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How to Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses by Zodiac Sign

Choosing your own gorgeous wedding dress is difficult, but choosing a style that suits your maid can be downright stressful. Fortunately, the stars have the same work for you!

Believe it or not, our zodiac signings for us are our fashion choices. They can have insight into our style preferences very accurately, which is downright horror. Lucky for you, we detail all you need to know about the constellations, the main character traits of each, the bridesmaid dress is the best fit for everyone.



As the first sign in the zodiac, the Aries gal is a natural born leader who’s not afraid to steal the spotlight, but she lets her personality do the talking rather than her wardrobe. She prefers a closet full of cool, crisp styles that are fashion-forward without being ostentatious. For her bridesmaids, this translates to minimalist styles with a modern twist, with ornate fabrics and sparkling embellishments nowhere in sight. With its sleek lines and of-the-moment two-piece design, the Bari Jay BC-1703 is the perfect fit for the Aries gal and her main chicks.



The Taurus’ style is all about timeless elegance, so you can be sure her wedding party attire will be sophisticated and eternally chic. Ruled by Venus, which represents all things beautiful, this gal has an appreciation for romance as well, so her bridal party will most definitely boast some seriously flirty, feminine vibes. The finishing touch, so to speak, is texture. The feel of a fabric is just as important as its outward appearance for those born under this star sign, so expect the Taurus bride to be drawn toward eye-catching details and rich, decadent finishes. The silky polish of the Alfred Sung D538 peau de soie frock fits the bill, as does the intricate embroidery that bedecks the bodice of the Mori Lee 146.



Eye-catching colors, look-at-me prints and stellar statement jewels – nothing is too out-there for the Gemini bride! This gal is always up for a good time, and her fashion choices reflect her fun, playful attitude. For her bridal party, this translates to bold patterns, blindingly bright hues and unexpected details to keep the party poppin’ all night long. Forgo the plain Jane dresses for a printed frock adorned with watercolor blooms, like the fabulously flowing Mori Lee 21502, or opt instead for a style with a high-low hem like the Alfred Sung D699, which pairs perfectly with a killer pair of attention-grabbing heels.



The Cancer gal is all about nostalgia for an era gone by, so refined pieces with vintage flair are right up her alley. Her bridesmaid dresses should lean ladylike and elegant, but not stuffy, with modest A-line and sheath silhouettes and old world-inspired details, like delicate lace and high necklines. With its romantic floral embroidery and demure short sleeves, a classically elegant lace number like the Donna Morgan Alice is the perfect fit.



Fearless. Eccentric. Loud and proud. When it comes to her personal style, the Leo shies away from nothing. Expect high drama with a heavy dose of flair from this gal’s bridal party. The Leo bride is brimming with self-confidence and feels most comfortable with all eyes on her. So you can be sure that her friends’ frocks will reflect her own larger-than-life style. Intricate beading, extreme sparkle and stunning silhouettes are all welcome additions. For your own party, choose a heavily sequined number like the Belsoie L184065 for festive shine, or opt for a unique and unexpected shape, like the Bari Jay 1721 jumpsuit.



Unlike the outlandish Leo, the Virgo embraces styles that are simple and sweet, with plenty of feminine grace. This gal also has an unbelievable eye for the small touches that make an item unique. She’s drawn to styles that boast tiny intricacies, perhaps, even so, minute that they go overlooked by those with a lesser attention to detail. Like the other Earth signs, Virgos also appreciate fine craftsmanship and will opt for sturdy, well-tailored garments that will last a lifetime for the wearer, well beyond the couple’s big day. A bridesmaid gown like the Dessy 2970 is optimal for the Virgo bride, with sweet, girlish touches like off-the-shoulder accents and tightly gathered ruching for plenty of close-up detail and an ultra-flattering fit.



Like the beauty-loving Taurus, the Libra is also ruled by Venus and thus possesses a similar appreciation for all things lovely and exquisite. With a penchant for over-the-top glamour, this girl loves luxe embellishments, rich fabrics and all things shining and beautiful. She’s also unafraid to flaunt her femininity, and is drawn to styles with seriously sexy details, like a thigh-high slit or a deep V-neckline cut down to there. For her bridesmaids, the Libra bride should choose a style like the Mori Lee 21508, which boasts intricate patterns of stunning sequins from top to bottom, or the Alfred Angelo 7354L, featuring sumptuous satin in a mermaid silhouette that hugs each and every ladylike curve.



A water sign known for its depth and intensity, the Scorpio leans toward darker, edgier styles and isn’t afraid to veer away from the norm. She’s sassy, sexy and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, far more comfortable in black and leather than ruffles and pastels. Her style is tough yet streamlined and polished, and she never leaves home without a killer pair of heels. The Scorpio bride can bedeck her bridesmaids in a similar style. Opting for an unfussy number that can be loaded with accessories, like the Gather and Gown Dallas, which can be cinched with a studded belt and paired with a chic pair of booties for serious rocker vibes.



This sign is ruled by Jupiter, the largest of the planets, and so those born under this sign do everything in a big, big way. The Sagittarius bride desires the most raucous party, the most gluttonous feast and a never-ending flow of wine and good cheer, all while wearing the most spectacular, most voluminous dress – anything less is just unacceptable. Her bridesmaids can expect bridal party style that’s equally over-the-top, yet fun, festive, and, of course, conducive to dancing the night away! The Sag bride should choose a style with a bit of bold volume, like the Allure 1507, a fit and flare gown with a frothy tulle skirt, or a playful print, like the colorful Allure 1440.



On the other end of the spectrum there’s the Capricorn, who appreciates a structured style with clean lines and architectural design. This no-nonsense gal is efficient and a real go-getter, always striving to reach an end goal and refusing to quit until it’s been achieved. She shuns lace and steers clear of frilly embellishments. Instead, she sports clean lines and unfettered fabrics, and she’s no stranger to a good pantsuit. Speaking of pants, she has no problem dressing her ‘maids in the masculine style, so a top-and-pants combo like the Bari Jay 1713 would be a welcome addition to her special day.



The Aquarius is known for being unconventional and even a bit eccentric – no surprise considering the fact that the sign is ruled by Uranus, which spins the opposite way of all the other planets. Normal is a bore for this unconventional bride, who isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion, whether it’s an asymmetrical style or one that shines as brightly as a disco ball. This bride would do best with a mix and match bridal party that gives her the freedom to incorporate a variety of styles, textures, and lengths. Try a bold combination of lace (Bari Jay 1716), sequins (Bari Jay 1715) and strapless chiffon (Bari Jay BC-1602) in coordinating color tones for an avant-garde look.



The token bohemian of the bunch, the Pisces gal’s style is romantic and fantastical, like something out of a dream. She’s partial, to long, flowing gowns and gauzy, lightweight fabrics, and can be considered a modern-day hippie of sorts. She shuns structure and architectural designs, opting instead for tons of draping and layers of fabric that practically float on air. For her bridesmaids, a loose-fitting frock with lots of movement is the optimal choice. This Bill Levkoff 1267 chiffon number with a blouson bodice is prim yet unstructured and breezy, while the floaty, fabulous Dessy S2977 skirt paired with the Dessy T2974 lace top is simply a dream.

Now that you’ve got all the pertinent information at hand, let your zodiac sign lead the way to your perfect bridesmaid dress!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Idea : How to Choose the Best Bridesmaid Dresses?

They say every girl is excited to be a bride, but how about being a bridesmaid?


