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How To Do Bridal Makeup step by step

Who need a high price makeup artist when you have a few useful suggestions from us! Granting to be connived and surrounded by sometimes happy, but you can fully professional wedding functions like mehendi, Sagan and sangeet. If you believe in your skills, you can even do it yourself for your wedding. All you have to do is follow our description of “how to make bride makeup at home” guide perfect bride beautiful.

1. ID Your Make-Up Inspirationmakeup-Inspiration

Any how to do Indian bridal makeup at home guide worth it’s salt must start by saying that it’s crucial for you to do your own research and find reference images of different looks that you like. Once you’ve narrowed down the look you know will work on you, search for tutorials online to get it 100% right. Now it’s time to learn how to look your best on your big day.

2. Start Prep 2-3 Weeks In AdvanceWoman-applying-cream-before-makeup

You need to moisturised every single night before you get to bed and use a good quality sunscreen during the day. Stressing out and constant dehydration will lead to your skin looking worse as your D-day closes in. The better you treat your skin, the better it’ll look and the less make-up it’ll need. Make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturised in that order. Toning helps dissolve dead skin cells. Keep your lips moisturised 24×7 as well, specially in the week leading up to the wedding. Keeping yourself hydrated and moisturized hence forms step two of our “how to do bridal makeup at home” guide.

3. Prime Business!


You need to spend the maximum time getting your skin perfect using primer, foundation and concealer (explained in the next step). Start by applying the primer over all textured areas on your face—including breakouts, uneven surfaces, and even those tiny wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Use an oil-free foundation if you feel you need more coverage. If not, just apply a tinted moisturiser using your fingers in a circular motion from your face down to your neck, and you can have a look that approaches airbrush bridal makeup, but in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

4. Conceal All Your Secretsapply-Concealer-before-eye-makeup

Secret blemishes that is! Use a highly pigmented cream concealer for visible blemishes and broken blood vessels. Focus on the under-eye area, nose and any other red spots. But avoid caking it on as concealer has light-reflecting pigments which will look ghostly in pictures. Important tip: Always pat the concealer on your skin instead of rubbing it in.

5. Shape Your FaceShape-your-face

Add structure to your face by contouring with a brown-matte shade which is darker than your skin colour. When you suck in your cheeks you’ll see the hollows, apply the contouring product there and blend. Next, highlight using a shimmer power on the T-zone and cheekbones. Your skin will glow when the camera light falls on it.

6. It’s All About The Eyeseye-makeup-with-kajal

Use an eyeshadow base to hold down the eye makeup. Look for neutral eyeshadow shades in browns, golds and bronzes. None of the peacock stuff. Use a light shadow colour all over the eye, a medium colour on the crease and add more eyeshadow to the corners of the eye for extra effect. Here’s a “how to do indian bridal makeup at home” tip: Use a shimmery colour to highlight your brow bone.

7. The 3 E’s—Eyeliner, Eyelashes And Eyebrows—And In That Ordereye-makeup

Use a black or brown kajal for your waterline. Then apply a gel or liquid eyeliner. For added drama create a cat or winged eye at the corner. Curl your lashes and apply three coats of a waterproof mascara, unless you want to use false lashes. Fill in the natural line of your eyebrows with a shade closest to your hair colour using a liner and brow powder—pay maximum attention to the ends of the brows.

8. Blush Like You Mean Itapply-Blush

Always apply blush on the apples on your cheeks, at a two to three-finger distance from your nose. You don’t want to add redness to your face unnecessarily. For a natural blush, swipe in a check mark motion.

9. The Secret To Everlasting LippieLips-makeup

Use a lip treatment to hydrate your lips and erase dry lines. Fill in colour almost to the edge of your lips and then use a liner to shape and seal the colour in. Do NOT smack your lips together, no matter how much you want to, this makes the application look uneven.

10. Set It Rightlock-your-bridal-look

You’ll need a loose translucent dusting powder to set your make-up once you’re done. A light-reflecting setting power will blend your entire look and make it look even and complete. Be sure to find one in a colour that matches your skin tone. PS: Always carry blotting papers with you for a touch up in case it rains or gets humid.

