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How To Find a Wedding Band (Like a Pro)

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As we mentioned in yesterday’s post on booking the best vendors and suppliers, when you’re planning your wedding music and looking for the right band, DJ or ceremony musicians, you need to be savvy.

Do your research, have a budget in place, and know what you want from your day. Remember to ask questions about set-up times, breaks in the set, and technical requirements.

There might be an amazing 80s cover band that’s really affordable, but if you’re planning a classic black tie wedding, maybe a swing band would be a better fit? Want nothing else but a full dancefloor at the end of the night? Go for a great covers band who’ll churn out the hits.

If the ceremony is more important to you, put your budget into a string trio or a classical singer, then opt for a DJ or a party playlist for later on.

Think about your venue size too – a small space might be over-powered by a large group of musicians, likewise, a low-key acoustic act could be lost in a big room.

Photo by John Newsome Photography via Bridal Musings

The thing with wedding music is, the choices really are endless, and you can be as creative as you want, to give your day a completely personalised feel. Music can make such a big impact on the atmosphere of your wedding, so it’s important to give it some thought.

And to help you separate your mariachi bands from your barn dances, we have this very handy and helpful graphic from Bands for Hire for you to save/print/pin, and have to hand when you’re planning your wedding music.

The wedding band requirements section is definitely worth keeping in mind!

Need Song Inspiration? Our Ready-Made Wedding Playlists…

We LOVE creating wedding playlists (so you don’t have to!). Check out a few of our favourite Spotify playlists for every musical moment at your wedding.

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Songs Wedding Planning

9 Nontraditional Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

The songs of your wedding parade do not need tradition. If you are looking for something more unique than “The Bride Comes,” look at this list of some of our favorite original, timeless songs walking down the aisle.

“1+1” by Beyoncé

This song is arguably one of the most powerful ballads off of Beyoncé’s 2011 album, 4. The lyrics describe how it feels to conquer the world with your soul mate, and judging by the passion in her voice, you can tell she’s lived it. If you’re looking to make a dramatic ceremony entrance, this is your song.

“Stay With Me,” Sam Smith

Who wouldn’t want to hear Sam Smith’s soothing falsetto as they walk down the aisle? “Stay With Me” is just as melodic as it is meaningful—and the choir background is sure to blow your guests away, whether you’re getting married in a church or having a waterfront ceremony by the beach.

“Parachutes,” Coldplay

The beauty of “Parachutes” is in its simplicity. And even though this song is on the shorter side, the sentimental refrain proves that sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make a big impact.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson’s ethereal cover is much more romantic than Elvis’s original. Her airy vocals make “Can’t Help Falling in Love” the perfect song if you’re looking for an intimate, low-key number for your processional.

“Everything Has Changed,” Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about love and relationships, so it’s no surprise that her down-home duet with Ed Sheeran made our list. The heartfelt lyrics are all about the instant you realize you’re falling in love. We suggest you have the tissues handy—the touching lyrics make this song an absolute tearjerker.

“It’s Your Love,” Tim McGraw

The fact that this song is still relevant more than 15 years after its release just goes to show how timeless it is. We love that the lyrics are emotional, but not sappy—though we can’t promise there will be any dry eyes in the house when you walk to this song.

“A Moment Like This,” Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis’s rendition is less American Idol and much more wedding day. The sweet melody, coupled with “I do”-worthy lyrics (the song is all about “one moment” that ends in a kiss) captures all the emotions you’ll feel walking down the aisle.

“If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys

Keys’s voice is stunning on its own. But add her one-of-a-kind piano skills, and you’ll have a sentimental wedding entrance that will give you and your guests chills.

“Love Like Crazy,” Lee Bryce

You can sense the passion in Lee Bryce’s voice from the opening chords of “Love Like Crazy.” Somehow, he’s managed to make the topic of everlasting love romantic yet relaxed and down to earth.

Songs Wedding Planning

How to Choose a Father-Daughter Dance Song in your wedding

Maybe you arrange father and daughter dance wow crowd. Maybe you plan to influence Dad in the local fix at the moment in his memory … and try to deal with the center of being concerned. But as you do it, the perfect daddy dance song can make one of the most memorable moments, full of magical colors of the day.

