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How to plan your wedding in the winter

Did you know that winter is the cheapest time to have a wedding? This is a very magical time with white, crystal snow, and the holidays will bring happiness. What better way to celebrate this holiday than to have a winter themed wedding? Remember there is a nice tacky and chic wedding in planning a theme. It is important to keep a theme that does not force a lot of resemblance to match the type element in your guest’s face.
Try not to be cliche. There is a clever way of going about planning a themed wedding that will not only impress, but leave your guests wishing they thought of it first.

Need a little inspiration? Keep in mind winter is full of very cold weather (in many places), lots of sparkle, and white complements everything. Color palettes tend to stay on the cool side, but warm colors also find a place to fit in. See below for some winter wedding ideas to get you started.


The first step you want to take when planning your winter wedding is choosing a color scheme. This can be one of the most difficult decisions you make as a bride. Rest assure though, because once color choice is decided, it helps everything else such as décor, attire, and menu options fall easily into place.
Choosing your wedding bouquet and floral arrangement can also be difficult to determine as many options are available. Work closely with your florist to make sure they understand your image and how it looks like your flower. If the flowers are not your style, try mixing the media bouquets. There are many materials used such as paper, cotton, brooch, can be used as another style of bouquets.
Now this is the fun part! Depending on the tone you are trying to set, wedding decor can go in multiple directions. Are you going for a woodsy type feel? Or maybe you want a fairy tale, sparkly white, wedding setting? Either way, there are plenty of décor options and DIY winter wedding ideas that will make your event original and unique.
A winter wedding menu should consist of hearty, rich foods. During this season everyone expects there to be an overabundance of food. It’s the holidays, and everyone doesn’t feel guilty about putting on a pound or two. So warm, heavy, comforting foods are sure to please any guest and fit into your wedding theme as well.


This is where you creativity and stomach collaborate. Your wedding cake should always fit your theme – décor wise AND flavor wise.
Wedding favors are a great way to let your individuality shine. These inspirational and DIY ideas are tailored to fit your winter wedding theme, as well as your unique personality. Wedding favors also give your guests a little piece of you that will never be forgotten, so it’s important to make them special and memorable.

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18 Wedding Cakes That Your Guests Will Remember

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Whether they are bursting with flowers between their six, seven or more tiers or are elegantly suspended, these are all wedding cakes your guests will remember. It’s said we eat with our eyes. If that’s the case, get ready to devour today’s post because dramatic, over-the-top cakes are on the menu today.

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

London-based cake studio Sweet Hollywood pioneered this halo cake stand which makes the cake the center of attention. Incredible. Cake: Sweet Hollywood

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |
A seven-tier wedding cake that is nothing less than glorious, covering from top to bottom with mounds of blooms. Photo: Candid Image, Cake: Nazira Catering

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

This 13-tier wedding cake covered in sugar flowers and 28 pounds (yes, you read the right) of rhinestones rises seven feet high. Cake: Frosted Art Bakery and Studio

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Fresh and light as a feather, we love that this classic fondant wedding cake just seems to float on a platform of orchids and roses in the center of the ballroom at the white-on-white wedding. Très romantique! Photo: Victor Sizemore, Cake: Cinderella Cakes, Floral Design: Nisies’s Enchanted Florist

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Ruffled obsession. The beautiful ombre cake dissolves into a skirt of fresh flowers. Photo: Colin Miller for Colin Cowie Weddings

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

When I saw this wedding cake, I held my breath and I think my heart skipped a beat. Drama, glamour, style: this suspended cake has it all. Photo: Milanes, Cake: For Goodness Cakes, Planner: elly B Events, Cake swing design: Andy Beach & Co.

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

A spring masterpiece made of eight layers swirls with both sugar flowers on top of a subtle lace design. Photo: Cristina Rossi, Cake: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

This picture-perfect mint green beauty interspersed with gilded leaf elements and flowers was made for these Napa nuptials. (The bride and groom? Sutro CEO Nicole Schuetz and Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.) That’s certainly an Instagrammable cake. Photo: Jose Villa

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Ombre perfection will have your wedding guests in awe. Cake + Photo: Rosalind Miller

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Created by the queen of cakeology, fresh flowers and impossible height create a sense of drama. Photo: Meg Connelly Communications, Cake: Sylvia Weinstock

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Baroque comes to life for this multi-tiered beauty. Golden details and sugar flowers make sure each angle is different than the last. Cake: The Caketress