Beauty makeup

Some wedding makeup tips for the bride

The reception:

You will do a lot of exercise, dancing, in other activities, so that clothes must not only be stylish but very comfortable. If you can, choose flat shoes. Long dress, make sure you are around the space to avoid accidents. Makeup, let your artist focus on the lips, eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck. You will do a lot of kisses, so pay attention to the lips. The best, durable matte lipstick, lacquered luster. After every kiss, all you need is a touch to avoid looking exhaustive. Lipstick and eye shadow, only use the bold color is consistent with the theme of the wedding theme, will not look very strange.

The traditional:

Even if you’re a novice to style, traditional weddings have a way of transforming people beautifully. And as such, your skin must be in top shape. For Edo and some Delta brides, for instance, who use just wrappers, leaving the shoulders, neck and parts of the back exposed – although in some cases scantily masked by beads – you cannot afford not to take care of your skin. You will be the cynosure of all eyes that day and you may just as well bask in the warmth of the appreciation. For brides from the West, the neck and parts of the shoulders and back are also exposed, so skin care is a must. For makeup, keep the activities of the day in mind, noting the venue and the expected weather. Let your lips and your eyes pop and don’t be afraid to go with bold colours, as long as they are appropriately applied.

Whether your wedding is a few days, weeks, months or years away, looking flawless plays a key role in ensuring that the day works out just fine. Ms Bukky Adetola of Mizzy Tola Beauty Concepts shares some tips for looking your best as a bride.

The court:

You would not be able to determine the weather at the venue and to avoid the stress that comes with sun or rain, keep your makeup light. You have only a few guests present anyway. For the outfit, keep it simple and ensure you’re in tune with your groom so you don’t end up looking awkwardly paired in photographs.

The church:

Like the traditional, give priority to skin care, especially if you will wear a dress that reveals the shoulders, back, neck, etc., even if you will use the net fabric. Pay attention to the ground and make sure you get the right shoes. It would be meaningless gravel on the wear high heels – the choice of high heels. Always try to wear your clothes before landing in Normandy. If you can, please avoid wearing bra, only if you can. Wearing comfortable underwear, absolutely believe that your clothes are not unnecessary exposure, especially the possibility of changing the lighting – also pay attention to receive clothes.

Beauty makeup

Every bride should carry These in her makeup bag

Our true brides continue to share their inspiring, earth-advising beauty with the best of them. What’s more than a glimpse at their wedding makeup bag, then?

We have collected some of the best ideas to share with you so you can look, feel and totally beautiful – just like every bride should be!


For all the kissing, talking and photographs! One of our real brides let us in on the secret of blue lip-glosses – they don’t turn your lips blue, but they do make your teeth look whiter! Keep it handy to reapply as often as needed.


Because almost every bride cries at some point… And even if you do keep your composure, we bet at least one of your bridesmaids won’t! No one wants to walk down the aisle with a sniffly nose, so have tissues handy at all times to feel your best.


Use the same powder as your makeup artist applied when you were getting ready. Depending on weather conditions and the products used, you might not even need to top up, but we’d always rather be safe than sorry. Pop a compact version into your makeup bag and relax knowing it is there if you need it – the cameras will be flashing into the night, after all! And while we’re talking makeup, make sure you don’t get caught out by one of these makeup myths!

Day lipstick

Can we refer you back to point one? All that kissing will take its toll on even the best lipsticks, glosses and stains…

Night lipstick

They’re small enough to easily fit in your bag, so why not pack two? Many brides like to change up their makeup look from day to night. You can do this subtly by changing lipsticks. Keep things fresh and natural during the day, then be bold and wear a deeper, richer hue for the nighttime.

Waterproof mascara

Whether you want bold eyes, dazzling lashes or a natural, understated look, make sure whatever style you choose is tear-proof! You won’t need to worry if the emotions get to you, and your mascara won’t run if you work up a sweat on the dance floor either – it’s a win, win!


So you can smell as beautiful as you look all day long. Depending on the need to spray some extra odor, you will always remember the smell. The nostalgic scent will be perfect for anniversaries and special occasions