But how do you sum up a whole relationship to a song? And how do you start a father-daughter wedding dance that represents who you are – not just the bride’s father and his beautiful daughter, but all of your wedding guests?


5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Father-Daughter Dance Song

Here are some brainstorming questions to narrow down your choices for something uniquely you:

1. What kind of personality should the dance have? Do you want to leave everyone in tears … or in stitches of laughter?

2. Is the bride comfortable with a traditional waltz or an up-tempo salsa dance … or just a particularly musical hug? How about the father of the bride – is he amerengue or Macarena guy, or is he dreading putting on his dance shoes?

3. If you’ve already picked the couple’s first dance song, do you want the father-daughter dance to flow smoothly from it? Or would you prefer more contrast?

4. What kinds of experiences do the bride and her father share? What do they do together? What’s a lesson only dad could have taught her? There might be a song about it!

5. Is there a song they always sing along with in the car? A family in-joke they’d like to bring up again? The father-daughter wedding dance is a tradition (which is part of the reason there are so many appropriate choices), but it’s really about the two people dancing together … so going wild is always a great choice.

Got those points in mind? Here’s a curated selection of father-daughter dance song suggestions that might just meet your taste!



When my sister-in-law got married just a couple of weeks ago, her dad announced at the rehearsal dinner that the wedding wouldn’t be complete until he’d made people cry. Between his bilingual toast and their supersweet father-daughter dance to Rascal Flatts’ “My Wish,” he met that goal!

If you want everyone reaching for a hanky, these choices show the beauty of the father-daughter wedding dance by recalling some of the special moments in their years together.

Some of them might verge on the cheesy … but “cheesy” is just another way of saying “don’t mind me, I’ve got something in my eye.” A few of our weepy faves:

“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

“Thank You for Loving Me” by Bon Jovi

“Lullabye” by Billy Joel

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty

“Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof


Faster Favorites

If you’re coming right out of a romantic first dance into a father-daughter wedding dance, you might want to up the tempo as you transition into your celebratory dance party! (You could also start slow and have your DJ slip into something with a quicker beat – think Annie and Daddy Warbucks going from their father-daughter waltz, “Something Was Missing,” into the later number “I Don’t Need Anything But You.”)

Faster songs are also great for families where the wedding means turning over a new leaf. If getting the family together for the wedding was a struggle, or if you’ve lost a few relatives in recent years and need to take your mind off the memorial table, something like Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now” – a sunny, hopeful choice – might make a great start to a more optimistic reception.

On the other hand, my dad and I do a great Electric Slide – we couldn’t resist showing that off!

Here are a few more father-daughter songs with a quick, fun tempo for dancing fast:

“Windy” by The Association

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye

“Anytime” by Journey

“I Will Walk With You” by John Fogerty

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses


Nostalgic Notes

Not so fond of weepy classics, but want a song that represents a father and daughter’s lifetime of magical moments? Look to something from your childhood.

Did dad indulge you by watching your favorite cartoon with you every Saturday? What’s that Disney movie you watched religiously? How about a robotic dance to the Super Mario World 1 music, or a drinks-in-hand swing to the M*A*S*H theme?

Deserving of special mention is a father-daughter wedding dance song with sing-along potential. Do you know (of course you do) “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”? That Tin Pan Alley classic from the turn of the twentieth century (and every daddy-daughter ball-park outing since) is actually about a girl who would prefer a sporty outing to a nice dinner. Don baseball caps to up the cute factor, and make sure everyone knows your mutual favorite team so they “root, root, root” for the right side.

A few more special-interest songs to consider:

“Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon (from The Wild Thornberrys)

“The Rainbow Connection” (from The Muppets)

“I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash

“You’ve Got a Friend In Me” by Randy Newman (from Toy Story)

“No Matter What” (from the stage version of Beauty and the Beast)


Cool and Classic

Retro chic is big in wedding planning, and the father-daughter wedding dance is a great place to bring in something period-appropriate. (But remember, mid-century buffs and Marilyn fans: “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” only sounds like it belongs on the list.)

Stylish instrumental covers of old favorites are excellent choices, and the whole catalogue of the Benny Goodman Orchestra has potential, too. Even power ballads from the ‘80s are starting to hold retro charm!