This is one rule that’s had a modern reality
check. ‘Nowadays it all depends on how much control you take,’
says top wedding planner Kathryn Lloyd ( ‘If
you’re very specific about the type of dress you want, you should
pay for it. It’s your colour choice with your style guidelines and
the chances are your bridesmaids will never wear it again.’


However, if you’re relaxed about the shape and suggest a
flexible colour palette (like blue and greens), then it’s fine to
ask your bridesmaids to contribute. ‘30% to 40% of the dress price
is acceptable,’ suggests Kathryn.

Alternatively, inform each bridesmaid of your budget and your
chosen colour scheme, and if they want a more expensive outfit they
can cover the rest themselves. The same rules apply to bridesmaids
and pageboys. If you want them in sailor suits, start saving up. If
you’re happy with neutral tones, offer to buy them new shoes.


Whatever happens, don’t give anyone full creative reign. You’ve
got your photos to consider, no one wants their cousin’s canary
yellow kaftan stealing the show!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Trend : Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses Recommended


Take a look at these bridesmaid dresses.


Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses: 5 Reasons to Fall in LOVE

1. An easy and efficient way to be unique.

Every bride wants a memorable, magical wedding, and that’s not an easy feat when you’re attending the nuptials of friends and relatives every weekend (and comparing your celebration to every other event).

What can you do to set your wedding apart from the other events you’ll be attending this season?

Dress your bridal party in a distinctive style, in a unique color, or in mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses that consist of separate tops and separate bottoms in different colors!

Putting your ‘maids in separate skirts and bodices allows you to give your bridal party a distinctive look, and it lets you highlight each and every ‘maid’s unique shape and personality.

A curvy, busty woman is more likely to feel comfortable in a bra-friendly bodice with supportive straps, whereas a petite ‘maid or junior girl will probably be happy wearing a spaghetti strap silhouette.

Allowing your girls the option to choose the top that feels most comfortable to them will go a long way on your wedding day, and you’re much more likely to have happy ‘maids and friends when the reception is over.

kennedy-blue-cara-top-and-madison-skirt-champagne-front kennedy-blue-kendall-top-madison-skirt

2. They take mixing and matching to a whole new level.

There’s a reason why brides love the mixed and matched look. It not only lets you outfit each ‘maid in a look that’s suited for her, but it allows you to incorporate a variety of different silhouettes, colors, and styles into one cohesive bridal party.

By opting for two-piece bridesmaid dresses, you can take the mix-and-match trend to a whole new level!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match silhouettes, colors, and fabrics—many of our favorite separates are designed to be worn with contrasting colors and fabrics. Separates offer nearly limitless possibilities, and if you mix and match them the right way, you can pull off a look that no other bride could conceive of.

When in doubt, consult with a bridal expert at the Wedding Shoppe to help you achieve a look that perfectly suits your wedding style and theme.


3. They allow you to order different sizes on top and bottom—score!

Not all bodies are created equal. Some are bigger on the top than on the bottom, and vice versa. Any woman who wears different sizes on bodice and bottom will tell you that it’s difficult to find a dress that fits just right, so allowing your bridesmaids to purchase separates is a surefire way to ensure that every ‘maid can order the exact sizes she needs.

No busty woman wants to order a size 12 dress if they’re only an 8 on the bottom, and nobody with a curvy bottom wants to have to take the bodice of their dress in two sizes to accommodate their bust.

4. Lower alteration costs!

If you wear one size on top and a different size on the bottom, you will undoubtedly need to incur the cost of alterations in order to get the perfect fit and the proper proportion.

But if you purchase separates, the cost of alterations can be dramatically reduced. By ordering a two-piece bridesmaid dress, you can order the specific sizes you need!

With bridal party attire, alterations are almost always necessary. But this trend is an efficient way to keep costs low!

kennedy_blue_cara_top_leah_bottom kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-madison-skirt-eggplant-plus

5. Wedding party attire you can actually wear again.

Every ‘maid tries to convince herself that she will actually wear her dress again, but the simple truth is that it rarely happens.

If you don’t want to spend $200 or more on a dress that will sit in your closet for eternity, opt for a two-piece bridesmaid gown and increase the likelihood that you will wear the bodice, or the bottom, again to some future event.

A simple lace top can be easily paired with a blazer and tailored pants for a casual, yet elegant, evening look. Heck, even jeans and wedges!

A separate knee-length A-line skirt (in any color or fabric) can be easily teamed with a chic black sweater for that holiday office party or date night at your favorite restaurant.

You may never wear the separates together again, but you can split them up and pair them with other tops and bottoms to create a variety of different looks.

My Top 8 Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses:

1. Kennedy Blue Cara Top

In ivory lace, the Cara Top pairs easily with any of Kennedy Blue’s separate skirts in any color. With a V-neckline and a sleeveless silhouette with wide straps, this bra-friendly silhouette offers style and comfort for ‘maids of all shapes and sizes.

kennedy-blue-cara-top kennedy-blue-cara-top-back

2. Kennedy Blue Kendall Top

The Kendall Top features a gently scalloped hemline that makes it look beautiful with any skirt in any color. Crafted in ivory lace, this separate bodice looks as gorgeous with a tulle A-line maxi skirt as it does with a pair of jeans for a night out on the town. To call this top versatile is an understatement!

kennedy-blue-kendall-top kennedy-blue-kendall-top-back

3. Kennedy Blue Blake Top

The Blake Top is one our absolute favorites. In soft ivory lace with a sleeveless silhouette and a scoop neckline, this scalloped hem tank flatters every figure and pairs effortlessly with every skirt.

kennedy-blue-blake-top kennedy-blue-blake-top-back

4. Dessy T2974 Top

The Dessy T2975 top offers sweet, romantic appeal, plus it comes in a variety of color combinations in soft floral lace that can be customized with matching or contrasting linings in order to create a solid or two-tone effect. It pairs effortlessly with every separate skirt, making it much-loved by women who want to create a truly customized look.

dessy-t2974-top dessy-t2974-top-back

5. Dessy S2977 Skirt

In an A-line silhouette made from soft tulle, the Dessy S2977 skirt offers timeless elegance in a figure-flattering cut that every ‘maid will love. We love its airy, dreamy appeal, and it’s simply perfect for any wedding in any season.

dessy-s2977-skirt dessy-s2977-skirt-back

6. Kennedy Blue Jo Skirt

In a knee length A-line silhouette, the Jo Skirt is one of the most versatile separates in the entire Kennedy Blue collection. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, this tulle skirt lets you channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw, and when the wedding is over, this is the one you’ll want to wear over and over again.

kennedy-blue-blake-top-jo-skirt kennedy-blue-jo-skirt

7. Kennedy Blue Leah Skirt

Crafted from elegant satin fabric, the Leah Skirt features a classic A-line silhouette that flatters every figure and pairs effortlessly with any separate bridesmaid top!

kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-leah-skirt-navy-front kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-leah-skirt-navy-back

8. Kennedy Blue Mae Skirt

Made from soft layers of chiffon fabric, the Mae skirt offers timeless style in a floor-length A-line silhouette that can be easily paired with any bodice. Perfect for a traditional affair or a destination wedding on the beach, this style comes in dozens of colors, making it ideal for any big day in any season.

kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-mae-skirt-blush-front kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-mae-skirt-blush-back

Two-piece bridesmaid dresses are enjoying a fashion moment as the newest and most unique way to style a bridal party. Let you girls wear the colors, fabrics, and silhouettes that they love and opt for bridal party separates instead of the traditional one-piece gown.


Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses Recommended : Unbeatable Style Bridesmaid Dresses Top 10


Listed below are the top 10 unbeatable style of bridesmaid dresses.

After Six bridesmaid dresses in soft pink tones

1. A Long History of Style

As part of the Dessy Group, After Six is a name that has been synonymous with formal attire since its inception over 100 years ago. What started with men’s tuxedos has blossomed into a full formal wear collection that, today, includes men’s attire as well as a stunning array of bridal party attire. Their affordable designs have always been elegant and chic, but there’s something about this newest collection that we simply love—and that’s the feeling of effortlessness that’s evident in each and every style.

2. Classic Meets Contemporary

Dessy bridesmaid dresses, and the After Six collection in particular, walk that fine line between classic and contemporary, and every design offers elements of both timeless charm and modern style. As the collection seems to just get better and better each season, it’s easy to see why After Six bridesmaid dresses have become a favorite of so many women, especially those looking for that perfect blend of elegance, effortless style, and affordability.

After Six bridesmaid dresses

3. Always Affordable, Always On Trend

After Six proves that you never have to sacrifice style to meet your budget. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind couture design or an affordable wedding gown, no bride wants to make her ‘maids buy a look with a hefty price tag. With short and long silhouettes that range from about $160-$200, this collection is priced to satisfy each and every ‘maid!

4. Simply Effortless

Gone are the days of outfitting your ‘maids in unflattering frocks and shapeless silhouettes. The modern bride knows that when her bridal party looks stunning, it’s a true reflection of her personal style and excellent taste. Allow your friends to enjoy your day by styling them in chic, elegant designs that exude effortless beauty and grace.

It was hard to narrow down, but we’ve chosen our ten favorite After Six bridesmaid dresses to share with all of our My Wedding Chat brides. Each design has its own specific appeal—and we know you’re going to love them as much as we do!

mismatched After Six bridesmaid dresses

Brian Bossany Photography

10 Top After Six Bridesmaid Dresses:


Romantic, elegant, and comfortable? It can be done. No one we know would ever, ever wear a T-shirt to a wedding. But when you take that same soft jersey knit fabric, ruch it to perfection, and add off the shoulder cap sleeves, the result can be rather amazing. This gown features an ultra-flattering A-line skirt, a beautifully pleated crisscross bodice, and tiny sleeves that offer the perfect amount of comfort and support.

After Six 6697 After Six 6697 back


Georgette is one of those fabrics that holds it shape without being heavy, and we love how After Six has designed and detailed this sheath silhouette. The one shoulder neckline adds a sense of glamour, while the gathered bodice adds just the right amount of texture. Simply stunning!

After Six 6646 After Six 6646 back


If you’re looking for a gown that will flatter every petite ‘maid and curvy girl in your bridal party, this is it. Pleated accents in chiffon lend a bit of vintage-inspired class, while wide tank straps let you wear it with your favorite bra. A gathered band at the natural waistline makes this design perfect for women of all shapes and sizes.

After Six 6712 After Six 6712 back


Perfectly pleated and finished with a sash at the waist, this strapless gown works for virtually any wedding. A destination wedding on the beach…a lavish affair in a grand hotel…a boho-chic garden celebration…the effortless ease of this design allows every ‘maid to walk, party, and pose with grace.

After Six 6678

Emily Davis Photography


One of the things we love most about After Six bridesmaid dresses is their artful combination of flattering silhouettes and subtle details. With a slightly shirred neckline and a cut out back, this gown is a perfect example of why this designer is so well-loved by modern brides. An accent at the natural waist makes it look amazing on ‘maids of all shapes and sizes.

After Six 6709 After Six 6709 back


Perfect for a traditional wedding or a black tie event, this satin gown is one of our absolute favorites. Simply styled with a sweetheart neckline and a straight back, this design features seamed detailing at the hips that follows and flatters the natural curves of a woman’s body. It’s nearly impossible not to feel gorgeous and glamorous in this look!

After Six 6673 After Six 6673 back


As with most of our favorite designs, it’s the subtle details that draw us in and capture our heart. This gown, in nu-georgette fabric with a flattering A-line skirt, features a high neckline with a halter-inspired twist at the neck, a pleated bodice, and a cut-out back that exudes contemporary charm. This style can easily be hemmed to the knee and worn again when the wedding is over—dare we say we think we’ve found our favorite new little black dress?

After Six 6716 After Six 6716 back


There are some attendant dresses you say you’ll wear again, and then there are the ones—like this—that you actually do. In soft chiffon with a cowl neck and a blouson bodice, this is the style we’re taking to the tailor as soon as the wedding is over. Hem it to the knee and all of a sudden the dress you never planned to wear again is going to find itself in heavy rotation in your wardrobe.

After Six 6666 After Six 6666 back


We can’t say enough how much we appreciate a bra-friendly design, and this gown proves that you’ll never have to sacrifice style for comfort. In lux chiffon fabric, this A-line design is beautifully detailed with wide tank straps, pleated accents, and a V-back that makes it look simply gorgeous from every angle.

After Six 6727 After Six 6727 back


So many of the After Six bridesmaid dresses are so chic that the biggest challenge in finding one usually comes down to deciding on which one you love the most. This pretty A-line halter, and so many others styles in the collection, come in dozens of colors in soft chiffon, making it easy for brides to outfit their bridal party in mixed and matched looks in the same fabric from the same designer collection. With its shirred bodice, matching sash at the waist, and effortless drape, this is one design that we simply couldn’t leave off our list.

After Six 6613 After Six 6613 back

Shop After Six bridesmaid dresses—your friends will love you for it.

After Six has hit the nail on the head with its signature blend of elegance, effortlessness, and affordability. All of the styles on this list, and dozens of others in the collection, are priced to meet the needs of brides and ‘maids on a realistic budget—but that still doesn’t mean you need to pay $200 for a look that you’ll only wear once.

If you have an attendant dress that you love, make it a point to wear it again! Unless you regularly attend formal events, a simple shortening of the hemline can transform a long gown you may never need again to a knee-length silhouette that you can wear for any semi-formal affair, cocktail party, date night, or girl’s night out! By offering dozens of colors and sophisticated looks that offer classic style with a contemporary edge, this line makes it easy to find a gown that you’ll love and be able to wear over and over again.


Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dress Trends Top 20 in 2017:Mix-and-Match, Sparkly Sequins…

Here are the top 20 bridesmaid dress trends in 2017, you can have a preview first.

Wedding season is upon us, and while your handsome fiancé preps his elite group of groomsmen to tie ties and make par on the pre-nuptial round of golf, you have a different—and more fun—challenge to tackle: making your leading ladies look and feel beautiful on your big day.

We get it. You want your bridesmaids’ look to be trendy, yet classic. Stylish, yet sophisticated. Contemporary, yet timeless. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos with regret because you chose an unsustainable and dated trend. (Ahem, your mom’s satin poofy bridesmaid gowns from the 1980s.)

No need to fear! We’ve compiled a list of the top 2017 bridesmaid dress trends that will stand the test of time to help you land on that perfect wedding day look—you know, the one you’ve been daydreaming of since you were in junior high.

Brovado Weddings

Brovado Weddings

2017 Bridesmaid Dress Trends: The Top 20

1. Mix-and-Match

Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill matchy-matchy gowns. After all, why choose just one style when you can essentially choose them all? Finding a single design to suite the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party can be daunting.

Use the ‘two out of three rule’ to execute the mix-and-match trend flawlessly: Choose length, color, or fabric to mix, while keeping the other two cohesive.

