, or simply things she likes. Jackpot!
Yet another, more merry approach to get ideas is to request her loved ones or intimate friends finest buddy, cousin, aunt or mom. They will have the ability to supply you with a feminine perspective on which your beloved will like within an engagement ring.
Measure 4 Narrow down your choices
Start to learn more about different decisions you will want to make about an engagement ring, and utilize your reconnaissance that will assist you limit your choices. By Way of Example, You Will Need to Pick from
A trusted, reputable jeweler will have the ability to spend the thinking you have achieved about your fiancée-to-be’s preference, personality and lifestyle and allow you to hone in on the perfect sorts of styles and choices to take into account.
As soon as you’ve completed this groundwork, you will start to get an notion about what sort of costs are included with an engagement ring, which can help you decide a budget. Finding a feel for what you are able to afford and what you would like to invest can help you get started making some decisions about the ideal engagement ring to the budget and what tradeoffs you can create to receive the highest quality and many attractiveness out of a diamond engagement ring.
By focusing in your bride-to-be — that she is and the way she expresses herself — you will arrive in the engagement ring that she will be pleased to wear forever.

Engagement Rings Wedding Jewelry

5 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Therefore, your bae’s dropping hints about putting a ring on it.

Most brides-to-be spend an extensive amount of time on Pinterest, figuring out how to make their big days unique. They opt for barns over stuffy banquet halls and mason jars instead of floral centerpieces. Pink gowns are now chosen over virginal white and grooms trade in sensible loafers for Converse All Stars.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

When we’re doing away with tradition in favor of unique decor, why not abandon old-fashioned diamonds for a gemstone that’ll ensure your ring finger sets the tone for your off-beat wedding?

When you think about it, choosing an ornate stone over a plain Jane diamond makes perfect sense. Women aren’t cookie-cutter versions of one another, coordinating fingers to fit some archaic diamond-only tradition.

In addition to the insane amount of money (an average of $4,000) you’d be saving by not going with diamonds, and the ethical concerns (“Blood Diamond” is about more than Leo’s accent), each bride is unique and deserves a staple piece of jewelry that vibes with her personality.

Is she fiery like a ruby? Romantic like a pearl? Maybe she’s whimsical and effervescent like an opal or moonstone. So please, scroll through for some much-needed inspiration. There are plenty of stones in the sea (um, earth).Let’s discuss this stunning Moissanite stone that actually mimics a real diamond in color, weight and clarity.

Moissanite Engagement Ring

This radiant solid yellow sapphire is sure to blind your coworkers.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Yellow sapphire

Who needs a 2-carat rock when you have this mesmerizing opal stone to show off?

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Brilliant Earth

Channel Helen of Troy with this Grecian-inspired tanzanite stunner.

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Melanie Casey Jewelry

Would you rather have a tiny diamond that costs a fortune, or adorn your finger with this aquamarine beauty?

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

MS Jewelers

My vintage-obsessed ladies, I dare you not to fall in love with this timeless emerald ring surrounded by shiny opals.
Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings Wedding Jewelry

Kim Kardashian Vs. Blac Chyna’s Engagement Ring

Blac Chyna’s engagement ring is blindingly gorgeous and it’s huge! However does it compare to Kim’s $1.6 million dollar engagement ring from Kanye West?

So many diamonds! Blac Chyna‘s beautiful diamond engagement ring is thoroughly breathtaking. She showed off the stunner on Instagram confirming the engagement news on April 5 and we fell in love with her beautiful rock. Nevertheless, it does look very similar to Kim Kardashian‘s floating diamond that Kanye West designed for her in 2013 when he popped the question at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Kim Kardashian Vs. Blac Chyna’s Engagement Ring

Blac’s ring from Rob Kardashian is stunning. It’s a massive 7 carat stone and it’s so sparkly! Click here to see a video of it from the jeweler! But can we point out that at least in the original pic, it looks incredibly similar to Kim’s 15-carat sparkler that Kanye designed with Lorraine Schwartz? ‘The ring is flawless,” Lorraine’s team said in a statement in 2013. “Not just internally flawless, it’s flawless. It’s a D-stone, the best diamond there is, type 2A. It’s a perfect cushion cut diamond.’

