Bride Dresses

Something You May Not Have Considered About Wedding Dress Shopping

If you want your wedding dress perfect, you should remember considering these things.

Ed Miles

Keep an open mind

‘You might have a Pinterest board full of ideas, but that’s not
to say the dresses will suit you. Use your research to inspire you,
but try on a variety of shapes. Often it’s a case of picking a
similar dress with a slimmer skirt or different neckline.’

Know your seasons

‘If you’re planning a long engagement, be mindful of changing
trends from year to year. Bridal designers show off their
collections every spring and autumn, and the dresses can then take
up to eight months to arrive in store.’

Do your hair and make-up (for the

‘I tried on bridal gowns in January, when I
was my palest – it was pretty horrifying and ended up with me in
tears! Not a great start.’

It doesn’t matter what dress size you

‘There will be a dress to flatter you! I’m known for my corsets,
which emphasise the waist and support the bust – without needing
any undergarments.’

The length of time you’ll be wearing

‘You’ll be spending up to 12
hours, if not more, in your dress. So it should move with your
body, not against it. By the end of the night, it will be one of
the most precious memories of your special day!’

Think: boobs!

‘You can get carried away with the
design of a dress but support up top if you need it is vital. I
have curves and nearly bought a flimsy, bias-cut silk number. It
would have looked terrible.’

Wear (invisible) earmuffs

‘Drown out everyone else’s voices (even
if it means hiding in the loo), and you’ll hear your own telling
you which dress is yours.’