Beauty makeup

Some wedding makeup tips for the bride

The reception:

You will do a lot of exercise, dancing, in other activities, so that clothes must not only be stylish but very comfortable. If you can, choose flat shoes. Long dress, make sure you are around the space to avoid accidents. Makeup, let your artist focus on the lips, eyes, cheeks, forehead and neck. You will do a lot of kisses, so pay attention to the lips. The best, durable matte lipstick, lacquered luster. After every kiss, all you need is a touch to avoid looking exhaustive. Lipstick and eye shadow, only use the bold color is consistent with the theme of the wedding theme, will not look very strange.

The traditional:

Even if you’re a novice to style, traditional weddings have a way of transforming people beautifully. And as such, your skin must be in top shape. For Edo and some Delta brides, for instance, who use just wrappers, leaving the shoulders, neck and parts of the back exposed – although in some cases scantily masked by beads – you cannot afford not to take care of your skin. You will be the cynosure of all eyes that day and you may just as well bask in the warmth of the appreciation. For brides from the West, the neck and parts of the shoulders and back are also exposed, so skin care is a must. For makeup, keep the activities of the day in mind, noting the venue and the expected weather. Let your lips and your eyes pop and don’t be afraid to go with bold colours, as long as they are appropriately applied.

Whether your wedding is a few days, weeks, months or years away, looking flawless plays a key role in ensuring that the day works out just fine. Ms Bukky Adetola of Mizzy Tola Beauty Concepts shares some tips for looking your best as a bride.

The court:

You would not be able to determine the weather at the venue and to avoid the stress that comes with sun or rain, keep your makeup light. You have only a few guests present anyway. For the outfit, keep it simple and ensure you’re in tune with your groom so you don’t end up looking awkwardly paired in photographs.

The church:

Like the traditional, give priority to skin care, especially if you will wear a dress that reveals the shoulders, back, neck, etc., even if you will use the net fabric. Pay attention to the ground and make sure you get the right shoes. It would be meaningless gravel on the wear high heels – the choice of high heels. Always try to wear your clothes before landing in Normandy. If you can, please avoid wearing bra, only if you can. Wearing comfortable underwear, absolutely believe that your clothes are not unnecessary exposure, especially the possibility of changing the lighting – also pay attention to receive clothes.