Want to switch up the color scheme? Then have your ladies don all knee-length gowns in breathable chiffon. Indifferent about the fabric? Let them choose, while keeping the length and color the same. That way you’ll end up with a stylish look that still keeps your wedding party cohesive!

mismatched bridesmaid dress wedding trend

Gina Zeidler Photography

2. Sparkly Sequins

Your ladies will shine on the dance floor in this stunning 2017 bridesmaid dress trend! Sequins aren’t just for New Year’s Eve extravaganzas or holiday celebrations anymore—they’re popping up in fashion-forward nuptials and we’re totally on board!

Keep it classic and sophisticated with Bari Jay 1652, or spice it up by having your girls don Donna Morgan W2219M.

Bari Jay 1652 Donna Morgan W2219M

3. Two-Piece Bridesmaid Gowns

Separates are taking off—and it’s no wonder! By allowing your ‘maids to choose a different size top and skirt, they’re likely to avoid expensive alterations.

Just check out the NEW Kennedy Blue collection everyone’s been raving about! Lace tops in a variety of necklines, long and short skirts in an awesome selection of fabrics and colors—the combo options are endless. Plus, your friends can easily rock these looks again.

I suggest the Cara top and Mae skirt for a formal church affair, or combine the Kendall top and the Madison skirt for a whimsical outdoor ceremony.

Kennedy Blue Cara Top & Mae Skirt Kennedy Blue Kendall Top & Madison Skirt

4. Sleek and simple

Sometimes less is truly more. Sleek, sexy, and simple bridesmaid dresses are totally ‘in’ right now, and we love that this is a trend that can stand the test of time.

Some of our favorites? After Six 6756 and Bari Jay 1673!

After Six 6756 Bari Jay 1673

5. Swoon-worthy backs

Guests aren’t only looking at the front of the gown…they’re checking out the back, as well. Make sure that your girls look fabulous from every angle as they spin about the dance floor by choosing a gown with a stylish back.

Have them wear a backless piece for a sexy and romantic look, or have them don lace dresses with a scalloped keyhole back opening for a charming barn wedding!

We adore Kennedy Blue’s Luella, which will have your ladies looking just as flawless during their grand exit as they did for their entrance!

6. Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

It’s everywhere, including in bridal! The perfect option? Kennedy Blue’s “Thea.” Just don’t forget to gift them a shawl to cover up for chilly winter weddings!

Kennedy Blue Thea Hayley Paige Occasions 5663

7. Bloused Tops

If you’re going for a romantic and whimsical look on your big day, then look no further than these fabulous bloused top gowns. Airy and ethereal, they’ll have your ladies swooning throughout the entirety of your celebration!

Check out Bari Jay 1661 and 1677 for our favorite timeless takes on this modern look.

Bari Jay 1661 Bari Jay 1677

8. Floral Prints

One thing is certain: floral print bridesmaid dresses will be the perfect preface to your beautiful wedding gown as they come down the aisle before you! Colorful and full of flirty aesthetic, these fun pieces will have your girls spinning about the dance floor in confidence and class.

My new fave? Alfred Sung D699FP!

9. Boho

Release your inner Bohemian goddess and have your ‘maids step down the aisle in fabulous frocks full of texture and flare! Our favorite line for boho dresses is hands-down Wtoo. Mix-and-match Wtoo 142, 243, and 141 for a flawless look that your girls will adore!

10. High-Low Hemlines

They’re back? I’m just as shocked as you. And yet, designers like Alfred Sung are pulling it off with class. The key to keeping it stylish is the subtlety of the high-low angle. Showing off the shin just a bit, without a dramatic and tacky cut.

11. Slate Blue

Slate Blue made its first appearance in the summer of 2016, and we love that its here to stay! The perfect mixture of blue and grey, this gorgeous shade will flawlessly complement your colorful floral accents and succulent headpieces.


Brian Bossany Photography

12. Neutral colors

Tone it down with neutral colors. We love that blushes, light greys, and taupes are trending because it makes it easy to make the look your own by going wild with fabulous floral and accessory accents!

neutral grey-toned bridesmaid dresses

Melissa Oholendt Photography

13. Keyhole Necklines

Who said all the fun had to happen in back? Small, modest keyholes on the neckline are popping up on the runways, and in our Shoppe collections! Small details like this are what make a gown unique.

14. Mixed Fabrics

Kennedy Blue started this trend with lace bodices and flowing chiffon skirts. Now it seems like every designer has taken it on! If you’re nervous about mixing and matching your bridesmaid dresses, this design detail achieves it with less work. Sequins with chiffon, satin with chiffon…so many combos that create a unique, on-trend look.

lace and chiffon bridesmaid dresses in navy

Eileen K Photography

15. V-Neckline

Universally flattering for the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party, the V-neckline will have your girls thanking you that you chose it for them to don! Your bustier maids will appreciate the support, while your ladies with a more athletic build will love that the gown doesn’t fall down while they’re wearing it. Win win!

16. Delicate High Neckline

Dainty, unique, and universally flattering, your girls will adore the delicate high neckline trend! Check out Kennedy Blue’s “Kylee,” “Stella,” and “Kendall” for adorable and affordable options.

Make sure the whole wedding look is on-trend too!

17. Minimalistic Makeup

Make a statement with your gown, not your makeup! 2017 is bringing minimalist and neutral palettes with soft pastel accents. Use a light blush and a subtle smoky eye—then finish it off with a subtle pastel lip color. Flawless!

natural wedding day make-up

Rene Tate Photography

18. Romantic Updos

Gone are the days of springing poodle curls! Now nothing says romance like loose up-dos and weaved braids. Show your hairdresser photos of piecey low buns and twisted half-up styles for an elegant and modern up-do.

19. Greens

Greens, greens, and more greens! You really can’t have too many flowers, succulents, and interesting plants represented on your big day, so why not have your ladies wear them, as well?

Create elegant floral crowns made of delicate succulents and put an abundance of greenery in their bouquets for a romantic woodland look that is sure to have them swooning.

20. Floral headpieces

Channel your inner 1960s flower child and have your ‘maids wear braids of peonies, greens, and dahlias for a romantic and whimsical look that will have them swooning.

We love that floral accessories are here to stay—and who doesn’t feel like a total goddess when rocking a floral crown?!

bridesmaids with flower crowns

Which stylish 2017 bridesmaid dress trends are you planning to implement on your big day? Let us know in the comments below.


Bridesmaid Dresses


Primrose and Finch directors are owing more than $100,000 to dozens of women, but they still selling wedding dresses online.

wedding dress
A boutique bridal store that went bust, leaving Kiwi brides scrambling to get dresses, is still selling dresses online.

Primrose and Finch directors closed their stores in Auckland and Melbourne last week, and went into liquidation, owing 59 brides more than $100,000 to dozens of women.

Brides left devastated and without their dresses after Primrose and Finch went into liquidation, closing their stores in Auckland and Melbourne and taking the money with them.

Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding Dresses Wedding Ideas

Give You 11 Ways to Re-Wear Bridesmaid Dresses as Wedding Guest Attire

If the movie is a comedy, of course, the bridesmaid dress will be impossible wedding guest attire for any future occasion.  But in real life, many brides select a bridesmaid look based in part on giving their friends a chance to buy a nice formal or semi-formal dress they can wear again. “You’ll be able to wear it again,” movie brides reassure their friends when bridesmaid-dress costs climb.

