Wedding Idea : Color Palette of Water Color Greens, Oranges and Blues

Here are some wedding idea for you.

  1. Playfully Shaped Stationery

    Orange Blue Watercolor Triangle Hexagon Stationery Suite


    “Let your personality shine in your paper,” Meyer says. Play with color, shapes and fonts to create something that also reflects your wedding style. A logo and watercolor envelope liners will make your correspondence totally bespoke.


  2. Customized Wedding Wear

    Custom embroidered navy suit jacket


    Make your wedding attire uniquely yours with personal touches, like crystal-embellished heels or custom jacket embroidery. “The devil is in the details–small additions go a long way,” notes Meyer.


  3. Lyrical Wedding Programs

    Watercolor wedding programs


    “Many couples have songs that mean something to them and their love story, so why not incorporate them into the wedding?” Meyer says. Start by personalizing your ceremony programs with your favorite lyrics.


  4. An Alternative Guest Book

    White envelopes for anniversary guest book notes

    Photo by Philip Ficks

    Try this twist on the traditional guest book: Ask friends and family to write you letters that you’ll open on your first, fifth and tenth anniversaries. “The beauty of a guest book is you can remember those who came to the wedding and the great times that were had—and this takes it to a whole new level,” Meyer says.

  5. Customized Place Settings

    Blue orange and green personalized place settings

    Photo by Philip Ficks

    A new spin on the place card—personalized place mats! Have guests’ names and table numbers printed directly onto place mats, adding color and personality to your table (without sacrificing flower and decor space). “You could even incorporate a crossword puzzle under the plate or fun facts about the couple,” says Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events.


  6. Hand-Painted Cake Details

    Three Tiered Cream Cake With Song Lyrics and Watercolor Hearts


    Let your cake’s design reflect the colors and style of the day. An all-white confection is the perfect canvas for a hand-painted pattern and a simple verse. “Song lyrics can be a simple-yet-powerful way to communicate emotions,” Meyer says. “Seeing them written evokes different feelings and memories that guests can relate to as well.”


  7. Charitable Wedding Favor

    Charity Wedding Favor With Watercolor Blue Orange Green Signs


    On a day when you’re showered with so much love (not to mention gifts), why not share the goodwill by donating to your favorite charity in lieu of favors? Make the cause personal and get your guests involved. “Each half of the couple can designate a favorite charity and have guests ‘vote’ for which one they’d like your donation to go to,” Meyer says. “It’s fun, interactive and meaningful.”