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Best weeding recommend: Try to line dance in your wedding

In most people’s wedding, almost guarantee you hear Macarena, Mambo No. 5 and Cha Cha slides play at least once in the reception. (don’t even let us start the electric slide or YMCA.) Of course, these tunes is quite out of date. But line dance certainly not worth in the past few years they get a bad reputation. This list is full of you really want to hear your wedding song. Shocked, we know. But it is a promise.


1. Cupid’s Shuffle

Why It Works: Just like the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle is super easy to learn….but the funkier beat makes this one much more fun to dance to. (Because let’s face it — ‘how low can you go?’ was possibly the best line in the old classic.)


2. Wagon Wheel (Rock Me Mama)

Why It Works: This has a perfect country song dance moves better only when you add. At the end of the night playing the super sweet guy, looking at the whole family to catch up with line.


3. The Wobble

Why It Works: It is difficult to find a song, you will attract more people in the dance floor. In addition, once the beyonce gave her approval stamps, you really can’t go wrong.