From big bands to geezer rock, dad and daughter can have a tasteful moment to these old-time tunes:

“My Girl” by The Temptations

“I Wish You Love” by Frank Sinatra

“All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles

“Stand By Me” by Ben King

“Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra

“Happy Days Are Here Again” by Leo Reisman

father and daughter wedding dance

The Final Selection

Once you’ve got the perfect daddy dance song, read the lyrics thoroughly and make sure nothing leads to an embarrassing moment. Decide how long you want everyone to stare at you. Reduce sadness in the last section, kick out a weird presentation, or invite other dads to join you on the floor may be helpful. And make sure the waltz is practiced at least once.

Find your father and daughter wedding dance, but not sure is every line right? (We look at you, sexy lines of the perfect, “I have my life.”) Looking for a tool version. No one remembers the real lyrics, right?

Do you think your dad was surprised to hear this song, or would he rather make the final choice to dance for your daughters and daughters? Have you seen the epic mom and dad’s wedding moments in particular? Tell us in the comments!

Songs Wedding Planning

Best weeding recommend: Try to line dance in your wedding

In most people’s wedding, almost guarantee you hear Macarena, Mambo No. 5 and Cha Cha slides play at least once in the reception. (don’t even let us start the electric slide or YMCA.) Of course, these tunes is quite out of date. But line dance certainly not worth in the past few years they get a bad reputation. This list is full of you really want to hear your wedding song. Shocked, we know. But it is a promise.


1. Cupid’s Shuffle

Why It Works: Just like the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle is super easy to learn….but the funkier beat makes this one much more fun to dance to. (Because let’s face it — ‘how low can you go?’ was possibly the best line in the old classic.)


2. Wagon Wheel (Rock Me Mama)

Why It Works: This has a perfect country song dance moves better only when you add. At the end of the night playing the super sweet guy, looking at the whole family to catch up with line.


3. The Wobble

Why It Works: It is difficult to find a song, you will attract more people in the dance floor. In addition, once the beyonce gave her approval stamps, you really can’t go wrong.

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Enjoy A Fragrant Big Day Banquet

The first thing we decided on was our venue – Marcos and I fell
in love with it immediately. The friend who owns it said (before we
were even engaged) that we could hold our big day there if we ever
married – so we took her up on her offer!

Lotta Alexandersson, 28, married Marcos Rodriguez, 28, at a
friend’s home in Sonoma, California, in the USA, on 27th June 2015.
She says:

I walked down the aisle to Like Real People Do by
Hozier. Music is important to us both, and it was nice to pick a
song our friends and family would associate with us. It was also
our first dance tune.

We held our reception on the estate’s large lawn, which is
surrounded by 12 huge oak trees. Our tables were made from Tuscan
wood and decorated with dozens of candles, seasonal fruits, flowers
in bud vases and linen hemstitch runners – we had a simple, organic
vibe in mind.

I’m a wedding planner and so I didn’t delegate any tasks out. I
simply dived in head first, creating my own details. Marcos kept
the financial side of things (and me) in check. It was great
finding out how in balance we were.

The guests loved our food – but, like many brides, I was so busy
during the day I didn’t get a chance to eat much. Luckily the
caterers had thought ahead. When we got into the limo at the end of
the night we found a picnic basket with two delicious meals
prepared just for us.

My top tip: Label everything! Packing a box and clearly saying
where it needs to go (i.e. table four) will save you hours.

Photography by 

Songs Wedding Planning

Krystal Keith’s Wedding Song ‘Daddy Dance With Me’

Krystal Keith's Wedding Song 'Daddy Dance With Me'

Oklahoma country singer Krystal Keith had already watched as one of the album’s songs became a viral sensation before the first single from her debut album “Whiskey & Lace” was released. And currently the tune she wrote for her own wedding as a surprise for her father, superstar Toby Keith, is building up to another big wedding season.

Daddy Dance With Me,” No. 5 song on The Knot’s list of father-daughter wedding song ideas, is available for the first time in sheet music, depending on a news release.

A piano/vocal/guitar arrangement of the tune by writers Keith, Sonya Rutledge and Mica Roberts can be gone after here. And the song’s popularity shows no sign of waning as its video shortly approaches 5.5 million online views. Watch it here.

