Wedding Planning

11 Stages of Wedding Bliss as Told by Your Favorite Disney Characters

You’ll only go through, oh, about a million different emotions when you get engaged and start planning your wedding. Thankfully your favorite Disney characters are right there with you, every step of the way.

1. When you finally hear “Will you marry me?” and all you can think is, “Uh, did you even have to ask?”

2. When you share the good news with all your family and friends—and show off that killer rock.

3. When you say “yes” to the most perfect dress.

4. When you ask your BFFs to be in your bridal party and they couldn’t be more excited. Group hug!

5. When you and your fiance take the most natural, yet staged, engagement photos.

6. When you totally own that swing dance lesson and can’t wait to take the floor for your first dance.

7. When every tiny detail—from your marriage license to your final dress fitting—is finally set. Wedding day, here you come.

8. When you’re getting ready on the day of your wedding and realize how amazingly good you look.

9. When your partner first sees you walking down the aisle (heart-eyes emoji right back at you!).

10. When you let loose with your girls at the reception.

11. When you two finally have a moment alone to take in the fact that you’re actually married!