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Bring the glitz and bring the glamour to a sweet close with a wedding cake on a swing. Photo: Maggie Stolzberg, Cake: The Breakers Cake Shop

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Rising up six feet and four inches on a waterfall of Swarovski crystals, this one-of-a-kind bejewelled cake is incredible. Approximately 4,100 crystals were hand-strung for this gravity defying work of art inspired by Bob Mackie’s dress creations. Cake: Ron Ben Israel

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Going with a black cake is certain to be a talking point among your guests. The tiny flower garlands remind us of Rifle Paper Co.’s famous stationery designs and the perfect symmetry is awe-inspiring. Photo: Mark Davidson Cake: Wild Orchid Baking

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

This cascade of pink sugar flowers down seven tiers of cake is a showstopper. Cake: Le Novelle

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Designed for actor Tracy Morgan’s wedding to Megan Wollover, this towering five-foot-five-inch tall wedding cake in creams and blush pink was a feminine masterpiece. The design included eight tiers covered in lace, a custom monogram and three flower-filled layers consisting of 1,500 roses, orchids and hydrangea. Photo: Jeff Tisman, Cake: Pink Cake Box

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Suspended cakes are always sure to be showstoppers. This rustic-glam beauty levitating on a crystal curtain and bed of fresh flowers is no exception. Photo: Julie Paisley Photography, Cake: Whisk Bakery

Showstopper Wedding Cakes |

Every inch of this five-foot-tall wedding cake is covered in sugar roses: more than 2,000, in fact. It seems to just grow out of the rose tablecloth beneath it. Exquisite. Photo: Jay Lawrence Goldman, Cake: Charm City Cakes West

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What No One Tells You About Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Here’s the thing: From a vast canyon cliff to your childhood backyard, your outdoor spot of choice won’t accommodate your nuptials without some true-grit legwork, organization and—sometimes—a few little sacrifices. So even though your alfresco affair will turn out to be absolutely amazing (we promise!), you could face a few trying decisions and minor dilemmas to get there. Recognize any of these struggles?

If we find something more gorgeous than an impeccably put-together outdoor wedding, we’ll let you know. But for now, open-air “I dos” set against a stunning natural backdrop will always be one of our favorite wedding moments.

When you try to wrap your mind around what type of tent you should rent (yes, there are severalbest replica watches


When your favorite flowers happen to be most susceptible to wilting in the heat and humidity.



When you can’t reconcile your need for ornate, ballroom-worthy centerpieces with your plans for a minimalist garden wedding.


When your soon-to-be sister in law mentions her severe outdoor allergies (and how inconsiderate you are) at every possible moment.


When you learn you’ll need linen clips for the tables in case your hillside reception gets too windy.


When you find out how much luxury, portable restroom trailers cost.


When you watch the weather radar and it calls for rain storms the entire week of your wedding…


…and you need to secure a second indoor venue as backup.



When you’ve always dreamed of a buttercream cake, but it absolutely won’t hold up at a summer beach wedding (so, fondant it is).



When it’s a week before your woodland wedding and you totally forgot about the whole bug situation.


When you wake up the morning of to incredible, biblical gusts of wind (that were not in the forecast).



When somehow, miraculously, everything comes together more beautifully than you could have ever imagined…



…and in the blink of an eye, you actually did it—you’re married!


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The Delicous Floral Wedding Cake

cake with wildflowers

Of all the wedding cake trends I love (and there are many) I have a special spot for cakes with flowers. Whether we’re talking fresh flowers or sugar flowers, show me a cake with blooms and I’m in love. Summer has officially arrived! And that means all the flowers are in bloom around my yard and it’s so pretty.

This is probably why my own wedding cake (a long, long time ago) features eight (yes, EIGHT) tiers of cakes and many fresh Black Magic Roses.

Today’s cake is a bit more subtle but still just as lovely.

This three-tiered cake features stunning white icing and a cascade of blooms including poppies and ranunculus.

Of course you could choose to use flowers that match your bouquet. A floral cake is perfect for that summer wedding.

You can find this cake here. It was created by Coco Paloma Desserts.

Cake Toppers Flowers Wedding Planning

The Naked Wedding Cake for Summer

flamingo wedding cake

And while picking out my blooms, I spied the strawberry fields next door which got me thinking about that sweet summer fruit. I made a trip to a local greenhouse over the weekend to purchase my summer flowers.

Around here, strawberries hit their peak in mid-June or so, which means I’ll have a chance to enjoy some very, very soon!

But for now I’ll have to be happy with today’s wedding cake – which is adorned with bright red strawberries!