Krystal Keith's Wedding Song 'Daddy Dance With Me'

Krystal Keith explained the song’s origin to me in a 2013 interview:

“I had planned on recording a song for him [and I to dance to at my wedding], I just didn’t know what song. And I was looking for all these songs and couldn’t find one that fit my situation or that I felt really strongly about. And I was like, ‘I’m a songwriter, what am I doing?’ I decided to just write the song.”

Krystal Keith's Wedding Song 'Daddy Dance With Me'

Krystal Keith will perform a hometown show May 5 at the Sooner Theatre in Norman, her first performance since the birth of now four-month-old daughter Hensley. For tickets and information, go to

Also, she is in the midst of writing and recording her sophomore album for Show Dog Nashville. Her Barnyard Bistro blog highlights her other passion, cooking, as featured in last year’s Plate By Plate series on Scripps websites including DIY, HGTV and GAC.

Krystal Keith's Wedding Song 'Daddy Dance With Me'

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5 Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

With the much anticipated wedding season fast approaching, the need to have the Best Bhangra Wedding Songs is more important than ever.

We present a countdown of the best Bhangra wedding tracks to guarantee that the dance-floor at your event is absolutely rocking. Try not to get too excited at the thought of singing and dancing along to these huge Bhangra bangers!

5. Malkit Singh ~ ‘Mama Bada Great’

One for all of the family. Quite literally for all of the attending family.

Malkit gives a mention to plenty of Desi family members including the: mama, mami, chacha, chachi, massar, massi, phupar, phua, mummy and daddy.

It is beautiful for the newlyweds to be able to dance with all of their immediate family to a song made specifically for them.

The catchy Bhangra wedding tune creates an absolute wedding smash hit. It is sure to have the entire family involved, and that is exactly what weddings are all about.

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

4. PBN ~ ‘Fitteh Moo’

One of the best bhangra wedding songs to play, with the potential to create an amazing atmosphere, if played correctly.

DJ’Kay, founder of Birmingham based DJ Company – Ultra Sounds Entertainment, says:

“This song can turn a good party in to a great, or unbelievable, one and my job is to do just that for the audience.

“I love holding up the music, and organising a ‘Men vs Women’ dance-off! Crowds love it, it’s great to see people of all ages dancing and getting involved.

“Don’t use this, but I always call it as a draw afterwards – don’t want to upset anyone haha.”

‘Fitteh Moo’ is a prequel to the later released, and also fantastic wedding tune, ‘Saa Charju’.

“Crowds love it, it’s great to see people of all ages dancing and getting involved,” he added.

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

3. Geeta Zaildar ft. Miss Pooja ~ ‘Chitte Suit Te’

Geeta Zaildar’s ‘Chitte Suit Te’ is next on our list. His collaboration with Miss Pooja is a real favourite at any Punjabi party.

Speaking of his productions with Miss Pooja, ‘Seeti’, is another very popular one created by the pair.

Look forward to quite possibly hearing, and dancing to, both of them at any events you have coming up.

After its release in 2008, the song is aging but has lost none of its crowd appeal and remains to be one of the most popular songs at Desi parties.

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

2. Diljit Dosanjh ft. Yo Yo Honey Singh ~ ‘Lak 28 Kudi Da’

This song currently divides opinion. The majority of people think it is fantastic; the song reached Number 1 on the official Asian Download Chart soon after its release.

Following complaints, Punjabi superstar, Diljit Dosanjh, recently apologised for his part in this track. He has now vowed to not sing it live again.

Regardless though, ‘Lak 28 Kudi Da’ is a real smash bhangra wedding hit – especially for a party, when many women look and feel the most beautiful.

Roar Sounds’ DJ Gurms says: “Despite the controversy surrounding this song, no party would be complete without it.”

1. Balvir Boparai ~ ‘De De Gera’

Here we are at number 1!

This Bhangra wedding song doesn’t quite have the same widespread appeal as a couple of the ones before it, but is very commonly requested by partygoers.

When played, sheer excitement and euphoria is created by those who are ready to dance to it.

‘De De Gera’ has a traditional dance linked to it where two dancers cross their arms, and hold hands before swinging in a circular motion during the chorus.

It is great to see such excitement and joy at weddings, and we recommend for you to try the dance at your upcoming event!

Birmingham based group, B21, Jags Klimax, and Apna Sangeet all very narrowly missed out on our Top 10 with their hits ‘Darshan’, ‘Heer’, and ‘Apna Sangeet’ respectively.