At the same time, Amber Rose confirmed the engagement and congratulated Blac and Rob on Instagram: “Congratulations to my Family @blacchyna and @robkardashian!!!

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Kim Kardashian Vs. Blac Chyna’s Engagement Ring

We told you that despite haters thinking that they are not together for the right reasons and that the family is against them, Entertainment Tonight spoke to a source who said: “The family is really happy that they’re together. The changes Rob has made in his life are so good. They appreciate Chyna for that.” Kris Jenner even said she’s supportive of the relationship: “I haven’t really seen her that much and I don’t know her as well as everyone else, but she seems like a really nice. I just haven’t been around her too much. But, you know, he’s been very, very happy lately and I think he’s in a really good place. I don’t know too much about their relationship.”

HollywoodLifers, do you like Kim or Blac’s ring more?

Kim Kardashian Vs. Blac Chyna’s Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Wedding Jewelry

Introduce Hollywood’s Smallest Celebrity Engagement Rings To You

Hollywood’s Smallest Celebrity Engagement Rings

As we all know, celebrities are known to blow millions on flashy diamond engagement rings, however these stars sport some majorly understated bling, proving that money can’t buy their love.

Hollywood’s Smallest Celebrity Engagement Rings

Hollywood’s Smallest Celebrity Engagement Rings

Hollywood’s Smallest Celebrity Engagement Rings

Hollywood’s Smallest Celebrity Engagement Rings

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A Diamond For His Diva!

There have been six proposals between them, five ending in heartache.

But the ring gifted by Australian billionaire James Packer to his pop diva darling Mariah Carey has well and truly gone above and beyond the past bling both gifted and received between them each.

Designed exclusively for the businessman by Mariah’s close friend Wilfredo Rosado, the 35-carat blinder has an estimated worth of $7.5 million.


Scroll down for video

As Australia’s fourth-richest man, James, 48, has been married twice to swimwear model Jodhi Meares and singer Erica Baxter, while his two-year engagement to actress Kate Fischer, ended without a trip down the aisle.

A Diamond For His Diva!

Mariah, 45, meanwhile was married to Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, separating after four years, and shares two children with her more recent ex-husband Nick Cannon.

In light of the recent happy news, Daily Mail Australia looks back on James and Mariah’s past engagement rings which look modest to say the least, when compared to this latest dazzler.

Australian television actress Kate Fischer and James were together for five years, and ended their two-year engagement in 1998.

Getting down on one knee, the casino mogul proposed with a simple square-cut diamond in a platinum setting created by Nic Cerrone.

A Diamond For His Diva!

It is believed the ring, which she sold after their split, was valued at about $250,000.

Kate was rumoured to have been left with a $10 million settlement when the couple eventually parted ways.
Dazzling: James’ first wife Jodhi Meares was given an understated engagement ring with a large glittering diamond, which she later paired with an equally sparkling wedding ring.

Calling it quits: The couple announced their separation after nearly three years of marriage in 2002

Jodie Meares, who later changed the spelling of her name to Jodhi, was James’ first wife, tying the knot with the billionaire in 1999.

A then 27-year-old Jodhi married James in a lavish celebration that was reported to have cost $10 million at the mogul’s father Kerry’s family compound in Bellevue Hill, Sydney.

Dubbed ‘the wedding of the decade’ by Kerry’s wife Ros, Elton John was brought in to serenade the 750 guests.

But almost three years later in June 2002, news broke of the pair’s split, following months of rumours that their relationship was on the rocks.

A statement issued at the time by Publishing And Broadcasting Ltd, of which James was chairman until it ceased operations in 2007, read: ‘The Packers, who were married in Sydney in 1999, remain the best of friends.’

