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Wedding Trend : Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses Recommended


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Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses: 5 Reasons to Fall in LOVE

1. An easy and efficient way to be unique.

Every bride wants a memorable, magical wedding, and that’s not an easy feat when you’re attending the nuptials of friends and relatives every weekend (and comparing your celebration to every other event).

What can you do to set your wedding apart from the other events you’ll be attending this season?

Dress your bridal party in a distinctive style, in a unique color, or in mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses that consist of separate tops and separate bottoms in different colors!

Putting your ‘maids in separate skirts and bodices allows you to give your bridal party a distinctive look, and it lets you highlight each and every ‘maid’s unique shape and personality.

A curvy, busty woman is more likely to feel comfortable in a bra-friendly bodice with supportive straps, whereas a petite ‘maid or junior girl will probably be happy wearing a spaghetti strap silhouette.

Allowing your girls the option to choose the top that feels most comfortable to them will go a long way on your wedding day, and you’re much more likely to have happy ‘maids and friends when the reception is over.

kennedy-blue-cara-top-and-madison-skirt-champagne-front kennedy-blue-kendall-top-madison-skirt

2. They take mixing and matching to a whole new level.

There’s a reason why brides love the mixed and matched look. It not only lets you outfit each ‘maid in a look that’s suited for her, but it allows you to incorporate a variety of different silhouettes, colors, and styles into one cohesive bridal party.

By opting for two-piece bridesmaid dresses, you can take the mix-and-match trend to a whole new level!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match silhouettes, colors, and fabrics—many of our favorite separates are designed to be worn with contrasting colors and fabrics. Separates offer nearly limitless possibilities, and if you mix and match them the right way, you can pull off a look that no other bride could conceive of.

When in doubt, consult with a bridal expert at the Wedding Shoppe to help you achieve a look that perfectly suits your wedding style and theme.


3. They allow you to order different sizes on top and bottom—score!

Not all bodies are created equal. Some are bigger on the top than on the bottom, and vice versa. Any woman who wears different sizes on bodice and bottom will tell you that it’s difficult to find a dress that fits just right, so allowing your bridesmaids to purchase separates is a surefire way to ensure that every ‘maid can order the exact sizes she needs.

No busty woman wants to order a size 12 dress if they’re only an 8 on the bottom, and nobody with a curvy bottom wants to have to take the bodice of their dress in two sizes to accommodate their bust.

4. Lower alteration costs!

If you wear one size on top and a different size on the bottom, you will undoubtedly need to incur the cost of alterations in order to get the perfect fit and the proper proportion.

But if you purchase separates, the cost of alterations can be dramatically reduced. By ordering a two-piece bridesmaid dress, you can order the specific sizes you need!

With bridal party attire, alterations are almost always necessary. But this trend is an efficient way to keep costs low!

kennedy_blue_cara_top_leah_bottom kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-madison-skirt-eggplant-plus

5. Wedding party attire you can actually wear again.

Every ‘maid tries to convince herself that she will actually wear her dress again, but the simple truth is that it rarely happens.

If you don’t want to spend $200 or more on a dress that will sit in your closet for eternity, opt for a two-piece bridesmaid gown and increase the likelihood that you will wear the bodice, or the bottom, again to some future event.

A simple lace top can be easily paired with a blazer and tailored pants for a casual, yet elegant, evening look. Heck, even jeans and wedges!

A separate knee-length A-line skirt (in any color or fabric) can be easily teamed with a chic black sweater for that holiday office party or date night at your favorite restaurant.

You may never wear the separates together again, but you can split them up and pair them with other tops and bottoms to create a variety of different looks.

My Top 8 Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dresses:

1. Kennedy Blue Cara Top

In ivory lace, the Cara Top pairs easily with any of Kennedy Blue’s separate skirts in any color. With a V-neckline and a sleeveless silhouette with wide straps, this bra-friendly silhouette offers style and comfort for ‘maids of all shapes and sizes.

kennedy-blue-cara-top kennedy-blue-cara-top-back

2. Kennedy Blue Kendall Top

The Kendall Top features a gently scalloped hemline that makes it look beautiful with any skirt in any color. Crafted in ivory lace, this separate bodice looks as gorgeous with a tulle A-line maxi skirt as it does with a pair of jeans for a night out on the town. To call this top versatile is an understatement!

kennedy-blue-kendall-top kennedy-blue-kendall-top-back

3. Kennedy Blue Blake Top

The Blake Top is one our absolute favorites. In soft ivory lace with a sleeveless silhouette and a scoop neckline, this scalloped hem tank flatters every figure and pairs effortlessly with every skirt.

kennedy-blue-blake-top kennedy-blue-blake-top-back

4. Dessy T2974 Top

The Dessy T2975 top offers sweet, romantic appeal, plus it comes in a variety of color combinations in soft floral lace that can be customized with matching or contrasting linings in order to create a solid or two-tone effect. It pairs effortlessly with every separate skirt, making it much-loved by women who want to create a truly customized look.

dessy-t2974-top dessy-t2974-top-back

5. Dessy S2977 Skirt

In an A-line silhouette made from soft tulle, the Dessy S2977 skirt offers timeless elegance in a figure-flattering cut that every ‘maid will love. We love its airy, dreamy appeal, and it’s simply perfect for any wedding in any season.

dessy-s2977-skirt dessy-s2977-skirt-back

6. Kennedy Blue Jo Skirt

In a knee length A-line silhouette, the Jo Skirt is one of the most versatile separates in the entire Kennedy Blue collection. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, this tulle skirt lets you channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw, and when the wedding is over, this is the one you’ll want to wear over and over again.

kennedy-blue-blake-top-jo-skirt kennedy-blue-jo-skirt

7. Kennedy Blue Leah Skirt

Crafted from elegant satin fabric, the Leah Skirt features a classic A-line silhouette that flatters every figure and pairs effortlessly with any separate bridesmaid top!

kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-leah-skirt-navy-front kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-leah-skirt-navy-back

8. Kennedy Blue Mae Skirt

Made from soft layers of chiffon fabric, the Mae skirt offers timeless style in a floor-length A-line silhouette that can be easily paired with any bodice. Perfect for a traditional affair or a destination wedding on the beach, this style comes in dozens of colors, making it ideal for any big day in any season.

kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-mae-skirt-blush-front kennedy-blue-blake-top-and-mae-skirt-blush-back

Two-piece bridesmaid dresses are enjoying a fashion moment as the newest and most unique way to style a bridal party. Let you girls wear the colors, fabrics, and silhouettes that they love and opt for bridal party separates instead of the traditional one-piece gown.