You are sure to agree, however, that neither is completely able to displace any of the Bhangra classics that we have provided you with.

Jalandhar born – Punjabi superstar – Diljit Dosanjh was close to making two appearances in our top 10. Diljit, and his hit track, ‘Patiala Peg’, DJ Gurms says:

“He [Dosanjh] is a newbie to the bhangra industry, but is very popular with all age groups.

His songs, ‘Patiala Peg’ in particular, are sure to be played at almost every Punjabi wedding.”

We hope you are able to enjoy all of these brilliant Bhangra wedding hits and more, at your upcoming events and occasions!

Must Play Bhangra Wedding Songs

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A Plan of Action – The Wedding Shower

A Plan of Action - The Wedding Shower

Throwing a shower for a modern bride takes planning as changing tastes mean some traditions and staples shouldn’t be resuscitated.

Continue to simmer about 20 minutes. Remove from heat; let cool to room temperature. Strain out the ginger, and discard. Combine the ginger syrup, lime juice, and seltzer in a pitcher. Pour into ice-filled glasses, and serve as soon as possible.

The key thing to fight for, says Ann David, who co-founded the New York City-based David Reinhard Events with Nicky Reinhard 16 years ago, “is understated elegance. Tradition with a modern twist.” The pair plans 10 to 12 weddings a year, which typically include a few bridal showers.

While planning a shower, Ms. Reinhard says, there is no need to make it ​a ​women-only​ affair.​ It is significant to think the couple’s ages, likes and dislikes. “Is it just a girls’ event or is a couple’s celebration and are children invited?” she says, noting that it’s usually best to hold a shower six to eight weeks before the wedding. Nevertheless, if many guests are coming from out of town for the wedding and shower, holding the latter three months before the wedding is more polite. “If there’s travel involved, to ask someone to buy two plane tickets within six weeks” could be taxing, Ms. David says.

A Plan of Action - The Wedding Shower

Normally, if many guests have young children, a late afternoon tea on a Saturday works best, Ms. Reinhard says. “If it’s a couple’s shower, perhaps do something more fun and social in the evening,” she adds.

It’s essential to personalize the shower as much as possible, “so guests have a sense of who they’re celebrating, from personalized cocktail napkins to favorite drinks that are served,” Ms. David says, noting that for the shower for candy entrepreneur Dylan Lauren a few years ago, they created an event that was “all about candy.”

A Plan of Action - The Wedding ShowerWhen it comes to food, convenience is key. “Nothing that needs a knife,” Ms. David says. “We love anything that is one bite.” From their experience, fail-safe crowd-pleasers include pigs in blankets, tacos, postage stamp-size truffled grilled cheese sandwiches and nothing that involves a skewer. “You want to take whatever it is, pop it into your mouth and just carry on with conversation.”

When champagne is always festive for such occasions, it’s crucial to offer other options, including nonalcoholic cocktails or the favorite drinks of the bride and groom. “A Bloody Mary bar can be a fun thing to keep everyone interacting and engaged,” Ms. Reinhard says. Or, if it’s a couple’s shower, it could work well to have signature drinks that reflect the bride and groom’s tastes.

With such events typically featuring guests from all generations and different parts of the couple’s life, it’s essential that the host know a little bit about each guest and consider what they may have in common “so you can introduce them to each other and just make people feel comfortable and welcome,” Ms. Reinhard says.

When there should be some entertainment, games aren’t the best idea. “You want something more clever than making a wedding dress out of toilet paper. If everyone is on Instagram, ask people to come up with names for a hashtag for the event and the wedding and you can use that for the shower all the way up to the wedding,” Ms. David says. Or, split the guests into two teams and have each side decorate a cake.​

If men are involved, “they don’t want a girlie bridal shower,” Ms. David adds, noting that for a recent co-ed shower they hired an artist to do quick caricatures of guests at the event.

A Plan of Action - The Wedding Shower

As the host, it’s important to keep the bride in the loop on all shower planning decisions. “Brides don’t like surprises, so don’t be like, ‘I’m going to surprise the bride with her favorite song,’ ” Ms. David says.

