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Bridesmaid Dress Trends Top 20 in 2017:Mix-and-Match, Sparkly Sequins…

Here are the top 20 bridesmaid dress trends in 2017, you can have a preview first.

Wedding season is upon us, and while your handsome fiancé preps his elite group of groomsmen to tie ties and make par on the pre-nuptial round of golf, you have a different—and more fun—challenge to tackle: making your leading ladies look and feel beautiful on your big day.

We get it. You want your bridesmaids’ look to be trendy, yet classic. Stylish, yet sophisticated. Contemporary, yet timeless. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos with regret because you chose an unsustainable and dated trend. (Ahem, your mom’s satin poofy bridesmaid gowns from the 1980s.)

No need to fear! We’ve compiled a list of the top 2017 bridesmaid dress trends that will stand the test of time to help you land on that perfect wedding day look—you know, the one you’ve been daydreaming of since you were in junior high.

Brovado Weddings

Brovado Weddings

2017 Bridesmaid Dress Trends: The Top 20

1. Mix-and-Match

Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill matchy-matchy gowns. After all, why choose just one style when you can essentially choose them all? Finding a single design to suite the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party can be daunting.

Use the ‘two out of three rule’ to execute the mix-and-match trend flawlessly: Choose length, color, or fabric to mix, while keeping the other two cohesive.

Want to switch up the color scheme? Then have your ladies don all knee-length gowns in breathable chiffon. Indifferent about the fabric? Let them choose, while keeping the length and color the same. That way you’ll end up with a stylish look that still keeps your wedding party cohesive!

mismatched bridesmaid dress wedding trend

Gina Zeidler Photography

2. Sparkly Sequins

Your ladies will shine on the dance floor in this stunning 2017 bridesmaid dress trend! Sequins aren’t just for New Year’s Eve extravaganzas or holiday celebrations anymore—they’re popping up in fashion-forward nuptials and we’re totally on board!

Keep it classic and sophisticated with Bari Jay 1652, or spice it up by having your girls don Donna Morgan W2219M.

Bari Jay 1652 Donna Morgan W2219M

3. Two-Piece Bridesmaid Gowns

Separates are taking off—and it’s no wonder! By allowing your ‘maids to choose a different size top and skirt, they’re likely to avoid expensive alterations.

Just check out the NEW Kennedy Blue collection everyone’s been raving about! Lace tops in a variety of necklines, long and short skirts in an awesome selection of fabrics and colors—the combo options are endless. Plus, your friends can easily rock these looks again.

I suggest the Cara top and Mae skirt for a formal church affair, or combine the Kendall top and the Madison skirt for a whimsical outdoor ceremony.

Kennedy Blue Cara Top & Mae Skirt Kennedy Blue Kendall Top & Madison Skirt

4. Sleek and simple

Sometimes less is truly more. Sleek, sexy, and simple bridesmaid dresses are totally ‘in’ right now, and we love that this is a trend that can stand the test of time.

Some of our favorites? After Six 6756 and Bari Jay 1673!

After Six 6756 Bari Jay 1673

5. Swoon-worthy backs

Guests aren’t only looking at the front of the gown…they’re checking out the back, as well. Make sure that your girls look fabulous from every angle as they spin about the dance floor by choosing a gown with a stylish back.

Have them wear a backless piece for a sexy and romantic look, or have them don lace dresses with a scalloped keyhole back opening for a charming barn wedding!

We adore Kennedy Blue’s Luella, which will have your ladies looking just as flawless during their grand exit as they did for their entrance!

6. Off-the-Shoulder Neckline

It’s everywhere, including in bridal! The perfect option? Kennedy Blue’s “Thea.” Just don’t forget to gift them a shawl to cover up for chilly winter weddings!

Kennedy Blue Thea Hayley Paige Occasions 5663

7. Bloused Tops

If you’re going for a romantic and whimsical look on your big day, then look no further than these fabulous bloused top gowns. Airy and ethereal, they’ll have your ladies swooning throughout the entirety of your celebration!

