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How To Make your Wedding Ceremony Special for You and Your Guests

From the incredible Natasha Johnson engagement I’m experiencing, I only knew I had to share her, and with her wisdom, with you.

Natasha not only blogs everything about professional wedding ceremonies, but she is also a humanist wedding ceremonial priest, and she is committed to making couples vows as meaningful, personal and memorable.

She shared her expertise with me, Marko (our DIY ritual), all I knew was that I could not get her to ask her if she wanted to lead the blog.

To help you plan a truly special period of the ceremony, the guests will not nap, to give you Natasha …

You know, friends or relatives of the wedding, we have tried our best to quickly look at our watches, no one noticed (but somebody always!).

During the ceremony, your thoughts on how much your shoes hurt your feet from just the beginning of the day, the food to the factory is served at the wedding reception.

Basically, our idea is to focus attention on anything except that the actual ritual takes place before our eyes.


Couples are getting much more clued up and savvier about their wedding ceremonies, and where they can, they are having much more of an input in them, too.

In recognising that their ceremony is a formal declaration of their commitment to each other, they now also recognise that their ceremony is their ceremony, to pour their hearts into and to be personalised, romanticised, individualised and, okay I’ve run out of –ised words, but you get my point, don’t you?


Of course a wedding ceremony is not a form of wedding entertainment, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be entertaining for you and your guests.

The more you and your guests are invested in your ceremony, the more they will feel a part of your commitment, especially as many of them will have already been witnesses to your love story and are some of the greatest supporters, champions, and cheerleaders in your life.

The more personal your ceremony is, the more uplifting, joyous and meaningful it will be.


So let’s take a look at five ways that you can make your ceremony that little bit more special for you and your nearest and dearest. From simple, subtle personalisations to full-on guest participation there really is something for everyone’s tastes.

And the good news is that these suggestions are easy to implement, won’t add to your wedding planning (not too much, anyway) and what’s more, most don’t cost a thing or cost very little.

1. Change up the Seating


Of all things that you can do to improve the ceremony experience for your friends and family, this has got to be one of the easiest to do.

With a little thought and a bit of re-jigging, changing the way your guests sit or stand can work wonders for your ceremony. As an example, circular and semi-circular seating is so much warmer and intimate than boxed rows and can create greater intimacy and proximity between you and your guests.

And even how you stand as well can really help the ceremony to have a warm and open vibe.

Try not to stand with your backs to any of your guests either and maybe even think about standing next to your husband or wife-to-be and facing your friends and family for the maximum intimate effect.

2. Include a Friends and Family Vow


Before you say your own vows, get your friends and family to respond to a communal vow to show their love and support of you.

It’s a wonderful way to take them from casual spectator to full-on participant mode.

Your guests will love the chance to vocalise their happiness and you will love hearing those special people in your lives give their blessing to you both, en masse.

3. Have a Group Song


If like me, your inner Beyoncé doesn’t need much encouragement to show herself, then maybe a group song during your ceremony would be perfect for you.

Singing is such a fun, joyous, communal activity at any time, but during a wedding ceremony it can really bring even more sense of unity to the occasion.

And it really doesn’t matter that everyone may be a little flat or out-of-tune either, that adds to the fun!

And now, where possible, couples are choosing their favourite/most sentimental/most romantic pop songs as group songs, which is another fab way of bringing a personal touch to the ceremony, by using a song that actually means something to the two of you.

4. Have a Group Reading


Instead of singing, some couples prefer guests to a group reading.

Why put one or two under pressure to provide a reading when you can have your guests do it!

Usually the easiest way is to have a format that can be read by “calling and responding”.

This means a person, usually a ritual person, say a couple of lines, and then follow your guests to the next few lines.

A good read of this work in this way is “Apache Wedding Blessing. Anyway it’s a good read but in the” Calling and Responding to Fashion at the helm with your friends and family, and of course there are possibilities for your wedding More special.

5. Have your Friends and Family Bless your Rings


Before you exchange your wedding rings, why not have them passed around among your guests so that they can offer their good vibes and blessings to you, before you put them on?

This is such an awesome way to include your ceremony guests and there is something really quite special in wearing your wedding rings knowing that every single person at your wedding has not only held on to them, but has also passed on their good wishes to you through your rings.


And there you have it, five fun and easy ways to bring a personal touch to your ceremony.

And if none of these quite tick the box for you, then hopefully, they’ll leave you inspired to think up some of your own ideas to make your ceremony just the way you’d like it to be.


I just love everyone’s idea that we have plans to include some of our own rituals!

Having a meaningful ritual, whether religious, secular or somewhere in between, is so important that the tone for a special day is really set.

Thank Natasha very much for sharing her wisdom and making sure to bookmark and prepare all the inspiration and suggestions you may need for your wedding.