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How to plan your wedding in the winter

Did you know that winter is the cheapest time to have a wedding? This is a very magical time with white, crystal snow, and the holidays will bring happiness. What better way to celebrate this holiday than to have a winter themed wedding? Remember there is a nice tacky and chic wedding in planning a theme. It is important to keep a theme that does not force a lot of resemblance to match the type element in your guest’s face.
Try not to be cliche. There is a clever way of going about planning a themed wedding that will not only impress, but leave your guests wishing they thought of it first.

Need a little inspiration? Keep in mind winter is full of very cold weather (in many places), lots of sparkle, and white complements everything. Color palettes tend to stay on the cool side, but warm colors also find a place to fit in. See below for some winter wedding ideas to get you started.


The first step you want to take when planning your winter wedding is choosing a color scheme. This can be one of the most difficult decisions you make as a bride. Rest assure though, because once color choice is decided, it helps everything else such as décor, attire, and menu options fall easily into place.
Choosing your wedding bouquet and floral arrangement can also be difficult to determine as many options are available. Work closely with your florist to make sure they understand your image and how it looks like your flower. If the flowers are not your style, try mixing the media bouquets. There are many materials used such as paper, cotton, brooch, can be used as another style of bouquets.
Now this is the fun part! Depending on the tone you are trying to set, wedding decor can go in multiple directions. Are you going for a woodsy type feel? Or maybe you want a fairy tale, sparkly white, wedding setting? Either way, there are plenty of décor options and DIY winter wedding ideas that will make your event original and unique.
A winter wedding menu should consist of hearty, rich foods. During this season everyone expects there to be an overabundance of food. It’s the holidays, and everyone doesn’t feel guilty about putting on a pound or two. So warm, heavy, comforting foods are sure to please any guest and fit into your wedding theme as well.


This is where you creativity and stomach collaborate. Your wedding cake should always fit your theme – décor wise AND flavor wise.
Wedding favors are a great way to let your individuality shine. These inspirational and DIY ideas are tailored to fit your winter wedding theme, as well as your unique personality. Wedding favors also give your guests a little piece of you that will never be forgotten, so it’s important to make them special and memorable.