Check out Bari Jay 1661 and 1677 for our favorite timeless takes on this modern look.

Bari Jay 1661 Bari Jay 1677

8. Floral Prints

One thing is certain: floral print bridesmaid dresses will be the perfect preface to your beautiful wedding gown as they come down the aisle before you! Colorful and full of flirty aesthetic, these fun pieces will have your girls spinning about the dance floor in confidence and class.

My new fave? Alfred Sung D699FP!

9. Boho

Release your inner Bohemian goddess and have your ‘maids step down the aisle in fabulous frocks full of texture and flare! Our favorite line for boho dresses is hands-down Wtoo. Mix-and-match Wtoo 142, 243, and 141 for a flawless look that your girls will adore!

10. High-Low Hemlines

They’re back? I’m just as shocked as you. And yet, designers like Alfred Sung are pulling it off with class. The key to keeping it stylish is the subtlety of the high-low angle. Showing off the shin just a bit, without a dramatic and tacky cut.

11. Slate Blue

Slate Blue made its first appearance in the summer of 2016, and we love that its here to stay! The perfect mixture of blue and grey, this gorgeous shade will flawlessly complement your colorful floral accents and succulent headpieces.


Brian Bossany Photography

12. Neutral colors

Tone it down with neutral colors. We love that blushes, light greys, and taupes are trending because it makes it easy to make the look your own by going wild with fabulous floral and accessory accents!

neutral grey-toned bridesmaid dresses

Melissa Oholendt Photography

13. Keyhole Necklines

Who said all the fun had to happen in back? Small, modest keyholes on the neckline are popping up on the runways, and in our Shoppe collections! Small details like this are what make a gown unique.

14. Mixed Fabrics

Kennedy Blue started this trend with lace bodices and flowing chiffon skirts. Now it seems like every designer has taken it on! If you’re nervous about mixing and matching your bridesmaid dresses, this design detail achieves it with less work. Sequins with chiffon, satin with chiffon…so many combos that create a unique, on-trend look.

lace and chiffon bridesmaid dresses in navy

Eileen K Photography

15. V-Neckline

Universally flattering for the variety of shapes and sizes represented in your bridal party, the V-neckline will have your girls thanking you that you chose it for them to don! Your bustier maids will appreciate the support, while your ladies with a more athletic build will love that the gown doesn’t fall down while they’re wearing it. Win win!

16. Delicate High Neckline

Dainty, unique, and universally flattering, your girls will adore the delicate high neckline trend! Check out Kennedy Blue’s “Kylee,” “Stella,” and “Kendall” for adorable and affordable options.

Make sure the whole wedding look is on-trend too!

17. Minimalistic Makeup

Make a statement with your gown, not your makeup! 2017 is bringing minimalist and neutral palettes with soft pastel accents. Use a light blush and a subtle smoky eye—then finish it off with a subtle pastel lip color. Flawless!

natural wedding day make-up

Rene Tate Photography

18. Romantic Updos

Gone are the days of springing poodle curls! Now nothing says romance like loose up-dos and weaved braids. Show your hairdresser photos of piecey low buns and twisted half-up styles for an elegant and modern up-do.

19. Greens

Greens, greens, and more greens! You really can’t have too many flowers, succulents, and interesting plants represented on your big day, so why not have your ladies wear them, as well?

Create elegant floral crowns made of delicate succulents and put an abundance of greenery in their bouquets for a romantic woodland look that is sure to have them swooning.

20. Floral headpieces

Channel your inner 1960s flower child and have your ‘maids wear braids of peonies, greens, and dahlias for a romantic and whimsical look that will have them swooning.

We love that floral accessories are here to stay—and who doesn’t feel like a total goddess when rocking a floral crown?!

bridesmaids with flower crowns

Which stylish 2017 bridesmaid dress trends are you planning to implement on your big day? Let us know in the comments below.