This cake practically screams “summer!” with its barely-there frosting, bright red strawberries, and adorable pink flamingo cake topper.

I love the whimsy of this cake – even if it is lacking in icing. Those flamingos are the BEST cake topper. Ever.

You need this cake at your summer wedding!

You can find this summery cake here.

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Show You Bright + Bold Wedding Bouquets

Bold Bouquets |

Packed full of lively colors and exploding with unique foliage, we rounded up some of our favorite perfectly pretty and bright bouquet inspiration to help you make an impact as you walk the aisle.  Vibrant and bold bridal bouquets are a dramatic choice.

Bold Bouquets |

Pink peony power! This super dreamy combination of gloriosa lilies, Coral Charm peonies, two varieties of garden roses and orchids in bright shades of chartreuse and pink make for a modern, memorable bridal bouquet. Photo and Floral Design: Floral Verde

Bold Bouquets |

Feel the tropical vibe with these striking blooms in vibrant hues. Fuschia ginger stalks and protea blooms mingle with all shades of pink and red that just pop. Photography: LucieXYZ, Floral Design: J’Adore

Bold Bouquets |

Tying the bouquet together with bridesmaids gowns via a long ribbon is a brilliant idea. Pink peonies and firey orange in these nearly neon bouquets co-ordinate with the coral gowns so well. Photography: Kate Supa Photography, Floral Design: Kent Taylor

Bold Bouquets |

The pink peonies just pop and add a bit of zazz to this bouquet that just seems to jump out of the photo. Photography: Casey Rose, Floral Design: Eclectic Sage

Bold Bouquets |

Don’t be afraid to get dramatic and go with deeper shades, like these cardinal red blooms. Gorgeous against an all white snowy background, or pale desert sand. Photography: Susie and Will Pictures, Floral Design: Miss Daisy

Bold Bouquets |

Combine texture with the color. These bouquets offer shades of peach and coral mixed alongside unique flowers such as celosia and scabiosa for amazing depth. Photography: Buffy Dekmar, Floral Design: Gertie Mae’s

Bold Bouquets |

The yellow billy balls are a lovely addition to this peach and red bouquet. Photography: Apryl Ann,  Floral Design: A Rose in Bloom {Via Emily Fights Crime}

Bold Bouquets |

Go big with your bold. Autumnal shades feature in these very colorful bouquets. Photography: Two Spoons, Floral Design: Amanda Burnette

Bold Bouquets |

Deep, jewel-like shades such as amethyst purple and ruby red were used to create these stunning beauties. Photography: Through the Woods We Ran, Via Fox and Rabbit

Bold Bouquets |

The romance of red cannot be denied. Rich, deep shades of crimson, oxblood and scarlet create a magical handtied bouquet perfect for winter weddings. Photography: Bayly and Moore, Floral Design: Fox and Rabbit

Bold Bouquets |

Bold shades head for the moody side with this unique asymmetrical bouquet of carnations and miniature roses. Photography: Cat Mayer Studio, Floral Design: 3 Leaf Floral

Bold Bouquets |

Berry reds explode against vibrant greens. We love the play of shapes and textures with the classic red and white flowers in this super artsy bouquet. Photography: Lindsey Zovko, Floral Design: The Orchid Station

Longing for even more floral inspiration? 9 Bridal Bouquets With Bold + Bright Inspiration.

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Enjoy White Wedding Cake with Blue Flowers

white cake with blue flowers

This is likely due to the fact that very soon I’ll be lounging on a beach in the Caribbean without a care in the world. Lately I’ve been daydreaming about the beach. A lot.

But it also got me thinking about beach-themed wedding cakes since it is the perfect time of year for a beach wedding.

And then I found this cake and fell in love.

This cake has a very subtle, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it beach them.

Look at the wavy white piped icing and the blue flowers. See? Subtle.

I adore this cake. It is so simple yet gorgeous. And really, how often do you see blue flowers on a cake? The blue ranunculus sugar flowers are absolute perfection.

This cake will wow your guests whether you’re on the beach or not.

You’ll find this cake here.

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Plantable Confetti – Fun Wedding Favor

plantable confetti

I love going to the local gardening store and picking out different flowers to plant all around the yard. One of my favorite things about spring – when the weather finally gets warm here in the midwest – is planting flowers!

Which is probably why I love this heart-shaped plantable confetti as a wedding favor idea!

If you love gardening (or just love flowers) or if you’re hosting an eco-friendly reception this confetti made of paper and wildflower seeds would be absolutely perfect.

