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Micro weddings aren’t only a recent phenomenon — they have been around for decades as a more flexible and relaxed alternative for couples who aren’t entirely sold on with a huge wedding. They are for no longer than 20 — 30 individuals and celebrations tend to be shorter in duration than a conventional wedding day. It is entirely down to the couple to choose how long, short, formal, informal or anything else they would like their parties to be. Having an already-growing want by couples to host celebrations with a difference, micro weddings (and their flexibility) might be here to stay.
Rebecca Kobus of Rebecca K. Events has said she has been encouraging all her clients to think about a micro wedding — even after the restrictions have been lifted:”I truly love the idea of a miniature wedding. I have encouraged my customers that if they have chosen to reschedule their wedding day to 2021 and need to continue with a legal ceremony this year, to look at making it a micro celebration! In years to come they will return and love that at the center of each one the strange times we’re living in, they chose to make it particular. At Carlton House Terrace, a space like the music room can have a couple of added candles and blossoms and be transformed into a beautiful elegant setting that will be remembered always.”
There are several practical advantages to having a micro wedding also, and fewer heads to appeal for is one of the greatest. You could put that excess budget into having a much higher quality dinner than you could expect for differently — greater cuts of beef, more exciting dishes, a greater quality of champagne!


Searcys is a London-based catering firm with over 148 decades of experience in catering for weddings. Their Regional Director, Rodney Payne, shared:”It’s natural to want to remember each element of your wedding and the first meal shared with family and friends ought to be one of those highlights. Micro weddings are a exceptional chance to be creative and personal with your menu and presentation. You own a flexibility of having the 3-, 4- or 5-course meal of your dreams because feeding 15 individuals offers far more flexibility than feeding 100. You could choose to select a cuisine that’s special to the two of you, make a menu for visitors to arrange off on the day and even find small ways to treat your guests such as mini champagne bottles each for your first toast. There are countless ways you could put a twist on the traditional wedding breakfast and make it your own.”
While limits on guest numbers will most likely be in place for the near future, micro weddings seem they will be a staple this season. But compared to traditional wedding parties, there’s less of a blueprint for couples who want guidance during the planning process. So, we want to supply our in-house team’s weddings expertise and share some of the key things any couple should think about if they’re arranging a micro wedding. Presently (as I write on 24th August), the maximum amount of allowed guests at a wedding is 30 and if you divide that between a few, it might unexpectedly not feel like quite many! Since that number also has to include your own officiant and witnesses also, our recommendation is to keep those invitations limited to your nearest inner circle. Whether you count that as your parents, grand-parents, siblings, or best friends — think who you couldn’t imagine being without in your big day and prioritise them.
As a compromise for those who unfortunately can not be there in person, think about inviting them ! Some wedding places — including Carlton House Terrace — have the technology abilities to sponsor as many’guests’ as you’d like by permitting them to watch your ceremony via telephone. It’s such a simple way to call everybody you would have wanted there anyway and so we are now providing the service as regular with all reservations.