Allure 1437-1438

11 Ways to Re-Wear Bridesmaid Dresses as Wedding Guest Attire

That choice certainly makes it easier to know what to wear to a wedding when the setting is a formal evening – and in more casual venues, it’s part of the reason that short bridesmaid dresses, mix-and-match frocks, and two-piece dress sets have become so popular.  (The other reason is the pure drive of fashion.)

Of course, when you wear your bridesmaid dress as a bridesmaid, every eye is on you when you lead the way down the aisle, and you’re part of the look of the day.  Wedding-guest styles should be both more individual and less eye-catching.  Fortunately, that’s easy to do!

Want to know how to re-style and re-think your bridesmaid dress so you look effortlessly put together – without looking like you’re trying to join the wedding party?  Read on!

But First: Know the Rules

1.Remember your wedding-guest color etiquette.

Never, never wear white … or ivory, or very light blush, or – with metallic shades becoming more popular in wedding dresses – very light gold.  Everyone knows who the bride is (hopefully), but while these pale and neutral colors might be selected by the bride for her attendants, they’re not ideal wedding guest attire.

If the couple or their families are particularly traditional, you might want to give black a miss, too – but black is also growing more popular as a tasteful, not-too-distracting color to wear as a wedding guest.  If in doubt, skip the black frock for a morning wedding, but for anything after 3:00 PM, you can probably make that cocktail-style black bridesmaid dress happen again.

Alfred-Sung-D448 Alfred-Sung-D502

2. Do your homework.

What are this wedding’s colors?  (The invitation or the wedding website will often give you a hint if you’re not close enough to the couple to call them up and ask.)  If your previous bridesmaid dress shares a hue with this event’s chosen palette, it might be best to pick another dress for this day.

3. Follow the dress code.

A formal evening wedding (especially if the words “black tie” appear anywhere on the invitation) probably calls for a long dress, but it might be inappropriate to wear your full-length bridesmaid gown as a guest as a casual backyard wedding.

When in doubt, lean toward more conservative wedding guest attire – it’s a good rule of thumb for a special event that brings together people of different ages and backgrounds, sometimes in a church.  Adding a structured jacket or opaque hose is a good step toward making a wilder bridesmaid dress into a more toned-down look to wear to a wedding where all eyes aren’t on you. 

Bari-Jay-1471-1  Allure-1437-1

4. Do you care if you’re wearing the same dress as someone else?

Then check with the other ‘maids who own that style to make sure you won’t both be rocking the same look as guests.  (If it happens despite your best efforts … time for reception-line twin selfies!)

Ideas for Accessorizing

So, you’re confident your old bridesmaid dress is suitable!  The color looks great on you and won’t match the floral arrangements!  Now it’s time to make a plan for re-styling and re-accessorizing your bridesmaid look so you can wear it to another wedding in superbly tasteful style.

5. Split up separates.

Kennedy Blue has great examples of bridesmaid separates that can be mixed up to wear to a wedding.  Imagine a sweetheart lace top re-worn with appropriate slacks and a matching necklace: so suave!  Or turn an ivory lace top like Kennedy Blue’s Blake into an accessory by pulling it over a snug, dark day dress: instantly more conservative, instantly appropriate in color.

You’ll usually get more use out of tops as wedding guest attire, since a ballgown skirt can be too much.  The exception: formal ballroom receptions, where pairing a long, airy skirt like Kennedy Blue’s Madison with something understated but unexpected – a menswear-inspired jacket or waistcoat, for instance, or a curve-hugging cowl-neck jersey top – can be stunning without being standout.

Kennedy-Blue-Blake-Top-Jo-Skirt Kennedy-Blue-Kendall-Top-Madison-Skirt

6. Add a pattern.

While florals are on trend, most bridesmaid dresses are still solid or subtly patterned.  Adding something more graphic in your accessories – picture something like Dessy MJ-Twist1 with a plaid crop jacket – visually distinguishes you from the unbroken chiffon and satin of the current wedding party.

Dessy-MJ-Twist1 Allure-1440

7. Cover your shoulders – creatively.

Your decision on what to wear to a wedding will be partly influenced by the venue – honestly, a light cardigan you can always wear to old-fashioned church weddings is a smart wardrobe investment.  If you wore an off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress style, playing it safe skin-wise is a great chance to make the silhouette your own!

Short, drapey dresses like Bari Jay 1559 look amazing with a blazer.  Something crisper, like Mori Lee 31073, would be fabulous with a vintage silk scarf gathered around the neck and knotted at the bustline (a great way to add more color or feature a retro brooch). A longer, more dazzling style like Bari Jay 1617 would look great with a simple contrasting shrug or a sharp designer vest layered over it – which also brings the formality down to guest level.

Mori-Lee-31073 Bari-Jay-1617

8. Color-block your heart out.

Seriously, what better to play up a tasteful solid dress without going too wild for wedding-guest wear?  Shoes, a belt, a clutch, a necklace, or a hair adornment (pick any three) in the same complementary color make a statement without feeling bridal-party.  Picture Kennedy Blue’s Harper in mint – and now picture it with an orange patent leather belt layered over the sash and a bold orange bangle on the wrist.  Elegant but not overdone – just right!

9. Take it to the tailor.

When you’re trying to get a uniform look from a host of ladies with different heights and proportions, long dresses are ideal – but after the day, you might find yours looks better hitting just below the knee.  Look to a local alterations shop for advice on which length actually looks best with your unique build.

Tailors might also be able to change the color – or you can add a DIY ombré effect!  Most synthetic fabrics won’t take the full strength of dye, but it might be worth a try to get a unique color of your own.  Just be prepared to sacrifice the idea if the dye job doesn’t work out.  Wedding guests in tie-dye are pretty visually loud in the background of pictures.

10. Layer up.

One of our best tips for getting a put-together, timeless look with a bridesmaid dress: outerwear.  We’re talking genuine winterwear, not just shrugs, because light dresses look phenomenal with heavier capes and coats.  If the ceremony and reception are outdoors in the fall, what could be more heart-stoppingly chic (yet appropriately understated) than a polished taupe trench over Kennedy Blue’s Chloe dress?  No one will guess your wedding guest attire is repurposed from your spring stint as a maid of honor.

Kennedy-Blue-Chloe Kennedy-Blue-Olivia-1

11. Seek structure.

If you’re still looking in the mirror and seeing a bridesmaid, seek out boxier lines and bolder angles.  You might prefer a belt rather than a sash, or a blazer rather than a cardigan.  Flowing, romantic fabrics say “wedding party,” while crisp, conservative pieces say “honored guest.”

Have you ever re-styled a bridesmaid dress into a fabulous look for another event?  What features make a bridesmaid dress easier to wear again?  Give us your opinion and help another lovely lady re-think her outfit!

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Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding Dresses

How Everyone Can Rock Them – V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Patek Philippe ReplicaThere’s no doubt that you want the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party to look and feel confident and elegant on your big day—but your bustier ladies want support, while your maids with more athletic builds are looking for curves and definition. How do you choose just one to flatter and accommodate each and every uniquely beautiful body shape? Well we’re here to turn a potentially unflattering predicament into a stylish look infused with class and confidence that your ladies will be proud to don! Enter the V-neckline bridesmaid gown. The idea of choosing a bridesmaid dress to suit every body type is daunting, isn’t it?

V-neck Bridesmaid Dresses: How Everyone Can Rock Them

It’s flattering. It’s elegant. It’s chic. It’s everything that you’re looking for in a flawless bridal party look! V-necklines are the perfect choice because they’re universally complimentary and elegant, and they provide the support and coverage that your ladies will appreciate. Whether you’re looking for something classic and sophisticated or whimsical and romantic, you can be sure that these stunning gowns will tie into your wedding day vision. So to help you find the perfect fit, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s hottest styles so that you can perfectly execute this on-point trend!