More recently, Jodhi became engaged to former Dead Daisies rocker Jon Stevens, who proposed to her with a unique, diamond-encrusted skull-shaped ring, but the couple split in 2015 after an explosive row.

A Diamond For His Diva!

Jon was arrested at the couple’s Sydney home and charged with assault in February after an alleged argument.

Police issued an interim AVO that was later dropped along with all charges against the musician.

Jodhi is believed to have recently married photographer Nick Finn, 28.

Big spender: The couple were married on the French Riviera in a lavish ceremony costing upwards of $6 million

James married singer and model Erica Baxter in 2007 after dating on and off for four years.

The ring the businessman employed to pop the question with was an emerald cut dazzler, reportedly purchased for around $250,000 from LK Jewellery at Crown Casino.

The sparkler featured a pair of pear side stones, and is significantly larger than the one he gave Jodhi, with James reportedly popping the question on Christmas Day.

A Diamond For His Diva!

The couple were married in yet another lavish ceremony, this time taking place on the French Riviera, with the total cost of the celebrations believed to have been up to $6 million.

Erica’s gown, a haute couture frock by Christian Dior under John Galliano’s leadership, was believed to have cost $100,000 and involving hundreds of hours of work.

After welcoming three children into the world – Indigo, seven, Jackson Lloyd, five, and Emmanuelle Sheelagh, three, the couple announced their separation in 2013.

It is believed Erica received upwards of $100 million in the divorce settlement.

Mariah said ‘I do’ to Sony Head Tommy Mottola in 1993, becoming his second wife.

The engagement ring he had given her was a simple, square-cut diamond in a platinum setting, and the couple splashed out lavishly on the ceremony.

A Diamond For His Diva!

The music executive reportedly dropped upwards of $500,000 on the event, which was modelled on Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding, including a gown with a long train.

The couple called it quits after four years, and Tommy went on to marry Mexican telenovela star Thalía, in 2000.

They wed in front of a guest list that included Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Marc Anthony, Julio Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Comedian Nick Cannon met Mariah while shooting her music video for her song Bye Bye on an island off the coast of Antigua.

He popped the question with an astonishing 17-carat, $2.5 million sparkler from Jacob & Co, with an enormous emerald-cut diamond surrounded with 58 pink diamonds.

They were wed in the Bahamas in April 2008 and share four-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

The coupe filed for divorce in December 2014, sharing custody of their kids.

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Show You 5 Special Engagement Rings

There are a lot of engagement rings appearing in the marker. So it makes brides confused. Now I share 5 special engagement rings with you.

1. Sabeen Yellow Gold Engagement Ring ($1,575): This lovely garnet engagement ring proves that diamond rings aren’t the only option for a stunning look. The floral setting from the Victorian era is a timeless piece perfect for any bride.

Special Engagement Ring

2. Victorian Opal Engagement Ring With English Hallmarks ($2,150): There’s something so stunning about this one-of-a-kind beauty. For those that want a modern twist on the vintage look, this is the ring for you.

Special Engagement Ring

3. San Remo Rose Gold Engagement Ring ($1,320): There’s nothing average about this sparkler, and the rich color in this piece makes this vintage ring simply stunning.Special Engagement Ring

4. Madeira Art Deco Engagement Ring ($5,500): The cheerful and detailed workmanship on this art deco ring is perfect for those with a taste for simple elegance.

Special Engagement Ring

5. Whitman Starburst Engagement Ring ($2,750): A unique twist on a solitaire ring, this piece from the late 19th century is a great choice for wearing solo or stacking with other gold beauties.

Special Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Wedding Ideas Wedding Jewelry

Share 5 Vintage Engagement Rings With You

It’s here! Engagement season is upon us, and as we see our social media feeds fill with engagement announcements and wedding-related posts, there’s nothing wrong with going ahead and doing a little daydreaming for the perfect engagement bling. If you’re lusting for something a little less conventional, we’ve rounded up one-of-a-kind vintage engagement rings that you won’t be able to resist Pinning, even if it’s on one of your secret boards.

