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Bangs hairstyle has begun to pop

Bangs hairstyle is like water and oil. They do not mix. However, no matter how confidently this layer is announced, it is simply not true.

Faith comes from somewhere, that place may be an unqualified designer, a mom, a hair stylist or an eager do-it-yourself-er.

The truth of the matter is that not all professional stylists are trained to handle the natural state of large textures. Usually, they just straighten it with the curly hair, so do not develop the necessary skills to handle the curly hair itself.
Bangs hair styleThere is also the fact that even if there is straight hair, cutting and forming bangs way to flatter the wearer is difficult, so no wonder it is so difficult to bangs.

Coupled with the trend of natural curls to do whatever they want is when they want, unless yielded with a lot of gel and mousse and challenge to replicate itself ten times.

Expect to let bangs curls when there are some things you can do to reduce the potential for break into tears once the designer puts you in a dramatic boom and claim.

Bang out that research

Bangs hairstyle
Search high and low for someone who matches your features as closely as possible whom you believe has flattering bangs with curly hair. As much as possible your curls and shape face should closely approximate that of your muse, in order to ensure that you’ll end up with a finished look you love.

Remember that the shape of your face, how your curls hang when you style them, or naturally, if you do very little styling and or apply little to no product to your hair, is going to be super important in determining the length and the shape of your bangs.

Bangs hairstyle

You should also give your stylist a clear image of what you want so that they know exactly what they should be working towards. Unless you and your stylist have been in sync for a while, there’s also the risk that things get lost in translation when you try to explain, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, using one will get your message across quickly and effectively.

Seek out a stylist with experience cutting bangs in curly hair

Bangs hairstyle
You do not need to be someone’s guinea pig, unless, you’re looking to be someone’s guinea pig. There have been many times when I allowed my sister to try different styles on my hair and bravely put my trust in her vision.

You may have someone like that, or maybe you just like living dangerously. However, generally speaking, you do not want to be the first curly hair client that your stylist has ever had, let alone be the first one he or she has even given bangs. In this instance, an experience is absolutely essential.

Use social media

Bangs hairstyle
With social media, it has become easy to not only find images to inspire us but also find out exactly where to find what we’re looking for. Get recommendations for stylists and salons who are likely to get the job done right from people who have interacted with these salons and stylists.

Create a shortlist and then visit them to ask questions, get a consultation and check out the ambiance of the salon before making the final decision on what stylist you’ll end up using.

Make sure you and your stylists use the same products

Bangs hairstyle
Products can greatly affect the way a style looks for most curlies, and curly hair can be very persnickety. If your hair is particularly particular, make sure you and your stylist are on the same page and you know what products to use at home to recreate your salon results.

There’s no point in getting a haircut with or without bangs, that you’ll have issues maintaining by yourself on a day to day basis. Much as we would all like to have stylists at our beck and call, whenever and wherever we like, that kind of perk is usually something only rich celebrities can afford. Which leads me to my final tip when it comes to getting bangs with your curly hair.

Get hands-on

Bangs hairstyle
Get involved in the process as much as possible Sharon. There is nothing better than when you look through these salon doors. You may run into problems when you need your bangs to wash your hair and all you realize you do not know how.