And, it’s so easy to “plant” – your guests only need to sprinkle the confetti on the ground and soon wildflowers will bloom!

The confetti comes in a variety of colors so you could create colorful bags of heart shaped confetti for your guests. And, it’s also economical!

You’ll find this plantable confetti here.

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With Fresh Flowers To Your Wedding Cake

cakes with pink flowers

The best part about using fresh flowers is that you can pick and choose the perfect flowers to match your theme, colors, and personality. I love the idea of using fresh flowers to adorn a wedding cake – especially in the middle of spring when everything is in bloom and so pretty!

Today’s featured cake is a simple white cake with five tiers and a gorgeous cascade of pink flowers

including peonies, garden roses, and bleeding hearts. It’s a perfect spring cake!

I love the cascade of blooms – it seems more elegant than placing a bunch of fresh flowers atop a cake.

You can find this wedding cake here.


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Share 12 Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas With You

Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas

You can’t imagine your wedding ceremony aisle or reception décor without thinking the flowers. A perfect decoration is what wow your guests and you need to find some innovative ways to make your day the most memorable one. Create a buzz in your guests by the most stunning flower arrangements they wouldn’t have seen on any other wedding.

We present you 12 prettiest and unexpected wedding flower ideas to get you started:

1. A cascade bouquet : Yes, just like Princess Diana’s bouquet in 1981, it’s a classic, loosely gathered floral arrangement. The greens, flowing ribbons and vines gather together to the less organized look to give the bouquet it’s cascade.

2. Lush Monograms : In these days, there are many things we can get personalized. To go personal, ask your florist to make a floral decoration of your monogram and decorate the entrance door of your ceremony or just mantle it at your wedding reception venue.

3. Hanging Flower Pomanders : Floral pomanders with varying sizes and colors dress up a bare tree for an outdoor affair. Whether for an outdoor ceremony or in a banquet hall, Pomanders surely give a colorful touch. Just be careful when hanging them. Pomanders made of real flowers are heavier so use extra support to hang them.

4. Boutonnieres : Offer your male guests a make-your-own boutonniere bar and share the flower love with them. It would be an easy fun activity that will engage your male guests just before the wedding ceremony and look dapper and dashing all night long.

5. Sweet and Simple Floral Clusters : If it’s an outdoor wedding ceremony, you actually don’t need to decorate a lot. Just to add a pop of color to every alternate inner-aisle chair, attach a cluster of large flowers like dahlias, hydrangeas, roses to make the sweet spring floral arrangements.

6. Flowery Table Runners : This is going to make a big and bold statement on the long tables. These beautiful cascading floral arrangements definitely swap the traditional fabric table runners. Make sure they are arranged low enough that the guests do not get disturbed in their conversations with these flowers. You can choose any one flower type and a monochromatic scheme.

Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas

7. Rock on with a mini floral crown : It’s rocking to dress up your wedding hairstyle with a traditional headpiece with some fresh flower crown. It is one of the easiest accessories that goes good with your wedding dress.

8. Ribbon-tied Mason Jars : Fresh blooms like peonies go well in homemade, ribbon tied mason jar floral arrangements. The big headed flowers give the most bang as they cover a large space with a single stem. If you go to the ‘Do It Yourself’ way, for your wedding arrangements, tie them tightly and ask someone to help for setup.

9. Floral Chandeliers : Replace the traditional crystal chandeliers to the hanging arrangements of flowers that looks just like a light fixture. Try to add long hanging strings of flowers and cover the tops with some greenery and berries to give up a garden fresh feel.

10. Ombré Centerpieces : This trend is not going away anytime soon. It is a remarkable wedding element found on almost every wedding chose from invitations, cakes, dresses and decorations. It looks the best on the long tables as you can see little variations of each shade. To really let the colors pop, stick on to one type of flower, like Roses or Hydrangeas.

11. Reversible Garden : A ceiling covered with the hanging flowers and crystal chandeliers in the center finishing up the glamorous look of the lush inverted floral garden will surely wow you and your guests. A similar idea is a floral wall which is perfect for the photo shoots or background walls for your cake table. You can also use this concept over the head table, dance floor or ceremony site.

Innovative Wedding Flower Ideas

12. All White Formal Theme : It is a lovely feeling when you enter the aisle surrounded by beautiful fresh white blooms. Using height, texture and lights in your centerpieces will help you create a deep look and let the flowers stand out. Really, there’s something eternal about a crisp and clean all-white wedding theme.