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5 Honeymoon Destinations With Beautiful Bedrooms


“After a five-hour flight to Tanzania and a wonderfully exhilarating (yet slightly hair-raising) private plane to Songo Songo, we found ourselves in a speedboat, cutting through the turquoise waters. A deserted island gradually emerged into view – our next honeymoon home. Apart from the very discreet staff, we were the only people on this peaceful outpost – there are just six bandas, or lodges, and five of those were unoccupied at the time. The lodges themselves are open-air, with an eco-chic design – an abundance of shells in the bathroom with fishing nets hung as shelves. By day, we luxuriated in the sun and explored our kingdom. It’s teeming with colourful exotic birds and shoals of fish that swim right up to the shore. Because we had bo mei cocktail, food is fresh, all custom – don’t be shy, ask you what you like, they will be ready for it. Succulent fish dishes, all dishes use the flavor of Tanzania, using large African spices cooked.”

Bali island might be called god, but only a short flight is a hidden glittering gems, close to another world heaven. Sumba is the kind of island that you didn’t think still existed; in fact, you’ll feel like you’ve dropped off the map. Snuggled deep into its heart is the unspoilt haven of Nihiwatu, which was built originally as a surf mecca in the ’80s and has evolved into an exclusive eco-resort. Each of its 21 villas is blissfully isolated and hand-built by local craftsmen in Sumbanese style, but we know what you’re thinking: show us the luxe factor!

If you plan to travel in the United States, holiday, your life in the modern city park. Among all the action, the huge Omni hotel is you can ask the best base: vast rooms with stunning skyline views, a fab rooftop pool area and a vibrant American sports bar.For dinner, don’t go anywhere else but the famous Gas Monkey Bar ‘N’ Grill – the ribs will be the size of your head – before catching a movie at the local drive-in. Then it’s back to Omni for another raucous rooftop party…

Perhaps best described as Chanel chic relocated to 21st-century south-east Asia, the world’s first hotel by the hand of Karl Lagerfeld (with help from French interior designer Isabelle Miaja) opened at the end of 2014, mixing high fashion with a daring dose of fun. delicate musk fragrance takes you to the world away from the city center. Its internal integration of the French luxury and style of Singapore – marble bathroom (including free small bottles of urban forest) octagonal facility box is a nod to feng shui, the portrait of napoleon elegant 134 – room.

As long as you set foot on the paradise island, with the pure sand and blue, blue water, your peace will come naturally. Everything you need for a hot honeymoon is here. You’ll find one of the most stunning natural reefs that you’re ever likely to see, great for whiling away hours snorkelling among brightly coloured fish, turtles and (harmless!) sharks. If you ever tire of the sea, lounge by the fibre-optic-lit infinity pool (below left) while sipping on a tropical cocktail. For some inner peace, visit the spa – a wooden haven on its own jetty.