Actually, timing is key. Most showers should only be about two hours, Ms. David says. Also, if there are more than 20 to 25 guests, don’t make gift-opening part of the shower. “If it takes three to four minutes for each gift and you have 40 guests—do you want to spend all that time opening gifts?” she says.

A Plan of Action - The Wedding Shower

In the end, some logistical matters—having a notebook to record gifts received and making sure there a few large shopping bags on hand to put all the presents in. “If they have 20 little bags to carry at the end,” Ms. Reinhard says, “that’s unwieldy.”

Songs Wedding Planning

From This Moment On From Shania Twain – Wedding Song

Shania Twain claimed that she came up with the song thanks to her drifting thoughts during a soccer game with her then-husband Robert John Lange. Finally it was performed as a duet with fellow country singer Bryan White and was received positively by critics. “From This Moment On” became part of Twain’s third album Come on Over released in 1997. Another recording of the song was released in the album’s international version whereas this time it was a solo performance by Twain. Its lyrics clearly define the love that is promised from the start of the couple’s new life together up to their last breath.

From This Moment On From Shania Twain - Wedding Song

Songs Wedding Planning

Top 5 Country Wedding Songs

Country Wedding Songs

Wedding songs provide the right music for one of the biggest days in a couple’s life. For in this day marks the beginning of their union and a life spent together until, hopefully, ‘till death do them part. The right song choice is just as equally important as the flowers or the wedding rings themselves.

Couples who love country music have a wide selection of songs to choose from for their wedding day. If you happen to be putting up a playlist for your big day, check out this list of country wedding songs we put up for you:

5. I Love the Way You Love Me – John Michael Montgomery

Love truly makes you appreciate every little detail about your partner, from how he sleeps at night or how she cries while watching romantic movies. Now that you are about to spend your life together you will surely get to see more of these said details on a daily basis. “I Love the Way You Love Me” weaves these seemingly inconsequential thoughts into a song worthy of the wedding playlist. The Academy of Country Music crowned the song as 1993’s Song of the Year and was also part of John Michael Montgomery’s triple Platinum album Life’s a Dance. Irish boyband Boyzone released their pop rendition of the song five years later and those who are not familiar with country music might think that this is the original version.

Country Wedding Songs

4. Inside Your Heaven – Carrie Underwood

“Inside Your Heavcountry-wedding-songs-inside-your-heavenen” starts off slow with only the vocals and a piano. It then builds up to an explosive chorus and the momentum does not slow down as it powerfully resonates the feeling of everything falling in the right place with the right person. American Idol season 4 winner Carrie Underwood sang this song during the finale while fellow contestant and runner-up Bo Bice gave his own rendition as well. Her debut album Some Hearts included the song as a bonus track. “Inside Your Heaven” won Underwood two awards during the 2005 Billboard Music Awards and peaked at number one on the Hot 100 and Canadian Singles charts. Some critics believe that this song catapulted Underwood’s career despite the fact that it did not fare quite well in the country charts.

Country Wedding Songs

3. I Do – Paul Brandt

Paul Brandt pledges eternal love in his highly successful song “I Do” which is part of the triple Platinum debut album Calm Before the Storm. The song’s lyrics and the last line of its chorus clearly express the assurance of true love that is without doubt and will never fade. “I Do” peaked at number 2 in the Hot Country Songs chart of Billboard while it sat at the number 1 spot of RPM magazine’s Canada’s Country Tracks.
Country Wedding Songs

2. When I Said I Do – Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

The vows taken incountry-wedding-songs-when-i-said-i-do marriage involve staying together both in good and bad times until the end of days. Husband and wife duo Clint and Lisa Hartman Black sing about these promises in “When I Said I Do” and the song wonderfully describes what takes place after the two magic words have been exchanged. It is part of Clint Black’s seventh album D’lectrified and was awarded the Vocal Event of the Year award during the 1999 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Country Wedding Songs

1. Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band originally recorded the song in 1994. Many other country singers released their own versions but it was the rendition of Rascal Flatts that became the most successful of them all. The song was the group’s second single in their 5x Platinum album Feels Like Today. Not only did the song sit at the top spot of Billboard’s Hot County Songs chart for five straight weeks, it was also awarded the Best Country Song award during the 2006 Grammy Awards. “Bless the Broken Road” describes the long journey of love and how the past pains act like stars that guide towards the right person.

Country Wedding Songs