1. European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring ($1,485): This ring may have a traditional setting of three diamonds, but the tapered diamond chevron set really makes it stand out.

Vintage Engagement Ring

2. Sabela Rose Gold Engagement Ring: Three exquisite round sapphires are surrounded by tiny rose cut diamond accents to create this stunning ring from the Victorian era. We’re totally in love!

Vintage Engagement Ring

3. Petite Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring ($1,750): Timeless, trendy and chic! With a minimal design and plenty of bling, this option features a simple rose gold band in a traditional Victorian style.

Vintage Engagement Ring

4. Mahola Rose Gold Engagement Ring: In a breathtaking art nouveau design, this ring’s natural baroque pearl has an unmistakably antique beauty that makes it stand out in a super unique way.

Vintage Engagement Ring

5. Victorian Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring ($2,500): This emerald and diamond piece certainly stands the test of time. The vintage gold surrounding the stones adds a modern element for the non-traditional bride.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Wedding Jewelry

Stellarton Police Seeking For Owners Of Two Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Police in Stellarton, N.S., have two diamond engagement rings in their possession found on separate occasions in different parts of town.

Const. Nancy MacCulloch of Stellarton Police says both are engagement-style rings and solitaires.

“They have been found in the town of Stellarton,” said MacCulloch. “They’re here with us to reunite them with their owners.”

And police won’t say where or when they were found or give details about sizes, weights or markings on the jewelry. They’re hoping it will help the rightful owner identify and claim them.

“The officer that one of the rings was turned in to, he did take the ring to a jeweller and had it looked at,” said MacCulloch. “They estimate that that ring has a value of roughly $4,000. The other ring has not yet been taken to a jeweller for estimation.”

The value of a diamond engagement ring is normally measured in emotional attachment, as well as cost.

“It’s part of you,” said New Glasgow resident Katy Fraser. “I had one stolen a few years ago but … I wasn’t able to find that one.”

Laura Smith just received her engagement ring at Christmas. She has nothing but praise for the Good Samaritans that found the lost rings.

“It says a lot about the particular people who did turn it in, and that they recognize the value and significance of it,” said Smith.Engagement Rings

That’s why police are wishing to have a happy ending to the story.

“I would think that the owners of these rings would have gone through an incredible amount of stress. If it had been mine, I would have been out of my mind until I found the ring,” said MacCulloch.

Police are expecting the extra media attention will help track down the owners of the rings. If they can’t be found, the rings could be returned to the honest people who found them.

Engagement Rings Wedding Jewelry

Enjoy Celebrity Engagement Ring

What calls for special atteniton is that model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and action actor Jason Statham are engaged after five years. Enjoy her ring and other celebrity ring.

Ring: Custom 5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring.
Worn by: Julianne Hough
Hough announced her engagement to Canadian hockey player Brooks Laich one week ago on Instgram, and shared a photo and her adorable engagement story on her website.

Celebrity Engagement Ring

Ring: Large solitaire and white gold or platinum
Worn by:Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
The British model wore more than just a glittery Atelier Versace dress to the Golden Globes this year, she also had some sparkle on her finger. Standing next to her actor boyfriend Jason Statham, fans couldn’t help but notice the large rock. While their reps have confirmed the engagement we don’t have any details on the proposal or wedding yet.

Celebrity Engagement Ring

Ring: Solitaire in a rose gold setting
Worn by: Julia Stiles
The actress broke the new to her fans to her engagement to camera assistant Preston J. Cook on Instagram.

Celebrity Engagement Ring

Ring: Ruby surrounded by smaller diamonds
Worn by: Eva Longoria
The actress announced her engagement to Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston with a simple Instagram post. The bling is much different than her previous rings.

Celebrity Engagement Ring

Ring: Yellow diamond surrounded by halo of white diamonds.
Worn by: Jenny McCarthy
McCarthy surprised the ladies of The View by announcing her engagement to Donnie Wahlberg on the live show.

Celebrity Engagement Ring