Denver University’s psychologists found that bigger and lavish weddings are more likely to end in happiness than intimate celebrations.

One key issue is the guest list, declaring that the larger the number of attendees the larger the likelihood of martial success. The Mail Online made the following analogy:

‘Firstly, making a public declaration in front of lots of people we know, makes us more inclined to stick to it. (It’s a bit like giving up smoking: the more people you tell you’re going to quit, the higher the odds of succeeding.’

‘Most people like to maintain consistency with what they say and what they do.

The other reason is logical: if you’ve got lots of friends and family supporting the marriage, you’ve got more people to help and support you during tough times.

‘Just the two of you’ weddings with obligatory witnesses sounds romantic but it is often due to the fact that family or friends d not approve of the marriage.

The all-important dress

According to the two females the wedding dress has never been so significant with the traditional meringue-style dress being a big fat divorce alarm bell. Suggesting that these brides believe in the fairytale lifestyle is worrying, suggesting that they employ hopes for marriage that are just unrealistic in the modern world.