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Simple Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding

There is no magic winter, no peace after the snow, you do not think? If you and I like to indulge in the winter fun, that winter wedding may be your masterpiece. It is easy to fall into the cliché of winter wedding, however, although some cliches are excellent and should not be hastily rejected, so here are some tips, tricks, and ideas to get you to start your perfect wedding in the winter season!

Color options other than red and green

Unless you’re planning a Christmas specific wedding – which sounds delightful, to be honest – you should be careful with the shades of red and green you include in the color scheme. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with the hues!

Take inspiration from nature and go with a deep cranberry and dark forest green combined with gold or silver for a radiant and glamorous color palette. The darker tones hint at a holiday vibe while remaining appropriate for all times of winter.


You’re not limited to shades of white and silver

If darker shades of red and green are not your thing, you might think that the only other options appearing in shades of white and silver. Just because there is potential snow on the ground does not mean that your wedding is completely white.

The only important thing to remember is to choose the color of the dark tone to balance. For example, the anchor dark blue color scheme and includes ivory and light blue accents. I also like crimson wine colors, dark blue or popular colors.


Gemstone tones are always suitable for winter weddings; deep, vibrant tones match the weight of winter. If you want to lighten up, look for the dusty colors you like: the dusty lilac, blue, and gray are good choices for bright, fresh, cold weather.

Add a winter touch to your dress and makeup

The glamorous details of a winter wedding don’t have to stop with the decorations and color scheme. Bringing the theme into your makeup, hair, and dress will tie everything together.

Colder months call for darker lips and bold eyes, which is perfect for a winter wedding. Go for the classic red lipstick with a subtle cat eye, or even a dark berry lip. If a bold lip isn’t your thing, try a light smokey eye and a mauve lip. No matter what your specific makeup style is, don’t be afraid to play up the drama and go for it!


For hair, be conscious of certain hairstyles that might be ruined by snow. While not as aggressive as rain, snow melting in curls can make them go flat after a while. So choose a hairstyle that can be easily touched up throughout the day. From up-dos to luxurious curls, anything and everything will work for a winter wedding. Just choose your favorite and make sure you schedule in touch-up time and have the necessary supplies – this goes for all weddings, really.

For winter weddings, you can also play with heavier fabrics in the dresses for you and your bridesmaids. Whereas in the summer it’s all about chiffon, in the winter you can get away with heavier Dupioni fabric and intricate brocade and embroidery. Or even velvet for a trendy and luxurious look! The structured feel of a weightier fabric will keep you warm if you’re outside while creating a sophisticated winter look.


Tips for keeping you and your girls warm

As for your maid of honor, do not be afraid of the style of long-sleeved, knee-length skirt, with tights and boots chic, but also warm and comfortable. Or, the style is more suitable for summer bridesmaid dress fur fur shawl you girl warm and create a winter.

You can also wear a fur shawl to match your girl when you take a picture. If that’s not your thing Do not be afraid to wear a complicated and classic winter coat! I want a pea coat or even a furry scarf – just like your clothes the same color or color scheme, it will look like a chic outside Not just a last minute addition to surviving the cold.


Décor and decorations

Much like summer weddings, the décor options for winter weddings are endless – the world is your oyster! Whether you want to bring in nature elements or create a glittering, icy wonderland or anything in between, there are so many options for winter wedding decorations.

For a more rustic vibe, use birch trees, pinecones, and pine boughs. Bringing wood into the decorations creates a warm feeling, and birch, in particular, is perfect for a festive winter look. Create candleholders out of small birch logs to use as centerpieces, and place small trees or branches throughout the reception space to create a forest-like feel. Add pine boughs to the centerpieces, and use pinecones for the place card holders.


If a rustic look isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options. Depending on your color palette, use lots of flowers and strands of crystals to create a sparkling and traditional look. Or, choose a minimal look and use simple flowers and candles. The thing that makes a winter wedding cozy and glamorous is lots of light, whether that is from fairy lights, candles, or a combination of both.

Even though your wedding happens to be in the winter, that doesn’t mean you have to create a winter wonderland. You can do whatever your heart desires!


Provide hand warmers and blankets for guests

When you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s better to be over prepared than under. Buy instant hand warmers and cozy blankets to have on hand for you and your guests, especially if there are any outdoor elements. This is especially crucial for the wedding photos. Give your bridal party hand warmers and blankets for between shots so they look happy and not frostbitten in the photographs.


Plus, guests always tend to congregate outside the church or reception hall to offer congratulations, so stash blankets and hand warmers nearby in case anyone comes unprepared for the weather.

For a fun and practical element, consider having clear bubble umbrellas for your bridal party for going to and from the wedding ceremony and receptions locations, and for during the photo shoot. The umbrellas will add a touch of whimsy will protecting hair and outfits, especially if there’s any precipitation.

Bring the winter vibe into cocktail hour

A detail that will certainly impress the winter-themed cocktail. Yes, wines and beers are always classic, but how about adding spices to hot wines, hot palms, or cold juniper / cranberry cocktails? Warm and themed cocktails are an easy way to Incorporating the winter into this meal also allows you to choose whatever type of food you want. Plus it’s just entertainment and festivals!

If you are looking for another interesting detail to add to the reception, try a s’ mores bar in the cocktail hour or desert. In the trough, place an alcohol tank (grilled marshmallow) in the gravel or sand. Decorated with miniature juniper or pine branches. Launched a large number of small baking rods, marshmallows, chocolate, whole wheat crackers, and you have a fun and cheap s’ mores bar!
At the end of the day, anything can happen. Hope you now see the winter wedding not only for Christmas, or full of specific things. The only thing you have to do is plan ahead weather. Coats, Hand Po, and Blankets are all easy to purchase before the big day comes to save your headache. In addition, winter weddings allow plenty of room to play deep colors, structured fabrics, and plenty of candles and Christmas lanterns. The options are endless!