Classic and Sophisticated:

Sophistication and class are two elements that we think never go out of style. Have your ladies don one of these refined and polished V-neck bridesmaid gowns for a look that you’re sure to love even years down the road!

Kennedy Blue Cara Top and Leah Skirt
The combination of Kennedy Blue’s Cara top and Leah skirt create an ensemble dripping with elegance and class. Lace adorns the V-neckline and sweetheart-shaped bodice before ascending over your bridesmaids’ shoulders in thick tank straps, providing support and structure that your ladies will appreciate! Lace scallops gently into the high-waist satin skirt to provide a flirty and chic look as your ladies sashay across the dance floor. If you’re looking for a romantic and timeless dress with a universally flattering V-neckline, your search ends here!

Kennedy Blue Cara Top & Leah Skirt Kennedy Blue Riley

Jim Hjelm JH5568
Jim Hjelm JH6658 showcases a unique way to implement a V-neckline top. Sheer illusion fabric adorns off-the-shoulder sleeves atop delicate spaghetti straps, providing a romantic and ethereal look that is sure to make a statement! Another plus? The plunging V-shape back that mirrors the front!

Jim Hjelm JH5568-front Jim Hjelm JH5568-1

KB Abigail
Sleek and sexy appeal meets ethereal aesthetic in Kennedy Blue’s “Abigail,” a flawless ensemble that is sure to have your maids falling in love at first sight! The V-neckline dips gently into the bust line, while delicate spaghetti straps give them a feminine and dainty look. Polished satin fabric covers the structured bodice to give your ladies a shimmering entrance through the grandiose chapel doors at your ceremony site! Swoon!

Kennedy Blue Abigail Kennedy Blue Blair 1

KB Anna or Charlotte
Kenendy Blue “Anna” and Charlotte” are perfect examples of flattering V-neckline bridesmaid dresses, as they provide support and structure while maintaining a sexy look by flattering the “girls!” Delicate gathers crisscross about the bodice to minimize flaws or imperfections, ensuring that your ladies can put forward their most confident selves. Choose “Anna” for an ethereal and romantic look, or go for a more sophisticated ensemble with “Charlotte!”

Kennedy Blue Anna Kennedy Blue Charlotte

Formal and Breathtaking:

There’s no doubt that you want your wedding to reflect your personal style. So if you consider Audrey Hepburn your spirit celebrity, then grab your pearls and say yes to one of these flawless pieces!

Mori Lee 134
Lace is everything, and this fabulous Mori Lee gown is no exception. Mori Lee 134 combines the elegance of embroidered lace with the whimsy of tulle fabric to create the perfect wedding day ensemble.

Mori Lee 134 Mori Lee 134-2

Alfred Sung D501
Ultra-sophisticated and chic, Alfred Sung D501 is the charming universally flattering gown that you’ve been looking for!

Alfred Sung D501 Alfred Sung D501-2

Belsoie L184065
Met Gala or your wedding? We can’t tell, either! Your ladies will sparkle in Belsoie L184065! Spaghetti straps wrap around their shoulders and unite with a subtle V-shape neckline. The A-line silhouette flatters the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party by hugging their waists before flowing out to the hemline of the floor length skirt in cascading gathers. Other highlights of this flawless piece? The bloused bodice and sparkling sequin fabric!

Belsoie L184065 Belsoie L184065-2

Bari Jay 1622
We are head over heels for this V-neckline dress! Soft Bella chiffon fabric, modern design, and timeless elegance combine to create this jaw-dropping piece.

Bari Jay 1622 Bari Jay 1622-2

Ethereal and Romantic:

When it comes down to it, weddings are all about one thing: romance! So let your ladies revel in the love, too, by choosing something ethereal and whimsical for them to don on your big day!

Wtoo 142
Your bridesmaids will be the perfect picture of elegance and romance in Wtoo 142! This flawless piece features soft English Net fabric in delicate crisscross pleated patterns, minimizing any flaws while creating a look fit for a woodland fairytale celebration.

Wtoo 142 Wtoo 142-2

Wtoo 852i
Wtoo takes a classic V-neckline and gives it a modern twist with 852i! An asymmetrically pleated sweetheart bodice peaks through from underneath the V-neck overlay, providing a dynamic and three-dimensional look that is sure to have both your maids and guests swooning!

Wtoo 852i Wtoo 852i-2

Wtoo 141
Mesmerize your bridesmaids by having them don Wtoo 141 at your nuptials! The flattering V-neckline is accented by delicate pleats atop a sweetheart-shaped bodice. Your girls will adore the universally flattering A-line silhouette and the unique draping one-sleeve, simultaneously keeping them stylish and secure. One thing is certain: you can’t go wrong with this stunning piece!

Wtoo 141 Wtoo 141-2

Wtoo 812
Flirty, feminine, and romantic, Wtoo 812 is everything that you’re looking for in an elegant bridesmaid ensemble. The V-neckline is accented by a faux wrap-dress bodice and delicate gathers, flattering the variety of body types in your bridal party by giving them the perfect hourglass shapes. The highlight of this piece is the delicate draped sleeves that provide an ethereal and amorous look that will photograph flawlessly at a woodsy outdoor soiree!

Wtoo 812 Wtoo 812-2

Jim Hjelm JH5475S
Jim Hjelm JG5475S is what our wedding dreams are made of! This fantastic ensemble combines all of the elements of a fabulous bridesmaid dress: a V-neckline, modern design, and sheer illusion fabric! The perfect “WOW” dress!

Jim Hjelm JH5475S Jim Hjelm JH5475S-back

Fun and flirty

Let’s face it: you’re here to have fun, and so are your maids! Complement your lively mindset by choosing a fun and flirty gown for your ladies. They’ll be thanking you as they spin about the dance floor!

Bari Jay 1501
Fabulous design, a form-flattering silhouette, and dazzling color choices. What more could a bride ask for?

Bari Jay 1501 Bari Jay 1452

Angelina Faccenda 20424
Angelina Faccenda 20424 is a dress that your ladies will actually want to wear again. It’s timeless beauty makes it an instant classic! Delicate crisscross pleating falls across the bodice in a faux wrap-dress fashion, while off-the-shoulder straps ascend from the V-neckline to keep them simultaneously secure and stylish!

Mori Lee 20424 Mori Lee 204240

Kennedy Blue Peyton
Sweet, yet sexy. Romantic, yet flirty. It doesn’t get better than that!

Kennedy Blue Peyton Kennedy Blue Peyton-2

Jim Hjelm JH5358
Whimsical romance meets modern design with this amorous piece from Jim Hjelm. Your leading ladies are sure to feel flirty and confident in this ensemble on the dance floor all night long!

Jim Hjelm JH5358 Jim Hjelm JH5358-back
Go ahead and check this one off of your to-do list. We think that your search ends here with these phenomenal V-neckline ensembles!

Which flattering style are you planning on having your ladies rock on your big day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trending Bridesmaid Dresses – Honest Reviews

At the Shoppe, we are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. And I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t include trying dresses that are wrong for my body type. Been there, done that. Not fun. So, we’re hopeful that hearing first hand what our gowns are really like on real bodies, will make your shopping process even easier! The time has come for the second edition of our Honest Reviews series!

Honest Reviews: Trending Bridesmaid Dresses

In our last segment, Stephanie and I tried on some of our top-selling bridesmaid gowns from a variety of designers. While the classic styles are great and timeless, maybe you are looking for something a little more trendy.

