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9 Nontraditional Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

The songs of your wedding parade do not need tradition. If you are looking for something more unique than “The Bride Comes,” look at this list of some of our favorite original, timeless songs walking down the aisle.

“1+1” by Beyoncé

This song is arguably one of the most powerful ballads off of Beyoncé’s 2011 album, 4. The lyrics describe how it feels to conquer the world with your soul mate, and judging by the passion in her voice, you can tell she’s lived it. If you’re looking to make a dramatic ceremony entrance, this is your song.

“Stay With Me,” Sam Smith

Who wouldn’t want to hear Sam Smith’s soothing falsetto as they walk down the aisle? “Stay With Me” is just as melodic as it is meaningful—and the choir background is sure to blow your guests away, whether you’re getting married in a church or having a waterfront ceremony by the beach.

“Parachutes,” Coldplay

The beauty of “Parachutes” is in its simplicity. And even though this song is on the shorter side, the sentimental refrain proves that sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make a big impact.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson’s ethereal cover is much more romantic than Elvis’s original. Her airy vocals make “Can’t Help Falling in Love” the perfect song if you’re looking for an intimate, low-key number for your processional.

“Everything Has Changed,” Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about love and relationships, so it’s no surprise that her down-home duet with Ed Sheeran made our list. The heartfelt lyrics are all about the instant you realize you’re falling in love. We suggest you have the tissues handy—the touching lyrics make this song an absolute tearjerker.

“It’s Your Love,” Tim McGraw

The fact that this song is still relevant more than 15 years after its release just goes to show how timeless it is. We love that the lyrics are emotional, but not sappy—though we can’t promise there will be any dry eyes in the house when you walk to this song.

“A Moment Like This,” Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis’s rendition is less American Idol and much more wedding day. The sweet melody, coupled with “I do”-worthy lyrics (the song is all about “one moment” that ends in a kiss) captures all the emotions you’ll feel walking down the aisle.

“If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys

Keys’s voice is stunning on its own. But add her one-of-a-kind piano skills, and you’ll have a sentimental wedding entrance that will give you and your guests chills.

“Love Like Crazy,” Lee Bryce

You can sense the passion in Lee Bryce’s voice from the opening chords of “Love Like Crazy.” Somehow, he’s managed to make the topic of everlasting love romantic yet relaxed and down to earth.