For reference and comparison, Stephanie and I are sharing our measurements with you:Hublot Replica Watches

Molly: Bust – 35″ Waist – 29.5″ Hips – 42″
Stephanie: Bust – 35.5″ Waist – 27.5 Hips – 38

To find your own measurements, check out our step-by-step guide>>

Molly in Wtoo 141 – size 10 in latte

Wtoo 141 Wtoo 141 2

While looking through our wide selection of dresses for trending styles, this one caught my attention immediately. The netting fabric and the neutral color are hot for 2016-2017 wedding season, so I had to see what it was all about. Honestly I was dreading seeing this light color on my fair skin (since I usually tend to avoid them.) I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised when I emerged from the dressing room. Thanks to Gergen’s Natural Glow lotion and the right lighting, I didn’t look completely washed out! Amazing! As for the style of the dress, I’m obsessed. Besides the size being a little off, I felt completely comfortable. An 8 would have been perfect, and I probably wouldn’t have taken it off, so I guess it’s for the best. I was extremely comfortable and felt pretty.

Wear again: Yes—especially if shortened. It would be so cute with a jean jacket!
Overall rating: 9/10

Molly in Lela Rose LR230 – size 8 in pink/gold

Lela Rose LR230 Lela-Rose-LR230-2

I really wasn’t sure what to think about this number at first. Fabric like this sleek Lurex has been making a bit of a revival in wedding fashion lately, so I figured I should check it out. The shiny fabric was fun, and I love a good A-line, but I wasn’t sure how to feel when I zipped it up (even though it was a perfect fit.) I spent the majority of my time in it questioning if it was cute, or at least cute on me. It’s definitely more appealing on the model online, but such is life. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the dress was nice and I loved that it had pockets (because that’s fun!), it just didn’t necessarily flatter my body. The heavier material paired with the glean of the fabric felt unforgiving on my curves. Again, personally wouldn’t be my first choice, but an adorable option for the right wedding and body type.

Wear again: Sorry, no.
Overall rating: 3/10

Molly in Allure 1440 – size 12 in pink/yellow

Allure 1440 Allure-1440-2

Spotted: 2017 trends calling for patterns (floral or, you guessed it, spotted.) I’ve been digging the idea of putting your maid of honor, or even a few of the gals, in something patterned, while the rest of the girls wear a coordinating color. Search ‘bridesmaid trends’ on Pinterest and see what I’m talking about. It’s adorable. I stepped into the gown undecided on the busy pattern, but was pleasantly surprised. While it is definitely a busier/different look than the typical bridal party, it’s super fun and perfect for summer! The dress itself, aside from being a size or two too big, was super comfortable and I loved the cut! I don’t know if you can go wrong with a chiffon A-line, honestly. If you’re looking for something unique or if you love bold patterns, this would be a great dress for you!

Wear again: Shortened, absolutely!
Overall rating: 7/10

Molly in Kennedy Blue Scarlett – size 6 in eggplant

Kennedy_Blue_Scarlett Kennedy_Blue_Scarlett_2

Okay, YAS to everything about this dress. Where do I start? Color was fab, chiffon A-line was flattering, satin sweetheart was sexy and sassy, and it was comfy! My only issue with this gown was that I tried on a size too small, and while breathing wasn’t as easy as normal, I had no choice but to have good posture, so that’s a plus. That being said, if I had to wear this all day I would definitely get a size 8. I liked the simple twist on a classic style.

Wear again: Long—yes if I found a good excuse! Short—for sure.
Overall rating: 10/10

Molly in Allure 1435 – size 10 in pink/brown

Allure 1435 Allure 1435 2

So I realize this is basically the same as Allure 1440, however, I will provide a brief review anyway. I loved this. So cute and sassy! The size was great. I preferred this pattern to the other because it was a little larger and not as busy. The ruffled layers along the hem were a sweet, little touch. I might not pick it for my gals on my own big day, but would happily wear it! (Black polish not recommended.)

Wear again: Yep!
Overall rating: 9/10

Molly in Kennedy Blue Kylee – size 10 in slate blue

Kennedy_Blue_Kylee Kennedy_Blue_Kylee_2

Let me begin by saying that I am obsessed with this neckline. I went through a hot streak in which all of my wardrobe purchases included this neckline. One of the pluses? It’s flattering on many figures, so all of your gals will look great! I’m also really loving the slate blue trend that’s happening. I think it’s gorgeous, and also universally flattering. Size-wise, I’d go smaller, but overall it was a great dress. So, so comfortable and required no strap or neckline adjustments that might happen with other gowns. Weddings are lengthy events and I would happily wear this all day long.

Wear again: As is—yes. Shortened—definitely.
Overall rating: 10/10

Molly in Allure 1471 – size 12 in stone

Allure 1471 Allure-1471-2

Let me get something out there right away: This was not the right dress for my body type at all. While it is extremely gorgeous, I felt self-conscious as soon as I put it on. I basically always opt for A-line styles because they hide my problem areas perfectly. This sheath number did not. And I felt like the sequins just brought more attention to my lower half than I would care for. The belt also hit a little too low for me (it would be an easy alteration though!) My smallest point is a few inches above where the belt hits, so again, attention was drawn to the wrong places. Do not get me wrong, I am a sequin-gown-advocate and there are very many girls who could absolutely rock this dress. I’m afraid I would not be able to confidently wear this for an entire day, especially when I didn’t even feel that great in it after 2 minutes.

Wear again: No thank you.
Overall rating: 2/10

Molly in Gather and Gown Sullivan – size 12 in navy

Gather and Gown Sullivan Gather & Gown Sullivan 2

Again, not the right dress for my body type. I have a pear-shaped body, which makes rocking a shift dress a little tricky. With the right size, this dress might have been a little better. However, this was too large for me and really gave me no shape whatsoever. It did not accentuate my features and I felt pretty uncomfortable in it—not because the dress itself wasn’t extremely comfortable, but because I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me. The idea of this dress is fantastic and it looks so cute on the model, however, as much as I wish, I am not a size 2 in reality.

Wear again: If it looked better on my body type, absolutely! It could be worn for many occasions! In reality though, I’d prefer not to wear it at all.
Overall rating: 2/10

Stephanie in Kennedy Blue Tierney – size 4 in nude

Kennedy Blue Tierney Kennedy-Blue-Tierney-2

I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about this dress. The fit was a little tight, but I knew a size larger would have been a little too big. I thought the sequins were super cute, but thought they might get to be a little uncomfortable if I was in the gown for the entire day. While I don’t normally care for V-neck on my body, I liked this style more than usual. I also really liked how comfortable the dress was! The style allowed for a normal bra, which is always nice. The liner underneath the dress was stretchy and comfortable as well, which made the dress easy to wear. I didn’t love the nude color.

Wear again: Probably not, but maybe for the right occasion.
Overall rating: 5/10

Stephanie in Alfred Sung D722FP – size 6 in white bouquet

Alfred Sung D722FP Alfred Sung D722FP 2

At first, I would have given this dress a 1/10. I wasn’t super fond of the style, print, or fabric on first view, but as time passed, I became more fond of it. When I started putting the dress on, I thought I was going to hate it. But the longer I had it on, the more and more it grew on me. I think I started to love it a little more after seeing the picture because I do think it photographs nicely. I thought the high-low style was super fun and different. The bateau neckline isn’t my go-to, but I did appreciate how modest and flattering it was. I like that it’s not something you would see at every wedding.

Wear again: I would consider. For the right occasion that is!
Overall rating: 7.5/10

While it’s easy to stick with classic styles, don’t be afraid to try something new and trendy. As you can see, Stephanie and I really liked a lot of the gowns we tried on for this segment. Many of them offer a fresh twist that would be a fun addition to your big day!

Tell us what trendy bridesmaid style you’re considering in the comments!

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Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses – Shopping 101

Until it’s time to outfit your bridal party. It’s your day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids shouldn’t feel beautiful, too. You may have thought that picking your bridal couture was the most difficult decision you’d have to make…

In a perfect world, your besties would be the same shape and size, able to fit into one uniform style. But more likely than not, they run the gamut from short to tall, rail thin to curvaceous, and it’s your job to make ‘em all feel comfortable and confident in their bridesmaid frocks, like the fabulous divas they are. So let’s talk about finding the perfect plus size bridesmaid dresses!

Shopping 101: Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days when bridal shops catered only to a size 6. Nowadays, bridesmaid dress designers are celebrating women of all shapes and sizes – including your curvier bridesmaids. Dress shopping for your fuller-figured friends is no longer the stuff of nightmares, with an ever-expanding range of options and higher quality fabrics than ever before. In fact, with the tips we’ve provided, along with the countless options on the market today, shopping for your plus size ‘maids can be downright fun!

Ahead, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about outfitting your bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. After all, dressing your bridal party should be a celebratory experience, not a stressful one, so don’t forget to have fun with it!


Who Is “Plus Size”?

It’s important to know that sizing runs small in the bridal world. More so, it’s important to remember that size is just a number and not a defining factor. So while we don’t like to see those numbers go up, we need to remember it’s not a reflection of our beauty. “Plus size” generally includes size 16 and up, so if one of your bridesmaids’ bodacious curves puts them in this category, keep an eye out for brands that cater to size 18 and above.

Of-the-moment brands Kennedy Blue, Bill Levkoff and Bari Jay all offer a number of options in sizes 18+, as do B2, Belsoie, Impression, Venus, Alexia Designs, Jim Hjelm and Landa. A select number of plus-size frocks are also on offer from Mori Lee, Noir by Lazaro, Allure and Christina Wu.

Silk and Satin and Chiffon, Oh My!

When choosing your fabric, steer clear of those with shiny finishes, like satin and dupioni, which can make curvy girls look heavier. Instead, opt for muted, flowing materials like matte chiffon that elegantly drape the frame without clinging.

Elegant lace with a bit of movement is another great option for curvier gal pals, as the material is hefty enough so that it won’t cling to every crease and bulge. Go for an A-line style like this gorgeous B2 B163023 with a delicate lace overlay to create a flattering hourglass frame.

B2 B163023 B163023

Long Live the Empire

You can’t go wrong with A-line and empire waist styles, which highlight the natural waist – generally the smallest part of the body – and artfully camouflage the butt, hips and thighs. A flowing, layered style like the classic yet ever-so-chic Emma by Kennedy Blue is best, as it offers a ton of movement and won’t cling to problem areas.

Kennedy Blue Emma Emma

For that extra wow factor, cinch the waist with a crystal-encrusted belt or a sash in a contrasting shade, which draws the eye toward the smallest part of the body. Alternately, you can choose a dress that offers that bit of detailing built right in, like this Bill Levkoff 163 stunner, which features an oh-so-glam charmeuse waistband with glimmering crystal beading.

A ruched bustline is a popular piece of trickery for gals both large and small; it has the unique ability to make a smaller bust appear larger, while minimizing the area for bustier gals. This Belsoie L164055 floor grazer ups the ante, pairing a flattering pleated bodice with intricately beaded straps to offer additional support while drawing the gaze upward.

Belsoie L164055Bill Levkoff 163

Help highlight the positives by choosing a style that flatters your bridesmaids’ favorite features. If your pal boasts décolletage to die for, choose a deep V, like the daring Bari Jay 413 style. If she’s all about that bass, try a mermaid style like the curve-hugging Bari Jay 542 to accentuate that killer caboose.

Bari Jay 413 Bari Jay 542

A Divine Neckline

The sweetheart neckline wins the popularity contest nearly every time, as it’s flattering on most figures. If you’re looking for a timeless, strapless style, the classic Kennedy Blue Sydney boasts a ruched sweetheart bodice and full skirt, while this B2 B153057 gets bonus points for the lace detailing on the bodice, a delightful touch.

Kennedy Blue Sydney B2 B153057

For the bustier bridesmaids of the bunch, a strapless dress might be ill-fitting or just flat-out uncomfortable. Instead, opt for an illusion neckline like the B2 B153052, which boasts a similar feel to the traditional strapless sweetheart with a bit more support.

B2 B153052 B153052

A one-shoulder style also amps up the level of support, while drawing the eye upward and away from any problem areas down below. For a visual treat, try something like the Bill Levkoff 334, which includes a single strap adorned with rosette buds to really catch the eye.

For the gal looking for full support, try a plunging V with wide straps and a ruched bodice, like the Kennedy Blue Chloe. The easy, breezy A-line stunner allows for maximum comfort without sacrificing style.

Bill Levkoff 334 Kennedy Blue Chloe

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve

For gals looking for a little extra arm coverage, sleeves are always a viable option. A delicate cap sleeve like this lacey Belsoie L164068 offers just a hint of coverage with a high dose of glam.

A three-quarter-length sleeve can seriously up the elegance as well; since the arms will be covered, go for a shorter-length cut for just a flash of skin down below. Try a lacey illusion sleeve like the Belsoie L164072, which gives us major Duchess Kate vibes.

Belsoie L164068 Belsoie L164072

Made in the Shade

As we all know, dark colors are instantly slimming; outfit your ‘maids in classic black, midnight blue, or for the more daring, a juicy plum or sexy Bordeaux shade. As an added bonus for your bridesmaids, they’ll be much more likely to re-wear the neutral hue.

Down to the Ground or Short and Sweet?

Floor-length gowns are an ideal choice for the curvier bridesmaid, as they make it easy to cover any areas of concern for the bottom-heavy gal. Steer clear of anything too fitted around the hips, opting instead for a full skirt.

Of course, a floor-length gown might feel a bit overdramatic for a more casual affair. A-line styles are your friend as far as shorter styles go, as they cinch the waist while camouflaging the butt, hips and thighs, and they skim the hips just right for a flattering hourglass silhouette.

General Tips and Tricks:

If the girls in your bridal party fall across a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes, it might be helpful to consider one color rather than just a single style, leaving your ‘maids free to choose the cut that’s best for their figure. Getting all those gals to feel comfortable in the same style may be an exercise in futility, so let each one choose what works best for her.

Also consider brands that carry two-piece options! Kennedy Blue has some amazing combos, making it easy to find the right sizes and cuts for your girls.

Kennedy Blue Cara Top & Jo Skirt Kennedy Blue Kendall Top & Leah Skirt

You found the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes… Congrats! Now it’s time for your girls to take that final step – finding the right shapewear. The underpinnings can make or break the dress, so a supportive bra, a waist-nipping cincher or a smoothing bodysuit may be just what she needs to complete the look.

When all is said and done, a great-fitting dress worn over the perfect shapewear may still bunch or gap in some places, so recommend that your girls visit the tailor for an extra nip and tuck. The right tailor can make an off-the-rack style look like it was custom made, so we suggest you take full advantage!

When a girl feels her best, she can kick up her heels and celebrate your special day with you all night long, without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious. So don’t forget – a confident bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid!

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